20 Moms Who Always Look Too Good In Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are the reason why we, as women, breathe and live without a care in the world. Imagine having to constantly get dressed up in stylish and trendy outfits, just to grab a carton of milk at the corner store? Or even having to put on tight jeans solely for the purpose of spring cleaning the house? Totally uncomfortable.

However, some important genius in women's history decided on providing the world with comfortable, yet super cute, pieces of clothing where legs can navigate themselves in different directions without splitting down the middle. Yoga pants and stretchy leggings are also the reason why women no longer have flat bottoms to refer to when they stare at themselves in the mall windows. In fact, yoga pants (expensive brands or generic brands) will give that tush a lift that every girl needs to plaster a proud smile on her face.

Not only do women in our society wear yoga pants to do the most basic tasks, but celebs are also proudly rocking them around town, traveling to their photoshoots where their glam squad awaits, and kissing the men we all wish we could embrace. Let's take a quick look at the hottest 20 celebs who look AMAZING in their yoga pants.

20 Jenna Dewan Taking The World Of Dance By Storm

There is nothing that the gorgeous and sophisticated Jenna Dewan (formerly known as Jenna Dewan-Tatum, we're still crying,) can't do. She's a highly talented actress and a fierce dance-aholic. We literally bow down to you, Jenna.

While this stunning bombshell looks great in just about everything she wears, we cannot help but fangirl when Jenna comes out in a different pair of yoga pants everytime we see her. Her fit core and booty galore always brings out the best of whatever yoga pants Lululemon has to offer. Actually, let's all #Lululemon and raise awareness that Jenna needs to be their new It Girl.

Whether she's sitting in the comfort of her own home, or out and about with her daughter, Everly, or casually strolling the streets of L.A, Jenna always looks fantastic.

Jenna recently had an interview with Refinery29 and said, "I've found that the trick is to let go of the perfectionism and find joy in it all — or you will just drive yourself mad. And listen to your body. If I need a break, I take it."

I mean, how perfect is she?

Luckily for us, summer has arrived. And with summer comes the sun (duh,) the sandy beaches and a new seasons of World Of Dance so that we can all feel bad about ourselves as we watch Jenna dance gracefully around the dance floor with some of the worlds' best dancers as her co-stars, like Ne-Yo, J.LO and Derek Hugh (ya, we're not too sure who he is either.)

19 Kim Kardashian's Look Is Always Inspiring

Kim Kardashian has been known to wear some of the most figure-forming fashion wear known to the world. How else would we have been able to see what true plastic surgery looked like? Whether you love them or you hate them, Kim K will always make girls squeal and fangirl, but also turn green from envy. And, although, the world may not like the reasons why Kim K is famous, she is also one beautiful mama.

Casually sporting some thigh-tightening leggings (yes - it's a real thing,) our girl Kimmy looks as relaxed as ever. These leggings are part of the Yeezy collection, and KK has been seen representing her beau's company as much as possible. With her showing off her gorgeous form, in some of the best leggings around, it makes all of us who are sitting around watching 13 Reasons Why and wiping our orange Cheetos dusted covered fingers on our Walmart boyfriend tanks, will make us all feel the wrath of Mother Nature (and lots of money.)

Although some of her favorite pairs of leggings (normally purchased in black,) and some of them are form-fitting shape curving tights, researchers have said that the types of clothes don't necessarily work. So before you run out to the closest department store, in hopes of purchasing some of Kim K's favorite leggings, hoping to get the same bootay as her, you may want to put your money back in the piggy bank and wait until new fabrics are invented.

18 Gisele Bundchen Always Looks Like The Prima Ballerina

Gisele Bundchen has been the world's favorite model. Originating from Brazil, this gorgeous bombshell is the wife to NFL legend, Tom Brady, and mother of two, son Benjamin 4, and Vivian, 1. Besides modeling, Gisele has also been active nature loving activist, the wife of an NFL superstar, a model, a stint in a few movies and has even created her own brand, named after her, Gisele.

But, besides only owning her own brand and being a devoted wife and mother (who also makes her family the most elegant and healthy meals alive,) Gisele is also known as the yogi of all yogis, a guru, a monument. If you type in the name Gisele Bundchen, I can bet your bottom dollar that the first twenty images will be of Gisele doing some sort of fancy yoga pose, with or without her children, and with or without the most epic scenic background. She is such a bombshell, that Jennifer Aniston has even been quoted as wanting to be Gisele Bundchen. Imagine, the queen of Aveeno and radiant skin wants to be Gisele Bundchen.

