20 Mother-Daughter Zodiac Combinations That Will Argue A Lot

It's no secret that some zodiac combinations are better at resolving conflict than others. Some combinations are so in sync it can be like they're reading each other's minds. Others, however, have to spend a little extra time explaining their thoughts and feelings to each other. Sometimes, it feels like they're speaking different languages they're on such completely different pages.

This can be even harder when it comes to the extremely sensitive and important relationship between a mother and a daughter. Not all of us can be lucky enough to have a mother or a daughter that just immediately understands whatever it is we're thinking. That does not mean, however, that we're destined for a bad relationship. While they might require slightly more care and work, the relationship between a mother and a daughter with less compatible zodiac signs can yield relationships that are loving, understanding, and emotionally educational for each person. It can even be regarded as a strength that you have to work harder on your relationship, thus becoming more adaptable and empathetic people.

Here are 20 mother-daughter zodiac combinations that will have to spend a little extra time building their relationship, whether it's because they're on such wildly different pages or too similar ones.

20 Pisces (Mother) And Sagittarius (Child) - Emotional Vs. Logical

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You are a nurturer who will always be questioning how your daughter is feeling, even when she’s too young to tell you herself. When she gets older, you’ll want to address conflict with intimate heart-to-hearts. Your daughter, however, is not as emotionally attuned as you are and prefers to approach problems head-on, assessing the risks and benefits while setting aside her feelings.

She might feel uncomfortable when you try to talk about her feelings, and in her teenage years might even accuse you of being histrionic.

Encourage her to remember emotional intelligence is just as important as any other kind of intelligence and you’ll get through any rough patches with a greater understanding of one another.

19 Cancer (Mother) And Aries (Child) - Careful Vs. Risk-Taking


Cancer mothers can be cautious about their children trying new things, going places without them, and the separation that comes from them growing up. Your love of home and comfort will have you cherishing every moment with your daughter when she’s young and spending lots of time with you, but it can lead to feelings of nostalgia when she starts going off on her own. And an Aries daughter will want independence from a young age. Try to quiet some of your anxieties about her getting hurt or leaving you behind and keep a watchful eye from afar. Let her come back to your loving home on her own.

18 Virgo (Mother) And Gemini (Child) - Tenacious Vs. Inconsistent

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As an all-star student and overachiever, you expect your daughter to be equally hardworking. You might start teaching her numbers and letters from a very young age and imagine her future as a lawyer, businesswoman, or politician.

Your daughter, however, seems too curious about everything to sit still for long enough to complete anything.

Where you always have the end goal in sight, she prefers to try many things at once and see where she ends up. The worst thing you can do is push too hard -- recognize her different learning style instead and do check-ins to make sure she’s making progress.

17 Aries (Mother) And Aries (Child) - Head-Butting Rams


Aries, you have met your match. You didn’t think anyone could be as strong-willed or confident as you, but then along came your daughter. A two-Aries-household will always involve some loud arguments, but that’s not necessarily an indicator of a bad relationship. Like you, your daughter fights for what she believes in and will always stick up for herself. While you might be used to persuading people to your side with your loud and self-assured personality, your daughter will quickly learn the same skill. When things get heated, try giving her some space or responding to her volume with silence.

16 Capricorn (Mother) And Libra (Child) - Impulsive Vs. Over-Thinking


Usually, we think our children are more carefree than us, but this combination is just the opposite. A carefree Capricorn mother paired with a worrier Libra daughter means it will sometimes feel like the kid is the one doing the parenting.

You might tell her pancakes for dinner and being late to school are ok once in a while, but your little Libra might think differently.

The biggest challenge in your relationship will be getting your child to give herself a break every once in a while. Remind her that every school assignment won’t determine the rest of her life and that the chances of getting hit by lightning are very slim.

15 Aquarius (Mother) And Leo (Child) - Introspective vs. Extrospective


You’ve always been fascinated by the feelings and thoughts of the mind and like nothing better than to delve into piles of books. Your daughter is equally cerebral and curious but, she learns by tinkering, touching, trying, and asking endless questions about the world around her. You’ll be shocked sometimes by the depth of her questions and probably won’t always have an answer for her. Instead of just telling her everything she wants to know, try asking questions back to her in order to direct her thinking. She’ll feel more proud of herself and remember what she’s learned better if she’s figured it out on her own.

