20 Most Attractive Girl Names For A 2019 Baby

From Selena to Serena to Belle and beyond, the prettiest baby girl names for 2019 are simple to say, easy to spell and very memorable. They are names that expecting moms love. If the baby is going to have a long last name, consider a one or two-syllable first name, to create balance. If a baby is going to have a shorter last name, a three-syllable first name will be a perfect choice.

Few things in life are as pleasant as selecting baby names. Anyone who is planning to have a 2019 baby may want to check out these 20 beautiful names for gorgeous baby girls. These charming names are going to be popular in the new year. Some of the names are timeless, while others have true modern spirit.

Expectant moms, or moms who are planning to conceive in the foreseeable future, will enjoy this list. The meanings of each name of the list will be explained. It's nice to choose a name that has a resonant meaning, whether the name is traditional or modern. Moms should go for baby girl names with meanings that speak to their souls.

Without further ado, let's look at the best baby girl names for a 2019 baby. With any luck, moms-to-be will find the perfect first and middle names for their babies on this practical list.

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20 Selena

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According to BabyCenter, this name means, "goddess of the moon". If you love to gaze at the full moon at night and want your baby girl to have a powerful name that is strong and meaningful, you may want to call her Selena. This three-syllable name is beautiful and it's an ideal complement to a shorter last name.

Selena has a soft sound that is very pleasant. It's a pretty name that is very fashionable now and it promises to grow in popularity in 2019. It's also the name of a certain pop diva with the last name of Gomez, so it's a first name that it always in the news.

19 Emily

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According to She Knows, the name, Emily means, "industrious". It's a name that's popular in North America, Germany, and France. If you want to raise a daughter who's not afraid to dig in and work hard in order to achieve her goals, this lovely baby girl name may be ideal for your daughter.

Emily is a classic name that is familiar and simple to spell and say. It's traditional enough to be timeless. This name has tons of feminine charm and it's quite refined. Pair it with a one-syllable middle name, such as Lynn or Ann. Three-syllable first names and one-syllable middle names go very well together.

18 Belle


If you're into Disney magic, naming your little princess, Belle, will be the perfect way to bring a little "Beauty and the Beast" fantasy into her life. She will always feel connected to the heroine of Beauty and the Beast because they have the same name.

Belle means, "beautiful", according to Nameberry, and it's less expected than the similar name, Bella, which surged in popularity, thanks to the Twilight books and films. Belle is a one-syllable name which pairs well with a longer last name. It's a name with plenty of romantic spirits and it's certainly an ultra-feminine choice for a baby girl.

17 Marianne


Marianne is the name of a heroine, Marianne Dashwood, from the Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility.  Marianne Dashwood was a wonderful character who was a good woman. She found true love after many challenges and never lost her grace and kindness, no matter how bad things were in her life.

The name, Marianne, is a combination of Mary and Ann. According to Baby Name Wizard, Mary means, "of the sea" and Anne means, "grace". This name is believed to have become popular because of its biblical significance. The Virgin Mary was also referred to as Saint Anne. If you love the meaning of this name, it may be an ideal fit for your 2019 baby girl.

16 Taylor


If you prefer the modern to the ancient, you may love the sound of the name, Taylor. It's one of those first names that is also a last name. Of course, it's also the name of one of the world's most famous pop sensations (Ms. Swift).

According to Baby Name, this baby girl name means, "tailor". In the old days, last names which denoted occupations were commonplace in England and elsewhere around the world. Today, many of these surnames are used as first names. Choosing a surname as a first name is a modern choice and this name may be perfect for your 2019 baby girl. It's a name that everyone knows.

15 Stella


This pretty name means, "star". According to Baby Name Wizard, it's got Latin origins and was first used in Britain during 1374. During the sixteenth century, it became more renowned, because it appeared in a group of sonnets by Sir Philip Sidney. Sometimes, this name is a shorter version of Estelle or Estella.