Gisele is also known as the yogi of all yogis, a guru, a monument.

There are many reasons that Gisele loves the meditated yoga poses, but one of the main reasons is she says it prepared her and her body to give birth to her two babies, at home, completely natural. Praise to you, you goddess because I've had multiple labor and delivery experiences, and I know for a fact, that I would never ever give birth naturally, let alone on my super expensive couch.

17 Kate Hudson's Living The Fabletics Dream

Kate Hudson is a celeb that we love to see in yoga pants because she wears them so perfectly. Besides having a rocking core to accentuate the entire leggings process, she's also the founder of Fabletics, which only carries yoga pants and tops to follow. They are all super cute and super comfy, which only gives us more of a reason to wear them all day, every day.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Kate is probably rocking her fab yoga pants everywhere she goes, as the famed celeb and mother of 2 is currently expecting her third. The Bride Wars star is already a mom to son Ryer (14) and son Bingham (6.) But, Goldie Hawn's twin daughter, Kate, is currently expecting her first daughter in just a few short months, with her long-time beau, Danny Fujikawa. Although this makes 3 baby daddies for the famed star, she's also providing the world with yoga pants so let's all take a moment to forget that tidbit of information.

According to NBC, the blond beauty shared her morning routine lately (which was totally relatable by the way,) and one thing that truly stood out was, "I do this stretching thing where I actually pay attention to my body for a second, how I move," I mean, for a gym guru, she truly knows the ins and outs about fitness but couldn't have been more relatable when she describes her meditation poses as stretching thing. One could say I'm doing my snacking thing right, as well.

16 Kylie Jenner Can Do No Wrong In These Puma Leggings

Of course, the baby Kardashian had to make the list, looking as fly as ever pre-baby. And, although she is a Jenner, she will always be part of the Kardashian sisterhood, both figuratively and realistically. The new mom was seen rocking a pair of Puma leggings, that has been said to be a Kylie and Kardashian squad favorite. Along with baby Jenner, her sisters can be spotted rocking a pair of these mosaic bad boys, and of course in all black, as much as they possibly can. Granted, they have a huge closet where they have to rotate their clothing styles, there are times where you don't want to slip on anything but your silky, body-hugging leggings.

Little Kylie may be a parent's ideal choice of role model for their darling children, but baby Jenner has since stepped up her natural look since having her daughter, Stormi, with bae, rapper Travis Scott.

Kylie may have been sporting a more natural look, she was seen at Coachella with a 70's pink wig. But, other than one summer appearance, baby K has been seen wearing less and less makeup, even though she's the powerhouse for her own cosmetic company, Kylie Cosmetics.

The 20-year-old matriarch may be young and in love now, but even though she is a young mom, she will never have to live through the sleepless nights and projectile spit up in freshly washed hair, she has still made a noticeable turnaround in her life. Good on you, girl!

15 Hilary Duff Has Never Looked So Great


There are a thousand different reasons as to why we cannot get over Hilary Duff rocking some traditional black Lulus, for example, she completely slaying the pantless game. However, let's discuss what's making her look so great. Our fav Disney child star is no longer a child. In fact, she's mother to son Luca, 6. She was also married to Edmonton Oilers, Mike Comrie.  But gone are the days of the beautiful blond hockey wife, and hello to the days of a personal trainer. That's right, the 29-year-old famed actress has been dating her personal trainer, Jason, and making frequent pitstops at her favorite shop, Lululemon, according to The Daily Mail. It's no wonder she's in constant need, I'm sure she's getting just the right amount of exercise (if you know what I mean.)

Our beauty queen can be seen sporting black lulus, a white tank, and a black tomboy work out top to match. But, what keeps her real and sticking to her motherhood role is the Venti Starbucks, and considering her new healthy lifestyle, it's probably a venti soy latte (I'll take two, please.)

But as a child of the 90's, and a total fan of The Lizzie McGuire Show and movie, and the rest of her daytime career, this bombshell could've worn a paper bag over her California kissed skin and she'd still look fantastic.

