19 Most Un-Duggar-Like Duggar Moments (And 1 That Jim Bob Definitely Disapproves Of)

As many people already know, the Duggars are a large family who's appeared on TLC. After starting their reality TV career with the show 17 Kids and Counting, the network had to change the name of the show to 19 Kids and Counting soon after due to even more children being born.

So what makes this family worth filming?

The Duggars are an original family of 19 (nine boys and 10 girls) whose dedication to their faith had them become such a large family since they do not believe in birth control. They believe that it is not up to them to decide how many children they will or won't have. But with a huge house of 20+ people, there are bound to be some eyebrow raising moments. Not only do parents Jim Bob and Michelle want all their children married off young, they're all homeschooled, courted with their parents' approval, and hold some rather traditional beliefs that got a few fired from the show. And let's not forget about the cancelation of the show after the oldest son, Josh Duggar, shattered their family name with a secret life.

From their start in 2008 to 10 years later, we've seen this family go through ups and downs. And though these Baptists are supposed to be good people, they've done some pretty "un-Duggar-like" things that have gotten them in the dog house.

20 Give And Take

Christians believe in doing good and giving back to those in need. We've seen a few of the family members go on missionary trips, but there's something fans of the show never expected this family to do: They gave back and then took it back...

Inquisitr stated that the brood showed up to the Compassion Center in Springdale, Arkansas to donate food, however, once production realized there weren't many people there needing help, they essentially re-filmed a few scenes until they were happy with the content they got.

The Duggars put some "junk food" in a family in need's car, but as soon as filming ended, the kids took the food back from the family's car and left the scene.

Was it all staged for the show or do they really care?

19 Lying On Camera


Since we're on the topic of staging episodes, do you remember watching a 2016 episode where Jinger flips and sells a car? Fans were so proud of the young woman for actually selling something she worked hard on, but it was apparently all an act...

The man who "bought" the car from Jinger was actually no buyer at all. InTouch Weekly stated "A friend of mine works on the crew and invited me to play the role of 'guy who wants to buy a car.'"

I bet Jim Bob is pissed that this dude couldn't keep his role under wraps...

18 Jessa's Parenting Scrutinized


There's a big chunk of me that feels bad for most of the Duggars. Yes, they signed themselves up for this reality TV life and are going to be scrutinized for everything they do, but most of the young-adults we've watched grow up are still quite young themselves.

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald was hit by multiple mommy shamers when she posted the above image of her son Henry on Instagram. Many shamers thought Jessa was a poor mother for not having her son's hair brushed and the fact that he was "hooked" on an electronic. This wasn't the first time Jessa was mommy shamed, so if she wants to continue sharing her own family life on social media, she better watch out for those kinds of comments.

17 Did Jill Have No Concerns For Her Child?

Right around the time Josh Duggar blew up the Internet with his secret life, Jill Duggar decided this was the perfect time to get the heck out of Arkansas. So with two kids and a husband, Jill moved to Central America, where her husband was doing missionary work. However, many fans were quick to discredit her parenting skills considering this was the time of the Zika outbreak.

Going to Central America with a toddler and a young baby didn't seem like the safest idea. However, the family remained there for two years!

While I think Jim Bob and Michelle were probably proud of Derick's contribution to the community, I doubt they were pleased about the health concerns.

16 Jessa And Ben Skipped Tradition

Fans love Jessa and Ben, so they were pumped when they took their relationship to the next step and got engaged, and later married. Since this family has a ton of courting rules, there are many things these two could and couldn't do until the day (or night) of their wedding. One of these things was kiss. However, The List states that the two actually decided to break family tradition (sorry, parents) and declined to kiss at their ceremony. The two decided to kiss passionately for the first time without people watching them.

15 Jinger Started Wearing Pants!

One of the many rules this family abides by is that women cannot wear pants. They can only wear skirts or dresses that go down to their ankle (or knee with some colored stockings).

While that rule seems absolutely ridiculous in 2018, one of the younger girls (Jinger) agreed and decided to go against tradition and wear pants! GASP!

I'm guessing this is because of her husband's more relaxed views on clothing, but nevertheless, she really seems to have to come into her own now that she's hitched.