Stella is a pretty name. It's also short enough to be simple and people aren't likely to misspell it. This two-syllable name will work with almost any middle name and last name. It's versatile because it isn't too short or too long. If you choose this name, you may stargaze with your baby girl and let her know that she, too, is a "star".

14 Kristin


According to Behind The Name, Kristin is a name that's popular in English-speaking nations, as well as Germany and Scandinavia. When Kristin is spelled with two "i's", rather than being spelled, Kristen, it's the Scandinavian and German form of the name. It's a variant of the female name, Christine, which in turn is a variant of the masculine name, Christian. This name means, "anointed one" or "believer in Christ".

Bear in mind that people may not always spell this name correctly, although it's simple, just because it may be spelled two different ways. If that doesn't worry you much, then this name may be perfect for your daughter.

13 Erin


This name is beautiful and it's traditionally Irish. Its meaning is simple and profound. It means, "peace", according to BabyCenter. If you have Irish heritage, or your partner does, you may find that choosing this simple and attractive name is an ideal way to honor an Emerald Isle family background.

Since this name has a gentle and positive meaning, it's filled with good energy. It's an ideal choice to go with an Irish last name, but versatile enough to sound good with many surnames. It's probably best to pair this one-syllable first name with a longer last name, just for balance.

12 Lana

Via: Pinterest

According to She Knows, this name means, "light". It has Greek origins. It also has authentic Old Hollywood charm because it was the name of the famous actress, Lana Turner. If you prefer a sultry and exciting name for your daughter, which hearkens back to Hollywood's Golden Age, you may love the name, Lana. It's different enough to be interesting, yet familiar enough to be classic.

Lana is a two-syllable name that will sound great with a longer last name. If you choose a two-syllable middle name (Lana Marie, for example), you'll find that your daughter's full name has a very pleasing cadence when spoken aloud.

11 Nicolette


A variation on the name equally pretty name Nicole, Nicolette possesses the same meaning, which is, "victory of the people", according to BabyCenter. This name has French origins. If you love French things, from Paris to Chanel and beyond, you may enjoy giving your daughter a name with a little French flair.

Nicolette is a three-syllable name, so it pairs best with a shorter middle and last name. Bear in mind that a lot of people will probably call your baby girl, "Nicki". Make sure that you're ok with this, because you may not be able to stop others from using the shorter version of Nicolette.

10 Dahlia


Naming a precious baby girl after a flower is such a sweet idea and it's traditional, too. There are lots of wonderful flower names for baby girls, including Rose, Violet, and Lily. Dahlia is a little bit more unusual, so it will be perfect for moms-to-be who want a bit more uniqueness and originality.

The name, Dahlia, means "dale". The flower, Dahlia, was named after a ground-breaking Swedish botanist. His name was Anders Dahl. When you choose this name, you'll be able to give your daughter flowers that share her name when she is older, or perhaps you can plant these flowers in your front yard with her.

9 Eva

Via: Pinterest

If you love simplicity, you may find that the baby girl name, Eva, ticks all of the right boxes. It's just three letters and has a couple of syllables. While it's on the shorter side, it's definitely a romantic choice which sounds amazing. People may spell it with a capital, "A", rather than a capital, "E". It's spelled both ways, so choose the spelling that you like best, and be prepared to correct improper spelling of your daughter's name now and then.

This charming name is a variant of the name, "Eve", which means, "life", according to BabyCenter.

8 Melania


The name, Melania, will probably always be associated with FLOTUS, Melania Trump. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your political beliefs. It's a beautiful name which is unusual enough to be interesting. This name is a variant of the traditional name, Melanie.

According to Nameberry, this name has Greek and Spanish origins and its meaning is "black". Since it does mean, "black", some people consider it a Goth baby name! There was a saint, Melania, who was known for freeing thousands from slavery. Saint Melania was from a rich family and used her wealth to help others.

