20 Pics Of Kids Who Clearly Refused To Eat With A Fork

There is nothing that tests moms more than when kids, no matter what age, refuse to eat with either a fork or a spoon. It's the moment that no mom ever looks forward to, but also knows is inevitable at least a couple dozen times.

To go through all the effort of making a nice meal and getting the utensils out... only to end up with a huge mess is one of the biggest lessons on patience that parents have to learn. It's hard not to have a mommy meltdown when it happens and yet, most of us just take a deep breath while our eyes bulge out of their sockets and proceed to clean up the mess, inch by inch.

It's not just babies who make a huge mess and refuse to follow our rules. Older kids frequently do it too, whether for fun or out of ease. In either case, it's enough to make us want to confiscate their entire plate and tell them to make their own food. That all remains in our imaginations of course, especially since we know that trying that tactic will backfire in our faces anyways.

Here are a couple of pictures of kids who refused to eat with a fork to either remind you of the horror, make you feel better about your own mess-maker or scare you off from ever having kids.

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20 A 'True Blood' Revival

Via: Kitchen Corners

Every mom going through this list will cringe. Berries are the absolute worse. They’re arguably worse than cake or chocolate because of how much it stains. At least this baby boy is wearing a bib and bonus points especially go to the mom who opted for a fully waterproof one with sleeves. Those cute little newborn cloth bibs are cute and all but they simply are no match for a baby learning to eat.

It’s not just the baby’s face either but his tray to that is sure to stay that color for at least the next couple of washes.

19 The #1 Kid-Preferred Way To Eat

Via: lvillasenor13 Instagram

I swear, no kid likes to eat properly. No matter how much you tell them to sit still, quit playing footsie with the sister, face the table, use forks… they just don’t do it. Meal after meal it’s the same shenanigans and for some reason, restaurants bring out the worst behaviors in them as well. Perhaps it’s the lack of running space or just being in a new environment, but it’s clear that the kid in this picture has a major case of the “fork? What’s a fork?

His fork is clearly right there but he’s having way too much fun rebelling.

18 An Insta-Dad Making It Work

Via: Daily Mail

In a Daily Mail article entitled "Rise of Insta-Dads", dad Simon Hooper (@father_of_daughters if you want to check out more pics of kid-approved messes for yourself) was featured with this picture at the forefront. He also confided to the news mag that his family "made me who I am today and I owe them everything".

Awhh, think Justin Bieber will make as great of a dad if he stays long enough with Hailey Baldwin to have kids?

In a book that he recently published called "Forever Outnumbered", the father of four wrote that he has learned the hard way that "babies are escapologists in training and seemingly have vertebrae made from jelly."

Sounds about right; babies and kids, in general, are also renown for refusing to use forks or spoons.

17 But They Don't All Make A Mess

Via: glpage91 Instagram

Who needs a fork when you can just stick your whole face into your bowl?

This little boy's mom aptly captioned the picture she posted on her Instagram: "Eating lunch. 🍝 #whoneedsafork"

Someone also fittingly commented: "Forks are overrated."

Indeed they are, especially since it truly is easier to just stick your face in the bowl in most cases, even as adults. It's one of those scenarios where mom might wonder if she should even intervene. On the one hand, he should be using his fork, but on the other, at least he’s occupied for a couple of minutes longer.

16 A Questionable One

Via: christy_heilman_fire_and_grace Instagram

Apparently, eating with something other than a fork or spoon is a common habit among kids. Here's a picture of another little boy, this time eating his spaghetti with tongs. This one isn't as bad as some of the other pics out there (in another you can actually see a little boy eating with pliers) but it stills goes to show how difficult kids can be.

All things considered, it looks like kind of an ingenious way to get him to practice his fine motor skills.

This mom was fully on board with the change in routine too, captioning the picture: "Spaghetti. It's what's for dinner. #tongs #whoneedsafork #spaghetti #bestwaytoeatpasta"

15 Just Don't Look Down

Via: thoroughlymodernbaby

Put all the garbage bags down that you want, there is no escaping the downright awful phase of a baby learning to eat. As hard as they may try to shove a fistful of food into their mouths, all the food still somehow ends up on the floor and even more mysteriously, in their diaper hours later after one diaper change has been done already.

It’s clear that this tot didn’t even bother with a fork or spoon, undoubtedly preferring to throw it somewhere on the floor along with the rest of his meal.

