20 Moms Who Worked The Weirdest Side Jobs To Make Ends Meet

Moms who need to make money for their kids often decide to take unusual side gigs in order to cover all of their bills. Some may have enough cash from their main jobs, or through their partners, but embrace work on the side to pay for special things, from pricey concert tickets to expensive kid's sneakers to vacations and beyond.

All of the jobs on today's list are legal and all are a little bit offbeat, although some are way weirder than others. Moms may find inspiration by reading about these unique side hustles...or be glad that they don't need to do these jobs in order to handle the cost of living.

Whether it's dog sitting, making money from Instagram posts, becoming professional "cuddlers" or working as online mock jurors, or anything else on today's list, some moms are pretty ingenious when it comes to drumming up needed cash. They show admirable entrepreneurial spirit.

Of course, it's not just mothers who moonlight, but this is Moms.com. With this in mind, let's look at some side gigs for mothers, some of which are surprisingly lucrative. One of them may be right for you. It's possible to hunt for tons of side gigs online. It's never been easier to make extra money that may be used to handle the cost of raising kids.

20 One Mom Officiates Weddings To Drum Up Cash


If you're a mom who needs extra cash and you love the romance of weddings, you may wish to consider officiating weddings as a sideline. According to Vogue, the first step is getting ordained and the next step is planning out your officiating strategy, so that it's customized to meet the needs of each couple.

American moms who want to get ordained should check marriage laws for their states. In Canada, it's possible to access free online ordinations through Universal Life Church. Beginner officiants usually ask for $100-$200.

One stay-at-home mom, Sunny Dawn Johnston, literally wrote the book (The Wedding Officiant's Manual) on this interesting and fulfilling side job.

19 Dog-Sitting Helps Many Moms to Make $$$

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According to the New York Post, it's possible to make up to $3300 per month as a F/T dog-sitter. Part-timers usually rake in about $900 per month.

There are apps which make it easy for moms to get started with this gig, whether they want full-time employment or side jobs. Rover and DogVacay are just two examples of American apps which connect dog-sitters with prospective clients.

According to the CEO of DogVacay, lots of stay-at-home moms use DogVacay to make extra money as sitters for pooches. For Canadians, GoFetch.ca is a popular interface that links pet owners with sitters.

18 Many Moms Become Mystery Shoppers


According to Practicalmommy.com, real-life mom, Kristen Miller, did this side job for years, before she actually became a mother. She started because she owed money and had difficulty covering her bills each month. Debt collectors were hassling her and she needed a way to make things better.

Now that she has kids, she still does mystery shopping, but she's more selective about the jobs that she signs on for.

Companies that hire mystery shoppers want to access viewpoints that are objective and truthful. They will pay to get these honest points of view. To get started, visit Mysteryshop.org and check out opportunities.

17 Some Moms Transcribe for Busy Professionals

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According to Penny Hoarder, it is possible to earn up to $25 an hour doing transcription work for clients. This type of work may be performed from home, so it's one sensible option if you want to drum up cash while a child has a nap or is at school.

One woman, Lisa Mills, needed extra income quickly after separating from the father of her children. She needed a job that she could do while she stayed home with her kids. Transcription fit the bill.

With a transcription job, you'll listen to audio files and then type out everything that you hear. Quicktate and Scribie are just two of many companies that hire transcribers.

16 Certain Mothers Become Instagram Influencers


This option is probably one of the most glamorous, but it's still hard work. To become an Instagram influencer who gets paid to promote stuff (and gets free swag), you will need to stand out in a big way. Few people achieve influencer status. One mom who has done so is Ilana Wiles. She runs the @mommyshorts Instagram page.

Wiles is affiliated with Godiva chocolates and other brands. She posts about parenting and has built an audience of 155,000 followers. If you're willing to post regularly and put yourself out there, becoming an Instagram influencer may be a good way to make bank.

15 Some Take a Risk with Multilevel Marketing


Lots of moms try to make extra money by buying inventory from companies and selling that inventory to people that they know. This type of direct selling is offered through multilevel marketing companies, such as Amway and Herbalife.

People who sell MLM (multilevel marketing) products are strongly encouraged to bring new sales staff into the fold. This is why a lot of people view multilevel marketing companies as pyramid schemes.

According to Inc.com, direct selling is not all bad. Companies that recruit women, including Mary Kay Cosmetics and Thirty-One Gifts, often give a lot back to communities. Moms should proceed with caution, as many end up spending more on products than they make in profits.

14 Would You Drive An Uber?


According to Uber.com, moms often sign on as Uber drivers. One of these moms, Kim, was featured at the official Uber website. Kim is a single mom of a little girl who has special needs. For this reason, Kim had to find a job with flexible hours. Uber fit the bill. Kim is able to be there for her daughter and work when her child is being supervised by someone else.

So, how much money can a mom making doing this? The median average amount that an Uber (or Lyft) driver makes in America is $8.55 an hour and that's prior to taxes. This probably isn't going to be a lucrative sideline for most women who try it, but it does pay and some moms, such as Kim, seem to find it fun.

13 Some Hard-Up Moms Become Test Subjects For Experiments


Now, we're getting into some risky stuff. Would you be a part of a medical experiment in order to make money for your family? Some moms have done this. According to Medscape.com, lots of medical experiments require analyses that are gender-specific, so women do have opportunities to participate and make good money.

A nurse who spoke to Penny Hoarder has taken part in these trials and she's also helped to run other trials. She says it's possible to make $25, all the way up to $5,000. Some tests are far more elaborate than others. The easy, fast ones pay less. If you sign on, you'll be warned of the risks and side effects before you participate.

