20 Signs Mom Is Overwhelmed And Needs To Get Some Help

Let’s face it: two of the hardest jobs that parents will ever come across in their lives are the two that they are required to upkeep at home at all times: their marriage, and parenthood. That’s right: trying to maintain a happy marriage takes a lot of guts, work, sweat, and tears. And you better believe that parenthood includes all of that, times two. Raising children is no walk in the park and as a result, many parents find themselves utterly and physically exhausted by the end of the day. As they say, small kids, small problems. Big kids, big problems. And that is no lie.

When a mom or dad tells you that they are “tired” they are not over-exaggerating. We don’t get to sleep very often. We are on our toes all the time. We worry. We cry. We try to keep it all together. But doing it alone is almost impossible. As much as we moms try to do our damn best, we could use all the help that we can get. Just ask any of the moms who have secretly cried in their closets in the middle of the day – with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in their laps.

With that being said, here are 20 signs that mom needs help – STAT.

20 When She Needs A Coffee Before Her Morning Coffee

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“I have to have a coffee before my coffee. I have the one that I buy when I’m running errands, and the other one from the pot that gets me to the one that I buy. Some might think this is a problem, but it isn’t. It is only a problem if we are out.”

This is something I can absolutely relate to. Before my first coffee, absolutely do not talk to me. Second coffee, you can ask me questions. And by the third coffee, I’ll start responding. Yes, I am just that tired in the morning and I need at least one hour (and three cups of coffee) to wake myself up. That’s what you call mom life.

19 Her Kids Don't Even Have Time For Breakfast

“I dropped my toddler off at daycare without breakfast because I was late for work and I knew they would feed her. I pay $100 a day for childcare. Meals, diapers, it's all a part of the package, and you'd bloody hope so for those prices!”

I’m not going to even judge this mother here, because I can’t even tell you how many times I haven’t made breakfast for my children, and especially during the summer and winter break. No one is going to starve if they miss one meal. And she’s right: for all the money we spend on daycare, breakfast should at least come with the package price!

18 She Leaves The House Covered In Spit Up

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“I leave the house in clothes with spit up, sometimes even without a jacket for short errands. If someone notices, I pretend to be horrified.”

This mom says that she pretends to not know about the spit up on her clothes. Heck, I have gone days wearing the same shirt. Why bother cleaning it up if your child is just going puke all over it again, right? No judgment here. In fact, I had to wait until all of my kids were totally out of diapers until I could wear clean clothes again. Otherwise, it’s not worth the effort, people.

17 When Mom Pretends The Toys Are Broken

“I lie to my kid that the ridiculously noisy toy is broken. Once he figured out batteries, I keep a few batteries that’ve run out in a cellophane paper so as to pretend to try new ones on them and prove that the toy doesn’t work.”

Either you break your child’s toys on purpose (and lie about it) or completely pretend that you have absolutely no batteries in your house. Because let’s face it, there’s only so much we can take of Playskool Rock every day, right? Don’t worry mama, we have all been guilty of doing this to our kids. That’s because everyone hates kids’ toys.

16 The Words Just Come Out

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“I swear at my kid (in private) when he’s being particularly difficult. I swear a lot. Now I have kids and can’t openly swear, I feel the need to curse more than ever. On a good day, I do it under my breath, on a bad day I lock myself in the bathroom, flush the chain and let off some sweary steam.”

For those parents who say that they’ve never flipped their lid on their kid or haven’t had a breakdown (or a meltdown) of their own: we see you. We know you’re not telling the truth. We know that you are too ashamed to own up to it. Losing patience is only natural - we're low on sleep, low on coffee, low on food.

15 The Weaning Days

“The reason I breastfed my second baby for two years was not because of the health benefits like people assumed – but because weaning seemed like far too much effort.”

Finally, someone is willing to tell the truth around here! We all know that breastfeeding is no walk in the park. But with that being said, no one talks about how damn difficult weaning is. It’s great knowing that your baby is hooked on the boob, but after all that work, you now have to get the little tyke off the boob. Lactation consultants are available for just this reason, amongst many others - but there's no shame in asking for help in making this very difficult process a little easier.

