20 Non-Physical Things That Are Never The Same After Having Kids

Having kids is the most rewarding, thrilling, and hectic job there is. Everything changes -- not one stone goes unturned in this upheaval. The things moms used to enjoy before they had kids are still somewhat enjoyable but in a different way. Having little munchkins running around is such an amazing feeling and the love experienced towards them is unexplainable. But it can also be overwhelming, leaving mom wishing for just one minute to breathe.

Can you imagine your life without kids now that you have them? I can’t!

It's quite amusing to see that once that baby is handed to you, you get to see them grow into such funny, interesting characters; and if you have multiple kids, you'll see how different each of them are and they will always be.

As moms, we will go through good times and hard times, but each experience is worth going through. You experience things that you never thought you would, whether it means hiding in the closet to eat your favorite dessert, or telling your significant other that you're running to Target to grab a few things, and you want to go....alone.

I am going to go through 20 things that will NEVER be the same after having kids.

20 Time To Baby-Proof The Furniture

I recently just moved into my first home, and the first thing I thought about is baby proofing the entire house. My fireplace, my dining table, and even my cabinets are all baby-proofed. Luckily I found items that blend in with my furniture and are not as noticeable but this is something you don't think about before having kids. Also, remember:

White/light furniture + kids = bad idea.

I have a daughter who loves Cheetos, and I have white kitchen cabinets that always have to be wiped down now more than I ever had before. Luckily, as they get older, they get more responsible, but as of now, this will never be the same.

19 The Walls Will Never Be Clean Again

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I bet most of us don't really think about the walls in our homes being the same after having kids. Well, it’s not! Kids are sneaky -- extremely sneaky!

You should especially be wary of them being up to something when they are being a little too quiet. Imagine moving into a brand new home and you already find crayon markings on the walls. Yep, it happened to me recently. Toddlers need to scribble, so they figure a wall is a perfect canvas for their beginning art pieces. Afterall, it’s just a big blank surface that we don't use the wall for anything else.

18 Your Belongings Are Now Your Kids' Property

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Let's face it, the personal items you once thought were yours, now belong to your kids. Babies and toddler hold the inherent belief that if it’s fragile, colorful, dangerous, or can plug into the wall, then it’s theirs!

It’s funny to think that kids would prefer to play with your stuff rather than their own toys but it’s a stage in growing up, right? My daughter loves tearing paper, so I have to make sure that I keep important documents or work stuff put away as soon as I finish using them.

17 #Goals Are Perpetually Shifting

Our goals are constantly changing, but how much do you think it changes after you have kids? A LOT! Our kids are imitating everything we do so we want to be great role models for them. Before kids, my goals consisted of finishing school, working, traveling, and just having fun.

Even though I achieved all my goals, what I expected are far more different now. I manage to grow my own business and be able to stay home with my daughter. She is able to see how hard I work on my business and our home. Even when they get older, they are following our footsteps and listening to every advice we give them. So it’s now our goal to make sure our kids are learning, growing, and happy.

16 Just Trying To Get Out Of The House

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Running errands will never be the same after having kids. The amount of time it takes to get the kids ready and make sure we pack snacks, diapers, toys, and everything else can be very time-consuming, as well as quite exhausting even before you walk out the door.

This is something I never really thought about before I had my daughter. I can’t even remember the last time I was able to grab my things and just walk out the door. Especially with a toddler, I've learned to not try and run all my errands on the same day. It's not impossible, but it's hard.

15 Vacations Are No Longer Blissful

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My family is big on taking vacations; it’s a great way to bond and come together closer as a family. When your kids are babies… boy, is it hard to travel with them, especially if you’re boarding a plane. Luckily, if you have small kids, they allow you to board the plane first.

You have to remember to bring the stroller, and car seat and hope they don't have a tantrum on the plane for the full three hours. It can be much more stressful traveling with kids when they are younger, but it gets easier once they're older.

14 I Will Always Protect You

As a mom, our worries and fears of anything that can possibly happen heighten, especially when it comes to our children. We live in a crazy world that forces us to worry about everything little thing. Googling anything is especially troublesome and best left avoided.

Even if they pretend to cry, we are right there kissing their fake booboos and helping there overcome their fears. Moms, obviously we are going to be overprotective of our children so any little or big worry or fear they have, is our worry and fear of ours. We just have to be there to protect them.

13 The Hormonal Changes After Birth

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It’s very common for childbirth to alter your hormonal balance. This can easily throw you off-track and can cause different kinds of negative health symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, hair loss, anxiety, migraines, and much more.

You know there is something wrong but the doctor says you're fine and you start feeling like its all in your head. Many of us moms go through these changes whether it’s after the first, second or third baby. This is a special stage in your life and you should be able to enjoy every bit of it. Talk to your doctor if your hormonal changes are affecting your daily health.

12 Mom, Can I Have This?

Before kids, I enjoyed shopping. With kids, I enjoy shopping…online. No matter if I’m at the grocery store or a clothing store, I have to keep a close eye on my daughter to make sure she isn’t disorganizing some item or trying to open a toy or candy.

Oh, and don't let me get started on the tantrums if you take something away from them. As they get older, it gets easier but not much more because you have to hear them ask for the stuff they want. Let’s just say that before kids, it is much more relaxing to go shopping.

