20 Raw Photos From Celebrity Wives That Are Just Too Relatable To Moms

I don't care what anyone says: being married is hard work. Throw in a couple of kids to the mix and that's a full-time job on top of a full-time job. For years, we've been told to focus on ourselves; to find our passion in life and to make a name for ourselves in our careers. But when we find someone who we can't live without, we now have to make our dream life coordinate with that of our loved one. That in itself can take a lot of patience, understanding, and give-and-take. If a couple decides to have children, that takes even more patience understanding, and give-and-take. It's a gamble, I tell ya!

Even though some female celebrities seem to have it all—the money, the relationship, the fame, the help—that doesn't make them any less relatable. Think about all the times we've seen Jennifer Garner in the tabloids, running around with three children in tow. Or Chrissy Teigen poking fun of her stretch marks and slaving over a hot stove for her family. These are all things we can relate too. The fact that 20 of these leading ladies post their #Problems on Instagram is just a bonus.

No matter how successful we become, every family has their own relatable problems.

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20 Adele Showing Us The Face Of Not Wanting To Workout

We can all agree on the fact that Adele is perfection, right? From her hit songs to the faces she makes in the gym — she is one of the most inspirational women of our time. In 2011, Adele met and began dating Simon Konecki. And to everyone's surprise, she announced in 2012 that the private couple were also expecting a baby. However, when the couple got married has long been up for debate since the two did it in private. The news only came about after announcing the fact that she had a husband in 2017!

19 Jessica Simpson DNGAF About Society's Standards

Jessica Simpson might be seen as a dumb blonde from her times on her former reality TV show Newly Weds with her then husband, Nick Lachey. But I think it's time we all move on from that. She's been keeping it real since the early 2000s with her one liners and honest remarks. Including this Instagram post of her leg hair saying, "Missed a spot..." She's relatable and I need to see more of her.

While Miss Simpson is once divorced, she seems to have found her match in former NFL player Eric Johnson. The pair were married in 2014 and now have two children together: daughter, Maxwell and son, Ace.

18 Brooklyn Decker Unfiltered

Long live Brooklyn Decker! One of my favorite parts about this actress is how real she keeps it. She may have married former tennis star Andy Roddick in 2009, but her two kids Hank and Stevie keep her running around like any other mother. While some moms love to filter their family's life (*cough* the Kardashians *cough*), Brooklyn doesn't see the point. She's a working mom and wife and has nothing to hide; just like this amazing Instagram post saying, "Kids. (He drew two black lines down my eyeballs though, so I think he wants me dead?)"

17 Zooey Deschanel's Quirky And Raw

Remember the Beyonce song "I Woke Up Like This"? Well, Queen Bey may have been dolled up in the music video, but this is actress Zooey Deschanel waking up in real life. No makeup, zero moisturizer, and no hairbrush in sight — just the way fans like it. We may think stars of the rich and famous wake up glamorous, but the New Girl star shows us she's literally just like us. Now married with two kids (Charlie and Elsie), Zooey Deschanel is a working mom and wife, jugging mornings like the rest of us.

16 Chrissy Teigen Giving Us #CoupleGoals Since 2007

It's hard to believe that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been together since 2007. That's a long time in the world of the famous. After getting married in 2013, the couple has only become more successful and now a family of four (thanks to two kiddos, Luna and Miles).

I'm pretty sure every picture Chrissy posts is relatable, but this one of her and John in tasty onesies is probably my favorite one. Every couple is a quirky, silly side to them, and this one further proves it.

15 Kelly Ripa Showing Every Side Of Her Family


Kelly Ripa has always been a star in my eyes but she is becoming more and more famous due to her love for social media. If anyone follows the @CommentsByCelebs page, they would know that she is an avid commenter and fangirl of her husband, Mark Consuelos. She actually might be one of the most supportive wives on the app!

While this photo is definitely a throwback snap (with the caption "HE doesn't fit in the Bjorn anymore! Happy Birthday to Michael! We love you! #17," no less), she is definitely one of the more real posters.  With over 20 years of marriage, three kids, and an ever-thriving career, Kelly is definitely doing something right.