14 Who's Got Time For That

“Some days I don’t get dressed until it is almost dinner time. I only shave my legs when hair starts to pop through my leggings.”

Ha! I can swear that I have legit pajama days in my house simply because I never have the time to change out of mine. As a mother who works and stays at home most of the time, my wardrobe consists of mostly clearance rack pajamas that have been bought from Target. And let me tell you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I live, eat, breathe and spend my entire day in comfort.

13 That One French Fry

Via Screen Rant

“Sometimes I see a French fry on the floor of my Suburban and I think…nope. Picking up one fry is sure to lead to looking under the seats…and that is a nightmare I’m rarely emotionally prepared for.”

Oh mama, we hear you. Trying to keep a car clean is almost impossible unless you still live in yesteryear. Personally, I’m surprised that I don’t have any living organisms living a life of their own in the backseat of my car. There’s nothing more disgusting in this world than a child’s car seat. And no, that is not an exaggeration by all means. It's probably worth it for most moms to bring their cars in for a proper car wash instead of tackling that beast themselves. And even though it costs a few bucks, it does mean some alone time for mom while she sips her coffee or catches up on her Insta feed.

12 Before The Breaking Point

Via Mom.me

“I told my daughter her annoying phone toy was broken when really I just removed the batteries. It was that or run it over with my car. She just keeps pressing the button repeatedly, it's by far the most annoying and frustrating thing I've ever heard...”

This might sound easy now, but just wait until that daughter grows up to demand her own mobile phone. That’s when you will really wish that you could just take the batteries out and call it a day. The worst is when they refuse to get off their phones to actually talk to someone. Now that’s what you really call frustration.

11 Just A Little Leak

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“I’ve let the baby pee in the bath water. I’ve let my kid poop in his diaper stay for a few seconds sometimes, if I was lazy or busy showcasing what potty training seemed so.”

Eh. Let’s not pretend that we’ve never actually peed in a public pool, right? I mean, as long as you don’t let your child poop in the water, you’re good. Otherwise, you need to get out of the pool – stat. That’s not cool for anyone. But we get why you are probably tired of changing your lad’s diaper all the time. Trust us, we all are. This is one of those tasks that dads can absolutely step in and give mom a break with. Or even bringing one of the grandparents along as a second set of eyes at the pool, or an extra set of hands to tackle that endless supply of diapers.

10 Can't Even Step Into Their Rooms Anymore

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“My kids’ rooms and their stuff makes me tired. It is like it rained dirt, debris, and toys all over the floor, and that’s AFTER I ask them to clean it. My boys’ room has begun to smell weird and I’m scared I’m going to step on a lizard or catch ringworm in there.”

Here’s a little secret for you: I can go an entire month without cleaning my children’s rooms. I honestly don’t know what monsters are hiding underneath their beds, from what I can tell they are well-fed and well-entertained because there always seems to be a party inside of there. But if it gets really out of hand, and, let's be honest, moms have enough to do aside from keeping the kids and themselves clean, that a little hired help to clean the kiddies' rooms might not be the worst idea.

9 Tiem For Plan B

“I let my kid do annoying things in public places – pour out the salt in the restaurant, throw the napkins, duck under the table and such – just so I can get out of the place early.”

You might do that in restaurants, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that to excuse myself from family functions and other events I simply didn’t want to go to. Any parent will tell you that they easily use their child as an excuse to get out of situations they don’t want to be in. After all, that’s what we made them, right? Also, no one said that the person to help mom out couldn't be the kids!

8 "Mamaaaaa!"

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“When I hear ‘Mama!’ shouted from the other room, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I love being a mom, but I think we may have worn out the name “Mom”. I don’t want to point fingers, but it could have something to do with it being used 52,000 times a day.”

