20 Outfits That Got These Girls Sent To The Principal's Office (That Moms Don't Agree With)

We can remember being teenagers and carefully choosing what to wear to school every day. If we went to a private school, then of course our choice was already made for us and we had to wear a uniform Monday to Friday, but otherwise, it was up to us. Well, there was always something that dictated our clothing choices, and that thing is the dress code.

The school dress code has many rules for what is okay and not okay to wear. For the most part, it makes sense since no parent would agree that it's appropriate to send their teenager to school wearing something that shows a lot of skin. They don't want their kids wearing that kind of stuff anywhere, let alone an academic environment. Modesty is always a good idea when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. But there are some real cases of so-called dress code violations that honestly don't make a lot of sense, and moms will definitely wonder why some of these girls got into trouble or were even sent home for what they were wearing.

Moms will be surprised by these 20 girls who were sent to the principal's office for their clothes.

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20 Long-Sleeved Story

Does that outfit look inappropriate to us? The answer is most likely no. The teen girl is wearing a long-sleeved top that covers her up and she's also wearing jeans. It's a normal outfit... and yet she got in trouble.

This Is Insider reported that 17-year-old Kelsey Anderson was sent to the principal's office of her high school in Joplin, Missouri. Her mom, Melissa Barber, wrote on Facebook, "When my daughter asked why she was being sent to the office, this teacher told her 'bustier women need to wear clothing that cover[s] their [chest]." The mom hired a lawyer and was upset that her daughter couldn't stay in the classroom and continue on with her day as usual.

19 What's Wrong With A T-Shirt?

Would we think that a v-neck t-shirt is a dress code violation? Probably not.

It doesn't sound revealing at all and a t-shirt and jeans is a pretty normal and typical outfit to wear to school.

A now 31-year-old woman shared on Refinery 29 about a dress code story of her own from back in her teenage years: "I wore jeans (naturally) with a V-neck navy-blue top and an ice-blue puffy vest (holler at the early aughts). After my first-period class, I was called to the principal's office because my V-neck was too low and was 'distracting' my history teacher — a man, who reported me. I burst into tears."

18 This Perfectly Normal Jean Skirt

via: Daily Mail

Any mom looking at the photo of 12-year-old Reese Franyo in South Carolina would agree that she's wearing a normal jean skirt. More than that, it's pretty long since it goes above her knees.

The teacher said it looked like something she would wear to a club but they measured it and it was in accordance with the dress code.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, her mom said, "We spent weeks looking for shorts and skirts long enough to be appropriate. This skirt is the exact same length as the 'uniform' skirts I bought at Old Navy. Yet suddenly she was made to feel [bad] because according to her teacher and authority figure, she looked like she belonged in a club!"

17 Off-The-Shoulder Top

This off-the-shoulder top looks pretty normal in this photo, but this teenage girl, Summer, was suspended for ten days after wearing this at Hickory Ridge High School, in North Carolina.

According to WCNC, the principal said she would be arrested if she didn't take it off and put something else on and go to the office. Summer said,

"I completely understand why a dress code is put into place but I feel like after I put on that jacket it should have been subdued." 

Moms would definitely be surprised that the top looks like it's sitting on her shoulders and she also put a jacket on and it was still considered to be a dress code violation.

16 A Striped Dress

This is a really cute outfit of a striped dress and Converse sneakers. Many of us would wear this, wouldn't we? And yet this was another dress code violation.

According to Seventeen magazine, "Tom C. Clark High School in Texas is also on the list of schools with strict dress codes. When student Sophia Abuabara wore this striped dress to school, she was asked to change even though the dress met the school's dress code length requirements." This is another surprising example, and it's hard to understand why this is considered to be a problem. It doesn't look like a super short dress at all.

15 All About The Collarbone

Stephanie Hughes ended up in the principal's office of her Kentucky high school, Woodford County High School, for wearing this seemingly normal outfit.