14 Did Jill Plagiarize?


Jill has been getting a lot of flack on social media lately; mainly for preaching "groundbreaking" advice that isn't really groundbreaking. If you ask me, I think she's still trying to find herself and what she really wants in life.

After quitting the show Counting On, Jill decided to stay connected with her fans through the family's website.

Her little contribution was adding some of her favorite recipes — pictures included. The problem with this was that, according to Romper, her "family" recipes were apparently taken from other cooks, who were given no credit.

One recipe in particular were these beloved zucchini boats that she always made for her husband... But the recipe—and the picture she posted—were taken from somewhere else, so they weren't really from her mother's recipe box now were they? After the backlash, the TV star ended up adding credit where credit was due but fans were still annoyed.

13 Michelle Talks The Talk, But Doesn't Walk The Walk

via:Radar Online

With 19 kids (and a whole bunch of grandchildren coming their way), it's obvious that Michelle and Jim Bob don't use any birth control. That would be one too many slip ups! But for a family who tells their children not to use birth control either, it was surprising to many when they found out Michelle used to be on it!

According to Romper, after going on the pill early on in their marriage, and then again after their first son was born, the couple suffered a miscarriage which was apparently due to the fact that she got pregnant while on birth control. I understand her change of heart in regards to the pill, but it's hard to preach something to a brood of kids that you didn't do yourself early on.

12 What Missionary Trip?


Jill Duggar used to be a fan favorite but after she married Derick Dillard, she started being attached to a lot of negative commentary. In June of 2015, Derick and Jill announced they were going to El Salvador for missionary work. Like many missionaries do, they asked for donations.

However, something must have changed in their plans because the couple didn't leave for Central America as quickly as they noted — they remained in Arkansas. Outraged, fans who donated wanted their money back (rightfully so).

Donators later commented that someone from the show reached out to them and asked if they wanted their money back or if they'd rather have it donated to another charity...

11 Derick Has Strong Opinions

Again, can Derick Dillard do anything right? While the Duggars are typically quiet regarding their political agenda, their son-in-law certainly never got the memo.

Derick has spoken out many times via Twitter (this seems to be his favorite platform) about his religious values and things he sees going on in the world that he disagrees with (which also got him fired from TLC and working on 19 Kids and Counting). Most notably, the former Walmart employee wanted people to stop shopping at Target for making their restrooms open to all kinds of genders (LGBT+ friendly), not just male and female.

Target, of course, stood their ground; so I'm guessing Derrick won't be shopping there on Black Friday.

10 Josh Duggar's Online Dating

We're at the point in the ranking where Josh Duggar's secret life began unfolding. When it was announced that Josh was turning his back on his family, it was then discovered that he had been stealing a man's picture and creating his own Facebook and OKCupid accounts...

According to Inquisitr, the identity he used was Joe Smithson. "Smithson" was mainly friends with adult dancers and models in the Arkansas area. However, the picture Josh used for himself was actually the son of the CEO of a multi-national corporation. Gee, don't you think he should have used someone a little less well known?

9 Jim Bob Got A Little Too Handsy

Jim Bob and Michelle are obviously good people, but it's their differences in lifestyle that sometimes causes an uproar.

While Jessa and Ben were still courting, they went on a double date with her parents, and it was as weird as you'd think.

While Jim Bob was discussing the importance of modesty and rules the two had to follow, he decided to show them all the things you could do once you were married....

In short: he acted like he and Michelle were in their own bedroom — not on the put-put course. He was overly affectionate with her just to rub it in their faces... which is a weird thing to do to make a point.

8 Corporal Punishment

via:In Touch Weekly

I find it very confusing when self-righteous people do unrighteous things and somehow justify their actions. During a 2015 police report involving Josh Duggar, there was another piece of information dropped that was eye-openly disturbing. It mentioned that Michelle and Jim Bob follow corporal punishment when their children act unruly. The scene depicted in the police report made it sound like the house was very chaotic and stressful — getting physical seemed to be the only way the parents could have any sense of control. Regardless of conflicting parenting styles, this was controversial to say the least.

