20 Pics That Make Everyone Forget Ashton Is A Dad (And One That Reminds Us)

Ashton Kutcher is pretty well known from his breakout role as Michael Kelso in That 70s Show. He then went on to marry his That 70s Show co-star, Mila Kunis, and become a dedicated husband and father in real life.

He took on roles in films such as Dude, Where's My Car? Then moved on to roles in romantic comedies, and we laughed at his pranks on Punk'd.

What most people don't know is that the Iowa native had a tense childhood, stemming from his twin brother Michael having cerebral palsy. He also got into his fair share of trouble in high school, even losing scholarships because of some of his past actions.

That didn't stop Kutcher from dreaming of a better life. He enrolled in the University of Iowa to major in biochemical engineering. He also worked at General Mills (yes, the cereal company). Eventually, a modeling scout discovered him and encouraged him to try the profession. This led to his eventual acting career.

Ashton Kutcher used his intelligence to become a venture capitalist that uses his influence to do good. Of course, he is now a devoted husband and father. It's just that some of his old pictures make us forget this sometimes. Thankfully, the internet has some reminders of his past.

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21 The "Hello There"

Via Marca

Most of us take several hundred selfies in order to get a picture such as this one. This moment also shows us that Ashton Kutcher actually was an experienced model.

The way his hair is styled and the t-shirt he's wearing leads us to infer that this picture was taken in the late 2000s or even early 2010s. You know, when we still weren't sure if Kutcher had grown up yet, but we saw him try.

Why does this picture make us forget Kutcher is a dad? Notice the lack of under eye circles and relatively unblemished skin. Or the makeup department for this photoshoot was that good.

20 Exhibit B

Yet another picture from a purer time, this is one of the many pictures on search results when you decide to google Ashton Kutcher. There's always someone out there trying to mimic this pose on Social Apps.

This picture may even remind some of us of skillfully taken mall photo shoots that would've ruled our social media if such things existed back then. Not that parents can't take awesome glamour shots such as this.

19 The Hipster Phase

Via Jetss

Hipsters have truly reigned the 2010s and their influence has spread to celebrities far and wide. This picture shows a fun mix of several styles.

Though some parents are known to wear whatever they can after nights of no sleep and stacks of laundry, this is different. First off, it makes us forget that Ashton Kutcher is a dad because he's not like the rest of us.

The majority of parents can't just grab whatever is in their closet (or whatever a designer sent over to be used for a public outing) and look this put together despite not trying.

18 This Here Magazine Spread

Perhaps one of the reasons why we forget Ashton Kutcher is a dad is that statistics show that most fathers are portrayed as silly.

We might look at a picture like this and our brain is wired to think the guy in the photo couldn't possibly be a father. On the flip side, he has actually made some very smart choices ever since he became an A-list celebrity.

It's not our fault that professional, well-lit photographs cause our brains to forget the guy in them now has children. 

17 These Crinkly Eyes

Via Elle

"Who, me? I'm just a regular guy." Leave it to black and white contrast photography to make moms everywhere swoon, or for dads to get annoyed at the ease at which Ashton Kutcher can look effortlessly cool.

Most men who use a plaid shirt in public are often criticized because they're one the millions wearing this casual look out in public. But most men aren't Ashton Kutcher. Sadly, Hollywood's beauty standards also give us unrealistic expectations of what men should look like.

Thankfully, Ashton Kutcher looks average enough in this picture. He just doesn't look like what we think of as the average dad.

16 The "Chill" Ashton Kutcher

Via Livedoor

Ashton Kutcher made quite the fashion statement with this striped t-shirt and green bomber jacket on the set of Spread. In the film, Kutcher plays a guy who has women support him financially while participating in other activities.

The film mostly shows Kutcher looking totally chilled out while ignoring the consequences of his actions until the end when he's shown working at a real job.

Most dads are rational and generally don't think very much about fashion. So, in other words, they're nothing like Ashton in this movie.

