20 Pics Of Dads Who Are The Real MVPs

When people think of parents being heroes, they mostly think of moms. And honestly, it’s usually fair. Moms are often the ones who have to do the bulk of the work when it comes to pregnancy, and in more traditional times, were often the ones left to raise the kids and put the most into their upbringing.

But as times have changed, a lot of dads now take a huge role in parenting too, and dads have been spotted doing some pretty amazing things for their kids. It’s a running joke that if dad is watching the kid, he’s “babysitting.” No, he’s just being a parent. And the dads in this list sure seem to understand that, because they’re going above and beyond for their kids without leaving it to anyone else.

So let’s give a little bit of appreciation to the dads who take care of the kids just as much as mom does, or the other dad, or even dads that are single and have to do this all on their own. This list will prove that dads can be absolute heroes and take on any role necessary for their kid. They’re the real most valuable players, and most valuable parents.

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20 Safety First

This dad had a child who was born with a condition which means they have to wear a head-shaping helmet. It’s easy to understand how this might make them feel self-conscious as they grow; it’s a rare thing to come across someone who needs to wear one. But dad has taken it upon himself to introduce a family rule that they all have to wear helmets, making it not only fun for his child, but ensuring that they don’t feel like the odd one out.

19 Being An Instagram Husband Is Hard

Some kids grow up without good examples of a healthy relationship. Their parents are always fighting, or one treats the other badly, and they grow up into a cycle of dysfunction.

This dad, whether he knows it or not, is ensuring that doesn’t happen. He’s gone out of his way to rearrange the entire living room so that mom can get a good Instagram picture. He’s both father and husband goals, and is showing his kid that it’s good to be selfless for your partner if something means that much to them.

18 Helping Her Feel Like A Princess

This little girl wanted to dress up as her favourite Disney princess and honestly, Belle is a good one to have – she’s not only beautiful, but she’s clever and quick-witted, not to mention extremely brave. If a kid is going to have a Disney idol, Belle’s a pretty good choice.

This father is making sure to encourage it by dressing up with her! Dads going out of their way to get into costume for their kids is the best. It helps them feel loved and involved.

17 That Must've Hurt

This child was born deaf and had to have a hearing aid. It sticks out pretty obviously, and sometimes, it can be hard for kids to feel like they're different. Other kids tend to be very blunt, so no doubt they’ve pointed this out and asked questions, even if they don’t mean any harm.

So look – Dad got a hearing aid tattoo to make her feel better, and now they match and she doesn’t have to feel like anything isn’t ‘normal!' True dedication!

16 Temporary Dads Are Just As Wholesome

This little boy is actually the neighbour of this man, who has his own children. The truth is, though, his own dad is deployed in Syria, so he doesn’t have a father figure around. He goes over to this father’s house, knocks on his door, and asks to go to work with him as he would his own father.

And this father obliges.

This guy being an amazing dad to a kid that isn’t even his own is enough to make hearts melt.

15 The Dad That Keeps On Giving

Remember the days of getting an allowance? When we didn’t have to worry about working for our money?

This daughter is fully grown, with her own house, and her father still provides that. Lucky her!

Every time he goes over, he hides a bill around her house for her to find later. This father is giving his kid an allowance for way longer than most parents, but it’s a really nice gesture and may actually be helping her out when she needs it.

14 Dad-Daughter Cosplay On A New Level

This dad dressing up in costume with his daughter has taking a new level. She wanted to dress up, so he agreed – only she wanted to be the wolf in this scenario. And dad has absolutely taken it in stride, so he’s dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood so she can still have her costume duo.

Gender roles and adult/child roles aside, this man has happily done what his daughter wanted and proudly posed for a picture. We can appreciate that.

13 Good Multi-Tasking

This poor father just wanted to play video games in peace, but peace isn’t something you often get with kids. With at least two, it’s gotta be hard to find a moment to just sit down and play your game; there’s always the need to keep an eye on the kids and make sure they aren’t getting into trouble.

This dad has solved it by letting his kid paint his toenails while he also does what he likes. She’s done a beautiful job so far. Good on you, dad for letting her have what she wants.

12 It's Polite To Give Your Seat To A Lady, So...

This father was apparently on his way home from work and had picked up his child to take her on the subway. Rather than take a seat after his long hard day, he’s given the seat to his daughter and is crouched down to read to her.

It may seem like such a small thing, but it’s actually a very heart-warming gesture. He seems genuinely engrossed in just reading to her and making sure she’s comfortable, with no regard for his own comfort. Heart-warming!