Coincidentally, this picture was also posted on another article about BLW, this time on Thoroughly Modern Baby. Most notably, the author, Louise, emphasized: “I’ve mentioned a couple of times how messy BLW is and it really is messy, food gets everywhere but I’m sure it took me less time to wipe down Skye, the table, the splash-mat on the floor and (sometimes) the walls than spend hours cooking, pureeing and freezing batches of food.”

14 The Dreaded Spaghetti

Via:The Dore Family Blog

It’s a little hard to tell amidst all the sauce, there this baby boy had actually been enjoying some pasta. At that age, no utensil is fun and it’s clear that even if he may have been offered one, he opted for his trusted two accessories instead: his hands.

As awful as feeding spaghetti is to a baby, there is something much more horrifying about this picture. For some crazy reason, the parents thought it would be a good idea to keep his white shirt on. That thing is as good as garbage now as the hours spent trying to remove the stains simply wouldn’t be worth it.

13 It's That Pink Feeling

Via: Telegraf

The parents of this, we’re going to venture to guess, little girl (based on the bib and not the icing) would have certainly had lots of fun with her. Even if she would have been offered a fork, she would have undeniably refused. Just look at all the fun she had making a total mess out of her cake!

Cake smashes are called that for a reason, but there still comes a point when the baby actually needs to for real try a piece of the cake at which utensils can come in handy. Once you unleash the cake smashing beast, it’s a little hard to reign it back in.

12 Forks Just Slow Eating Down

Via: leesadickey1 Instagram

"This is how Aria eats the last few bites of "puhgetti" off of her plate. #whoneedsafork #biggirlproblems 😂😋🍝," captioned this little girl's mom when posting the picture online.

But it’s certainly not a #biggirlproblem at all. Even as adults, we can all agree that sometimes, it’s much easier to just lick the plate or slurp up the rest of the contents. We would totally do it in private, so why not in public too? Luckily, kids aren’t held to the same social decorum rules as we are and they can get away with pretty much anything – sort of.

11 A Silver Lining

Via: angiemgonz Instagram

Sometimes, it’s much easier to just pick up your cake with your hands and dive face first into it in an effort to enjoying the entire goodness. That’s exactly what this kid did and luckily, his mom had a sense of humor about it, captioning the pic: “At least he feeds himself #thirdchildproblems #whoneedsafork #cake.”

Yes, at least he feeds himself. But that just makes us wonder about the kind of messes she may have had to deal with when he was still learning to eat as a baby. Something tells us it wasn’t as happy-go-lucky as this cute picture.

10 Going To Extremes

Via: angiemedina Instagram

Other times, it’s way easier to just stand up on your chair and let yourself come to the food instead of the other way around. Okay, so I’m cheating a little bit here; this kid is clearly holding a spoon instead of a fork but the thought remains the same: kids constantly refuse to eat with their designated utensils!

Parenting is a real struggle when it comes to mealtime. It’s kind of hard to tell but the dad does actually appear to be peeved by the kid’s initiatives. It’s all in good fun though since the mom captioned the picture:

"Haha!! This baby dove face first into a piece of birthday cake! 🎂🎉💙 Love him so much! #mypook #cutebabyalert #cakecakecakecakecake #whoneedsafork #LMAO #sosilly #lovehim #twoyearsold #happybirthday"

9 A BLW Success Story?

Via: mumfidential.com

Step 1: stare in horror and wonder how has your life ended up here. Step 2: curl up in a corner and cry.

Just kidding. We all know it’s more like the following scenario.

Step 1: stare in horror and then take it one step at a time. First wipe her face, followed by her hands in an effort to contain the mess – as if that’s at all possible.

The funniest part about this picture is that it was actually featured in an article on Mumfidential entitled: “Why Baby-Led Weaning Worked For Me”. I’m actually tempted to agree with the statement made by this baby's mommy: “It’s harder work at the beginning but easier in the long-term” but not everyone will see it that way given that immense mess to deal with multiple times per day.

8 An Exception To The Rest

Via: reallookautism Youtube

This picture of James is a bit of an exception to the rest of the kids and babies on this list. Unlike the others, he would refuse to eat with a fork but for an entirely different reason. In a YouTube video, his mom explained that as he has autism, he falls back on using his hands instead of his fork at dinnertime.