14 Jessica Alba Takes A Break From Running A Diaper Empire

Jessica Alba has been very open about her healthy lifestyle and vigorous exercise regiment. As a mom of three, this slim bae looks like she could live a happily ever after in the comfort of her yoga pants. Then again, who wouldn't be in the need for some purple three-quarter leggings and fluorescent pink running shoes? Not only is this milk a stellar one at that, she also runs a highly successful enterprise - The Honest Company. In fact, this enterprise is no rinky-dink matter, it is actually considered to be an empire that is currently worth 1.7 billion dollars, and whose call center employees answer up to 3500 emails and calls per day.

While it may be rare to see the diaper mogul back in Hollywood movies, alongside some gorgeous Hollywood men, this baby guru has finally found her purpose in life, and friends have noticed a change in her everyday happiness.

According to Vanity Fair, a source closed to Jessica has said, "This is the first time she knows she’s smart. She wakes up thinking about Honest; she goes to bed thinking about it."

Last year, Alba was on the cover of Shape: Forbes magazine under the title, "America's Richest Self-Made Women," living with a net worth of $200 million. I mean, if money can't buy happiness, it can get you pretty close to it.

13 Khloe Kardashian Definitely Has The Best Kardashian Gene

Of course, we couldn't leave our girl Khloe out of this list. I mean, those hips don't lie. But the new mom, who welcomed her daughter, True, back in April, definitely has that revenge body that we - as women - should celebrate even though we secretly want to be her. Khloe has so much love for her bounce-back body, that she has even been spotted at the Cavalier games where her scandalous baby daddy, Tristian Thompson, continues to play. According to a source close to the famed celeb, Khloe believes she's innocent and a victim in the cheating scandal, and therefore, there's no reason for her to have to hide her gorgeous post-baby bod.

Although, regardless how gorgeous the middle Kardashian will forever be, haters will always find a way to troll online. Some Kardashian haters were quick to jump on the opportunity to spread hate when Khloe went to support her man, amidst the cheating rumors. One comment went so far as to say, "I am all for a woman doing whatever she wants, but for real… these kids are days as weeks old. What happened to be home and nursing and bonding with your child- especially if you have the luxury of not having to go out and work. Like what are you proving?!"

To which we say, mind your business troll. Let KK be, and let her have the happily ever after that she's always been searching for, especially now that she has her adorable daughter to provide for.

Rock those leggings, and show off what your mama (and Dr. Garth Fisher, plastics) gave you.

12 Jennifer Lopez Is In Her 40's And Looking Younger Every Day

Rise and shine, JLo lovers, it's time to throw on your Niyama Sol leggings, because it's a guarantee that if you're awake and reading this, our girl Jennifer Lopez is always awake and has started her 4-hour long morning workout. The 48-year-old actress, singer, and dancer has been spotted in a series of different leggings and sports bras. And, let's all be honest where when we say, who wouldn't live, breathe and sleep in curve-hugging leggings if they were to fit our bodies, booties, thighs, and waistline as perfect as they do on this middle-aged mom of twins! I can't even deal with this fact.

Although the expression "Work Hard, Play Hard," is what makes the world go round, especially in the celebrity world, it seems as though our fav celeb, Jennifer Lopez, may take this slogan a literally too literally.

Yes, she has personal chefs and personal trainers. And, yes, she also has a nanny to watch her twins while she works out for hours on hours throughout the day. Realistically, most of may hit the gym if we were given the same time and opportunity to be childless for a few hours so that we can do something selfless and to pamper ourselves. Not to mention, just a few hours to do something to rejuvenate our bodies and sanity. But, alas, we were not given that opportunity and we are forced into workout out with a free app that offers 7-minutes workouts, that we can do between the piles of Legos and doll accessories.

And while Jennifer Lopez has been open about her everyday routine, her workout regiments, her everyday food choices, she's also been very public with them too. The World OF Dance judge and mentor can be seen wearing Niyama Sol leggings often. One of her favorite pairs (and definitely a favorite of mine,) is her 92$ pair of Vivienne Endless Leggings, that channel Marilyn Monroe meet 70's punk music and that look absolutely dashing on her Puerto Rican lower half.

11 Tammy Hembrow's Life Down Under In Yoga Pants Is #Goals

If you're not following the ever-gorgeous Tammy Hembrow on Instagram, you're definitely missing out. While the 24-year-old may not be "Hollywood famous," she is currently capturing the world using her Instagram platform. The fitness guru has a whopping 8.2 million followers on her personal account, where she shares various workout inspirations (that we all saved, but deep down we know we won't do because even the remote control is too far away,) and life as a mommy of two wee ones.