11 How To Get Some Sleep While Entertaining Your Kids

I want to think that this father had his t-shirt specially made.

He’s exhausted from taking care of the kids. He just wants a second to rest his eyes, to have a nap, but he’s gotta keep them entertained. So he’s put on a t-shirt that has tracks on it so they can run their cars all over him. It’s kind of genius – he’s ensuring that they’re right by his side and he can feel it when or if they leave.

10 This Is True Solidarity

This father got a phone call to pick his kid up at school because she had had an accident. He was told that she was really embarrassed about it – which is sad, because it happens to every kid at one point. I know it happened to me. So, like the absolute cool father he is, he faked his own accident on his pants and showed up to school like that in solidarity. And the coolest dad in the world aware goes to this guy!

9 How To Not Wake Your Kid

The struggle of having your kid fall asleep in the car seat is a hard one, especially when coming home at night. So what to do when you don’t want to wake them up and want them to sleep soundly through the night?

This dad just took the entire car seat from the car and put it in an adult bed to stay warm. Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with this. It's actually a really thoughtful idea if the kid was comfortable! Good thinking, dad, you’re a clever one!

8 It's The Little Things

This girl went off to college and forgot to take her mango with her. She wanted to take some cut up and wrapped up but texted her father when she got there because she had forgotten it. She was just complaining and didn’t expect anything to come of it.

But the next day, dad mailed her some mango. He really came through on this one! It wasn’t even a big deal, but it was important to her, so he took the time out of his day to send her favorite snack. It really is the little things.

7 This Dad Is Next Level Creative...

Some dads are creative enough to build their kids things, like swings and treehouses. Family backyards are often decorated with things for the kids that dads were good enough to go through the trouble of getting together for them.

But this playhouse is next level. It’s like a house on its own! It's two stories!

I can’t even imagine the time and skill that went into making this, but that’s a father who really loves his kids and would do anything for them.

6 His Favorite Tie

When we’re young, we often draw things for our parents that they like to keep; greeting cards, pictures, mugs... This guy actually made his dad a Pokemon tie, complete with Pikachu grinning at the bottom of it. I can’t imagine dad ever actually wearing this tie to work or anything, but the effort was nice. So nice that he showed up to his son’s graduation wearing it to show he appreciated it! And it looks like his son is happy to see his gift getting some use.

5 From One Dad To Another

Sometimes, it’s not their kids that dads are being MVPs for. It’s other dads.

This guy was going off on tour and couldn’t reach his baby to give him a kiss. Because mom couldn’t reach high enough to make it happen, this other dad intercepted and held the baby high enough that he can get one last kiss from dad for who knows how long.

It’s not often that a still image could bring a tear to your eye, but this one is definitely doing it for me.

4 Multi-Tasking At Its Finest

Another dad who knows how to multi-task!

Some people still associate both housework and taking care of the kids with women – that it’s a mom’s role. For single dads, or same-sex couples, it often isn’t possible for a woman to do it and even when there is a mom in the family, it’s not necessarily her job!

This guy has got it though. One kid on his chest, one on his back, vacuum cleaner in hand and looking extremely pleased with his system. As he should be.

3 He Went Back To School For Her

This little girl grew up with a single dad and was sad that she didn’t have a mom teach her how to do her hair or to teach her to do make-up later in life. You know, all of the beauty stuff that is typically associated with women.

Breaking parenting norms and gender roles, determined to make his little girl happy, this guy actually went off to beauty school and got qualified in all this. Now, he can help his little girl dress up better than most moms even can. That dedication is incredible.

2 Costuming Sacrifices

This little girl is another one who grew up with a single dad. She wanted to dress up and get pretty with someone, but had no mom or older sister to do it with her, and this guy has stepped into the role.

I can’t help but wonder if he made those wings himself, because they’re beautiful and let’s face it, he rocks them. He rocks alone for being a dad who’s willing to do this for his daughter and go out in public without a care in the world. All he cares about is making his little girl happy.

1 Dads Make The Best Chairs

Airplanes can be really uncomfortable. The seats are hard, there’s no leg space, everyone is squashed in tightly and trying not to get all up in each other’s space. Plus, there’s not much to be entertained by. Long haul flights are notoriously painful.

But here’s a dad willingly making this flight more uncomfortable for himself so that his child can be both more comfortable and less bored, able to see across the plane, and look at everything going on. A true example of modern-day sacrifice.

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