20 Oopsies These Moms Made With The Newborn

Having a baby is nothing short of a magical experience. Parents get to gaze at that adorably sweet newborn baby while being totally sleep deprived, exhausted, covered in milk, messy, unshowered, and so much more! Sound like a recipe for disaster? It sure does!

A new mom goes through a lot, mostly because newborn babies demand a lot. They are lucky they are so cute because all the things brand new moms have to deal with really puts a lot of strain on every aspect of their lives. It is not surprising that many moms admit to some mishaps with the newborn. It happens. If it didn’t happen to you, well, you probably didn’t realize your oopsie then!

As new moms, we think we got this thing baby thing. But, in reality, it can be a whole different game. Some of us even feel in over our heads (when we wish we were under the covers fast asleep!). Mishaps occur -- some can be scary, others can be downright hilarious -- but the bottom line is that mishaps are real. Read on for some mishaps that mamas admit to making with their newborn babies. You will definitely relate to some of these- if not all of them!

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20 Leaving The House Still In PJs and Slippers

One too many moms have admitted to doing something that only an overtired mom could pull off -- leaving your house in clothes that are meant for bed! If you have been guilty of doing one or the other, don’t feel bed… we mean, bad!

Sleeping is on your mind and let’s face it, when you are a new mom of a newborn, the hours all roll into each other. And with the fashionable pajama pants and slippers that look like uggs, does anyone really notice anyway?! So, go ahead, rock those pjs if you accidentally realize you are walking around the store in them!

19 Thinking A Clothesless Photoshoot Is A Good Idea

Via: Photography by Tanya Plonka

Is there anything cuter than a baby tushie?! Nope! So many new moms wish for those ultra adorable (and future embarrassing) naked newborn photos. Those babies all look just so sweet and innocent and very, very cute! However, as we know, babies cannot yet control themselves, and when they have to pee, they pee!

Many moms hilariously admit to the mishaps of leaving that baby naked way too long, hoping for the perfect shot, only to see a bit of wetness occur! Of course, that is also funny and cute, since it happens with a baby after all, and hopefully, it is all equally well documented!

18 Putting Her Hand Down The Diaper To Check

Raise your hand if you are guilty of this one! You smell something a bit off, could be a dirty diaper, might not be. Instead of just changing your baby or looking down the diaper, you resort to blindly sticking your hand down the diaper.

Sound like a recipe for disaster? It sure is! Many parents admit to this mishap as they scream out in disgust while those around them laugh. Because, hey, if it smells like a poopy diaper, it probably is a poopy diaper! Checking with your eyes closed is never a good idea. Now go wash your hands!

17 Falling Asleep In The Crib

Babies exhaust new moms and dads, there is no question there. When you are a brand new mom, it can be quite the adjustment to care for your newborn baby, whose demands can keep you up all night.

When it comes time for baby to sleep in their crib, some moms admit to lying down right next to their baby, waiting for them to fall asleep. Only thing is, a mishap might occur. And that is mom falling asleep right alongside her baby. Sometimes, she will remain there, waking up forgetting where she is! It can be funny, and very uncomfortable!

16 Cutting Her Baby's Teeny Tiny Nails

Via MomJunction

Many new moms cringe at the thought of having to cut the super little nails of their newborn babies. Those hands, fingers, and especially the nails are so teeny tiny you wonder how the heck you are going to accomplish the goal of shorter nails.

So many new moms admit to a mishap that probably hurts them more than it actually hurts the baby- and that is accidentally nipping their baby’s teeny finger while cutting those nails. It even makes some moms cry to think they hurt their baby. But, it happens. And guess what? The babies will all be just fine.

15 Mistaking The Phone For Her Baby's Cries

Via Liverpool Echo

Many new moms call themselves mombies (walking mom zombies) in those first few weeks after bringing home their newborn baby. They aren’t sleeping -- in fact, they might not even know what time of day it really is. Each day and each hour flow into the next since they are on duty around the clock! That sleep exhaustion can make any of us crazy.

One mishap that some moms admit to making with their newborns? Thinking that any noises that aren't their baby are actually made by their new little bundle of joy. They hear the phone or doorbell ring and jump up to tend to their baby, thinking it was a cry!

14 Trying To Bathe The Baby Alone

No one realizes just how difficult it can be to bathe a baby until the time actually comes to get that newborn baby nice and clean. Your little baby suddenly becomes the most slippery and squirmy thing you have ever encountered. Many pediatricians recommend bathing baby as a two-person job (at least!).

There is a reason for this! So many moms admit to trying to do it themselves, only to find that it is near impossible- and even could be dangerous. It is so hard to hold that baby who is wet and slippery! Remember to bath your baby with some help, you won’t regret it.

13 Forgetting To Hook Her Nursing Bra

Via: Pinterest

When you breastfeed, you start to feel almost like a machine. When duty calls, you answer. Thank the heavens for the invention of the nursing bra.

A nursing bra really makes breastfeeding that much easier. Just undo the clasp and you are good to go. And when you are done, clasp it all back and go about your day until the next round. Unless you forget. Many, many moms have admitted to a bit of a breastfeeding mishap- forgetting to clasp that nursing bra once their baby is done. They end up with their milk squirting out, showing strangers a bit too much, and more.

12 Buying WAY Too Many Outfits

Via Pinterest

Just how adorable are those teeny tiny newborn outfits?! There is really nothing cuter than the small size of newborn clothes. They are so sweet and cute we often cannot stop buying them, and that is a mishap many new moms (and moms-to-be) admit to! They buy up all those super sweet newborn clothes only to find that either their newborn never will fit into them, or outgrows them in a flash.