To encourage him to use his fork, she placed velcro cut-outs on a paper to indicate his allowed iPad screen time. Each time that he uses his hands to eat, she would take off one velcro square. The leftover squares would indicate how much time he could spend on the iPad afterward.

"It used to be that when James was eating a bowl of pasta, he, if there were 20 bites, he would put his hands in the bowl twenty times. I noticed since he started doing this that his awareness of what he's doing seems to be much more heightened," said his mom.

7 A Battle She Couldn't Win

Via: YouTube

This little girl was so tired after refusing to use her fork and seeing her parents’ exasperated faces that she actually started falling asleep mid-putting a handful of spaghetti into her mouth. The video of her eating pasta is actually the cutest thing ever as towards the middle of it, her eyelids start to get heavier and heavier as if she is being hypnotized into dreamland.

Babies and toddlers falling asleep while eating are some of the funniest videos out there and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint. As much as she tried to keep eating, she just couldn’t fight off her impending slumber.

6 Any Mom Will Know What This Is

Via: Toki Creations

Looking at this pic, any mom knows right away what this little girl is eating. Her trouble-making face says it all, but the chocolate marks are a huge giveaway as well. The dreaded Nutella. Up there with peanut butter and jam, Nutella is one of those hard-to-avoid pantry staples that kids learn all too quick to use to their full advantage.

Just to give you an idea, I have pretty much given up trying to feed my daughter a real breakfast. Just kidding, I do still try, but she still resorts to her favorites. Surely, it’s a phase that will end one day? Ha!

5 A Twonager -- Enough Said

Via: jenn_navarro82 Instagram

Speaking of giving into your kid eating messy foods, here’s another one. Even worse is that it clearly happened at a restaurant and gasp, she wasn’t even wearing a bib or at the very least, any sort of napkin. Who are we kidding, she probably refused any attempt to stuff napkins at the front of her super cute outfit.

Still, though, these are some of the bravest parents ever, especially since she is clearly eating chocolate while wearing a super cute and incredibly clean white sweater underneath her pink vest.

Her mom captioned the pic: "And the birthday weekend continued at #snooze as she stuffed her face with the most delish french toast ever. #boulder #frenchtoast #alessandra #2ndbirthday #twonager #whoneedsafork"

4 Much Better In A Pic

Via: lala_the_diver Instagram

Permit me to cheat again because this little girl is just too cute. Although she isn’t holding a fork, she is holding a spoon and yet, she is still eating with her right hand. Hilarious and yet cute all at the same time. After all, it’s easier to find situations like this one cute in pictures instead of having to be the parents who had to deal with the mess. This mom also used the hashtag #whoneedsafork when posting the pic, along with the caption: “Girl can eat”.

She certainly can, especially if she did end up finishing her whole plate!

3 Crying Internally

Via: Pinterest

When you have kids, it’s kind of hard to avoid going out to a restaurant at least a couple of times a year (hopefully more if you’re lucky). One major thing that new parents don’t do enough of when their kids are still newborns is actually going out with them. While they can still get away with having the baby sleep in the car seat, anything pretty much goes.

But it’s when they reach this kid’s age that all hell breaks loose. While any eagle-eyed mommy might be keen to point out that this little boy is using his fork… let’s get real here, there’s no way he made that mess with just his fork. That left hand is a very clearly responsible for the cringey mess.

2 More Than Meets The Eye

Via: thearnolds Wordpress

Are you crying at this picture? I am. Look at the yellow spoon in the left-handed corner. Just look at it. And then look back at the very messy little boy. Although it looks like chocolate, it’s actually beans. The mess aside, let’s all sympathize with the parents who would have had to deal with the smelly diaper and possibly even some toots along the way!

Although they don’t really post pics of him anymore, this adorable snap is courtesy of The Arnolds who can be found on Wordpress. With this picture, they had fittingly written: “George is loving bananas, beans and berries these days — this kid can’t get enough!

1 Flipping It Is Easier Than A Fork Or Spoon

Via: Daily Feed

Forks and spoons are overrated. Who needs one of those pesky tools when you can just use the number one accessory that you have: your tongue. Clearly, this tot mastered the use of his tongue early one, preferring to ditch his utensils in favor of the one utensil that can do a better job (although arguably, a silicone spatula would have done an even better job).

Still, as moms, we can all relate to the struggle conveyed in this seemingly innocent picture. The mom who would have taken this picture would certainly have lots of fun getting all the contents of the bowl out of the little boy’s hair.

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