The Australian beauty captured herself rocking out to her own fitness clothing line, Saski. Let's collectively understand how famous Tammy is (and why she's not living in L.A right now, we will never understand.) Tammy has two kids, a successful business, a huge fan base and is only in her early twenties.

Above all, the way Tammy fills in her Saski yoga pants are expectations that all of us want to achieve. But, Tammy does have a leg up on her look. Though she lives in Australia, Tammy is actually only half-Australian, while her other half is Trinidadian. *insert the oooh's and ahhh's here.* The mixed-Instafamous mother had a large fanbase when she first started off on the mega platform. However, after Tammy showed her unborn daughter in utero, during an ultrasound appointment, she watched her followers skyrocket and has been nothing less than an inspiration to all.

10 Chrissy Teigen's Taking A Twitter Break To Catch A Smoothie

Chrissy Teigen has been seen wearing an array of different comforting pieces of fashionable clothing lately, as she carried her infant son, Miles, to term. Though when we first fell in love with Chrissy and her leggings, it was when her famous musically-talented husband, John Legend, helped her pull up her leggings over her growing baby bump. It was the realest moment in pregnancy history and gave us all the feels about this #couplesgoal.

But, as our favorite tweeter (-Twitter-er?) Chrissy has managed to make all of our dreams come true, and allowed us all, as women, to embrace our bodies and our imperfections and run with them. Though we may not look like Chrissy, as mothers, we know that she feels our pain, she knows what we're struggling with, and she doesn't have a dozen nannies to help out with her kids. Yes, she may have her mama living with her to help raise her two kids, Luna and Miles, but she doesn't have an entourage of bugger wipers and diaper changes following her every move. Since Miles was born, a handful of weeks ago, the world and mom community have applauded Chrissy, with a bunch of standing ovations, for showing the truth about postpartum recovery, which sometimes means wearing postpartum mesh underwear.

And, as a celebrity, there come perks. For example, Chrissy does get to have the bounce back body when she so chooses to have it, because she has a trainer by her side to help her along the way.

But, unlike many, Chrissy does make her own meals and she's extremely talented at it.

In this picture shown above, Chrissy can be seen leaving Beaming smoothie bar, where it looks like she got a refreshing iced-coffee or caramel smoothie. Along with her delicious looking drink, she can be seen wearing traditional black leggings and a comfy grey long-sleeved crop sweater. The outfit is so simple, but she looks comfy and fashionable all at once (which makes me feel bad about myself, considering I'm wearing my husband's Fruit Of The Loom white tank top and a pair of bleached booty shorts from Victoria Secret. I guess that's not a secret anymore.)

9 Rosie Huntington Whiteley Gets Real About Motherhood And Careers

And yes, we're welcoming another Victoria Secret model on the list, but not only is she a model, she's also the wife of our comedic action-packed fav actor, Jason Stratham. But above all, Rosie Huntington Whiteley is also a mother to one darling little boy, Jack (11 months.) That's right, her child is under the age of 1 and she's rocking a middle core as if she never had kids in the first place. Every piece of her body is exactly where it should belong (don't look down at yourself, look up and be present.)

The 31-year-old model was seen leaving a rigorous workout sporting a traditional pair of yoga pants and a comfy gray crewneck pullover and rocking Nike's very own pair of blue 4.0 Flyknit sneakers.

Rosie was interviewed by EOnline about how she juggles motherhood and her famous modeling career, "I don't think there's any such thing as balance. Something is always compromised. You can't have it all." Now take that quote, put it on your wall somewhere, and look at it every time you're trying to juggle parenting, work, gym, drinking enough water, eating healthy foods, while working out, showering and sleeping a full 8-hours a day. You just can't have it all. But you can make a schedule and properly place your daily activities appropriately. Heck, if a VS supermodel can admit to not being able to juggle it all, we commoners should also accept that little fact.

