• 20 Most Romantic Ideas For A Last Date Night Before The Baby Comes

    Romance isn't thrown out the window the moment we become parents but it definitely changes the dynamic. The change might not even be noticeable until a few months later. Given how much newborns sleep, most moms end up feeling like they spend more than enough time with daddy and generally don't mind having to take the baby everywhere they go.

    Over time, you might start to realize that you haven't done anything to really connect with your partner in a while. You will also realize that the simple act of going on a dinner date takes a tremendous amount of planning.

    I'll never forget the last few weeks before my first baby was born. My husband and I were so excited and so ready for him to be here already! We also had no idea what we were in for but although our dynamic has definitely changed as a couple, our bond is also stronger than it has ever been.

    Having a sweet baby is 100 percent worth the extra effort. Even still, it's best to get in tons of dates and experiences before the baby is born. Below you'll find 20 super romantic date ideas for you and your hubby to try before the baby is born.

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    Take A New Class Together
    Via YorkExpress

    Taking a class together can really bring you and your partner closer. Especially when you consider all the classes you'll be missing once the baby comes! There won't be time for things like that for quite a while after your baby is born.

    Cooking classes, art classes, pottery classes, you name it. Think of something you've always wanted to learn, and search for classes in your area.

    You'd be surprised how easy it can be to learn a new skill. If you can't agree, you can both pick and class and attend them together. Even if all you learn is that you stink at cooking or knitting, it will be an experience you'll never forget.

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    Take it to the Mini field
    Via: Lou deLeon

    Mini-golf is always fun! As long as your feet aren't too swollen and you're able to bend over just a tad, it should be a blast. There has been some debate on forums for pregnant women, discussing whether or not mini-golf is a no-no for pregnant women.

    Unless your doctor recommended that you don't stay on your feet too long, it shouldn't be an issue. Some mini-golf courses even have little benches and seating areas throughout the property, so you can sit and rest for a moment. Mini-golf is a fun activity that will surely bring you and your partner closer together before the baby comes, even if neither of you is any good at it.

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    A Couple's Massage is always a good choice
    Via: YouTube

    This is probably my first choice. I mean, let's be real - nothing beats a massage! I'll take it over mini-golf any day.

    Add in your hubby or boyfriend, and you're sure to have a great time. Even if the two of you don't talk very much, it's always nice knowing they're there, especially if your due date is pretty close.

    Even though you can't lay on your belly, there are still plenty of options for pregnant women! Foot and leg massages, facial masks, it's making me relaxed just thinking about it. Massages and spa treatments are particularly nice when your sense of smell is heightened. You and your partner will leave smelling super fresh!

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    A Comedy Show for some much-needed laughs
    Via: Iliza Shlesinger

    This is a fun way to get out in the evening and have fun without alcohol. Sure, there will likely be people drinking around you, but it's not like going to a dance club. You can thoroughly enjoy yourself without a single drink because you'll be too focused on the comedians to worry about missing out.

    Plus, they say laughter is therapy, and I agree 100%! When I'm having a hard day, I love watching standup, or a funny movie to lift my spirits. It's better than chocolate.

    You'd be surprised how many small comedy clubs are in your area. You don't have to buy tickets to a major arena and deal with a ton of walking and shuffling through crowds. Look up the smaller comedy clubs in your area for a low-key outing.

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    staying in for a Board Game Night
    Board Game Date
    via businessinsider.com

    Board games aren't just for kids. There are dozens (if not a few hundred) board games for adults and quite a few of them are playable with only two people.

    It's actually one of my favorite things to do with my husband. Life can get pretty stale when you plop down on the couch to watch Hulu night after night.

    Playing board games with your significant other is a great way to liven things up. Let's just hope you both aren't too competitive. Things can get pretty tense. Keep things light-hearted and fun, and you'll be good to go!

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    making it fun and Cooking Together
    Via Amazon.com

    Unless you and your partner frequently cook dinner together, this would be a fun way to bond before the baby comes. Soon enough, there won't be any time for you to cook together anymore! One of you will likely be tending to the baby while the other prepares a meal.

