20 Most Popular Sets Of Twin Names Of 2018 (And 5 That Will Break Through Into 2019)

Twins may be double the trouble, but there is no cuter scene than two sweet babies sitting and giggling together. Whether fraternal or identical, twins are the best. If naming a baby is a tough job for parents-to-be, it's easy to see that naming twins would be even more difficult. If parents can come up with one great name that they're both in love with, what if they can't think of a second? The pressure is on and the clock is ticking.

One thing to note is that many parents of twins like to choose names that have the same letter. That goes for boy/boy twins, girl/girl twins, and girl/boy twins. Other times, they decide on names that sound like each other or are part of the same theme.

My fiance's sister has four boys, including two one-and-a-half-year-old twins. It's heartwarming to watch them interact with the family, and it's hilarious when one of them steals food from the other.

Luckily, there are many twin names that are popular and trendy, and many moms and dads are using them for their little bundles of joy. Here are the 20 most popular twin names of 2019, along with five names that will break into 2019.

Let's start with the 20 sets of names that were popular in 2o18...

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25 Emma And John


Nameberry says that Emma and John are a popular set of twin names, and it's easy to see why. This is honestly such a sweet pairing of names.

First of all, these names sound really good together. Second of all, they work because they are each four letters.

It's nice when parents pick out names for their twins that are similar in this way. If parents are expecting boy/girl twins, Emma and John are really great options that they should definitely consider.

24 Eli And Ella

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Verywell Family counts Eli and Ella among the most popular twin names of 2018, and we're totally all for these beautiful names.

They sound so similar, so they're a great pick for parents who want their boy/girl twins to have names that not only start with the same letter but sound like each other as well.

We definitely see a trend with twin names where parents choose names that begin with the same letter or sound the same. It's a nice idea but also one that is really practical.

23 Isabella And Isaiah

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Isabelle and Isaiah are two other names that Verywell Family says have been doing really well in 2018.

According to Baby Name Wizard, Isabelle is "a Spanish form of the name Elizabeth." Interesting, right? We probably haven't heard that before. The cool thing about naming one twin Isabelle is that there are lots of nicknames, from Bella to Izzy to Belle.

Isaiah is also a beautiful name. According to Baby Name Wizard, this is a Hebrew name, "The name was borne by an 8th-century B.C. prophet considered to be the greatest of the three major prophets. His prophecies are recorded in the Old Testament book of Isaiah."

22 Brian And Brianna

Verywell Family

Brian and Brianna is another pair of boy/girl twin names that has been chosen quite a lot, according to VeryWell Family.

Brian may be a common name, but that doesn't mean that we don't think that it's awesome.

In fact, we really love this name. It's strong and classic and would suit many baby boys. We love the idea of naming a boy twin Brian and a girl twin Brianna because the combination is very sweet. These are another beautiful and lovely pair of names that twin parents can consider.

21 Charlie And Charlotte


How cute would twins be if they were named Charlie and Charlotte? It's almost too adorable to even think about.

According to Mom Junction, "The name Charlie has been in use since the 16th century and was born by a number of kings and rulers. It’s currently one of the top 20 names in Scotland, Ireland, and Sweden. Charlotte, the feminine version of the name Charles has an enduring charm to it." Talk about an awesome history.

Baby Name Wizard says that Charlotte is the "feminine diminutive form of Charles." Pairing these names sounds perfect.

20 Ethan And Evan


According to Parents.com, naming boy/boy twins Ethan and Evan is a great idea and also a very popular one.

We like these names a lot. It's cool to name twins something that starts with the same letter but also has two syllables.

According to Baby Center, Ethan is "Hebrew for 'strong,' 'safe,' 'firm.'" That's cool and definitely qualities that parents would want in their little one. Also according to the same website, Evan is "a Welsh name." This is definitely interesting to know.

19 Madison And Michael


Madison and Michael are other girl/boy twin names that have been pretty big in 2018. We can absolutely see why.

Madison is just such a cool name, and Michael fits perfectly. We would never think to put the two names together, so this is quite the unique pairing.