14 Jennifer Garner Has A Lot On Her Plate

Although Jennifer garner is no longer a wife (she and Ben Affleck divorced in 2017), I feel like she still belongs on this list. She and Ben may no longer be married, but she's still co-parenting her three kids with him, along with helping him in his struggle for sobriety.

The 45-year-old actress (she does NOT look a day over 35) has her hands full as a single mother, essentially. Her kids—Violet (12), Seraphina (nine), and Samuel (six)—are all at that age where they now have their own lives. That being said, her caption for this photo, “Every single time I get out of the car. How? Why?” makes us love her even more.

13 Beyonce Is ALL Of Us (But None Of Us At The Same Time)

Beyonce is one of those rare spirit animals I can't believe actually exists. Her talent for singing, dancing, and acting is unparalleled. And her knack for motherhood cam so naturally. She's enchanting to watch from afar! All that being said, she's also very real about her own struggles and demons. Although she's been married to Jay Z since 2008, she's been open about his wandering eye and her need to feel whole again. After conquering their own evil spirits, the two have never seemed better and now have three children!

While her Instagram is very artistic and properly planned, her songs and interviews show her real emotions — making her way more relatable than what we see online. Plus, look at her sneaking a glance at her man's phone... Can anyone say they haven't done that before?

12 Blake Lively Should Write A Family-Based Book

If there's anyone who enjoys the likes of Brooklyn Decker and Chrissy Teigen, then they have to be fond of Blake Lively, too. They all have the same comedic base: family life. These three just go to show that no matter how wealthy or famous you are, being a wife and a mother is a double whammy.

"When that horrible aunt FaceTimes her nephew to wish him a happy 13th birthday... like he cares," she captions this lovely screenshot on Instagram. Not many celebs would post a selfie as... honest as this, but here she is.

11 Jenny Mollen MIGHT Be Funnier Than Her Husband

If anyone's unfamiliar with Jenny Mollen, they need to become familiar with Jenny Mollen. After getting married to Jason Biggs in 2008, the pair now have two kids: Sid and Lazio. Her Instagram feed is filled with hilarious quotes from her hubby, meals she packs for her kids, and hilarious moments from her everyday life.

"Does anyone really care how their husband looks in photos?" she captioned this photo. And no Jenny, we really don't care. Many of us are gawking at your cute skirt and shirt combo.

10 Leslie Mann Has One Powerful Relationship

While many famous ladies on this list are on here for being candid, Leslie Mann is relatable in the sense that she adores her husband. She and director Judd Apatow and have been married since 1997. Beautifully, she also seems to star in many of her husband's films. While many people wouldn't be able to work with their spouse, these two have done it time and time again. A little over a year ago, they celebrated 20 years of marriage, with Judd writing "Today is the 20th anniversary of my marriage to the brilliant, hilarious, amazing Leslie Mann. The greatest thing that has ever happened to me." SWOON.

9 Sofia Vergara Reminds Us All To Keep The Flame Alive

Sofia Vergara is the sassy actress hailing from Columbia, who found love with fellow actor, Joe Manganiello. (Yes, Manganiello from Magic Mike.) The pair made things official when they tied the knot in an extravagant ceremony back in 2015. But what makes her so relatable is how much she cherishes her relationship. After being married once before in the late '90s, Vergara told Ellen DeGeneres, "I was so lucky. I must have done something really, really right in my life to get that reward." The Modern Family star is constantly posting loved-up selfies of the two, forever embraced in each other arms, reminding us to all find a love so deep.

8 Pink Has Never Believed In Filters

Let's think back to the early 2000s, shall we? It was a time where Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera were the queens of the universe. They wore barely-there tops and sang about some pretty vapid things. But Pink? She kind of did the opposite. She gave a big middle finger to anyone who said being different was wrong, and she still remains true to herself today. After falling in love with motocross racer Carey Hart, the two wed in 2006. What makes her a relatable wife, however, is how honest she was about the ups and downs to her relationship. After a few spouts of separation, Pink was the one to ask Carey to marry her! And now that she's a mother of two, she's never been more honest. We need more Pink in our lives!

7 Tia Mowry Is Everyone's Sister

Calling all '90s babies out there: Can you believe Sister, Sister ended in 1999 after six years of being on air? That was one show I never wanted to end! Staring real life twin sisters, Tia and Tamera became a smash hit with their witty one-liners and the closeness they shared on—and off—screen.

