20 Pics Of Kids Who Clearly Outsmarted Their Parents' Rules

To be a parent or to be a friend? Nah, this is not a modern version of Hamlet - this is simply a real dilemma which tickles the nerves of many parents and families. Finding a balance between rules and fun is hard, but psychologists say that it’s more important to be a good parent, not a friend. Kids need consistency and limits to understand the world.

Yet, rebellion is the sweetest part of growing up, which, to a certain degree, is healthy and normal. So, who has the sanity - and energy - to control the situation at home? Who’s the boss? Kids or parents?

Aren’t kids too clever to be controlled? Curiosity, innocence, and energy are mixed into one and create the magic that is known as childhood. As a matter of fact, researchers, teachers, and parents agree that today’s kids are smarter than we were at their age. It’s interesting that technology, this double-edged sword, has played a significant role in people's development.

So, let’s have a look at 20 hilarious pictures of kids who outsmarted their parents’ rules. No Instagram filters are needed to prove that our little geniuses will conquer the world. Parents of the world, unite! We stand together.

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20 Sleepy Houdini

Bedtime should be sweet. However, bedtime stories, songs, and cuddly toys are just things with which society has used to trick couples into having kids. Reality differs and many moms and dads suffer nightmares daily: there are cries, screams, scared parents, and babies throwing pacifiers. As we know, kids need to follow a routine because even when tired, our bundles of love simply want to play and be around us.

As we can see, this sleepy Houdini tried to outsmart her parents, but got too tired and fell asleep on her crib. So, what’s the difference between cats and kids exactly?

19 Beat The System

All kids are evil geniuses. In fact, many parents and teachers agree that today’s kids are smarter than we were at their age. Perhaps technology and social media have helped kids develop new motor and learning skills people lacked decades ago. And as we can see from the picture above, some are even cheekier than their parents.

So, when food is not allowed in the living room and tablets are not allowed in the kitchen, what can a kid do? They can simply beat the system, get what they want, and leave their parents speechless! Just look again at this cute little rebel.

18 Break Free

The Internet is full of safety tips and advice. As a matter of fact, many companies compete with each other to offer the best (and the most expensive, of course) crib rails and bumpers. However, do we actually need them for toddlers and older kids? As the picture above shows us, when a little soul wants to escape, just let her loose, because nothing can stop her.

On the other hand, the technique this smarty-pants is using can make many rock climbers, athletes, and action stars jealous. It’s not a secret that young bones and joints are more flexible.

17 You Can Do It

Kids are smart, flexible, and tough. Still, they need a bit of help from their siblings to break their parents’ rules. This picture can melt your heart: the older brother passes a chair to the little one, so he can climb up and escape from their everyday imprisonment device: the crib. How inconsiderate to put a baby to sleep when there’s so much mess yet to be created!

A helping hand and encouraging words, the two little guys are so close to freedom. And there we go: some more ideas for another season of Prison Break. Yet, their parents should agree that this is brotherly love.

16 Real Princess

Kids are lovely, positive, and social creatures. They do and say things which are free of old prejudices and social masks. If you want honest advice, just ask a toddler, but hey, don’t be upset or angry when you hear the truth. It’s funny when my baby daughter touches the occasional spot on my face, which I thought I had covered with powder, and which my hubby says (or lies) it doesn’t exist.

As we can see from the picture above, even a real prince can’t stop a little princess do what she pleases. Popcorn? Prince Harry? Well, it’s okay, nobody is watching!

15 It Wasn’t Me

Drawing is a wonderful activity that fosters one’s imagination, creativity, and motor skills. At least, this is what experts say. When it comes to drawing and kids, things can get dangerous. In fact, it is a messy activity, which often takes place on walls, chairs, and pets.

Sometimes even siblings can be inspiring. These brothers found their true muse and painted their own faces in a way that many expressionists would be jealous of. Finding your kid covered in paint might not be a pleasant surprise but for sure, pictures like this one capture lots of colorful emotions and fond memories.

14 Don’t Jump On The Couch

Trampolines cannot compare to couches. Personally, I still love my parents’ old sofa. Well, I’ve heard the phrase "Don’t jump on the couch" a million times, but can words stop a child? So what can a kid do before his or her parents buy a new couch? Destroy the old one, of course, but in an innocent and sweet way.

So, when a kid’s been told not to jump on the couch, they can simply take the couch apart. How simple is that? As we can see from the picture above, this interior decision adds more sleeping spaces and creates a unique style.

13 Tooth Fairy

Come on, let’s admit it: we all love chocolate. A hot cup of chocolate milk on a cold day, bonbons, and chocolate syrup after school and home-baked cakes shared with friends and family - life is sweet. Yummy or not, however, eating only chocolate is not the healthiest option, especially for little kids.

Of course, sweets are not poisonous, but too much sugar should be avoided. In case parents can’t stop their little ones and trick them with carrots or celery, what can they do? As we can see from the picture above, just surrender and enjoy the sweet moments with their loved ones.

12 Ghosts Do Not Exist

The world around us is magical: Santa, fairies, vampires, and ghosts. So much to imagine and explore! However, sometimes stuff like school and chores stop kids from playing all day.

Still, this doesn’t affect our little ones and their sense of humor. As we can see from the picture above, it’s not only parents who become victims of the ‘masterplan’ created by babies and kids across the globe. Let’s face it, math is not among the most loved subjects at school. So, what can one do? Simply show they’re really clever regardless of their math skills. Ghosts do not exist!

