20 Reasons Couples Should Consider A 'Babymoon'

A babymoon is a relaxing or romantic vacation that expecting couples take before their baby is born. Babymoons usually take place around the end of the second trimester or beginning of the third. It’s important to check with your doctor and make sure your travel ideas are safe for your pregnancy. However, couples can work with what they have and don’t have to take a plane somewhere. Babymoons can simply be an amazing way for couples to connect and relax before the trials of parenthood begin. I know planning a vacation can seem like a daunting task, especially in the midst of all the other pregnancy drama. However, babymoons are so worth it.

Not only do babymoons provide moms and dads-to-be with one-on-one time as a couple, but it gives them time to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. Babymoons give couples something to look back on in the midst of those crying nights and baby tantrums. It’s basically your last chance as a couple to really do something for yourself before your entire lives become about another little human. So, while it might seem like an unnecessary task, babymoons are so worth it. And, just in case you are unconvinced, here are 20 reasons why couples should take a babymoon.

20 You Need It

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Often times, expecting couples feel like a babymoon is something so extra and not anything that they need. They feel like only couples who want the pretty pictures or have a lot of money go on a babymoon. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Babywise.life, a babymoon is more than just a vacation, and so even if you and your partner are not super into traveling, you can still find value in a babymoon. This getaway before your baby is born is a needed ritual that many couples are thankful they took. Sometimes we don’t know what we needed until we look back on it.

19 Time To Yourselves

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A babymoon gives moms and dads-to-be time to themselves. You don’t need to be thinking about what to buy for the baby or what else needs to get done before the little ones arrives. You finally get time to focus on yourself. And, it’s important to remember that this little trip is probably the last time you and your partner will be able to focus on yourselves. Once that baby arrives, they will take over your entire world. So, if you have the opportunity to give yourself some uninterrupted time, take it! When you are waking up at 2 am to feed your baby and change their diaper, you will wish you had a moment to yourself just to collect your thoughts.

18 Some Much-Needed Rest

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According to Parents Magazine, 76% of new parents have frequent sleep problems. Most people understand that once your baby arrives the nights of sleeping uninterrupted for hours are gone. As a new mom or a new dad, you will be running on empty for most of your days. This is why taking a babymoon and getting some rest before your baby arrives is so important. Rest can be hard to get in the midst of your busy schedule and growing a baby. However, when you take a trip dedicated to relaxing your body and giving yourself some time to rest, you will return home feeling ready to take on parenthood.

17 Quality Time With Your SO

Quality time with your significant other is important and something that is hard to come by once you have a crying baby to deal with. Once you give birth, your life as a couple will never go back to normal. Even if you take a trip without your baby in the future, all you will be doing is worrying about them and missing them. However, a babymoon allows expecting couples to focus on each other and strengthen their relationship so that you guys are in the best position to bring a child into the world. When you two are on the same page, parenting will be so much smoother.

16 Keep The Romance Going

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Romance is most likely what got you in this position in the first place. Couples usually have amazing, romantic relationships before they bring kids into the mix. However, once a baby arrives, it can be hard to bring back that same spark. Your bedsheets now have spit-up stains on them now, your room smells like a dirty diaper, and the only thing you are focused on is sleeping or listening to the baby monitor. While it’s definitely possible for parents to bring back the romance, it’s much easier to enjoy it before your baby arrives. A romantic getaway may be just what the doctor ordered.

15 Time To Reflect

Reflection is an essential part of parenting and growing as an individual. However, when your mind is so focused on the future and getting things done before your baby arrives, it can be difficult to find time to reflect on your past. A babymoon allows you to think about your life up to this point, your relationship with your partner, and your journey through pregnancy up until this point. According to Mama Natural, a babymoon also allows couples to reflect on the changing relationship dynamics. How will this new baby change you and what do you want to be like as a mom. Self-reflection is important and a babymoon allows you to have time for it.

14 One Last Adventure

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While there’s no doubt that parenting is a massive adventure on its own, sometimes couples really want one last adventure, just the two of them. They want to make some crazy memories and do things they might not be able to do once their baby arrives. For many expecting couples, a babymoon represents this last hurrah. It’s a celebration of your relationship and pregnancy up to this point, but it also helps to prepare you for the adventures to come in parenting. According to Mama Natural, exploring new food, new places, and different traditions usually take a back seat once your baby arrives. So, this is the perfect time for one last adventure as a couple.

13 Allow Yourself To Dream

allow yourself to dream babymoon

Many women find themselves doing a lot of dreaming once they become pregnant. They dream about their future and this life that they are creating. They remember dreaming about having kids when they were a kid, and simply embrace the joys of the moment. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, however, it can be draining. Often times, women don’t have time to reflect and dream and simply be alone in their imagination because they are too busy working, shopping for baby supplies, or preparing their house. However, a babymoon gives couples uninterrupted time to simply dream about their lives and their future together. It’s truly an amazing moment and creates such great memories for the two of you.

12 The Perfect Time For Beautiful Maternity Photos

beautiful maternity photos babymoon

Okay, I’m not going to lie, those beautiful maternity photos I see of women with their baby bumps looking so stunning are definitely eye-catching. Who wouldn’t want to go to a beautiful place and show off the baby bump? While a babymoon is significant for so many reasons, it can also be a perfect backdrop for maternity photos. Since most women usually go on a babymoon early in their third trimester, it’s the perfect time to take those pictures for your photo album. According to Fit Pregnancy, not wanting to model for the camera when you are feeling huge is normal. However, maternity photos create amazing memories and are proof of the amazing things your body can do.

