20 (Not So) Average Moms Who Went Viral For The Most Amazing Reason

Almost every parent will declare that raising a child is one of the most rewarding and beautiful things in the world; but it’s also one of the least appreciated, thankless jobs ever because moms and dads seem to constantly be dealing with screaming toddlers, and messy, ungrateful children. No two moms are the same, and neither are their experiences of motherhood, but there are some moments we can all find relatable, and completely hilarious, which is why so many seemingly average moms have become internet sensations after their videos or posts went viral.

Whether they are getting real about the highs and lows of parenting, making fun of their daughter’s tantrums, or going on a “mommy strike” because they’d simply had enough, there are women in this world who are our heroes. They have taken time off their busy schedules to get real, or just be silly, and it’s a reminder to us all that we are not alone in our trials and tribulations.

Below are 20 moms who are recognizable because they became known worldwide after their antics. These antics are creative or controversial, and others that are just plain silly and leave us in a fit of giggles.

20 The Mom Whose Kindergarten Send Off Produced Many Laughs

Via happyacresphotography/Instagram

When your child starts kindergarten, it’s an experience that is met with a mix of emotions. Although most moms feel a combination of pride, joy, and sadness that their little one is growing up, this mom went viral because of her hilarious first-day school picture, which she shared on Instagram. As you can see, she’s fully ready to have some alone time while her kid goes off to school, and perhaps a lot of other moms can relate, which is why she received multiple likes and comments on the post.

19 Pregnant Dance Teacher, Christina Litle, Wowed The World With Her Dance Routine

Via: Barcroft Media

Many pregnant women take things easy in their final trimester and refrain from doing too much physical activity, but not dancer teacher Christina Litle. She became an internet sensation for her hip-hop dance routine when she was 7-months pregnant. According to Life&Style, Litle was pregnant with her third child when the video of her routine was filmed, and she wanted to send out the message that women do not have to be sedentary, and that she knows exactly what her body can handle.

18 Sia Cooper, AKA Target Mom, Works Out In Shopping Aisles

Sia Cooper is a mom who has documented her fitness journey on social media, but she is also a mom who has received intense backlash for the oddest reasons; she works out in the aisles of supermarkets.

She became super popular when she shared a video of herself working out in Target with the supermarket’s red trolley; an attempt to show mom’s you can find time to workout even doing the most menial things. Despite some people praising her for being so creative, Self notes that the backlash was swift, with critics telling her to work out in a gym instead, and that she was being “obsessive.”

17 The Mom Whose Reaction To Nicki Minaj Lyrics Was Hilarious

Via Mirror

Not all songs have lyrics are tame and about the nice things in life, and it seems that one teenage guy thought it would be hilarious to play a Nicki Minaj song for his mom for the first time and film her reaction to it. He obviously knew that his mom was not going to approve, and she was horrified by Minaj’s steamy lyrics and profanity. Her freakout was, thankfully, caught on camera for the rest of us to laugh at.

16 Constance Hall Went Viral For A Very Relatable Facebook Post About Moms

Via Constance Hall Instagram

Constance Hall is a blogger who has made headlines multiple times for her parenting, but there is one moment that is particularly memorable. According to Babble, Hall has penned multiple posts about the highs and lows of motherhood and marriage, but the post that stands out is the one that she wrote about moms and how she salutes those who don't give into public perception about what a mother should be. She also praised women who can ask for help and noted that despite the fails and small victories she experiences as a mother, she has so much love for her kids.

15 Chewbacca Mom Had The Whole World Laughing At Her Antics

Via Cosmopolitan

Chewbacca mom became famous for perhaps the silliest reason, but it was her ability to not take herself so seriously and make the whole world laugh that made her an overnight sensation. According to Cosmopolitan, the woman behind the mask is named Candace Payne, and she rose to fame after her spontaneous purchase of a Chewbacca mask, which she decided to film herself wearing while picking up her kids from school. All she does in the video is laugh, and it’s contagious.