7 Mandy


Mandy is a cute short version of the name, Amanda. Some people put Mandy on their daughter's birth certificates, rather than opting for the also-beautiful name, Amanda. You may choose what's best for you and your baby.

This name was very popular in the 70s and it was used as the title of a poignant "tear-jerker" ballad by crooner, Barry Manilow.

According to Wikipedia, this name has Latin origins and it means, "worthy of love". It has the same meaning as the name, Amanda. Your beautiful baby girl will definitely be worthy of your love, so this name's sweet meaning will probably be very appealing.

6 Carina


According to BabyCenter, this name means, "beloved". That's kind of sweet, isn't it? Your baby is going to be the most important thing in your life, so calling her, Carina, will be very fitting. This name has a gentle sound and it's three syllables make it an elegant and refined choice. It's a name with a lot of style and femininity.

This name may sound Spanish, but it actually has Scandinavian origins. If your family has Scandinavian heritage, you'll probably love naming your baby girl Carina. Since it's a longer first name, it's right for shorter last names. However, traditional baby-naming rules are always made to be broken.

5 Anna

Via Pinterest

Did you ever watch the famous romantic comedy, Notting Hill? In this film, Julia Roberts played a famous actress called Anna Scott, who fell in love with a hapless bookseller, who was played to fumbling, handsome perfection by Hugh Grant. The elegant name, Anna, was perfect for the character. Anna is a name that has a regal quality. It's classic and classy.

The name, Anna, means, "grace", "beautiful" or "favor", according to the En.wikipedia.org website. It is a version of the Hebrew name, Channah, which is a variant of Hannah. This name is sometimes combined with other names to create interesting first names. Annabeth is one example.

4 Tiffany


If you love icy-white diamonds, you may want to call your baby girl, Tiffany, because it's associated with the name of one of the world's premier retailers of diamond jewelry. Tiffany & Co. is all about gorgeous diamond jewelry designs. The link with Tiffany's gives this name a bit of high-fashion splendor. This may be why Donald Trump and Marla Maples decided to call their daughter, Tiffany.

The name, Tiffany, means, "appearance of God", according to the BabyCenter. This pretty name, which is definitely an ultra-feminine choice, has Greek origins. It's a longer name, so pairing it with a one-syllable last name will be a great way to create a balanced full name.

3 Serena


If you love tennis, this name is a natural choice. Why not name your daughter after the GOAT (Greatest of all Time), Serena Williams? This name was also the name of a certain Gossip Girl character (Serena van der Woodsen), played by Blake Lively. Serena is a name with a tranquil quality and soft sound. It means, "serene", "clear" and "tranquil", according to Wikipedia and its origins are Latin.

This name has been around for centuries, but has a lot of modern appeals, because it's the name of the tennis champs Williams sisters and a famous Gossip Girl character. It's a name that so now and that's why it's popular and will become more popular in 2019.

2 Evangeline


This is the only baby girl name on the list with four syllables. If you love longer names, you may adore the name, Evangeline. It's a gorgeous French name and its length gives it a fancy feel. It's beyond sophisticated. According to BabyCenter, this name means, "like an angel".

Your baby girl will be your little angel, so this name will be perfectly appropriate. You're going to treasure your daughter and all of the joy she brings you. If you have French heritage, this pretty name will be a perfect fit for your baby girl. It's unique, but not too unusual. It's best with a shorter last name that has one or two syllables.

1 Cara


According to Nameberry, this lovely girl's name means, "face" and it has Latin origins. You're going to adore your daughter's face and love every single expression that she makes, so this name may be perfect for her. Cara is a simple name which is very fashionable right now because it's the first name of a famous fashion model (Cara Delevigne).

Cara is great because it's simple. It's also an Italian term of endearment, which means, "dear". This name is really popular in the Emerald Isle, even though its origins are anything but Irish. Is it right for your 2019 baby girl?

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