20 Questionable Ways Parents Have Actually Dealt With Their Child's Teacher

There are some parents out there who believe once their kids leave their home for the day and go to school, they're in the best possible care of their teachers. The days of staying home with them or paying for a babysitter are long gone; an education is now their full-time responsibility. However, there are some parents who can't let go as easily. Instead of trusting the teachers and school their children are at, they're now more neurotic than ever.  If mom and dad aren't keeping their child (and their child's teacher) in line, how will their child reach success?

Well, unfortunately for many teachers in the education system, there are some parents who take their child's education and treatment to the extremes. In these cases, their child never seems to be at fault and the teachers are the problem. But for a teacher, there's not much they can do. Respect and the desire to educate the youth is their priority, so screaming at ungrateful parents will only do more harm than good.

Releasing some steam, these 20 teachers vented situations where their students' parents took their disapproval to the extreme. But be prepared: these outbursts are in no way how to treat an educator or their child.

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20 Not Fitting In

One of the most exciting parts of summer vacation, is later finding out which classroom you were going to be in and then calling your friends to see if they were in your class, too. If a student or parent didn't like what class they were in, it was their loss; there was nothing they could do about it. But for this teacher, their student's parent didn't take no for an answer.

Being in grade two, the student would wander into the kindergarten classroom every day... "Developmentally there was no reason he should still be in the kindergarten class, he just kept going there because he liked the toys better and when he was in there he would make fun of the younger students because he was older and smarter than the rest of them'" the teacher said. After telling this child's mom that he needed to transition better into grade two, "She thought we were doing this just because we didn't want her son to be happy at school."

To make matters worse, now that her son is correctly in grade two, his behavior has been discourteous, which only makes the mom think that the teachers are the cause of his behavior.

19 Not In The Job Description

There were a few times in elementary school where I forgot my lunch at home. I even did this in high school when I was running late that morning. However, my mother (being the angel she is) would always find time in her day to drop off my lunch for me. I (and many other students) knew that it was our responsibility to bring our own food — it wasn't up to the teacher. But for one teacher, it apparently was her problem... That is according to one parent.

"Had a parent forget to pack their kid a lunch, they called the school to tell me I needed to leave the class to go across the street and buy the kid Subway."

18 Gender Bending

Is it just me or am I the only one who thinks the parents are way more offended than most of the kids are? When it comes to playing 'dress up,' it's not like kids don't fully comprehend what's going on. They're having fun playing different roles.

There's nothing wrong with a little boy wearing a dress or a girl wearing a mustache until an adult tells them it's "wrong."

And for this teacher, something similar happened in her class, only her students weren't necessarily kids... "For silly fun at the end of the term, I showed an episode of Mr. Bean. He was washing his clothes and pulled a dress out accidentally and put it on. That is what they were mad at, that I was encouraging gender bending. They were seniors in High School..."

17 You Need A High School Degree

It's a very easy concept to grasp: an education is a privilege. In order to attend college, the college/university's board of acceptance needs proof that a student has graduated high school — which is a high school diploma. Some high school students are so ahead of the curve that they apply early, hoping for an early acceptance. And in this case, this student was accepted to his dream university early before graduating high school. However, he THOUGHT just because he was admitted early, there would be zero issues with graduating. Instead of finishing strong, he missed classes, and assignments.

After telling the student's parents that their son is close to failing senior year, his parents didn't seem bothered. After stating, "Your son is not going to college. He has to repeat at least 5 classes this year in order to get his diploma," the father replied, "No, he's fine, he is already accepted." Then, after being told his son would not get a diploma—which he needed to get into college—the dad [...] ran to the school board to have his senior year "waived."

They declined.

16 Closed Minded

Teachers will try a variety of different teaching methods if it means their students are learning efficiently and having fun doing it. I had one teacher play Mozart quietly in the background during tests, which was oddly calming. This is similar to what this teacher did, but the outcome was nothing like my experience. "I had a parent complain because I played a CD of classical Persian flute music one day in class. The class was World Languages and Cultures and I played a different CD from around the world every day as they came into class. They thought I should 'only teach American stuff.'"