11 Shall We Call The Police?

Just like in a zoo, all parents need colorful cages for their little creatures. Oops, not cages – baby playpens. Joking aside, safety is one of the main things parents must provide. It’s not surprising that baby gates are quite popular items. But are they effective? We’ve all seen pictures of toddlers crawling under safety gates, climbing over playpens, or lifting whole baby fences? But why apply force when brain power is more powerful? In the end, the brain is the most important muscle to exercise.

Just look at this genius and these little hands. No doubt today’s kids are smarter.

10 Hungry or Tired?

A nice meal is a treat for the soul. Nutrients and vitamins are vital for our development. However, eating just before bedtime is not recommended. As a matter of fact, experts say that one must have their last meal at least two or three hours before they go to sleep.

On top of that, many parents encourage their kids to eat meals at the table with the whole family instead of eating in bed. However, children can easily outsmart their parents’ rules. As we can see from the cute picture above, this kid realized that eating in bed is possible… but pretty tiring.

9 Yoga In Bed

Parenthood comes with lots of sleepless nights, people say. While it’s true that parents need to get used to the new member of the family and establish a routine, healthy and happy children need and are able to sleep well. It’s just a matter of time and consistency. Still, babies are born rebels and even kids who sleep in their own beds manage to do it their way. Just look at this sleeping cutie!

When it comes to weird sleeping positions, I love seeing my daughter’s bottom sticking out while her little snoring mouth is pushed against the net of her cot.

8 Spiderman Is Hungry

If someone tells you superheroes don’t exist, do not trust them. Why? It’s not hard to believe that Spiderman is real: it’s like all kids have been bitten by a spider and now are expert climbers. Especially if they want to reach snacks they weren’t supposed to have before lunch.

Just look at this incredible and funny picture again. It’s not only that this kid outsmarted his parents but he did it in an elegant and professional manner. If it wasn’t for this picture, who would believe that a young child could climb on the slippery surface of a fridge?

7 Kids Vs. Parents

Fridges are not only climbing frames but great note boards. Funny drawings, magnets from around the world, and shopping lists: fridges are a maze of colors and memories. And "friendly" advice, of course. As we can see from the photo above, this kid tried to outsmart her parents.

Although it’s kids who often set the rules, parents are the ones who provide and pay for them, which is the way that helps them regain power. As their answer goes, "We took $3 from your piggy bank. This cereal is now yours to control." Maybe this kid will learn that sharing is caring.

6 Something Fishy

Kids are sweet and funny. The same goes for parents. In fact, parents can be funny, mean, and dumb at the same time. So parents of the world, unite: we will not let the little geniuses conquer our sanity. We have teachers on our side!

So, when a kid is asked to bring a fish to school and he takes the instructions too literally, what can his parents do? Let him take a dead fish to school, of course. This picture is hilarious: all the other kids playing with their pet fish while this boy is staring at his plate. We smell something fishy, literally.

5 Welcome To America

Taking things literally is quite normal for kids. In fact, developmental psychologist Jean Piaget claimed that abstract thinking could be formed only in older kids between 11 and 16. So don’t be surprised if your kid doesn’t get your jokes all the time – perhaps one day they’ll be able to force themselves to laugh at dad jokes.

Just look at the picture above. When the kid was told to clean "the bathroom like the Queen of England is visiting," he/she did exactly what the note said. Even the Queen won’t be able to turn down a Harry Potter book in the bathroom. Clever kid!

4 Higher Ground

While today’s parents can rely on technology to entertain their kids, printed books still play a crucial role in child development. Reading time can help kids develop effective learning skills and reading techniques – with time, kids become familiar with words, context, and ideas. It’s also a fun bonding activity.

And as we can see from the image above, kids would do anything to reach the thing they want. Nice try to protect your favorite books and favorite collections, mom, and dad! However, nothing can stop these curious eyes and little hands – in the end, it’s true that reading takes one to a higher place.

3 Partners In Crime

Looking after kids is hard, but when you have to take care of other animals as well, life can get messy. Especially the house, which becomes a playground full of hairs, food, and smells. Which is great because pets and kids love each other; they often become partners in crime and best friends. Dogs, in particular, can be great buddies, ponies, Barbie dolls, and drawing boards.

Well, this kid tried to outsmart his parents and blamed the dog. Although animal-made art exists, we doubt that the dog made this mess. Still, we know one thing for sure: dogs eat homework.

2 Home Alone

Sometimes when kids cannot get what they want, the best thing they can do is show mom and dad who’s the boss. In other words, kids can simply lock their parents outside... and eat popcorn, go to bed late or watch TV. Home Alone in real life!

While we are joking, there are many stories of kids who intentionally locked their parents out. A friend told me how her princess locked her on their balcony and it took two hours before neighbors heard her cries for help and her daughter giggling. Another friend told me she had to call a locksmith after her son locked her outside. For now, we are lucky because our baby girl can’t reach the locks... yet.

1 Hormonal Geniuses

Kids are cheeky monkeys, for sure, and gender and age are not factors at all. However, the scariest of them all are the notorious teens. On top of that, teens have hormonal changes on their side, which helps them outsmart their parents (and drive them crazy).

Can you believe that when a preteen was instructed to go out and play, he did exactly what he was told? Nothing to complain about, right? But now just look at the picture above again! Isn’t he clever and mean?

Well, let’s face it, moms and dads, we were the same, and we cannot change the magic of childhood. Just smile for the picture!

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