8 Denise Richards Will Always Look Flawless

Denise Richards is one of the most beautiful women in the world, for all the reasons that scream basic and simple. Although she loves the glam and fast-paced Hollywood life, Denise also puts her exercise lifestyle and parenting role as a top priority. Denise was seen wearing a pair of traditional black yoga pants, and on her way to some relaxing yoga class in L.A. Tucked beneath her arm, her pink yoga mat follows her to her yoga class, where she indulges on a refreshing beverage before or after class (because let's admit, she's taking this hairdo trend to a whole new level, if she's just arriving at her yoga session.)

"Yoga is great for toning and for mental health and relaxation. It's important to use the tools you learn in yoga during stressful times, too," Hagenlocher (yoga guru) says.

And, although she's a mommy of three, her figure should be talked about and praised every single day.

Regardless of how her body and hair looks, let's all take a moment to appreciate the simple beauties of this woman's face. She's literally stunning with only the slightest amount of makeup to highlight her eyes.

We're so glad she got out of the Charlie Sheen rollercoaster.

7 Candice Swanepoel Pre-Baby Look Is Stunning

Candice Swanepoel may be a name that few of us have heard of, but that doesn't mean this South African model is nothing short of a bombshell. For those of you who have no clue who she is, let's fill you in on the loop so that we can all, collectively, lurk through her social platforms.

Candice is a South African native, who made her name rise to fame as a Victoria Secret model. In fact, in 2016, Candice was considered the 6th highest paid model in the world, according to Forbes. She is currently mom to son, Anaca (1) and recently announced she was expecting another boy, with her long-time beau and model, Hermann Nicoli. The pair met in 2005 when Candice was only 17 years, and they've been together ever since. (If you've never seen Hermann, he's a Matthew McConaughey doppelgänger.)

The South African goddess recently did an interview with Vogue Magazine, where she was quoted to say, “Becoming a mother makes the world feel so much better. Nothing can get me down. I just look at [Anacã] and see him seeing the world for the first time, and it’s just such a pleasure to see it through his eyes."

If that's not a woman who's loving motherhood to its' fullest, I don't know what is.

6 Salma Hayek's Toned And Fit As Ever

Here comes Salma Hayek rocking some form-fitting yoga pants and a top that literally will make my muffin fall out of my mouth. I mean, is that a corset yoga top? Though the Hollywood star may be currently filming a movie and is only wearing some protective gear, that top sure does know how to accentuate her perfect American body and highlights all the right places.

As a mother of a 10-year-old daughter, Valentina, she definitely took the time to get that bounce back shape and perfected it. And, of course, being a world-renowned actress and humanitarian, only Salma could look this great with her workout gear and touches of glitz and glams here and there. How many of us go out in yoga pants and wear huge diamond earrings and gold bangles? Traditionally, I can normally rock out some black leggings that may or may not have some crusted apple sauce somewhere by the thigh, but I could never look as great as Salma.

But, then again, it's very unlikely not to see Salma Hayek making any fashion statement, as she's constantly on the Best Dressed list, of any and all websites and magazines.

The woman is a total babe and the way she dresses just justifies that she knows it, and she can work it. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Salma Hayek had this to say about love (take notes, ladies,) "Life is tough, and if you have the ability to laugh at it you have the ability to enjoy it."

And to that, we say, yes girl, yes!

5 Jessica Biel Strengthens Her Core

Jessica Biel may just be one of the most real low-key celebs on this list. Ever since giving birth to her son, Silas, it feels as though we have not seen the 7th Heaven child star in a long time. Maybe she's hiding because we all love to hate her since she's married to the mega hottie, Justin Timberlake. Or maybe she's hiding out because she wants to keep that wicked post-partum bod all to her and Justin's self. I mean, Silas is now 3 years old, and I have kids older than him and my mom pooch is still hanging front and center. I've even named her - Frida.

Well, whatever she's doing, let's just all agree that Jessica looks fantastic, especially in her yoga pants. Look at the booty on this girl. And it's safe to say that staying away from the Hollywood life of the rich and famous, is doing a wonder on her look and skin (even though she's still rich... and famous.)

The 36-year-old mother of one was spotted doing her morning workout routine wearing black Lulus and a dark grey top. A few days later, Jessica was seen walking on set sporting some matte gray leggings, a blue tank and some thonged sandals, and being totally cute.