14 Gemini (Mother) And Cancer (Child) - Interested In Everything Vs. Deeply Interested In A Few Things

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The world of facts and figures has always fascinated you, Gemini, and you expect your daughter to retain every piece of information as easily as you do.

You find, however, that while your daughter is deeply passionate about some things (and with right-brained Cancers it’s more likely to be literature, music, or history) she has absolutely no interest in others.

Her mind might obviously start to wander when learning about math, or she might doodle all throughout science class. Allow her to explore her areas of interest to her heart’s content, just make sure she leaves a little time to learn everything else she needs to know.

13 Leo (Mother) And Capricorn (Child) - Highly Directed Vs. Wandering


Like Emily and Lorelai Gilmore, where you’ve always been one to play by the rules, your daughter seems to be more free-spirited. As a young child, this might manifest itself by acting out in class or talking out of turn. She might struggle to see the importance of keeping up piano lessons she doesn’t like or, later, applying to big name colleges. This does not mean she won’t be hugely successful, however – your daughter is motivated and intelligent – but has to find her own way to do things. Capricorns like her are often the ones to be the most innovative and world-changing because of their ability to think outside the box.

12 Taurus (Mother) And Scorpio (Child) - Talker Vs. Doer


You, Taurus, are a talker. The way you understand things is by talking through them, and you can never arrive at any decision without a good long verbal mulling over with friends or family. Whenever your daughter is confronting a problem, you expect her to do the same.

You ask endless questions, expecting her to respond, but instead, the more you ask the more she seems to burrow into herself.

You worry that she’s keeping things bottled up and not dealing with her feelings properly. Turn down the worry a little. Your daughter prefers to solve problems by immediate action, and the more you badger her the more closed up she’ll become. Let her come to you.

11 Scorpio (Mother) And Virgo (Child) - Open-Minded Vs. Skeptical


You think of yourself as an optimist. There is no unsolvable problem or unfixable relationship in your eyes. You believe that if your daughter tries hard enough, she can achieve anything, and you try to pass on that same belief to your child. However, she seems to overthink every problem and instead of jumping in headfirst like you tend to do, examines every possible way she could go wrong before making any moves. While this might look overly anxious and pessimistic to you, try not to push her too far past her comfort zone. As long as she does finally make a decision, her method makes her feel more comfortable.

10 Sagittarius (Mother) And Gemini (Child) - Perfectionist Vs. Tryer


You have never been able to settle for anything less than 100% in everything you do. You were captain of the track team, an A student, and first violin in the orchestra. You limited yourself to a few activities so you could really excel at them and feel like the best.

Your Gemini daughter, though, would rather try a bit of everything.

Even once the other kids are picking sports and activities to focus on, she’s still experimenting and signing up for ballet classes, kickboxing, picking up a new instrument or language. She might never be the leader in any of them, but recognize the merit of knowing a great number of skills and exploring new things.

9 Libra (Mother) And Pisces (Child) - Easy-Going Vs. Particular


This is another funny parent-child zodiac dynamic because sometimes it might feel like the daughter is the one doing the parenting. As a Libra, you have always felt that rules are there to be bent a little. Sure, society would fall apart if they didn’t exist, but the smart people know how to get around them to succeed. Your daughter, however, finds this mindset shocking, and can’t comprehend how anyone with good intentions would ever break the rules. She demands structure, and will likely want to eat the same foods day after day and keep to a consistent schedule. Let her have her structure, but make sure to shake it up every once in a while.

8 Cancer (Mother) And Leo (Child) - Homebody Vs. World Traveller


Cancers put their first priority in building a loving, nurturing home that children will always want to return to. You’re as much a fan of traveling as anyone else, but you’ve always found it preferable to return home after a few weeks to re-attune to your natural environment.

As your daughter gets older and starts going off on her own, it’s clear that she has no such need.