11 You Will Feel Recharged


Sometimes all it takes is a little getaway in order to feel completely rejuvenated and recharged. According to LoriBregman.com, feeling depleted and tired is no way to go into parenthood. Everything changes when you are pregnant. You feel more tired, more exhausted, and sometimes more stressed. However, your relationship also changes once you both realize that you are having a baby together. The nine months of pregnancy are important for building a solid foundation and preparing for parenthood. Since this planning and preparing can not only be scary but exhausting, a babymoon filled with positive energy and reinforcement for the future is so good for couples.

10 You Deserve It

Sometimes couples feel like they don’t deserve a babymoon. They feel like life has been pretty straightforward since getting pregnant and you feel like you're handling all of the changes with ease. If you haven’t had an overwhelming or rough pregnancy road so far, it can be easy to feel like you don’t need a babymoon. However, even if your pregnancy has been amazing, you still deserve a babymoon. You still deserve quality couple time, a relaxing vacation, and time designated for your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need or deserve a babymoon because every expecting couple can benefit from it.

9 Splurge Before The Budget Tightens

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Having a baby is expensive. According to Parenting.com, parents will spend around $12,000 in their child’s first year of life. So, before you start counting those coupons and budgeting your expenses like crazy in order to care for your baby, take a little couple’s vacation and splurge while you can. It’s easy to feel like you should be saving money while you are pregnant as well, but the expenses don’t ever really stop once you have a kid. Your budget will constantly be getting tighter and tighter, especially if you plan on having more than one. So, a babymoon is the best way to treat yourself before the strict budgeting comes into play.

8 Keep The Communication Going

pregnant couple communication

Communication is key to any healthy relationship, but it is especially vital when you are about to bring a child into this world. Having a baby changes so much of your relationship with your partner, and when you both are dead tired or dealing with a fussy baby it can be difficult to communicate normally. According to BabyCenter.com, talking through problems or just your emotions is a really healthy way to handle things in a relationship. However, with the business and stress of preparing for a baby, it can be easy to miss out on this quality time that is so important. Going on a babymoon will allow you to communicate with your partner and grow closer. You can have deep, uninterrupted conversations that really bring you guys to a good place.

7 Life Will Never Be The Same

life will never be the same

This might sound extreme but it isn’t a bad thing. Having a baby is going to change your life in the most amazing ways. However, that doesn’t mean things won’t be different. For your life up until this point, you have been on your own. There was no one that relied on you the way a baby will rely on its’ parents. With that said, it is important to appreciate the value you have in your life currently. Appreciate the alone time you have for yourself and with your partner. Having a baby starts a whole new chapter in your life, but a babymoon provides a great way to celebrate and give time to the things that are going to change.

6 Adoptive Parents Should Take A Babymoon, Too

adoptive parents babymoon too

Just because you are not physically pregnant yourself doesn’t mean that you and your partner still can’t enjoy all the benefits of a babymoon. Adoption is a very hard and difficult process. Often times it can take years before a couple finally gets to adopt a baby. Because of this, there is a lot of emotions and anxiety associated with the entire process. Plus, there may be fears and doubts about being a good parent or explaining to their child that they were adopted in the future. A babymoon will allow you and your partner to rekindle that spark and remind yourselves why you wanted a baby so badly in the first place.

5 It Doesn’t Have To Be Extravagant

babymoon doesn't have to be extravagant

Many couples think 'babymoon' and automatically assume that they need to take a plane ride to the Bahamas or some tropical resort. This can be very expensive, time-consuming, and scary if you are worried about flying while pregnant. A babymoon does not have to be so extravagant. It can be a weekend getaway to a nearby hotel. Or even a relaxing spa trip. The purpose is to designate some quality couple time for yourself before your baby arrives. Anything that is fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating can be the perfect babymoon for you. Once you understand the true purpose of a babymoon, it’s easier to realize that the location doesn’t matter.

4 No Babysitter For The Last Time

no babysitter for last time

Pregnant couples often forget that these nine months are the last months that they will ever be able to do anything alone without finding or paying for a babysitter. If they ever want to have a couples' getaway once their baby is born, it’s going to cost them money for childcare. That is another reason why a babymoon is so special and important. It truly is your last time vacationing without worrying and stressing about leaving your baby with a babysitter. Technically, your baby will be with you in utero, but enjoy your babymoon for what it is. You may be celebrating your baby’s arrival, but you are also celebrating your last few weeks before becoming parents.

3 People Watching Will Excite You For Parenthood

Vacations are a great time for people to watch and simply embrace those around you. I often times find myself looking at pregnant women or little kids and imagining what it will be like when I have one of my own. For pregnant women, a babymoon is a perfect time to see little kids running around and truly get excited for the journey of parenthood that you are about to embark on. Allow yourself to dream about your baby and what they will be like in the future. This vacation is for you and your partner to truly prepare yourselves for all the ups and downs of your life to come.

2 A Break From The Constant ‘Advice’

break from constant advice babymoon pregnant

This one might sound odd, but people often feel entitled to give their advice to pregnant women. They usually are coming from a place of kindness or sincere help, but some pregnant women get tired of constantly being told what they should or shouldn’t do. Sometimes pregnant women just want to figure things out on their own and not be judged for it. Luckily, a babymoon provides couples with the perfect escape. You aren’t surrounded by anyone you know. You are truly isolated and break away from that constant noise and chaos that surrounds you back home. It truly can be a relaxing detox.

1 Sort Out Your Emotions

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According to the Huffington Post, you might not be as happy as you thought and that’s okay. Once the hustle and bustle of everyday life slow down, you are left alone on a beach with your thoughts. This can be the first real moment of downtime that an expecting couple has had since their pregnancy began. It can cause some hidden emotions to surface. Having a baby is a big deal and it’s okay to have fears. However, a babymoon is the perfect time to release them and discuss these emotions with your partner so you feel stronger than ever tackling parenthood when you return home.

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