12 Others Use Feastly To Cook For Strangers

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If you've got superb cooking skills, you should think about sharing your love of cooking with the world at large. You don't need to open a restaurant or run your own lunch truck. You can cook for a tourist by using an app called Feastly (or by advertising your cooking skills some other way). Feastly is considered the meal-sharing version of "Air BnB", according to Businessinsider.com.

According to Noah Karesh, who is the CEO of Feastly, the platform "provides opportunities to women". If you're willing to cook meals for strangers and serve them up right in your own home, this money-making sideline may be right up your alley.

11 Mothers Do Odd Jobs for Strangers through Task-Rabbit


Have you heard of Taskrabbit? It's an app that connects people who want stuff done with those who will do it...for pay. According to Task Rabbit, a mom called Talia has done odd jobs for strangers via the platform since 2013. She finds that Taskrabbit gives her the ability to make money when it's convenient for her and her kids. She likes the flexibility that Taskrabbit provides.

"Taskers" who work via the platform see the amount of money they'll make when they check out tasks, so there are no surprises. A client who pays $100 for a task will give $85 to the worker and $15 to the company (Taskrabbit).

10 Moms Become Focus Group Members


According to The Work At Home Woman, moms may earn between $50-$150 an hour by being part of focus groups. A mom, Holly Reisem Hanna, says she got started with focus groups while in college and is still making money by attending them now that she has a family.

Hanna recommends companies, such as Consumer Opinion Services, 20/20 Panel and Adler Weiner Research. so check out these firm's websites if you're interested in making money by voicing your opinion offline, in a group setting.

9 Some Moms Fill Out Surveys For Money


If you'd rather voice your opinion online, you can do it and get paid for it. Some moms augment their income by filling out surveys. Companies are always looking for research about consumers and they will pay to get the data that they need. This information helps them to make smart decisions about which products and services to offer and how to market those goods and services.

According to the Work At Home Woman, Anna Thurman is a mother who relies on survey work to earn money from home. This side hustle is something that she can work on while her kids are at school or asleep. Pinecone is one trusted website for finding survey work.

8 One Mom Became A Voiceover Artist


Work can be fun and one mom who does voiceover work loves her job. Laci Morgan manages to balance voiceover work and motherhood, according to her personal website, Lacimorganvoiceovers.com. She makes money by being the voice of audiobooks, commercials and promos. She's set up a home studio that makes it easy for her to work remotely. She's able to edit her own work with software for a polished result. She also has an agent who helps her score more jobs.

7 Moms Have Sold Their Own Hair Online


According to the Daily Mail, there are moms going into hair salons and offering to sell their long locks for cold, hard cash. One mom who did this had blond hair down to her waist. Her hair was one of her greatest attributes, but she was happy to have it cut off for just sixty pounds...that's around US $80.

So, why did she decide to sell her own hair? Well, despite a job, she found that the toys that her kids wanted for Christmas were just too pricey. She sold her hair to buy them the toys they wanted so much.

6 Moms Can be "Rent-a-friends"

All over the world, "rent a friend" services are increasing in popularity. These services allow people to rent platonic "buddies". The buddies accompany them to special events or hang out with them while they do everyday activities.

Moms who want to drum up cash with their social skills can sign on as "rent a friends". According to The Guardian, it's possible to make about $50 per hour hanging out with someone that you've never met before.

Doing this kind of work is sort of like going on a blind date. You won't know the person and you'll have to make the whole interaction pleasant.  Visit Rentafriend.com for more info.

5 Donating Plasma is an Option


Moms who donate plasma for pay usually make about $300 per month. Plasma is a yellow fluid that must be separated from blood. It has more monetary value than whole blood, because it's a treatment for chronic and rare diseases. Some kind people donate their plasma without asking for anything in return. Others want money to help with the cost of living.

According to The Guardian, donating plasma is becoming a "consumer experience". ADMA BioCenters of Atlanta, Georgia is one company that offer cash for plasma.

4 Mothers Sell Ad Space on Their Vehicles

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Services like Wrapify allow moms to make passive income just by putting ads on their own cars. If you want money that you don't need to work for, this money-making strategy may be right for you. The thing is, a lot of people feel embarrassed to drive around personal vehicles that are covered in decals. If you think that this won't bother you, you're a good candidate for his no-labor sideline.

According to Wrapify, "full coverage" of your vehicle should result in a monthly income of $264-$452.

3 Some Get Paid to Cuddle


If you're comfortable touching others and want to bring your nurturing spirit into your side gig, you may want to become a professional cuddler. It's possible to do this full-time or part-time. It's a platonic job, but it will put you very close to others.

One pro cuddler, Jessica Chou, wrote about her job for Refinery29.com. She says that her background teaching yoga, which required her to make a lot of adjustments of student's bodies, made it simple for her to transition to cuddling clients for pay. Use online platforms like Cuddle Comfort to get started.

2 One Sold Used Garments

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Yes, it's possible to sell socks and underthings that you've worn to people into that sort of stuff. In Japan, these types of items are actually sold in vending machines. The items will need to carry your scent. Obviously, this side gig isn't for everyone. If you're going to do it, it's probably best not to think about it too much.

According to News.com.au, men who buy these items from women will usually pay $50 or more per item. Some customers want more than just the items. Moms who decide to do this need to protect their personal privacy at all times. Every transaction should be anonymous.

1 A Mom Became An Online Mock Juror


Most people dread jury duty and try to get out of it. If you're not the type that dreads it, you should know that a lot of attorneys want to hone their skills via mock trials. Some of these lawyers (or law firms) pay people to become online mock jurors. According to Not Now Mom's Busy, this type of side hustle is legit, but moms who want to do it should be sure to vet opportunities carefully before signing on. Also, you can't do this if you're under 18 and/or a felon. Ejury.com is a good source for these types of jobs.

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