The name Madison actually has a fascinating history and there is a fun fact about it as well. According to Behind The Name, it's "from an English surname meaning 'son of MAUD.'"

A big reason for this name's popularity is because of the character named Madison in the 1984 film Splash, who names herself after NYC's Madison Avenue.

18 Jayda And Jayden


Jayda and Jayden are a gorgeous pair of girl/boy twin names. According to VeryWell Family, these are also quite popular and trendy in 2018.

These names are awesome and roll off the tongue nicely. They go together and are basically the same name.

If parents aren't into that, then they might prefer other names, but parents who are expecting twins and want similar names will be all over these. They are both strong, beautiful names. We might think of Jayden Smith when we hear this name since he's the most famous Jayden.

17 Jacob And Joshua


Parents.com says that Jacob and Joshua are two other names that work great together and we definitely agree. Parents who want a bit more information about the history of these names will appreciate that Babble has done some research into it.

First of all, we should know that Joshua is a name from The Old Testament. The website also notes the popularity of this name by saying,

"The gentle-sounding Joshua is a perennial boys name favorite among parents, so be forewarned that yours may not be the only Joshua running around the block."

16 Faith And Hope


Parents.com counts Faith and Hope as popular twin names, and it's cool since they are two names that are part of the same theme.

There are so many ways to view these lovely and pretty names. You could say that as a parent, you need to have faith all the time and that the journey can test you but it's beautiful and keeping the faith is important. You could also say that you have hope for your children and want them to have the best of the best and be successful.

See? Faith and Hope are great names for twin girls.

15 Samuel And Sophia


According to Mom Junction, "Samuel has not fallen off the top 100-baby name list for over a century. Now that’s incredible. This classic name is [a success] with the parents for its antique charm and beautiful meaning."

It's definitely amazing to hear that Samuel has been such a popular baby name for so long. That must mean that it's a good name. And we can say that it sounds like a good name for sure. Paired with Sophia, Samuel sounds even better. We're big fans of both of these names and think that as far as boy/girl twin names go, you would do really well to pick these names.

14 Zachery And Zoe

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Verywell Family says that Zachery and Zoe are popular twin names. This is a truly interesting pairing for a few reasons.

First of all, it's cool that these names both start with the letter "Z."

This doesn't seem to be the most popular letter of the Alphabet that parents would look at when choosing baby names. There aren't that many names that begin with "Z." Second of all, these are awesome twin names since they don't sound like one another at all. Zoe is so short and Zachary is so long. We also love Zach as a nickname.

13 Logan And Mason


Nameberry has also let us know about other popular twin names: Logan and Mason.

We may have heard the name Logan before but don't really know anything about its history. Babble says that it works for boys and girls and,

"While historically Logan has been all over the place in terms of popularity, it has gained ground as a popular name once again and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon."

Since it works so well as a twin name when paired with Mason, we agree that it's going to stay popular.

12 Emily And Alexander

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Emily and Alexander are just the cutest names. It's like they get even cuter when they're paired together.

These names are also great since they have a real potential for adorable nicknames. You can call Emily "Em" and you can call Alexander "Alex." Done and done.

Of the name Emily, Babble says,

"Beware: Emily is currently (and has been for the past few decades) one of the most popular names in America and England. It’s not surprising considering the timeless quality of its name."

Yup, it's definitely a popular name.

11 Andrew And Matthew


Andrew and Matthew are a cool twin pairing that has been quite popular.

These are good if parents aren't sold on the idea of names that start with the same letter or sound exactly the same.

Naming a baby is such a personal, subjective process, and while one couple will feel one way, another will think that's not the greatest idea. You have to go with your gut in this type of situation.

If you're having twin boys and want classic names, you can't go wrong with Andrew and Matthew. They're just different enough from each other to keep things interesting.

10 Kylie And Miley


Now for some twin names that do sound the same: Kylie and Miley. According to Mom 365,

These are in the top 10 of the most popular girl names. We can imagine that they would be popular names for twin girls as well.