Oh, this I can relate to this, times ten. I love my children with my entire heart, but each time I hear them call my name from a distance, it makes me cringe a little. Because I know they are not calling me to tell me how much they love me. Oh no. Instead, it’s because they either want something, spilled something, or broke something. This is when mom needs to call the babysitter, get her purse, and get herself some down time.

7 Make A Run For It

“I ask my mother-in-law to "watch the kids for an hour" but then come back in three. Usually, it's to do the grocery shopping alone, which is literally like my version of a mini-vacay. I get carried away and just take my time, run to the post office to do all those errands I'd forgotten, pop into Target to buy the girls some new clothes, and then grab some lunch and eat all my food nice and hot.”

Mama: you do you. There’s a reason why Beyonce and Jay-Z recently named their worldwide tour the “On The Run” tour. It’s because they know we are all right behind them.

6 Just Five Minutes

Via People

“I let my children do annoying things in the hope of getting five minutes peace. Including ripping up an entire toilet roll, chewing a (clean) Tampax, licking the butter, emptying all the cupboards, smearing peanut butter all over the wall, drawing all over themselves and eating crumbs off the floor.”

As long as they don’t hurt each other, it’s all good. We get it. You can also add unlimited iPad time to that list because I’m sure that every mother on this planet does the same thing. And if she says that’s not true, she’s lying. Of course, she’s lying.

5 Too Tired To Speak

“Yesterday I met my friend for coffee and I kept thinking of things I wanted to tell her, except it was too hard. My mouth was worn out because I’d already asked my kids to put on their shoes so many times that morning. She understood and we sipped our coffee in silence until I was able to recover.”

You know you’ve got it pretty bad when you are so tired that you can’t even talk to your friends anymore. That’s ok. We all need to appreciate the sound of silence more often, anyhow. It’s a rarity these days, and especially for parents.

4 Can't Even Be Around Them Anymore

“My skin is tired. My children have no understanding of personal space. I love cuddling and touching (mostly), but sometimes I would like to turn on a force field that keeps them three feet away from me; like when I’m on the toilet or cooking dinner for example.”

Oh, we get you, mama. We totally get you. Kids just don’t understand the concept of personal space until they become horribly moody teenagers. Until then, they want every inch and piece of you. The moment they turn 13 – boom! They don’t want to know you anymore. That’s the problem with parenting. You’re just a short-term rental.

3 Just Get Take Out

Via Daily Mail

“I feed the baby packaged food, because I didn't have time/couldn't be bothered making it myself. Usually, dinner time consists of me cooking with one hand, feeding the baby with another, while the toddler hangs off my leg begging for a biscuit.”

Um, that’s why take out exists. And that’s why we use take out. And that’s also why we don’t even bother with all of the pots, pans, and utensils in our house. Why bother cooking over a hot stove when your tiny critic will tell you they hate all the food you cook anyway. That, or they fling it at you.

2 Starts Letting The Baby Cry It Out

Via Today's Parent

“I put the baby down while she's crying, then walk out of the room and shut the door to save my sanity. Often in the afternoon, my youngest refuses to take a nap no matter how hard I try, and she works herself up so much from being overtired. Nothing I do works, so I just put her in her cot and shut the door, within five minutes she's asleep but it's honestly the only way to deal with it!”

Listen, one of us is going to cry, and it might as well be the baby. Because if the baby doesn’t learn how to self-soothe, then we are all in trouble here. Because as an adult, it takes me a damn long time to control my emotions after I cry it out on my own. They don’t make pacifiers for adults, now do they?

1 So Beyond Sleep Deprivation

“I blame everything on sleep-deprivation. Even on days when I am not that tired. While things like missing appointments, forgetting people’s names, breaking crockery, being late, cooking inedible dinners and my house being a mess are usually a result of exhaustion; sometimes they are just down to my own stupidity.”

This is why they say that sleep truly is one of life’s rare luxuries. It’s worth so much, yet so many of us get so little of it. The moment you become a parent, no one ever tells you that you will never get a good night of rest ever again. There’s always something that will keep you up at night: the baby, the dog barking, your partner snoring.

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