15 This Rio De Janeiro Photo Shoot

Via Popopics

Here is a photo of Ashton Kutcher during the peak of his "long hair, don't care" days. With this well-styled outfit and Rio de Janeiro as a backdrop, we can totally forget that he's a dad.

We can't expect dads to have outfits that are well-coordinated, hair that blows in the wind, and that they explore the world while soaking culture.

This picture serves as a premonition of future IG influencers. The yellow lighting reminds us more of filters and carefree days. Never mind that the wind probably resulted in sandy hair and that it was probably hard to keep those shoes spotless.

14 Red-Nosed Ashton Kutcher

This red nose is so adorable, we might simply fawn over this picture of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Still, the red nose in question is actually significant.

Red Nose Day is a charity event from the United Kingdom that eventually arrived at the US. This fairly new day was founded in 1988 and has raised money for various projects all over the world. Most of these focus on ending child poverty in some way.

It definitely sounds dad-like until we forget that we only expect children to wear red noses. Still, it's nice to see that people of all ages enjoy looking adorable for charity.

13 Rio De Janeiro, Round II

Via Pinterest

Most pictures look a lot better in black and white, even for celebrities. Suddenly it doesn't matter whether or not the plaid shirt matches the striped hat.

But what makes this picture allow us to forget that Ashton Kutcher is a dad? Apart from the epic scenery and glam shot, it's the look of relaxation on Kutcher's face.

This isn't to say that he doesn't have his share of problems, it just means he probably solves them differently. That just means he has a bit more time to relax on the beach than the average dad. We're beyond jealous.

12 A Throwback From That 70s Show

Via Reddit

With these fresh faces, it's hard to imagine Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis as mature, well-adjusted parents. But let's focus on Ashton Kutcher for a second.

He played the lovable, Michael Kelso. Though Kelso seemed kind, he used his brawn more than his brain and wasn't exactly the best boyfriend to Jackie.

Seeing this picture reminds us that Kutcher was once well-known for playing an unmotivated guy.

Some of us may look at this picture and think about how fast time has passed. You know, because a lot of us weren't parents back then.

11 The Days Of Trucker Hats Galore

Via Yahoo!

The 2000s were a time when many now-parents of a past generation made fashion choices we wish we could take back. To top it off, it was a time when social media was up-and-coming. This means there was plenty of documentation about the fashion mistakes of yore.

Like many of us, Ashton Kutcher probably looks at reminders of his days as a king of trucker hats with ironic phrases. Sure, Kutcher was a teenage millionaire, so at least the phrase in question totally applied to him. We're just wondering if his kids will ever dig this up and ask questions.

10 The Shocked Cat

Most men, don't have too many reasons to wear a tux and bow-tie. Sure, there are weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions, and even prom.

But when you're an A-list celebrity, you might occasionally have to wear a tux and have a cat on your shoulder so that you can do a photo shoot for a fashion magazine.

Thankfully, Ashton Kutcher was a good sport about this and seemed to be having a good time despite the cat's mood.

Most dads tend to keep their tuxes away from any animals.

9 The Ranch

Via TV Guide

Ashton Kutcher stars on the Netflix series The Ranch. In a way it allows us to see a sort of parallel universe in which he isn't a father yet.

The show depicts a guy who left his small town and had a so-so career as a football player. He deals with things that are far more mundane than what (we imagine) the real Ashton Kutcher deals with on a daily basis.

Of course, Kutcher's character Colt does end up getting married and growing up a bit. Still, nothing makes us forget Kutcher is a dad faster than a small-town guy looking for redemption.

8 A Relic From Dude, Where's My Car?

Teens in the early 2000s probably used the phrase, "Dude, where's my car?" whenever they forgot where they (or their parents) parked.

This film wasn't well-received by critics, but fans of Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott were totally there for this. The basis of the film was a very fun night out that resulted in the two main characters forgetting where they parked their car.