She’ll want to sleepover at friends’ houses every night of the weekends, and later, go to college or start working far away. Build your comforting nest without clinging too hard, Cancer, and she’ll always come home for visits.

7 Sagittarius (Mother) And Sagittarius (Child) - Hot-Headed Emotions


Two Sagittarius women in the house will make for some tumultuous times. You’re both highly passionate but also easily hurt, and once you see the other raising her voice or getting angry, your instinct is to retreat and cry. Your major struggle will be learning how to resolve conflict without stepping on each other’s feelings. While you might want to convey your feelings through passionate displays, when dealing with sensitive issues, try keeping your voice calm and steady, explaining things simply and without emotion. Your daughter will learn to deal with conflict similarly and you’ll avoid a lot of slamming doors.

6 Capricorn (Mother) And Taurus (Child) - Two High-Strung Worriers

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Stress is no stranger to your household with two Type-A personalities always putting pressure on themselves to do more. Your daughter will internalize from a young age your concerns about the rest of your family, desire for her to achieve, and any other concerns you have.

Don’t hide from your daughter, but the more you learn to deal with your own anxieties, the less she will put onto herself.

Practicing yoga and meditation or mindfulness on your own time will transfer into the time spent with your daughter and help her mental health as much as it will help yours.

5 Scorpio (Mother) And Aquarius (Child) - Sheltering Vs. Deeply Inquisitive


A Scorpio mother’s number 1 rule is care. You create elaborate schedules for your daughter that make sure she gets her daily nap, perfectly calculated snacks to ensure she’s healthy and energized, and just enough socializing with other kids to develop her social skills but not detract from her ability to be alone. You view your child as a delicate thing that needs to be kept in perfect balance at all times. Your daughter does not think of herself in the same way. She’s a courageous explorer, a climber, and a tryer of new things. Keep her to her routine but make sure she gets time to explore with the safety net, if not gone, slackened a little bit.

4 Gemini (Mother) And Pisces (Child) - Thick Skinned Vs. Sensitive


This can be a tough combination because you can never tell when something you think is innocuous will hurt your daughter deeply.

Geminis don’t sweat the small stuff and tend not to read too much into what others say, but Pisces are deeply sensitive and can find the smallest thing hurtful.

As a mother, you should recognize two things. One, that sometimes your daughter will be right and you did say or do something hurtful to her without realizing. Two, that sometimes she will be wrong, and she should learn that not every comment made to her is meant to be insulting.

3 Leo (Mother) And Taurus (Child) - Outgoing Vs. Shy


From the moment she was old enough to go on playdates, you’ve been arranging a jam-packed social schedule for your daughter. Time spent with friends has always been one of the most important things to you and you expect her to be the same. You notice, however, that your daughter sometimes resists being left without you and can become quiet and unsocial in some moods. Make sure you spend enough time one-on-one with her, not just at home in your daily routine, but doing activities together. Her relationship with you is as important to her as any other and will make her come out of her shell among her peers.

2 Aquarius (Mother) And Cancer (Child) - Left Brain Vs. Right Brain


You consider yourself a facts person who deals better with hard truths like numbers than with wishy washy things like thoughts and feelings. Your daughter, though, tends to gravitate more towards stories than puzzles and towards art over math.

You might find it hard sometimes to relate to the things she’s interested in.

A place where you might be able to find a shared interest is in music, which combines the mathematics of a left-brained person with the creativity of a right-brained person. Take up an instrument or join a choir together to develop this shared interest.

1 Libra (Mother) And Capricorn (Child) - Free-Spirited Vs. Conservative


You have never been conventional. When you were growing up you wished your mom would let you wear more mature clothing from a younger age and go out with friends alone. You vowed to never put too many restrictions on your own daughter -- if she wanted to dress up like Britney Spears for Halloween, you would let her! Your daughter, however, would much rather dress up as a green-faced witch or a doctor, and her favorite clothes are along the lines of jeans and polo shirts. Make sure not to put too much pressure on her to dress or act a certain way, as you could end up making her feel as restricted as you did.

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