Babies grow fast! Making the mistakes of buying the smallest size clothing will often only disappoint, as you watch your baby not be able to fit into them.

11 Accidentally Putting Milk In The Wrong Place

We have talked about how tired new moms can get. Tired does not even begin to describe it. Utter exhaustion like you have never experienced is about right! Being that tired can really mess with your brain. That is why so many new moms admit to crazy mishaps that might make them cry at the time, but be able to laugh about later.

What is one that so many moms admit to making? Putting the milk in the cabinet and not back in the fridge! For some reason, this is a common, yet hilarious, mishap among new moms. Just don’t drink that milk!

10 The Ultimate Swaddling Fail

Most new parents like to practice swaddling before their baby is born. We all know babies like the comfort of a swaddle. Then the actual baby arrives and you have no idea how to actually wrap up that newborn of yours! Swaddling might seem easy, but it can be awfully tricky.

Even if the nurses show you how to do it, it can be a mind-boggling task! And, just when you think you have it down, your baby kicks right out of it! There are so many swaddling fails, some parents are at their wit’s end trying to figure out just what they are doing wrong!

9 Forgetting How Many Weeks Old Her Baby Is

Via Downvids.net

When a baby is born, we keep track of his or her age first by days, then by weeks. That said, weeks pass quickly with a little one, so you better be on your game to know your baby’s age! Many moms admit to forgetting how exactly old their baby is.

Who can constantly keep track, right?! You are at the supermarket with your sweet baby, everyone is coming up to you to get a peek, and then someone asks the age. You literally have no idea! You start trying to calculate the exact age in your head before just spewing out a ballpark figure. And you know what? That’s okay!

8 Not Putting The Diaper On Quick Enough

Via Ali Express

There might not be a worst mishap that changing the baby’s diaper and not being fast enough to put a new one on! This has happened to more than a few moms, who dreadfully admit they had an additional mess to clean up after their baby’s initial mess! Whether baby goes number 1 or number 2, is it not a fun experience if baby is not wearing a diaper!

And if it’s a boy, well, you might as well be in for a shower. Have that clean diaper ready to get on the instant you take the yucky one off.

7 Thinking She’ll Actually Nap When The Baby Naps

Via Parents Magazine

Many people like to give new moms one piece of advice- to nap when the baby naps. However, that is easier said than done! In a perfect world, new moms would get plenty of sleep, and would easily be able to fall to sleep as soon as the baby does.

Well, in the real world, new moms have to get things done, and sometimes the best time to do that is when the baby is sleeping! A big mishap of new moms is truly thinking that they will get the chance to nap, when the reality is that it might be a bit unrealistic once baby actually arrives.

6 Having To Admit That She Dropped Her Baby

Via Working Mother

Many moms experience a mishap that makes their heart skip a beat. This mishap can be very, very scary, but it happens. It is when your baby falls, either from your arms or off the changing table. No one wants to even imagine something like that could occur to their little one.

One of the worst parts of dropping your baby is having to admit that you were, perhaps, careless, or that an accident like that could happen under your watch. This type of mishap occurs far more often to new moms than many of us even realize, as unfortunate as it is.

5 Not Realizing The Baby Is Crying

Via Pinterest

Having a baby is a totally crazy and out of this world kind of experience. You are pregnant for nine long months, then your baby is born- and they actually let you bring it home!! All of a sudden, you have this little being under your care. So, it is not surprising that some moms have a funny kind of mishap, for a second hearing your baby crying and thinking, what is that noise?!

Usually, this happens when mama is in a deep sleep. Baby cries, she jolts awake, and it might take her just a split second to realize, wait, that’s my baby!

4 Peeking In On Her Sleeping Baby And Then The Baby Sees Her

The joy of a sleeping baby can be ruined in a flash, just ask any mom who has done something they wish they never did- peek in on their sleeping little one! This is one big mishap with potentially big consequences. You are so excited that you got your sweet baby to sleep without you holding them, you place them in their room, and leave them be.

But, then you decide to take a quick peek to see that sleeping baby, and whoops, they wake up, see you, and start crying. It was all ruined! Hey, they make video baby monitors for a reason!

3 Thinking She Doesn’t Need A Shopping Cart

Alright, so you decide to venture out to the supermarket with your baby. You take the infant seat out of the car and decide to just attach it to the stroller. You don’t need a shopping cart, you are just grabbing a couple of stuff after all. When was the last time a shopping trip ended in just a couple of items?!

That’s right, never! You are a mom now, you need lots of groceries. You are piling up those groceries around your baby, trying to balance them perfectly. Some may even fall on your little one… here hold these frozen peas!

2 Never Taking A Breather

Via Fire To Inspire

This is a serious one. We have our funny, laugh out loud mishaps (even if they make you cry at first!), but some mishaps are truly not funny at all. Being a new mom is tough, there is no question about it. But one huge mishap that a large percentage of moms admit to is never taking a breath. Never stopping. Going like the energizer bunny without a break.

Even moms need a break. There is no harm in calling grandma to come over so you can have a date night, or leaving the baby at home with his dad, even if all you do is aimlessly walk around Target.

1 Truly Believing She Would Be The Perfect Parent

We all have an idea of what kind of parent we will be- or more likely, the type of parent we imagine we’ll be. And that is a super big mishap that most moms admit to- thinking one way before baby is born, and coming to a realization of what being a mom truly is after baby arrives!

No mom is perfect. No matter how prepared you might be, having a baby turns your entire world upside down. Nothing can ever truly prepare you for having to care for a little being. It is more of a go with the flow kind of situation!

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