20 Raw Celebrity Mommy Moments That Make Us Love Them Even More

Becoming a mom makes everything in the world worth it. So many people try for months or years at a time before they are blessed with a baby—while some never are. Finding out we’re pregnant makes the world stop for a few moments, and then it kicks everything into high gear for nine months. Mommy life is filled with a lot of tears but also a lot of smiles.

Many moments make us want to scream and cry, but there are also those that make us shed tears of joy—hose extraordinary moments that are never forgotten, even if they aren’t documented.

These consist of things like our baby’s first steps, special dance parties, and holidays. Us ordinary folks usually view celebrities as people who like to flaunt their wealth, but for most of them, once they have kids, things change. Those special moments between celebrity mothers and their children are the times fans love the most because it reveals their normal, human side. When celebrities are with their kids, their soft and sweet sides that we enjoy the most come out. Kids bring out the best in everyone—even those who seem to focus on only money. Here are 20 of those sweet moments between the celebrities we love and their little ones.

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20 Kate Beckinsale Plays Dress-Up With Darling Daughter

Daily Mail

Most celebrities spend their Saturday nights out dancing or enjoying a fancy meal, but not Kate Beckinsale. She spends her Saturdays playing dress-up and having fun with her teenage daughter, Lilly. Around this time last year, Beckinsale took to Instagram to show the world pictures of herself and her daughter dressed up as fruits; she was a strawberry and Lily a grapevine, according to ET. The two danced the night away with some old-time music and just had fun. Every parent needs an excuse to relax and dance around their kitchen, and why not take the time to spend special moments such as this one with our kids, even our older ones?

19 Pink Speaks About Acceptance With Her Little Girl


At the VMA’s last year, Pink took the time to speak about against hate, judgment and body image—specifically with her daughter in mind and the audience. According to Time Magazine, the singer spoke at length about a conversation she had with her daughter about the belief that she was an unattractive girl who looked like a boy. This mom took the time to research and share other people that looked similar to her with her daughter and how beautiful they are inside and out. The fact that Pink took this opportunity to tell the world this story not only to make the world gush with admiration but also to make her daughter feel better. What a priceless moment.

18 Chrissy Teigen Raps A Bedtime Story To Little Luna

Via: Travel + Leisure

Every kid wants their parents to read them a bedtime story, and Chrissy Teigen took this a little too seriously, but her daughter loved every second of it.

According to Us Magazine, Teigen posted a video to Instagram of her rapping her daughter's favorite bedtime story, Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. The video shows us that someone can be a big celebrity but also kick back with their little ones on the couch when they want a story before bed. Teigen talks a lot about how much her little Luna loves bedtime stories, especially when her mom slings a rap of them to her.

17 Mariah Carey Has Always Been A Fan Of Showing Off


Celebrity parents have two lives; their on-stage and out-in-public life, and then their life with kids. Singer, Mariah Carey likes to combine both by bringing her kids on stage every chance she gets, according to Daily Mail. Last summer during a concert—just before belting out Always Be My Baby—her kids made an appearance on stage right next to her.

Her daughter got into the action, singing the well-known song with her mother while her twin brother hid behind the two throughout the song. Regardless, our hearts melt seeing the love Mariah has for her little ones. Bravo, Mimi!

16 Adele Lets Her Son Express Himself

MMG Wedding

Everybody lets their kids play dress up at least once in their lives, and who's to say what they can and cannot dress up as?

According to Bet, Adele allows her son to do pretty much whatever he wants, including dressing up as his favorite Frozen princess. The singer got a lot of hate for this, but she didn’t let this get to her. Angelo, her three-year-old, has a fantastic imagination and who are we to get in the way of that? The fact that Adele puts aside opinions of irrelevant people and continues to let her son enjoy his life the way he should makes our hearts swell at this mommy moment.

15 Angelina Jolie Adopts Many

Hollywood Life

There are not that many celebrity moms out there who are known for adopting more than one child, much less many children from other countries. This mom of 6 is well-known for visiting nations that don’t have as much money as the United States does.