It's a bit hard to imagine that a guy who starred in films such as this become a responsible venture capitalist while still having time to be a celebrity.

It just goes to show we can all do it if we want.

7 Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs

Via Movpins

We now know that Steve Jobs didn't have the best relationship with his daughter Lisa Brennan. Plus, Ashton Kutcher wanted to prepare for the role of Steve Jobs as best as he could. His efforts to prepare for the role posed quite the set of challenges.

Steve Jobs eventually improved his relationship with Lisa. Still, we associate Steve Jobs with cool technology, overpriced phones, and those colorful computers from the late 90s and early 2000s. We don't think of him as a cuddly father figure that does what he can to make his family laugh.

Plus, building stuff requires a quiet place. A very quiet place.

6 A Promo Shot From That 70s Show

Via Pinterest

Like every TV show, That 70s Show asked its stars to participate in promotional photo shoots. This was during a time when such photographs appeared on magazines and rarely appeared online because digital cameras weren't a thing.

This picture shows us a fresh-faced Ashton Kutcher. The vintage look suits the decade the show is set in. There was a probably a time when people doubted whether or not Kutcher would eventually become a star. Some nay-sayers probably expected him to be like the character he portrayed on the TV show that introduced him to the world. He proved them all wrong.

5 This Pre-Gym Picture

Via Pinterest

Pre-gym pictures such as this used to be a luxury for the few. Not everyone looks like this whenever they take a picture that allows them to brag about their exercise habits. Still, we're now inundated with pictures of men and women who want to wow us.

The thing is, not all parents can do this.

For one, they may switch their gym memberships for exercise balls and YouTube tutorials for the 10-minute-workout. Even those who have time to hit the gym may take a selfie only to realize their gym shirt has some of this morning's breakfast on it. Those are just some reasons non-celebrity dads don't post such pictures.

4 Lobbyist Ashton Kutcher

Via Pinterest

In this picture, Ashton Kutcher was actually lobbying Congress on behalf of Digital Defenders of Children. Some news outlets reported that he was near tears when speaking to members of Congress.

Why does this picture make us forget he's a dad? Because we're wondering how exactly he can run his businesses, star in films and TV, keep up with his kids and look like he had a solid night's sleep.

Even with the best of help, it still looks like Ashton Kutcher works on far more projects than we give him credit for.

3 During The Punk'd Era


Some dads are known to prank their kids, and they expect their kids to be careful when pranking each other. Of course, if your dad is Ashton Kutcher, you may be in for a surprise about his pranks.

The pranks on Punk'd were so epic, Dave Chappelle even wrote a poem in which he referred to the actor as "the public image [ruiner]." Plus, this was a time when Ashton Kutcher wore trucker hats galore.

Some of the people who were pranked got very emotional on camera because they really did believe something bad was happening. Of course, Ashton Kutcher got the last laugh.

2 Astronaut Ashton Kutcher

Via India IGN

Actors wear all kinds of costumes for a living, and thankfully the profession doesn't really care if you're a dad or not. Most adults have to work in jobs that expect a certain mode of dress. It's often uncomfortable, basic, and arbitrary.

This means we adults forget that some professions are a bit more fun and allow for more playful attire. That, or it allows for assistants to help actors get into or out of certain things they have to wear. Lucky for Ashton Kutcher, that's his job.

The rest of us just have to use Halloween as an excuse to dress up like this.

1 It Goes Without Saying...

Via YouTube

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are famous for keeping their children out of the public eye. Clearly, the paparazzi are always ready to take a picture of their family whenever they can.

We respect their will to keep their children's lives private. But we're also glad there's a record of Ashton Kutcher just being a regular dad and taking part in normal activities.

It makes the rest of us feel good to know that there's something we can have in common with people we see on film and TV. Also, the family looks adorable and the kids look like they're wondering where they are.

That's a familiar scenario.

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