4 Hope Isabel Howard Post-Baby Look Is Unbelievable

Hope Isabel Howard is a name only the Instagram crazed population will understand (or even Youtube.) But, if you haven't heard of her, then she is definitely someone that women all over the world should be watching and following. Her little family is total #familygoals, and her physique could make any grown man cry and through bouquets of flowers her way. Hope grabbed a quick pic rocking a pair of gorgeous high-waisted brown yoga pants, a white crop top and black trench sweater to accentuate the colors of the mirror, hair and her nails. Let's not forget her dark looking tattoos too, that also made their appearance (and frequently does on each of her images,) and flat stomach to follow suit.

Hope recently welcomed her daughter, Isabella, and has been a vocal and public breastfeeding activist. But, her main focus in life is her fitness goals. Her personal website also has many of her outfits available to her fans, as well as her fitness routine that we can all do in the comforts of our homes, wearing nothing more than Walmart brand gym shorts (that we can all agree don't fit us too well.)

Hope became a popular fitness model on various social media platforms, where she shows her vigorous regiments and routines.

And, as I treat myself to my third Oreo ice cream sandwich, I'll just continue to sit here and wish I had Hope's magical fitness routine and eating habits in a tiny magic pill so I can skip the entire sweaty process.

3 Megan Fox Definitely Looks Foxy

Megan Fox is a total babe which is something that we can all agree on. As a mother of three, it makes us wonder what her secrets are for keeping a gorgeous figure. Exhibit A: (left) Megan Fox with what seems to be a bangin' junk in the trunk in those mosaic blue and white leggings. Even more so, the ever so popular black leggings, accessorized by her Nike trainers, show off her long lean legs.

Megan Fox is someone who many moms could look up to as models. Even celebs have dark times in their lives, just like the rest of us (especially moms.) However, as a celebrity, her darker hours are publically scrutinized by the media. Exhibit B: a couple years back, Megan Fox and her husband and baby daddy, Brian Austin Green, decided to call off their marriage and divorce. However, according to the Daily Mail, Fox became pregnant, and shortly after the divorce was also called off. Together, they welcomed their third child and have been together ever since.

Now, Megan Fox may always seem to be repping a resting [...] face, but she seems to showcase a, je ne said quoi,  glow in these images. Hopefully, this time around her and Brian can get their finally ever after and keep an adorable family together.

2 Blake Lively Channeling Her Inner Serena Van Der Woodsen

Leave it to the Queen of the Upper East Side to be able to rock a pair of trendy black leggings and massive black pumps to match. She paired this looked with an oversized off-white knitted sweater, and a super cute black beret and reflective sunglasses to suit. While this look may look more like Blake's trying to channel her inner Serena Van Der Woodsen, this is definitely the look of the new and improved Blake Lively. Though Blake has always been America's blond sweetheart, and she's always been our fav fashionista growing up, but now Blake is a mom of two, James (3) and Inez (1), and the gorgeous wife of the funniest actor right now, Ryan Reynolds.

Blake is another woman that we all absolutely love. But, unlike other celebs on this list, we don't love to hate her - we just love her.

First off, Blake is hilarious. Second, she has a sense of style that Vogue should take notes of. She's absolutely stunning, both in and out. But above all, she has legs for days and can fill in a great pair of leggings at any time.

Blake Lively is best known for her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen, in the popular show, Gossip Girl. But she has also played in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, as well as Krista, in The Town featuring Ben Affleck as the male lead role. But while she may be fighting off sharks in a cage in the oceans of Mexico at some point in her life, she is also one heck of a devoted mother.

1 Eva Mendes Needs To Come Out Of Hiding And Into The World Of Yoga Pants

The gorgeous actress and mother of two equally stunning daughters, Esmeralda (3) and Amada (2) with heartthrob Ryan Gosselin, has been under the public's scrutiny after she made a very public comment concerning divorce and sweatpants. Now, we all know she was kidding, however as some people like to troll, they decided to take Eva's comment to heart and verbally attack her.

The cause of the uproar was by a comment that Eva said on Extra, where Eva was reportedly quoted as saying sweatpants were the cause of divorces, “Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America? Sweatpants! No, can’t do that.”

Ultimately, what she truly meant was, “If you let yourself slide in your relationship, it’s going to spell trouble.”

However, if you're really going to troll her, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see Eva Mendes sporting a number of different yoga pants and sweatpants. But, what we truly love is Eva in some trendy black Lulus, that curve her Hispanic body. So, we're glad she's embracing the comfy look for once, maybe motherhood is behind the transformed opinion.

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