When we think about it, it's pretty cool to pair these twin girl names together since they are both celebrities: Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus. If parents are pop culture fans, they just might want to consider these beautiful names.

9 Gabriel And Caleb


Gabriel and Caleb are awesome names for boy/boy twins. Nameberry says that they're popular and we can see why.

Caleb is another Hebrew name. Babble says, "While it’s literal meaning comes from the word “dog,” it’s often translated into “faithful” and “loyal”—two qualities commonly used to describe man’s best friend. After having its heyday in the 1800s, Caleb fell off the charts and reappeared in the 1960s and has been rising in popularity ever since."

As for Gabriel, it's both Hebrew and Spanish. According to Babble,

"The traditionally Spanish name has been coming back in vogue in recent years and shortens to the cute nickname Gabe."

8 Dylan And Gillian


At first glance, we might not realize that Dylan and Gillian rhyme, but they definitely do. 

VeryWell Family says that sometimes, parents want twin names that rhyme and this is one pair that is popular.

Dylan and Gillian are great twin names since they would work for boy/girl twins or girl/girl twins. Dylan can be a really fun and unique name for a girl. Gillian is a classic name and it can be spelled with a "G" or a "J." These names definitely sound great together.

7 Abigail And Olivia


Abigail and Olivia are very popular twin names and they are positively beautiful. We really can't think of prettier names for girls... besides any others mentioned on this list, of course. All these names are great.

There is something special about the pairing of Abigail and Olivia. Parents who want to name their twin girls names that work well together but don't want the first letter to be the same and are okay with different syllable lengths will definitely want to consider these names.

6 Noah And Naomi


Verywell Family says, "The most popular twin names tend toward the matching sets."

That certainly seems to be the case, and we can see from the pairing of Noah and Naomi that it works really well. These are such cute names for boy/girl twins. We're pretty sure that any parent would be more than happy to name their little ones these names.

If you hear these names separately, you might not realize how well they work together, but once you see them written down together, you will undoubtedly think, "How perfect."

Now let's have a look at the 5 sets of names that will become popular in 2019...

5 Addison And Avery


Nameberry counts Addison and Avery among super popular twin names. These are also twin names that we think will definitely still be popular in 2019.

These names are a great fit. They're both classic but more fascinating than many other names. When we think about it, we realize that there are two characters on Grey's Anatomy that have these names: Addison Montgomery, aka Derek's ex-wife, and Jackson Avery and his mom.

Does that have something to do with their popularity? Probably not, but hey, it's still a fun fact.

4 Taylor And Tyler


Twins named Taylor and Tyler are just guaranteed to be totally adorable, but we would say that about every set of twins. These are more twin names that will still work so well and be so popular in 2019.

It's impossible to see these falling out of favor because they're great for boy/boy or girl/boy twins.

Since we know that parents sometimes want matching names for their twins, these names are a great fit. Just imagine seeing these names on stockings at Christmas or on a birthday cake.

Adorable, right?!

3 Madison And Mason

VeryWell Family

Nameberry counts Madison and Mason among the most popular twin names of 2018, and we think that these two names are going to sail right into 2019 as well.

Why? Because Madison and Mason are gorgeous and interesting names. They are an awesome pair of names for girl/boy twins since they aren't names that people would expect.

Sure, they both start with the letter "M" so that is in keeping with that trend, but Madison and Mason sound just different enough to keep things interesting.

2 Henry And William


Henry and William are very classic, strong, regal-sounding names. And for good reason, of course, given the ultra-famous person across the pond.

If you're looking to name your boy/boy twins something that is more traditional, you can't go wrong with Henry and William.

For that reason, it seems like Henry and William are another pair of twin names that will go strong into 2019. These will never fall out of fashion because people will always agree that they are great names for boys.

1 London And Paris


What are the final twin names that will still be popular and trendy in 2019? That would be London and Paris.

City names always seem to be a trendy choice for baby names. They are the kind of names that parents choose when they want to pick something that is unique and fabulous.

We think that naming your twins London and Paris is so cute because these names, of course, go well together.

Talk about sophisticated babies with sophisticated names!

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