11 Your Way Of Thinking

There is so much that goes on in this crazy world that we have to think and put ourselves in these situations. From everything that has been happening in schools, all the way to all the Amber alerts, or even the people you surround your kids with, your way of thinking changes tremendously.

I never really thought about private school for my kids because I never went to a private school, but now that I have them, and all I want is the best education, the best clothing, the best everything for them, private school is something my husband and I are looking into.

10 Your Circle of Friends

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Not only does the way you think changes and will never be the same after you have kids, but your friends change, too. Unless you have really good friends without kids that are there with you through good times and the bad, say bye to the friends you used to go out with to party and have a few too many drinks.

You’ll notice that you'll start making friends when you take your kids to the playground, or Chuck E Cheese’s or anywhere that is kid-friendly. Playdates are definitely a thing, and a fun way to converse with other people that aren't your kids, especially if you are a stay at home mom like me.

9 A Shift In Finances

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Finances should be one of the most important things that you think about even before you have a kid. It’s important in so many ways. One, you want to make sure that you are financially able to support your family, and two, your children are following your footsteps and you want to be able to teach them how to be financially stable and be smart with their money.

When you’re a mom, things change tremendously. No more thinking about yourself when spending money. You have your family to think about first. Although this isn't to say that you shouldn't treat yourself sometimes too!

8 Your Music Tastes

One of my favorite thing to do was to blast music, no matter if I was home or in my car. Now that I have a kid, I still blast music because luckily she loves it, but now I have to listen to more of the Trolls movie soundtrack (her favorite) or the itsy bitsy spider. The funny thing about having kids is that you know the lyrics of their music rather than the music you used to listen, too. Sometimes I catch myself humming songs my daughter loves and I think to myself, “wow, I am such a mom.”

7 Your Car Will Never Be "Clean"

No matter how many times you clean your car, it will never be fully clean. Once you take out the car seat, you will find 10 different snacks, toys, and all the socks that you thought you lost. Even if you take the car seat out to clean out your car, I guarantee that your car will look as if you haven't cleaned it after a few days later.

So moms, don't worry we all go through it. Before kids, I always had OCD when it came to leaving the inside of my car squeaky clean, now it's just too much to keep up with that my OCD went away. It's more like "kids-approved" type clean.

6 Most Of All, Your Relationship Changes

A lot of your relationships changes after you have kids. You become closer with your mom because you are now going through what she went through when she had you, and your relationship with your significant other can become stronger because now you both are a team and have to raise someone that is half of you and half of him.

My husband and I understand each other better and I feel like we are more connected now than before we had our daughter. Making a relationship work takes a lot of time and energy, this is why some of them end up falling apart after kids. But if you work hard on your relationship as you do on your kids and even before you have kids, things will work out, for the most part. Moms, we’ve all been through this.

5 Hiding To Eat Dessert

This is a big one I never really thought would change, but it does -- forever! Kids somehow know exactly what the yummy foods are, and what foods they need to stay away from (for example, lunch or dinner).

I am big on desserts and don't mind sharing with my daughter, but I feel like it’s a racing game as to who can eat it faster. Kids are smart. When I'm sharing, she wants to try and skip my turn, BUT if she has her own piece of cake, for example, she will try to eat my piece first and eat her cake last. Smart, I tell you.

I’ve become one of those moms where, I absolutely love macarons, and I low-key have hidden in my closet to enjoy my macaron (don’t judge, I’m also pregnant and have cravings).

4 Say Good-Bye To Privacy

What is privacy when you have kids? I cannot remember the last time I had privacy. Going to the bathroom, talking on the phone, even going outside to get the mail… your children will always be there. I am currently pregnant, and the worst is having to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

You would figure that your child will be sleeping at night, right? Well, I have no idea how my daughter knows, but she walks right in, waiting for me to use the restroom, then climbs back into bed and we cuddle back to sleep. It’s an amazing feeling how much they love you.

3 Bye Bye, TV

Say goodbye to your daily morning TV show that you are used to watching each morning when you wake up and get ready for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that airs for your little one to watch.

Even if you don’t watch TV in the mornings, you will be more familiar with kids shows rather than other shows your friends are talking about at work. The only time I have time to watch what I want to watch is when my daughter is napping, or if she sleeping for the night. If not, I'll just be worried about what she is doing while I am watching my shows, or I just have to watch something that is also appropriate for her to watch.

2 Those Random Road Trips Won't Happen Again

Remember those days before kids when you can just grab your stuff and go? I remember being in Wisconsin one summer, going out for lunch with a few friends one weekend, and I randomly said, “Hey, do ya'll want to drive to Canada tonight and stay the weekend?” We’ve never been, so why not! We grabbed our passports, packed a few things, and we were on our way to Canada within 2 hours. If I wanted to do this now, after one kid later and another one on the way, there is no way I can say that now. Road trips now consist of road trips to the zoo, the park, and anywhere that is kid friendly where kids can burn off energy and be tired by the time we get home.

1 Blissful ZZZs Become A Thing Of The Past

I remember when I was pregnant with my firstborn, everyone would tell me, “get as much sleep as you can now.” As much as I tried, all the kicking and hiccups I felt in my belly, made it nearly impossible to “sleep as much as I can."

Let me tell you, sleep will NEVER be the same after you have kids. I do not remember the last time I got to sleep in without my daughter smacking my shoulders, yelling “mom” numerous times until I open my eyes and get her a bottle of milk. Kids have a belief in their mind that once they’re awake, the entire home has to wake up.

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