20 Questions These Moms Wish They Asked Beforehand

There are no do-overs in motherhood; some may go on to have more babies, but each is different, and once a decision is made, there might be no going back. Many moms think regret is inevitable. No matter how much reading and investigating a mom does, she's still going to look back and find something she wished she had done differently. Other moms become disappointed that they trusted in a medical system that told them what was best for them and took away choices they found out about only in hindsight.

There's no arguing that many elements of modern medicine and science have improved the birth experience and have lowered the risk of birth defects, injury and mortality rates in infants. However, more and more moms are regretting not thinking to ask questions about all the procedures and interventions.

In some cases, moms are surprised to find out that the medical recommendations that were supposed to be the best for baby ended up causing serious and even irreparable harm. This regret can turn into heart-wrenching guilt as moms struggle to forgive themselves for not somehow knowing better—but we don't know what we don't know, after all. Here are 20 questions these moms regret not asking beforehand.

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20How Long Will I Be Sad?


Some moms just know they're going to be wonderful moms. They're excited and they've done their birth plans, and then they bring baby home and suddenly feel adrift.

Postpartum depression can develop quietly and more quickly than new moms realize, and assuming it won't happen to them can be a big

mistake, as per Jen Schwartz of Greatist.

She struggled for months to function full of guilt and shame, feeling that she couldn't reach out to talk about what was happening because it was her own personal failure—but PPD can strike any mom regardless of circumstance and is a mental health issue, not a sign of mom's failure.

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