    A great way to eliminate two birds with one stone is to meal prep and pack easy freezer meals for the first few weeks after the baby is born. That way you both can focus on bonding with the baby and adjusting to your new life instead of worrying about slaving away in the kitchen.

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    a classic Movie-and-cuddle Night
    Movie Night In Date
    via bestvpndeals.com

    Never underestimate the power of a movie night in. Movie theaters are overrated anyway if you ask me. Nothing beats snuggling up on the couch with cheap snacks to enjoy a night together.

    Not only is it more comfortable because you can have a blanket and relax in your pajamas, but you get to pick any movie you can think of.

    You'll still be able to enjoy movies once the baby is born, but you'll likely have an infant attached to you the whole time, or you'll be interrupted about five times throughout the movie. Soak it in while you can!

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    Let Your Cravings Lead The Way
    Via: Parenthood - Topix

    Obviously, it's important to eat healthy, especially while pregnant. But that doesn't mean you can't cut loose every now and then and enjoy a greasy burger.

    Are you craving Chili's chicken strips, but only with the Mcdonald's ranch sauce? Or maybe some dill pickles with a gourmet cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory? Go for it and make a night of it! Drive around with your hubby, listen to some music, and eat your heart out.

    As inconvenient as it sounds, it can be a blast if both of you go into with the right attitude. Just try not to ask on a day where he's obviously stressed out.

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    get pampered at A Bed And Breakfast
    Via: Kathy Fang

    Even if your due date is just around the corner, you can enjoy a bed and breakfast in your area. B&B's are a fun way to relax and reconnect with your partner. You can't stress about cleaning when you're not even home, right?

    You won't be distracted by your nesting urges, and you (hopefully) won't feel as crabby because you know you're there to actually enjoy yourself. It may be a bit expensive, but it's way better than staying in a hotel.

    Plus, like most things on this list, it's not something you'll be able to do as easily once the baby is born.

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    Check out A Sports Event
    Via Unilad

    If you and your hubby are sports fans, go to an event or game for one last hurrah before the baby comes. There will likely be drinking going on, but if you immerse yourself in the game, it shouldn't be too uncomfortable.

    Sports games are obviously pretty off-limits once you have a baby. Nevermind the possible drunks and rowdy men getting huffy, the sheer level of noise is overstimulating for a little one.

    Get all dressed up in your favorite team's color and get out there while you still can. You'll be stuck watching the games at home for quite a while after.

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    Picnic Under The Stars
    Picnic Under The Stars
    via citynomads.com

    Picnics are romantic. Sitting under the stars is romantic. Add them together, and - BOOM! You've got yourself a super romantic date night.

    This is a great way to save money. Instead of eating out, taking food from home will cut the bill in half (at least) and it's way more private than a restaurant. It's seriously a win-win. It allows you both some time to talk things over.

    What are your plans for the future? Who do you think the baby is going to look like more? It all sounds so lovely and intimate! So pack a few sandwiches and a picnic blanket, and go stargazing!

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    Take A Bath together (if you have space)
    Taking Bath Together
    the virginer.com

    Taking a bath with your hubby can be super relaxing (granted your bathtub is big enough to fit the three of you). You can go all out and still be frugal. Get a bottle of bubble bath soap, rose petals, and turn some relaxing music on.

    Just like having a picnic under the stars, this date allows the two of you to talk about future plans and simply enjoy each other's company without any distractions.

    When you've been together for a while, it becomes easy to get so wrapped up with work and errands that you forget how much you enjoy having deep conversations. There's always something new to learn about your partner.

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    Listen To Music Together
    Listen To Music Together
    via essentialkids.com.au

    Simply staying home and listening to music together is a great way to bond and get new conversations started. Sometimes it's better than going out! No need to get all dolled up or spend money you'd rather use on paint for the new nursery.

    Besides, it's not something that you'll be able to do very often once the baby is born. You might find the time to sit and listen to music together, but will you? That's the real question.

    Most of the time, you'll find that you're too tired to make time for things like this. Get it in while you can.