As Little Things said, "The student’s ensemble wasn’t scrutinized for its length or for excessive cleavage, but because her collarbone was visible."

Confusing, right?

It doesn't look like this outfit should be a problem at all because she's wearing jeans, a sweater and she is covered up.

Many moms would most likely send their kid to school in this kind of outfit, and it's no wonder that this dress code violation didn't make sense to many people.

14 Is Anything Wrong With This Dress?!

Prom night is such a fun and thrilling time for teenagers. Many of us can remember how excited we were to attend this super special event. Of course, the excitement started with buying our dress, and we knew that it had to be just right.

This teenage girl got in trouble with her school for wearing this pretty blue and white polka dot dress that had a cutout in the back. According to Wgno.com, Mireya Briceno of Muskegon High School and her mom looked at the dress code and while it said "no midriff exposed" it didn't say anything about a cutout in the back. She had to go home. It's not a huge cutout so moms would definitely be surprised by this.

13 The Tale Of The Crew Neck Shirt

As Seventeen magazine reported, a 17-year-old girl, Tori Taylor, got in trouble at Dickson County High School in Tennesse for this crew neck shirt:

"Though Taylor was wearing a crew neck, the school told her it wasn't the right cut and wouldn't let her go back to class unless she changed."

Tori was confused and said, "I just feel like [the dress code] needs to be explained better, like they need to do a better job of presenting it to us, instead of just saying we can wear crew necks and then taking us out of class if we wear our crew necks."

We're confused, too, as this doesn't look like anything inappropriate at all.

12 This Is Confusing

As Wbko reported, teenage girl Amanda Durbin, who goes to a high school in Kentucky, was told that her dress was too short. This doesn't make any sense because it's not that short but also because she's wearing tights.

This is definitely another time when moms would be surprised by a high school student getting into hot water for the dress code because what they're wearing seems to be completely fine. She's not only wearing tights but she's also wearing a shirt under the dress and she's definitely covered up and yet it was still considered to be an outfit that she shouldn't have worn.

11 Literally A T-Shirt And Leggings

Popsugar wrote about a high school student who got in trouble for wearing a t-shirt and leggings, and it's also a surprising story: "Macy was sent home from Orangefield High School in Orange County, TX, for wearing what appears to be knee-length leggings and a loosely fitting shirt."

Her sister wrote on Facebook, "People wonder why women feel insecure about their bodies or what they wear.. And it's beause you're told your clothing is inappropriate when you're completely fully clothed, even when you're not showing cleavage or anything."

What's wrong with a t-shirt and leggings? Nothing, and many of us wear this kind of outfit on a daily basis.

10 The Wrong Size Shirt

A now 23-year-old woman told Refinery 29, "I was wearing a shirt that wasn't three fingers' width on the shoulders and was sent to the principal's office. Since I didn't have a change of clothes, they gave me a size XXL bright orange T-shirt that read: 'Property of North Springs High School.' It was humiliating."

That does sound embarrassing and it's also proof that sometimes, a dress code is very strict. A school might say that a shirt has to be a certain width but isn't it really hard to measure every single shirt that you own or want to buy? If a shirt looks like it's covering someone up, that should be all that matters.

9 What?!

According to a story on Bustle, Liz Martinez at Manatee County High School in Florida was told that she should put band-aids on top of her nips. Yes, this is really what happened.

Any mom would hate to hear that her daughter was told this anywhere but especially at school.

It's a strange thing to tell someone, let alone a teenage girl, and it's strange since she was wearing the sweater in this photo... and we can't see anything about this sweater that would warrant such a comment. It's something that anyone would wear. We would wear it, wouldn't we? What's wrong with it?

8 She's So Young

According to The Houston Press, a five-year-old girl got in trouble at school for wearing this dress because it's sleeveless. Does that make sense? Many of us would say nope, it doesn't make any sense at all.