15 No Trust

Parents should absolutely have trust and faith within the school (and its district) that their child is attending. I can sympathize with parents who have had their child's things taken in class or around school grounds.

But when a parent wants to know things that aren't their real concern — that's just out of bounds.

"I had a parent come in and ask me where our cleaners were from to decide whether or not she trusted that her daughter wouldn't get her stuff [taken] at school. I explained that we didn't use an agency, all the cleaners were employed directly by the school." After explaining an obvious answer, the parent clarified "No, where are they from." The teacher then did what any normal person would and dismissed her from her office.

14 There Are More Important Things To Worry About

"I used to teach phonics (basic reading skills) to kindergarten-aged kids. One parent came in after class, [upset], and demanded to know why I had taught the er/ir/ur diphthong before the oi/oy diphthong," a teacher said.

"He didn't want his kid to be able to read the word 'girl' before being able to read 'boy.'

Kept going on about how 'boy' was just more important and common, as a word, and teaching kids less frequent words before more frequent ones would slow down reading progress and was [substandard] pedagogically."

It's actually impressive that a parent was that worked up about something so small, and took the time to argue with the teacher about it.

13 Teachers Can't Control The Weather!

Teachers do their best to make sure students are having fun in the classroom. Having fun and enjoying what you're learning will help the information to stick with them throughout the school year and beyond. This is why field trips can be so important for students! A teacher can plan and organize a trip to the best of their ability, but they can't control outside sources like the weather!  "A parent at my sister's school complained because it rained on the school trip to the zoo," she said. "I wouldn't have given permission for my child to go on the trip if I had been properly informed it might rain."

12 Star Of The Show

I don't have children yet, but I can understand why parents want their kids to do so well and find extracurriculars that set their kids apart. But if they didn't earn their spot, grade, or membership — then they don't deserve it. Well, that is unless you're this student's parent. "One mother [said she would take her] daughter out of the school if this student were not given the starring role in the Christmas concert to sing 'O Holy Night.'"

The parent even admitted that her daughter wasn't "qualified for the part" but wanted her daughter to be a star...

11 Seat Mates

While most students disliked their teacher changing seats from time to time, I enjoyed it. It was a chance for change — a time to make new friends or even sit closer to a crush! But it's safe to say moving seats isn't everyone's favorite... "When I taught high school, I moved seating arrangements about once a semester. Keeps them on their toes, forces them to work with other students, and breaks up some of those talky groups we tend to get," they told Reddit. What was supposed to be a change for the better, ended up in an unpleasant phone call. "Every time it happened I got calls about 'How dare you move my baby! He wants to sit next to his friends!' Your child does more talking than work, he needs to be away from his friends."

10 It's Not The Sweater...

My mom used to tell me not to go to the nurse unless I absolutely needed to. Now that she was able to work again with all the kids out of the house, she didn't want to lose any work hours. But if I was getting sick at school, she would have been there quicker than ever. One teacher wrote, "I had a parent complain about unfairly sending her kid home after he was running a 101 fever and [getting sick] right in the middle of the cafeteria. She insisted that every witness (in the whole cafeteria) [...]was lying and insisted that the 101 'fever' was caused by her child wearing a sweater."

9 Priorities

When you're distracting other students from learning, a teacher has a right to take away from advantages during the school day; like recess. One man expressed the annoyance that is his fiancé's student and their parents — explaining that this kid played so much in class that they didn't deserve recess. "Now the parents got involved,[...] and started picking the kid up at lunch to make sure he gets play time." 

8 Out Of Bounds

I can't imagine parents getting upset at a teacher for making their kids read in class. Isn't that the whole point of an education? The "smarter" you become, the more you are able to learn and comprehend.

