20 Reasons Why No Mom Should Feel Bad About Hiring A Nanny

Unfortunately for many nannies around the globe, their names are tarnished in the tabloids and papers due to infidelities with celebrities. But do we ever hear their side of the story? It's not likely. Ignoring those few bad moments, however, there are hundreds of thousands of nannies who make this their career. They love children, appreciate feeling needed, and have a flexible schedule with whom they work with. It's a win-win for many.

But what about the parent (or parents) who hire nannies? Why is there this negative attitude against parents for hiring needed help? There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to admitting the need for help. If anything, it shows strength. Hiring a full-time or part-time nanny can make kids feel more comfortable, create extra enforcement in the household, become a companion for the parent, and is overall a positive parenting move. In no way does hiring a nanny make a parent incapable or lazy. Nannies are there for a reason; they're good at what they do and they want to help. So why not take them up on their offer? Below are 20 reasons why no parent should be ashamed of having a nanny.

20 You Can Focus On Yourself

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You know that saying that most airlines have, "Give yourself oxygen before you give the person next to you oxygen"? That's the same concept with parenting. How can you make sure your kid is living their best life if you don't feel like you are yourself? Very Well Family confirms by saying, "Recharging and taking a break from time to time will make you a mom who's better able to handle all of those daily parenting challenges that come your way, like diaper rash cream being spread all over your new hardwood floors or the sparkling hairstyle your kids gave the dog with a bottle of a glitter and some glue."

19 You Can Focus More On Your Children (Ironically)

Ironically, having a nanny take care of your kids leads you to being less burned out, letting you be a better mother. Very Well Family backs this up, "Mommy burnout is a problem many stay-at-home moms face when they're taking care of kids 24/7." When your only goals are to take care of your kids, sometimes you can lose yourself.

"A nanny can step in to take care of your children when you need something as simple as a bath or someone to watch the kids while you go to the grocery store without four kids hanging off the side of your grocery cart."

18 When No Family Members Are Nearby

There are many parents who are raising kids with no family members nearby. Life takes us all in different directions, so some of us don't have the accessibility to run the babies off to grandma's for a few hours. So if you're new to an area and have zero friends or family members nearby, why not hire some extra help? What can the harm be? Hiring or interviewing a nanny is also a great way to make a friend in a new area!

17 Another Enforcer

Sometimes a single parent hires a nanny, while other times two parent hire a nanny. There is no rule-book. No matter who you are or if you have a significant other or not — if you need help with your kids, there's a solution to that. Having said that, a nanny is going to be an extension of you. Whatever rules you want your kids to abide by, nannies are supposed to enforce the same rules. This way parents can feel good knowing their kids aren't not running around, ignoring the house rules.

16 Reliability

Can you imagine how calming it must be to know you can rely on someone else to help raise your child? That someone is not only going to be there for you, but also for your children. That means even more reliability for your kids! Very Well Family even reinforces this by saying, "Her presence gives your family someone who's reliable and who you can count on without having to rely on someone else's fluctuating schedule or a day care's strict hours."

15 Who Said You Have To Parent Alone?

There are multiple cultures that live in one household with oodles of family members; family members that are always around. Since there are 10+ people living under a roof, there is always someone to help out with the children. So if having your family members help out is acceptable, then why isn't hiring help? There's such a bad stigma over parents hiring extra help and I think it's ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with needing or admitting to needing help.

14 You Chose A Nanny For A Reason

If you go through the effort of interviewing, trying out, and hiring a nanny — what's the point of being ashamed or embarrassed? You decided that you needed some help, so why deny that? Women are strong, but sometimes that can be our downfall. We want to believe we can handle everything that's thrown our way, but the reality is, sometimes we need a little cushion in those hard times. Having a nanny can be better for the kids, you, and your relationship (if you're in one).

13 When You Need A Stress Reliever

No one says you need to hire a nanny for five years. Sometimes you can hire a nanny for a few months durning a busy season. Maybe work is crazy busy, maybe the family is in town and juggling everything is too much to handle... There are a lot of stressors in life and it takes a strong person to recognize those stressful times and reach out for help. Asking for help will also give you more time to be a better person and parent to your child/children.

12 Nannies WANT To Help!

There are some people out there who feel bad for nannies, thinking they're the hired help so they must have no other career goals or are spoken down to. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Most nannies want to help out — it's in their nature! On top of that, some nannies have their own young children who they can bring to work with them. That means her child and the children she's taken care of can all play together — which honestly helps out both sides.