Moms would be surprised by this, too, since, for one thing, she's only a kid. And for another, it's a perfectly adorable outfit. She looks so cute and it's also really hot where she lives, right? It doesn't seem like any mother would think that this was the wrong or inappropriate thing to wear to school, and that's what would make moms shake their heads here.

7 A Last Day Of School Dress

On her last day at West Side High in Idaho, Evette Reay got a suspension because of the dress that she was wearing. She told Idaho State Journal,

"I felt like I was being picked on. But it was the last day of school. I was thinking, ‘I’m graduating,’ that’s why I wore the dress. I wanted to feel good about myself.”

Would moms think that this dress is inappropriate? The answer is probably no since it seems perfectly fine. Moms would also probably agree that it was the last day of high school and that definitely calls for a nice, pretty dress.

6 Prom Night (Or Not)

Moms would be really upset to learn that their daughters weren't allowed to attend their prom, especially since it's such a big deal.

Some high schools will be super strict about their dress codes even on a special night such as prom night. According to Mic.com, two teenage girls weren't allowed to go to their prom at Mt. Healthy High School in Cincinnati. Why? The principal said they were showing cleavage. As we can see from this photo, it doesn't look like they're showing cleavage and the dresses look okay. They look like beautiful young girls who were having fun expressing themselves through fashion.

5 Literally Leggings And A Long Plaid Shirt

Moms wouldn't have a problem with sending their daughter to school in leggings and a plaid shirt, especially when the plaid shirt is long and covers everything.

In Southern Maryland, a sixth grader was sent to the principal's office at Mill Creek Middle School. Her mom wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper and said, "Its leggings and a shirt that clearly covers her butt. When she got off the school bus at school she walked past the principal and 5 to 6 teachers and administrators and no one said anything about her outfit not being appropriate. When she got to her home room a boy in the class yelled out “Madison has leggings on” and the teacher said she thought it was fine because she was fully covered but to go to the office to make sure." The principal said to wear shorts over the leggings.

4 No Shoulders Can Be Shown

Gurl.com shared the story of Gabi who goes to school in Utah. They said she couldn't go to the school dance because of this dress.

This is another outfit that would have moms scratching their heads since it looks so normal.

This is the kind of dress that teenage girls wear to a dance, right?

What else would they be wearing? It looks perfectly normal and it doesn't seem like anything that would raise concerns. She looks very covered up and it's a pretty dress, too. This is another example of a teenage girl going to a school dance and getting in trouble for what she's wearing, and it doesn't make sense.

3 The Scarlet Letter

As Seventeen magazine says, "Miranda Larkin chose a skirt that fell almost to her knees for the third day of school. Almost immediately after getting to school, a teacher pointed at her and said, "Your skirt is too short." She was sent to the nurse who put her in a "shame suit": a neon yellow shirt and red sweatpants that both read "DRESS CODE VIOLATION."

Moms would be really confused by this story, too, since she is wearing a skirt that is long. If it was too short, then sure, moms would understand the dress code violation thing. But this is another true tale that would make moms shake their heads in confusion.

2 This Violation Got Her Detention

A 17-year-old girl in New Brunswick named Lauren Wiggins got in trouble for wearing a long dress because her shoulders were showing.

She wrote a letter which was published on She Knows. In it, she said, "I am especially not showing them to receive any comments, positive or negative, from anybody else besides myself because the only person who can make any sort of judgment on my body and the fabrics I place on it is me.

If you are truly so concerned that a boy in this school will get distracted by my upper back and shoulders then he needs to be sent home and practice self control."

Well said, right?!

1 A Seemingly Normal Dress

A teenage girl in Atlanta was sent to the office for wearing this dress, and as we can see from this photo, that doesn't make any sense. If it was shorter, then okay, but it's not too short at all.

Could there be a more normal or typical dress? Probably not. Moms really wouldn't find anything wrong with this dress and it doesn't seem like it should have gotten a high school student in trouble and yet it did. It doesn't show anything inappropriate and looks like a perfectly fine dress.

Like the other stories on this list, moms would definitely be surprised by this one.

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