After starring in Hollywood Horror, Tia fell for fellow actor, Cory Hardrict. The two dated for six years before tying the knot in 2008. Now, 10 years later, the couple has two kids: Cree and Cairo.

As if Tia wasn't already transparent enough on screen, she's tenfold on Instagram. She loves showing fans what her life is really like. Especially now with a baby and juggling the life of a family of four.

6 Jessica Biel Is Forever Her Husband's Biggest Fan

It's insane to me that it took until 2012 for these two to get married. As '90s icons, I wish they had gotten together sooner! Then again, if they did, they probably wouldn't still be together today. I think they both needed those early years to let loose, gain fame, and have some fun.

Anyways, in 2015 the pair announced that they were expecting a baby boy and their first (and only child... for now) was born in April. While these two live a pretty private life, her posts about motherhood, health, and relationships are all so inspiring and incredibly relatable.

5 Busy Phillips Proves Motherhood (And Wife-Hood) Isn't Always Glamorous

My love and appreciation for actress Busy Phillips runs deep. If you ask me, she is severely underrated. Not only professionally, but in life. After getting married to screenwriter Marc Silverstein in 2007, the two now have two kids: Joseph and Barbara.

Now, why am I obsessed with Busy? It's mainly because she pokes fun at herself  and the hardships of being a working mom and wife. I mean, just look at the photo above with the caption "IT'S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL SOMEONE GETS SLIME IN THEIR HAIR." Not to mention she constantly pokes fun at her husband for not choosing her to star in his films. Ugh, I love a good, sarcastic woman!

4 Erin Andrews Has Come Out On Top

Never heard of Erin Andrews? Well become familiar with her; she is one of the most hilariously honest women in entertainment. Not to mention she also keeps it very professional. Known for her reporting on Fox NFL and other sport networks, she also focuses on being host for Dancing with the Stars on ABC.

After a few incidents with stalkers and a cervical cancer scare, Erin came out on top and married former NHL player Jarret Stoll in 2017. While the pair don't have any children, they do have one golden retriever named Howard (who she calls How-How).

While Erin is one of the most respected hosts and sportscasters out there, she loves keeping it real like the rest of us; giggling over memes, GIFs, and and flubs on TV. She's just like us!

3 Snooki Grew Up In Front Of The Camera

It still amazes me that Nicole Polizzi (aka: Snooki) is a mother to two beautiful children (Lorenzo and Giovanna). After seeing her highest of highs and lowest of lows on MTV's Jersey Shore, it's amazing to me that she matured so quickly. Marrying Jionni LaValle in 2014, Snooki still has her spunky attitude, hilarious one-liners, and zero-filter thoughts. "To one of the worst days of motherhood — in the hospital with Lorenzo before his surgery. Was on no sleep & anxiety ridden," she wrote on Instagram. She's one of the few reality TV stars who has made her marriage work — even with two kids and a career!

2 Jessie James Decker Is Goals, Goals, Goals

I've never met a person who wasn't obsessed with these two. Country singer, Jessica James Decker, married NFL hunk Eric Decker in 2013, and soon after came their three kids, Viviane, Eric Jr., and Forrest. The pair typically make others jealous by their loved up ways, however, she also keeps it extremely real online about her pregnancy weight-loss, her obsession with coffee, and how her lust for her husband hasn't faded since they first met. This is the one famous couple who seems to do it all but also tells you how hard it is doing it all.

1 Kristin Cavallari Has Showed Another Side Of Her Life

I'm not gonna lie, when I heard MTV star Kristin Cavallari was staring in her own show, Very Cavallari, I was annoyed. She was such a villain back in the Laguna Beach days that I wanted nothing to do with her show. But just like every other show on the E! Network, I couldn't stop watching. Her relationship with former NFL star Jay Cutler is very raw and honest.

After meeting through her publicist, the pair started dating but broke up in 2011. But that clearly didn't last long because the two married in 2013 and now have three kids together. I think the fact that the two had a rough patch but have made it work, along with adding kids into the mix is one of the reasons why Kristin is way more relatable now than she has ever been.

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