As moms, there needs to be some excitement in this everyday routine, and perhaps that’s why we like her so much!

14 The Stay-At-Home-Mom Blogger Who Made Us Realize No Two Moms Are The Same

Via The 21st Century SAHM/Facebook

You can read a hundred blogs on the internet about motherhood, and while you may be able to relate with a few things that these women are saying, the fact of the matter is that no two mothers have the same experience. Which is why this mommy blogger, who goes by the name The 21st Century SAHM, had her post go viral. In it, she discusses how different she is to other moms that she knows, but how that doesn’t make her a better or worse mom than them -- a message that many moms appreciate hearing.

13 'Biggest Loser Australia' Trainer Inspired Others With Her Post Baby Body Message

Via Tiff Hall Instagram

Biggest Loser Australia coach Tiffiny Hall is a stunning woman who works hard to ensure that her body is at its physical peak, but she has also shared her views about her postpartum body and how she was embracing it. She spoke about how her body was able to carry her son, Arnold, to term, and how proud of herself she was for that, and despite not having abs at the moment, she thought of this new version of her body as the “strongest” she had ever been.

She added, “Ninjas come in all shapes and sizes, the goal is to work on the happy just as much as the fit.”

12 Canadian Mom Went On Strike To Teach Her Kids A Lesson

Via Pexels

No one has ever said motherhood is easy, and there are many times when a mother’s job is unappreciated by her children. And there came a point when one Canadian mother had enough of her messy offspring and decided to go on “strike.” According to The Mirror, she shared her experience on her blog, with included photos, with hilarious details of the day's events and how she had stopped cleaning up after her family to teach them a lesson.

Her strike apparently ended after six days when her kids decided it was time to help out, and also realized all their mom did for them.

11 The Touching Letter A Mom Penned For Her Baby’s Heart Surgeon

Via Pexels

It’s not just funny things that go viral, but also moments that really move us to tears and pull on the heartstrings, like Jillian Benfield’s letter that she wrote to the surgeon who performed open heart surgery on her 9-month-old son. In her letter, which was shared by Essential Baby, she wrote about how she knew the heart surgeon was the right man to perform the operation, and how grateful she was for this man’s work which will give her son a better life.

This surgeon is her hero, and she wrote, “When we are kids, we are taught that superheroes come with big muscles and capes. As an adult, I've realized they often times come in surgical caps and scrubs…”

10 The Hilarious Moms Who Parodied Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ Song Went Viral

Via WhatsUpMoms/YouTube

Iggy Azalea’s track “Fancy” got an interesting face-lift when a group of moms decided to make a parody of the track, to deal with pregnancy. According to Essential Baby, the track was titled "I'm So Pregnant," and served as a humorous way to deal with the things that happen to a woman when she has a baby on board. These include everything from using the bathroom frequently, to needing loads of pillows to be comfortable, and all the amazing things (like wine) you have to cut out for those long, nine months.

9 The ‘Giraffe’ Woman's Silly Antics Made Her A Hero

Via: Today Show

There are very few women in this world who just give birth and then decide to put on a mask of a giraffe to pose with their newborn, but this is the very reason why one South Carolina mom went viral. To share her happy news with friends and family, Erin Dietrich decided to share a photo of her baby son, as well as herself in a mask, informing everyone that both mommy and baby were doing well. And prior to the birth, she also decided to share a video of herself in the hospital bed in labor, while wearing the same mask.

8 This Photo Of A Gorgeous Mom Went Viral Because Of Her Youthful Appearance

Via kaayyllaan/Twitter

Some moms look so good for their age that it’s impossible to tell them apart from their daughters, and this is what happened when one 16-year-old girl decided to take to Twitter to share a photo of herself, her twin sister, and their mom. And no one could tell which one of the three beautiful women is the mom, which sparked a debate on Twitter, and caused the photo to retweeted more than 30,000 times and liked double that amount.