11 One-On-One Care

Daycares are awesome. They get to socialize, learn, and play with a bunch of kids their own age. They create important experiences that they didn't know they needed. But what happens if the daycares nearby aren't what the parents expected? This is where hiring a nanny could be a huge help. Hiring someone who is one-on-one with their child can eliminate all those child sicknesses that get spread in the classroom, they can get more attention from an adult, and they get to be in the comfort of their own home!

10 Straight-Up Convenience

Let's be honest, having someone to help you out in the blink of an eye in convenience. Need to pick up the dry-cleaners before closing time, but don't want to wake up the baby from their nap? The nanny is right there. Need to pick up the other kids from school, but don't have room in the car for the infant's car seat? Keep the baby at home with the nanny. Are you feeling to sick to feed the kids breakfast before school? Don't worry - the nanny is there! No parent is lazy for having help.

9 Efficiency

A parent can be torn in a million different directions a day, but does that mean they're actually being efficient? On the contrary, not really. Doing something half-way doesn't really mean you're conquering your to-do lists. Wouldn't you rather be 100% present in everything you do? Having a nanny can help with that. Very Well Family insists that "With a nanny, you can establish a list of priorities she must follow so you can also set up your own list of priorities. You'll become more efficient in everything you do and get more of your goals accomplished, too."

8 Advice

While there millions of books on parenting, no book is better than the other. Parents learn new things every day. Whether that's educational training, new games, or better ways to communicate — there are so many things to think about when parenting. That being said, hiring a nanny is a great soundboard. The two of you can bounce ideas off one another and learn a few things from shared experiences. Parenting will seem even easier when you have a nanny who knows what they're doing and can share a few tips along the way.

7 Staying Home

Whether a parent works from home and needs a nanny to take care of the kids so they can work or if their child has social anxiety cues — having a nanny in the comfort of your own home is beneficial. Not having to wake up at the crack of dawn and plan your entire day around pickups is a blessing in disguise. Having the nanny come over to the house, where they can take care of the child in one setting is beneficial for the child and the parents.

6 Toddler Tantrums

Babies and toddlers are bound to have a few temper tantrums. It's apart of growing up. When a child doesn't know how to communicate their emotions successfully, this can turn into a screaming, crying match at any given moment. Now, nannies and the kids they're looking after don't need to stay locked up in the house all day, but being at home during a tantrum means more ways to calm them down. They're in their element with their favorite toys and snacks around. This also means fewer people walking by and judging you...

5 Goodbye Packed Lunches

Depending on how old your kids are or what you even need the nanny for, packing lunches is less of a concern. Hear me out, unless you've never packed your own lunch, your partner's lunch, or your children's lunches — then you have no idea how time-consuming it really is. It's food prep for an entire family.

Hiring a nanny means two things: either they'll pack your kids' lunches OR there's no need to pack a lunch because they can enjoy their lunch at home!

4 Nannies Are Trained

There are multiple companies parents can reach out to for a nanny. More reputable nanny companies make sure their nannies are well trained in more areas than one. Care.com notes "Nannies make their careers out of caring for children and will seek out developmentally appropriate and stimulating activities tailored to the individual needs of your children." This means your child is getting more attention in different areas than if they were just be shuffled with their parents in between errands.

3 You'd Probably Save Money

There are a few rumors out there saying how expensive nannies are. And while that might be true depending on where they're found, their training, or how many kids they'd be watching — that's not always the truth. Care.com explains if a family has more than one kid, hiring a nanny to watch them all might be more affordable than by sending them all to daycare. After all, daycares aren't so cheap these days, especially when you have a brood of kids.

2 It's A Scary World

I don't think I need to remind anyone that the world we live in is quite scary. It seems like we can't trust anyone anymore, so knowing our kids are safe at home with their nanny is a huge relief. And like I said earlier, your kids don't need to be cooped up at home with their nanny as their own friend, but it's a nice feeling knowing our kids are with a safe and trusting person. Now there's nothing to be ashamed of for that, is there?

1 Sick Days

Everyone catches the flu at least once a year, right? So when you're not feeling your best and you need off from work, the last thing you should do is take care of your child — who will ultimately catch your sickness. Think of how fragile children are and how easily they can get sick. Instead, have your nanny watch after your kids while you rest in bed. This can be a total reliever to know your kids are still learning and having fun, while you can recuperate in bed.


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