7 Josh's Loyalty Song Is Awkward


I'm embarrassed even thinking about this moment, but when Josh and wife Anna got married, he wrote her a "loyalty" song. He said the song "really displayed my emotions and feelings for Anna ... those words spoke the very emotions from my heart." (Wow... how charming.) He continued singing, "through the hardest of days, we will choose the right way, my commitment I'll prove, yes, I will be loyal to you," which only makes us now think of the harrowing details we've learned from his Ashley Madison scandal. I'm guessing Jim Bob and Michelle didn't see that coming...

6 Their Tutor's Husband Has A Suspicious Background


If having 19 kids wasn't enough, they were all homeschooled on top of it all. Tabitha Paine is the Duggars' live-in tutor, who is apparently always on call. And with kids of all ages running around, her day must be filled with headaches and questions. But it's not her job or dedication to the family that raises eyebrows, it's the person she's engaged to.

Her fiancé Timothy Robertson had a troubling past before dating Paine. This means that a person with a belief system different to the Duggars was welcomed into their home time and time again.

Regardless of the Duggars' reaction to his wrongdoings, Robertson believes he was "misunderstood."

5 And Their Homeschool Program...


While we're on the subject of homeschooling, let's talk about the fundamentalist group that teaches the Duggar children. Advanced Training Institute is a "'Biblically based' homeschooling program that lets Christian families integrate their kids’ daily, hours-long moral learnings with just a dash of secularism," Gawker notes. However, this cult-like group was founded by a man named Bill Gothard, who had to go on leave after over 30 women accused him of being inapt.

His program asks students to do everything with a smile and to do what's expected of them. But allowing your kids to be educated by a program that was created by a dangerous man is all kinds of messed up.

4 Jim Bob And Michelle's Premarital Activities...

via:OK! Magazine

Michelle Duggar was once a wild woman who wore skirts above the knee, was on the cheerleading squad, and even kissed Jim Bob before they were married. Now, that's kinda funny coming from a woman (and man) who tell their children not to kiss or even face-hug until marriage. Hypocrisy much?

Daughter Jill knew about mom and dad's difference in upbringing and explained it in a video, "So my parents, they um, did the traditional dating. So when they were engaged, they spent a lot of time alone together. They said they saved [themselves] for marriage, but they kissed."

3 The Cancelation Of Their Show

I don't think the Duggars would have ever expected 19 Kids and Counting to be canceled due to their own personal family issues. Don't most shows die off due to bad ratings? Considering how popular this massive family was, it was a surprise to them when their biggest paycheck from TLC was squashed overnight due to Josh's secret life. But this wasn't just about being fired from a show; the show's cancelation showed this family wasn't all that meets the eye. There were darker secrets in their home than they let on... And that pissed a lot of fans off.

2 When Jessa Was A Little Too Candid


I really do feel bad for the older Duggar girls. I know some fans think they're trying too hard to be relatable, but I think we're the ones being too hard on them. However, before the family's show was canceled and her older brother's secrets came to life, Jessa made some comments that were taken kind of out of context and were super creepy at the same time.

When talking to Cosmopolitan, Jessa reminded people that she's never kissed a boy (besides her brothers) she was saving that moment for marriage. But when she was asked who she would look to for advice on being a good kisser... she said her parents. "My parents are pretty good kissers! They very much like to show their kiss in public places, so they kiss in front of us all the time." Some people saw this as creepy, while others thought it was sweet. Regardless, I don't think speaking about that part of a relationship was really "allowed" for the Duggars.

1 Josh's Wrongdoing

via:Duggar Family Blog

We all know the story of Josh Duggar. He lied to his wife and kids, manipulated his siblings, and ruined his reputation for the rest of his life. What hurt fans (and most likely him as well) the most was that we've been following this young man for years — watching his family with curiosity. And now it seems like we don't know him at all. He turned into this master manipulator that no one saw coming. It made fans wonder what other things were going on in the Duggar household that we didn't know about; which is quite alarming considering how often they're filmed!

Through all the ups and downs, Josh's wife decided to stay by his side for the sake of their children and her religion. While Josh doesn't seem to have a pure heart, his wife certainly does.

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