7 Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Splash Mountain, As This Mom Proves

Via Scary Mommy

Some moms become famous for their relatable blogs about motherhood, other’s become famous because they look really grumpy while on a Disney World ride. This is what happened to a New York mom named Jordan Alexander, who according to CBS News, became famous after a photo of her on Splash Mountain looking less than impressed made its way across the internet.

She was annoyed because her husband didn’t want to ride her favorite ride with her, and her facial expression earned her the title of “the angry Splash Mountain lady.” But Alexander doesn’t seem to mind because she told the outlet, "I guess I'm the new grumpy cat, grumpy mom."

6 The Orange County Mom Who Found Humor In A Child’s Tantrum Is A Legend

Via Jennifer Aprea Colosson/Facebook

Parenting has its highs and lows, and one of the lows has to be when a toddler decides to throw a tantrum. However, a Los Angeles woman named Jennifer Aprea Closson (via Daily Mail) turned her four-year-old daughter’s tantrum into a hilarious viral video when she decided to film herself miming the episode.

Her precision at when her daughter is going to scream and yell is even more hilarious because we can all tell she’s been in this position a hundred times before.

5 The Woman Who Took A Selfie While Her Sister Was About To Pop

Via: Tina Dwyer Photography

Labor is not exactly the most enjoyable experience of someone’s life, and few women are going to appreciate having their photo taken while they writhe in pain. However, the reason why this photo is so popular is that this girl, who is the sister to the woman in labor, decided to use this as the perfect opportunity for a selfie, and our photo-obsessed culture appreciated that.

Also, the juxtaposition of the two women; one screaming, and the other smiling, makes this photo, which was shared on Imgur by KattegoryPhotography, so hilarious.

4 The World Loves This Instagram Mom Who Has A Unique Skill For Dressing Up Her Daughter

Via lauraiz/Instagram

This mom, known as Laura Izumikawa, is viral because she dresses her little girl, Joey Marie, in the most adorable and hilarious costumes. She started dressing her daughter up when she was just a few months old, and quickly gained popularity, making her the subject of multiple articles, including one on Buzzfeed, in which she shared how it all began.

Speaking to the publication, Izumikawa said: "Joey slept so deeply so I thought it'd be fun adding little props around her just to send some hilarious pictures to our parents and friends.

3 The Amazing Moment When This Woman Thought She Was Having A Girl...And Had A Boy

Not all parents like to know if they are having a boy or a girl ahead of the birth and prefer a surprise, but this woman, Koto Nakamura, really got a surprise because she actually thought she was having a girl. According to Women’s Health, Nakamura’s photographer Jes Jackson captured the image, which showed the expectant mother’s shock, and it’s not surprising that she was shocked, because, with the advanced ultrasound technology available these days, it’s unusual for a mixup to be made with the baby’s gender.

2 Australian Mom’s Clever DIY Baby Wipes Got A Lot Of Attention

Via Joy Ratima Facebook

Sometimes moms become viral for their clever, creative parenting hacks which make other mom’s lives so much easier. And the reason Australian mom Joy Ratima became an internet sensation is that she made a video about how she makes her own baby wipes to avoid the “huge list of chemicals” in store-bought products. She revealed on Facebook that she gets requests asking her how to make the wipes, and so she decided to make a video.

Her DIY wipes video has been viewed over 2 million times!

1 The Mom Who Took A Stand For Milk Against Delta Airlines Had Her Story Become Famous

Via Daily Post

Last, but not least, we bring you the story of this mom, Vanessa Kasten Urango‎, who took a stand against Delta airlines. The battle between the mom and the airline started when she called them about the correct guidelines to bring the milk needed for her four-month-old daughter on to the plane, but when she was at the ticket counter she was informed she was unable to take the frozen milk and dry ice onto her flight.

Angry about the way the airline had dealt with this, she took to Facebook to write a message about her ordeal and how the staff had been “rude and completely lacking empathy.” Her struggle went viral, and the company did eventually respond with an apology and some monetary compensation.

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