She has told fans on many occasions that it takes everything she has not to adopt as many children as possible.

In 2001, she adopted her son Maddox from Cambodia. In 2003, she adopted another son, Pax, from Vietnam. Lastly, in 2005, she adopted her daughter Zahara from Ethiopia. Adoption is a something celebrities can do with more ease than the rest of us; not only does it give them a child but it helps a little life in need, according to CNN.

14 Kris Jenner Is One Heck Of A Momager


Some mothers can stop mothering their kids after a certain point in their lives, either because their children want some independence or they just physically can’t mother any longer. Kris Jenner is the complete opposite of that.

She has been managing each of her five daughters and one son since they began their careers, and this isn’t changing as long as her daughters will have her. According to Business Insider, managing six children without any help is a huge accomplishment, and Jenner does it all with a smile on her face. There are times where she drops the ball a little when she feels like it's too much, but given that the clients are her kids, we think she can get away with it.

13 Victoria Beckham Cries When Her Son Goes To College

Daily Mail

Children are born, and they are taken care of every single day until they go off to college or work as adults. Victoria Beckham became emotional saying goodbye to her son Brooklyn, who was leaving for college at the age of 18. People Magazine reported the model posted a photo recently on her Instagram page of herself sitting near her eldest son with tears welling up in her eyes.

It is one of the proudest—but also the most emotional—moments in a mother’s life. As a mom, we can only hope that one day our child(ren) will grow up and go off to college to further their education, but it doesn’t mean it won’t sting when they do.

12 Nikki Reed’s Month Of Silence

Daily Mail

Each parent has a certain way that they do things once they have children. Some keep people away for just a few hours to bond with their new baby. Others keep everybody away for an entire month! Nikki Reed and husband Ian Somerhalder took a month of silence after giving birth.

After the baby was born last year, the couple went on hiatus for a whole month to enjoy time with their newborn and bond they were all forming as a new family. They had no visitors or nannies and even turned off their phones, according to ABC News. They are determined to make amazing connections with their little one.

11 Lauren Conrad Sacrifices Her Locks


Motherhood can be hard; when babies are small, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of ourselves.

Some mothers only get a chance to shower once a week and eat a snack here and there each day, all because we are way too busy taking care of the kiddos. This is extra tough for mothers who have long, luscious locks. Lauren Conrad has always been known for her long blonde locks that are featured in all of her beauty and style books. But since having her son, she decided to chop those locks off. She wouldn’t be the first. Short hair is much easier to take care of as a busy mom, according to E! Online.

10 Serena Williams Shows Fans It’s Okay To Ask For Help!

People Magazine

New moms often need the support of other mommies to feel good about taking care of their little ones. For star tennis player Serena Williams, other moms are sometimes her lifeline. She often relies on other mothers to understand everything possible about her baby, according to People Magazine.

Sometimes she worries that her daughter isn’t meeting the milestones that she should; so, the other mothers are there for her to bounce questions and concerns off of to ease her mind.

She uses social media frequently for mommy help, and she is not ashamed of this. There are a lot of people out there who have been parents longer than she has, and they often have the best advice.

9 Alyssa Milano Stands Up For Nursing In Public

Via: Chatter Busy

Breastfeeding in public is a touchy subject for many moms. There are so many people out there who are disturbed by mothers pulling out their breasts to feed their hungry babies.

Actress Alyssa Milano takes to Instagram to share her views on this topic. First of all, Milano can’t even fathom that there are still people out there who object to public breastfeeding. She has two kids and couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to listen to her hungry children’s pleas for food just because someone is against publicly feeding them. Regardless of the hate out there, Milano did not hesitate to feed her kids when they were hungry—and in public, as reported by People Magazine.

8 Kim Kardashian Cheers North On While On The Runway


Some little ones are stuck at home while their celebrity parents are out doing things such as attending events, dinners, award shows, and business meetings. Kim Kardashian likes having her daughter with her at events such as the recent runway show that North herself strutted down. Kardashian sat on the sidelines and cheered her daughter on as she walked down the catwalk for the first time in her five years of life, as reported by W Magazine. Although there are times not to bring the little ones out of the house, it is essential to include them when possible, especially for someone who has such a hectic life as Kim K does.