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    Take a trip to the mall
    Go Shopping Together
    via Walmart.com

    Although going shopping might not sound like a super romantic time, you can totally make it fun! Trying on outfits that you would never actually buy, or better yet - picking out some things that the two of you can enjoy after the baby comes - it really ups the fun factor.

    Go out and choose a fancy bottle of non-alcoholic wine, some lingerie, soft cheeses, or anything else that you haven't had the chance to do while pregnant.

    It also makes the baby's due date feel even more real. You might feel like you've been pregnant forever, but it will be a nice reminder that it won't last forever.

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    Binge Watch Your Favorite Series Together
    Binge Watch Tv Together
    via napervillemagazine.com

    Again, this might not happen for a while after the baby is born, so it's best to cram in some binge watching beforehand.

    When my son was a newborn, I binge-watched all kinds of TV shows at night when I was pumping or nursing. But, my husband was passed out because he still had to work! It's definitely not the same when you're alone.

    So snuggle in and watch your favorite series together while you still can, even if you've already watched it together a million times. Soon enough you'll be taking naps in shifts and wondering when you'll get a full night's rest again.

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    Test Drive Some Cool Cars
    Test Driving Cool Car
    via elements.org

    Being a parent is beautiful and beyond rewarding but everyone knows it also changes your life in more ways than you could imagine. Your life will need structure.

    You won't be able to just leave on a whim to test drive some cool cars. Who will watch the baby? If there's no one to babysit, do you have to bring a car seat? Is that even allowed? What about test driving cars that only have two seats?

    You may not have ever felt the urge to test drive cool cars on a whim, but you'll thank yourself if you do it. It's an experience, for sure. And it's something you and your significant other won't be able to do on a Saturday afternoon without a ton of planning.

    And by the way, once you get a babysitter in place and pack the diaper bag and bottles, will you really want to go test drive a car? Yeah, probably not.

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    Enjoy A quiet Sunset
    Watching The Sunset
    via shutterstock.com

    Sunsets are romantic, it's just a fact. It doesn't matter what you're doing or where you are, watching a sunset is sure to make you feel lovey-dovey. You can plan to take a walk in the park to a spot where you have a full view of the skyline or you can even shift your picnic under the stars to include the sunset.

    By the end of the night, you'll be feeling like it's time to think about baby number two!

    But in all seriousness, this is something that can be figured out in a moment's notice. Pregnancy brain is no joke. If you don't have the energy to put much thought into planning a romantic evening with your husband, this is perfect. Just drag them outside and watch the sunset! Bonus points if you hold hands. 

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    Spend A Night By The Fire
    Snuggling By The Fire
    via friasproperties.com

    Ahh, a night by the fire. Is there anything more cozy than that? If it's summer, this might not be the greatest idea. Then again, you could always turn the air down low and waste a bunch of energy, if you really want to make it happen.

    This is perfect for moms-to-be in the Fall or Winter. Grab some fuzzy socks, a cup of warm tea, and a soft blanket and snuggle up by the fireside with your partner.

    It's relaxing and comforting, which most pregnant women need. Remember, stress is bad for the baby. If your little one is picking up on your mood in there, they'll be glad too!

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    Chill at the Drive-In
    Via: Pinterest

    If you can find a drive-in in your area, this would be so much fun! It's much more private and comfortable than those freezing movie theaters, plus you can bring any snacks you want.

    It's also easier to leave if you start feeling queasy or anxious. I know I wouldn't have lasted long but hey, even 30 minutes there is 30 minutes well-spent!

    Not many people can say they've been to a drive-in before. I don't know why they aren't popular anymore, but I wish they would make a comeback!

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    Visit A Botanical Garden
    Via: Pinterest

    If your feet can stand it, then consider visiting a botanical garden. You'll see all sorts of beautiful flowers and plants and depending on the time of year, maybe even some butterflies.

    Personally, I always feel like a princess when I visit botanical gardens. They're so well-kempt and gorgeous. The scenery is breathtaking, and it really lifts my spirits up when I'm feeling down or unmotivated. You're sure to leave the place feel refreshed and renewed!

    Besides, walking is good as long as you don't push yourself too hard, no matter how far along you are.

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