20 Most Edgy Boy Names For A 2019 Baby

When moms-to-be find the right baby names, they usually know immediately. The names just feel right. Moms-to-be should look for names to which they have strong and positive emotional reactions. With so many cool baby boy names to choose from, moms should have no trouble finding options that are perfect for their newborn sons.

Moms-to-be who want a bring a little rock and roll vibe to their choice of baby names for boys will adore the 20 most edgy boy names for a 2019 baby. While every name on the list isn't the name of a rock star or rapper, some of them definitely have musical connotations. Every name on the list is fun, exciting and just a little bit dangerous.

To help moms-to-be learn about these names, their meanings will be discussed in detail. Expectant mommies who read this list won't be left with any questions about what these twenty attractive names for boys symbolize. The vast majority of these baby names have one or two syllables. They are short and so easy to say and spell. One name on the list has three syllables, so it's an ideal choice for a boy with a short last name.

Baby names for boys don't have to be so safe. Moms-to-be who want to raise boys with bold spirits will love these edgy monikers. Now, it's time to take a walk on the wild side, by checking out twenty choices that are confident, interesting and very "now".

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20 Keith


Keith is a name that isn't too popular right now, but it's overdue for a resurgence in popularity. Baby names get trendy, fade out and then come back strong. This name has Germanic and Celtic origins, according to Wikipedia, and its meanings are "forest" and "from the battleground".

During 2007, Keith was in the top 300 for male baby names in America. Lots of people that think this name has an edge because it's the first name of a certain Rolling Stones guitarist. If you love this one syllable name, choosing it will be a great way to ensure that your baby boy has an edgy name that isn't too commonplace.

19 Mick


Mick is such a cute name and it's also got that Rolling Stones edge to it. If you choose this first name for your bouncing baby boy, he may grow up to have "all the moves like Jagger", to reference lyrics from a certain Maroon 5 tune.

Mick is short for Michael, but some Moms skip the long version and put the short form, Mick, on their son's birth certificates. According to BabyCenter, the name Michael has Hebrew origins and means, "Who is like God?". The name became popular in America during the 1940s. Its popularity has been on the wane, so it's due for a comeback.

18 Kanye


Unless you've been living under a rock for years, you already know which celebrity has this attractive and offbeat first name. Is Kanye the right edgy name for your baby boy? Loving hip-hop may be an indicator that this name is an ideal fit for your son.

According to Nameberry, the name, Kanye, means, "tribute" or "honor". It's a name with Nigerian origins, although there is also a Hawaiian derivation that means, "free". Right now, the name Kanye is quite popular. It's in the top thousand for baby names for boys. It promises to remain an edgy contender next year.

17 Kendrick


This name just sounds so cool, doesn't it? It's a great name for a baby boy and it's also the name of a Pulitzer Prize-winning hip-hop legend with the last name of Lamar. Perfect as an edgy first name or stylish middle name, the Scottish derivation means, "royal power" and the Welsh derivation means, "greatest champion", according to Babble.

This name is quite formal and old-fashioned but has a modern edge because of Lamar. It's a name that denotes influence and it's the name of a winner. If you give your baby this popular name, it'll be up to you to make sure that he stays humble.

16 Drake

Via Pinterest

Drake is a cute name. It's short and sweet, and, of course, the name of a very famous hip-hop star who was born in Canada. The biggest celebs definitely trigger baby name trends. There's no doubt about it. The more press a star gets, the more likely it is that people are going to name their babies after him or her. This is why the name, Drake, is going to be even more popular next year.

According to BabyCenter, this name means, "male duck" and it's got English origins. This means that your baby Drake will be your "baby duck". That's kind of cute, no? This name will work well with a longer last name.

15 Austin


Naming your son after a cool place that people love to be will be a fun idea that is also edgy. Austin is the perfect example. These days, most people connect the name, Austin, to Austin, Texas, which is widely considered to America's most livable city, according to Usnews. According to SheKnows, this name has Latin origins and its meaning is, "majestic".

Whether you choose this name because you adore the Lone Star State's most popular city or because you love the fact that this name means, "majestic", you'll be choosing a really memorable name that isn't too dull or conservative.

14 York

Via: Pinterest

York is a strong, simple name with a rugged English feel. If you want to find a baby boy name that isn't long or hard to say or spell, this edgy name may be an ideal fit for your son. According to SheKnows, the name York means, "Yew tree" and it has Celtic origins. It's a name found in Shakespeare, so it's got that timeless English appeal.

If you have English/Celtic roots, why not honor those roots by choosing this special baby boy name? It's straight out of The Tudors or The Crown. Its aristocratic vibe gives it some regal edge.

13 Brooklyn

Via: Pinterest

Brooklyn is hipster central these days, but it used to have a tougher image. It's been gentrified over the years, according to Citylab. These days, it's synonymous with urban cool. If you're into big city life, rather than a quiet life in the 'burbs, why not honor your love of urban energy by calling your baby son Brooklyn? When you do, your son will always have a little piece of the Big Apple to call his own.

According to BabyCenter, the name, Brooklyn, basically means..."Brooklyn, NYC". It's a name which is a combination of two other names/words, "Brook" and "Lynn".

12 Donald

Via: Pinterest

If you name your son, Donald, will you call him "The Donald", which is a popular nickname for the POTUS? When you choose this name, you'll be selecting something edgy, because it's the same name as America's current president. Shorten this name to Don or Donnie if you want to. People may still link it with the president, at least, until your son is a bit older and a new president is in the White House.

According to Thinkbabynames, the name, Donald, means, "world mighty" and "great chief". It's a Scottish clan name. If your family has Scottish roots, this traditional name

11 Barack


Left-leaning Moms-to-be may want to honor the legacy of a former POTUS by calling their newborn sons, Barack. This unusual name will forever be linked with Obama and it means, according to Speisa, "blessed".

