20When Family Members Start Out-Coaching The Midwife

With the help of the Internet, it's easy to *think* that you know everything before you even go to the hospital. Some family members Google what to expect during labor and turn that notch up by 1,000. The problem is, these family members are here for support — not to

take control from the professionals. It's great they think they know so much about the process, but when they're in the delivery room, it's best to sit back and let the professionals do everything.

One midwife explained how frustrating it is when family members take over her role. They'll begin telling the mama-to-be what to do, even though a medical professional did not advise that. She explained on BlogSpot how one family member, in particular, was telling the woman to "push" when she wasn't told to. "Then from the first push, she is loudly coached, counted off, and urged on 'more, more, more, keep going, push harder harder harder!' And that's about when I start grinding my teeth."

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