7 Hilary Duff Poses With Son Pre-Baby On The Beach

People Magazine

Pregnant mothers usually like to spend free time at home on the sofa or resting in bed—aside from that crazy nesting period—but for Hillary Duff, it is important to spend that time with her son at the beach. Regardless of whether she is pregnant or not, the mom of soon-to-be-two makes it a point to spend time with her young son Luca, especially before the new baby arrives to shake things up. According to Daily Mail, Duff loves to show off her bump, which is something some celebrity mothers don’t like all that much. But for Duff, she is fond of her pregnant belly and wants to share it every chance she gets, even at the ocean with her son. Props for braving the heat while gestating!

6 Drew Barrymore And Olive On Instagram


Drew Barrymore is determined to make a good impression about work on her daughter. Being that she is an actress, there are times when she is traveling for days, weeks or months at a time. During the time she is away from her daughter, she circles the days on a calendar for her daughter to physically see when she leaves, for how long and when she will be back. According to her Instagram post, Barrymore believes it is essential for her daughter to understand that work isn’t a bad thing but a good thing, even though it makes her mommy absent sometimes. She instills in Olive that she loves her job and that when she is a big girl she will get a job she loves as well.

5 Kate Hudson Surprises Son With Favorite Band

People Magazine

Every mother out there wants the opportunity to give their children everything they have ever wished for. Kate Hudson tries to do this as well; she recently surprised her 13- and 5-year-old sons with tickets to have a meet-and-greet with Twenty One Pilots. She also posted a pic of them with the group as well as her youngest son’s father and girlfriend. Hudson revealed to ET that her boys were super excited, and she loves doing things like this that make their faces light up so much! Hudson also relayed that she loves her boys so much that she would love nothing more than to have a few more.

4 Jennifer Lopez Gets Some Twin Studio Love

Daily Mail

Every celebrity is a working mother, but not all of them take their kids to work with them. Although she is usually hard at work in the studio, singer Jennifer Lopez is sure to make time for her twins. Lopez recently posted a photo on Instagram of her getting smooches from her son and daughter with her recording headphones on. Kids are the center of our universe, and it takes a good mother to have the energy to work as hard as JLo does and still take care of her little ones. Quality time with the kids is the most important, and Lopez makes that known, according to ET.

3 Heidi Klum Instagrams From Bed With The Kiddos


Heidi Klum is most known for her time on the runway, but she also happens to be a mother of four. Many celebrity mothers use their Instagram platform to post images featuring brand deals or themselves all glammed up. There is only a handful out there who take the time to broadcast their children, especially in bed! As reported by Celebrity Baby Scoop, Klum posted a photo to Instagram last year of herself and four children under the covers, seemingly getting ready for bed. Bedtime is essential for mothers who work all day; it's time they need to bond with their kiddos.

2 Celebrity Playdates With MiMi And Bey


Celebrity kids have it the hardest when it comes to making friends because bullies often target the uber famous. Hello Magazine reveals that Mariah Carey and Beyoncé recently got their kids together for a much-needed play date. Their littles don’t get out of the house almost ever, and it is essential they are around other children their age to have fun, make friends and learn social skills. Not only does it bring the kids closer together but it gives the moms time to sit down and catch up as well! The two singers posted many photos of the playdate, and everyone looked like they were having a great time.

1 Giselle And Kids Support Dad

New York Post

There are moments in every mother's life when they need to console their children, whether it be because they got hurt, are feeling emotional or something sad has happened. According to USA Today, Gisele Bundchen had to comfort her kids after seeing their father lose the Super Bowl. She explained to her kids that Daddy wins almost all the time for the last five years and they need to let someone else win for once, as it's only fair. It’s essential to take time to explain concepts such as sharing to young kids, even if it’s when they are upset. Bundchen earned an A-plus for this moment with the kids!

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