There are various derivations of this name. One is Hebrew and it's spelled, Baruch. The other is Arabic, which is spelled, Mubarak or Barak. Feel free to choose the variation that is most appealing to you.

If you change up the spelling of Barak, it will have less of a political affiliation, but it'll still remind people of the Democratic POTUS, who became the head of America in January of 2009.

10 Enzo

Via: Pinterest

This exciting Italian name has an edge because it was the firm name of former Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari. If you love speed and daring, choosing the name Enzo for your baby boy will be a great idea. Naturally, this name is ideal for babies with Italian heritage. It'll pair so well with an Italian last name. However, baby-naming rules are made to be broken, so you definitely don't need to be Italian to give this edgy name to your child.

According to BabyCenter, the name, Enzo, means, "ruler of the house". This name has plenty of power and it sounds amazing, too. It rolls off the tongue.

9 Axel

Via: Pinterest

Axel is a masculine choice. It calls to mind car parts and a certain Guns'n'Roses frontman. Spellings of this offbeat first name for baby boys vary. Choose Axel or Axl, depending on your preference. According to Nameberry, this name has Scandinavian and German origins and its initial meaning was "father of peace". It's popular these days and just misses the top 100 on one baby boy name list. It's a name with tons of edge and attitude.

Since it has just two syllables, it'll sound cool with a long last name, but should pair well with a host of last names of different lengths. It's a memorable name that will set your baby boy apart.

8 Cruz


Cruz sounds so smooth. It's a cool name for a baby boy. Since it sounds just like the word, "cruise", it evokes images of luxurious yachts and tropical waterways. However, its actual meaning is "cross", according to Nameberry. This name is Spanish and it's beautiful. It's edgy but gorgeous. It's a last name that is used as a first name. It's also unisex, so it's ideal for Moms-to-be who want to select gender-neutral names for their kids.

If you love the way that Cruz sounds, why not choose this name for your son? It's definitely a name with plenty of timeless appeal.

7 Marlon

Via: Pinterest

If you love Old Hollywood, why not give your baby boy the same first name as the legendary star of "On the Waterfront" and "Guys and Dolls"? Marlon Brando was one of the biggest movies stars in the world for decades. According to Ohbabynames, the name, Marlon, means, "little blackbird".

The origins of this unique baby name are unknown, but the name is popular in France and America. Marlon is not a commonplace name. It's different and that gives it an edge. It's also easy to say and will sound great with a two-syllable last name. Actually, it'll sound great with almost any last name.

6 Zayn


According to Ohbabynames, boys who are called Zayn will be adventurous, adaptable and intellectual. This attractive baby name has Arabic origins and just one syllable. It's rising in popularity, probably because of One Direction!

The name means, "beauty" and "grace". Zayn is a transcription of the 7th letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

I love the way this name sounds. It's a bit mysterious and it's exciting. If you think this name has an edge and you're not afraid to call your baby boy by a "Z" name (these names are rare), then go for it. It's an ancient name that resonates in the modern age.

5 Xavier


Now, it's time for the longest name on the list. It's Xavier and this is a name that is currently quite popular because it's the name of a character in the X-men comics and movies. Xavier is a classically beautiful name. It's fancy, rather than basic. Since it has a trio of syllables, it's a good choice for babies with short last names. It's also a wonderful middle name for baby boys.

According to BabyCenter, the name, Xavier, means, "savior". Its origins are Latin. Moms-to-be who love the "mutant" X-men and wouldn't mind vacationing at Comic-Con will definitely appreciate this edge boy's name.

4 Damon


Some Moms-to-be may shy away from calling their baby boys, Damon because it's similar in sound to "demon". However, this similarity is what gives the name, Damon, so much edge. According to Behindthename, the name, Damon, means, "to tame". It definitely doesn't mean, "demon". Its origins are Greek. There is a Greek legend featuring Damon.

This name became popular among the English-speaking during the twentieth century. In terms of pop culture, rock stars (the lead singer of Gorillaz) and entrepreneurs (a "shark" from the Shark Tank TV show) named Damon have made this edgy name even more popular.

3 Finn


A certain WWE star has this Irish name, although that name is really his stage name. Finn means, "white" or "fair", according to Nameberry. It's a masculine name that is charming and so easy to say and spell. Since it has just one syllable, it's an ideal fit for longer last names. A short first name and a long last name sound great together. They create a balanced baby name.

A legendary warrior from Celtic mythology, Finn MacCool, has made this name heroic. If you want a "fighter" name for your baby boy, definitely consider this one. It's edgy, tough and timeless.

2 Kingston

Via: Pinterest

If you love baby names that are also the names of places, you may want to call your baby boy, Kingston. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica. Kingston is a hub for Rasta culture. It's an exciting port city which is also a gorgeous resort for tourists.

According to BabyCenter, this name means, "king's town" and its origins are English, rather than Jamaican. Since this name calls to mind Jamaica and England, all at once, it's definitely a unique choice and it will work with any type of last name. It's apparently one of the "hipster" baby boy names right now. You may consider this a good or a bad thing.

1 Dexter

Via Pinterest

According to Sheknows, the name, Dexter, means "dyer". In the old days, in England, people sometimes had surnames that denoted their occupations. Dexter was one of them. People who dyed cloth for a living had this last name.

Today, it's an edgy baby name. If you've ever watched the TV show, Dexter, you don't need me to tell you why this name is an offbeat choice.  TV show aside, this is a very cute baby name that's been around for ages. It's crisp and vibrant. So, why not choose this edgy name for your baby boy? As your son gets older, the name's link with the TV show will fade.

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