That's why grades are in place – we excel to the next grade when we're capable of doing so.

And with that comes more reading. That's just how it is. But for this teacher, making her students read more turned out to be a—*dare I say*—negative thing. "Parents once complained that I let my 7th grade, intermediate ESL students read a story that was a whole 22 pages long, with images for their book report. They had more than a month to read, it was an edited copy for their level."

7 Relax

I don't think the creators of Despicable Me knew how big Minions were going to become when they created them. The Minions themselves became more loved than the actual storyline (which is why they later got their own movies!). Knowing the world's love for Minions, this teacher incorporated them into her lesson. "My mom teaches elementary school and in an attempt to relate to children, she has the Minion theme going on in her room. It's a running joke that she is the queen and they are her Minions. She had a parent complain saying 'how dare' she call his child 'her Minion'" and that it was promoting some very dated beliefs... Well, that escalated quickly!

6 Husky Voice

When you're the parent of a pre-k or elementary aged child, I understand the need to protect them and be a little more vocal than they would in later years. But this mom seemed to miss that train of thinking. "A mother wanted her high school son switched to a different teacher. She claimed that her son [felt uneasy with] my 'loud, husky voice' and that's why he wasn't able to pay attention while we read literature passages."

5 Make Up Your Mind

"One day a kid came to me and said she wasn't feeling well. I told her to put her head down and if she still didn't feel well, come back to me and I'll take you to the nurse," one teacher wrote on Reddit. After resting her head, the little girl didn't complain for the duration of the school day. But the following day,

"the nurse called me and said the little girl's mother complained that I didn't send her daughter to the nurse."

So when the same girl complained of feeling ill the following day, she sent her to the nurse. "She had a fever and the nurse called the mother to tell her that her daughter would not be able to go on the field trip. The mother then complained I overreacted and should not have sent her to the nurse. I don't think the mother wanted to leave work to pick up her kid."

4 Boundaries

It can be tough for any daycare or kindergarten teacher when a child isn't potty-trained. They will do everything they can to assure the child goes to the restroom properly, but sometimes they're unsure if they even need to go or not. That's what happened with this boy, who was nervous to go to the bathroom alone. "My mom was a kindergarten teacher, and she had one student who didn't feel comfortable using the bathroom. When his father contacted my mom he asked "for help".

Plus, this father should be aware of how incredibly crucial it is for this boy to learn how to go to the bathroom alone...

3 New Year, New Seat

New school years are both exciting and stressful for teachers. It's a new year full of promise — new students and new minds! Then again... it's not always the students who have the issues; it's typically the parents.

After inviting a new girl to her class, the teacher began her lesson when there was a knock at the door. "I go to answer and it's the new girl's mom. She is [not happy]. 'Why is my daughter in the back of the room?' I tried to use my professional voice and explain that this was not her permanent seat, that seating is based on the needs of the students, and that I do regularly change seating. She didn't want to hear any of it, just wanted me to move her to the front and promise that's her permanent spot (which I refuse to do because I really do look at student needs)."

The new student's mom left but explained her grievances at the front office. 

2 Life Isn't Fair

Why is it that so many parents feel their child is better than others? Or that their child isn't being treated differently than others? "I witnessed a parent complaining at the end of a primary school concert that it 'wasn't fair' that their child had no discernible musical talent, and that the school should stop giving instrument lessons to the kids who were keen or talented. I've never seen the music teacher genuinely speechless for so long."

1 Lice

Lice are bound to happen to many students when there's an outbreak. It's one of those things that spreads quickly. So who's fault is it when it happens? No ones! It can be tough to pinpoint where it all started; all professionals can do is treat the lice and send a letter home. But that style of treatment didn't sit well with one parent. "Apparently it was all my fault that her child got 'infected.' This same parent complained to me that I was calling her child by a shortened version of her name (that the child asked me to use) instead of her full name."

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