20 Men On What They Really Think Of Their Postpartum Wives

Many parents-to-be think the hard part for mom is over once she has carried the baby for nine months and eventually gives birth. While that may be the most challenging part of bringing another human into this world, the challenges don’t just stop there for mom. After the baby comes, not only does she have to be concerned with taking care of a tiny person, but also with getting used to her new, post-baby figure.

Some mamas want to hit the gym right after they give birth so they can start shedding the pounds. Others may not rush right back into working out, and instead, take their time dropping the baby weight. It’s harder for some to lose the extra pounds than others, and many moms find that their body never bounces back the same way it was before baby- and that’s totally okay and normal!

Many women feel pressured to lose weight specifically because they’re worried about what their husbands think of their post-baby body. Some fear their hubbies won’t be fans of their new curvy figure and they want to get their bodies back to ‘normal’ ASAP. These 20 dads share what they really think of their wives’ post-baby bodies, and some of their answers are definitely surprising!

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20 She’s A Real-Life Superhero

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Robert* admits he has a newfound appreciation for his wife after seeing her carry and give birth to their daughter. He says he’s never been more attracted to her after seeing what she went through to give them a family.

I don’t think I ever truly appreciated my wife until I saw her give birth to our daughter. Not just the labor part, but seeing her carry our baby for 9 months and never complain once about it was mind blowing. I don’t know how she handled all of that, but I am so appreciative of her and her body.

Who cares if she’s got some extra chub after she gave me the best gift of my life!

19 All Your Curves And Edges

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Micah admits that he’s an even bigger fan of his wife’s body now that she’s gone through pregnancy. He always thought she would be served well to put on some weight, and now he’s hoping she doesn’t try to lose it post-baby.

I would never say this to her face, but I think my wife looks so much better with a bit of curves. I’ve been trying to prevent her from losing the rest of the baby weight, like putting extra sugar in her coffee or her butt looks good the way it is.

I’ve honestly always thought she was a bit underweight, so I think pregnancy has done her body well.

18 Secrets Between The Sheets

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Wilson* admits that he isn’t turned on by his wife like he used to be, and their love life is definitely struggling because of it.

I’m dealing with a lot of guilt over the fact that I’m not attracted to my wife like I used to be. After having three kids, her body has changed a lot and she hasn’t put in the effort to get it back in shape. She doesn’t turn me on like she used to and our between the sheets life has definitely taken the hit.

I mean, I love her like crazy, no matter what and I’d never leave her for this. I just don’t know what the solution is. It’s not like I could ever admit this to her.”

17 ‘Til Death Do Us Part

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Rocco* says he feels more in love than ever with his wife following the birth of their son. He says he can’t picture raising a family or going through life with anyone else -- how sweet is that?!

I never really understood men who say they love their wives even more after having a baby. Not until I had my own kid, that is. From the moment she held our son, I knew I felt completely different about her.

I’ve been falling more and more in love every day. I can’t imagine going through life with anyone else now.

16 Let’s Get Busy (Again)

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Nolan* says he loved watching his wife give birth to their daughter so much that he can’t stop thinking about when they’re going to try for baby no. 2!

I know I’m going to sound crazy, but after seeing my wife give birth to our daughter, I can’t stop thinking about having another baby.

This whole experience has been so magical and brought us so much closer. I appreciate my wife so much more seeing what she’s gone through and what she does every day for our baby. I told her we should start trying for another one ASAP, even though our girl is only 6 months old. But I’m serious about it!

15 The Life Of A Model

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Nicholas’ wife is dealing with the impact her pregnancy had on career- and it sounds like she’s blaming him for it.

My wife is a model. She was always worried about how having kids would impact her career, although when we got pregnant by surprise there wasn’t a question if we were going to be parents.

But now that the baby is here, I think she resents me for getting her pregnant. She’s had a horrible time trying to get her body back in shape, and her agent hasn’t been kind about it. She’s yet to book another modeling gig. I think she’s convinced her career is over and I’m to blame.”

14 Let’s Get Down

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Ryder* is frustrated because his wife hasn’t been ready to have some bedroom fun since their baby was born. He wants her to know he thinks she’s just as beautiful as ever, but he doesn’t think she’ll believe him.

I know how difficult pregnancy and labor was for my wife, and how self-conscious she is now that it’s over. But I’m getting restless. We haven’t done the deed in over 3 months and she shows no interest in getting back to it.

She just says she’s ‘not ready.’ But I’m pretty sure she’s saying that because she thinks I’m unattached to her post-baby body, which just isn’t true.”

13 Give Me Some Attention!

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Ethan* is frustrated because he feels his wife gives all of her attention to the baby and none to their relationship.

It’s been really difficult since my wife delivered the baby. She was so moody and irritable beforehand, so I thought things would go back to normal when our daughter arrived. But it’s even worse.

All of my wife’s attention goes to the baby. She barely has any time to have a conversation with me, let alone look at me. And when the baby goes down for the night, so does she.

I just want my wife back.”

12 Missing My Workout Buddy

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Devon* says he wishes his wife was ready to go back to the gym so he can get his workout buddy back!

My wife has always been big about health and fitness- it’s one of the things that actually brought us together! We used to go to the gym together all the time and would do morning jogs together.

But since she’s delivered the baby, she has no energy to work out. She’s either cleaning or napping. Every time I bring it up to her, she thinks it’s me telling her to lose the baby weight ASAP.

That’s not it at all! I just miss having a workout buddy.”

11 Dress To Impress

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Laurence* says his wife has been dressing differently since she gave birth. He wishes she’d go back to wearing the tight type of clothing she did before baby, even though it sounds like she’s struggling with her confidence.

The only thing I’ve noticed about my girlfriend’s post-baby body is that she doesn’t wear the same types of clothes she used to.

Like she used to wear tight tops and dresses, but now she hates anything that clings to her. I know she’s feeling insecure about how she looks, but I honestly thinks she looks just as great if not better. I wish she’d just dress like normal.

10 Getting Into A Routine

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Keenan* said that his wife wanting to lose the baby weight actually gave them a reason to spend more time together. Now, working out together has become part of their everyday life, and it’s an awesome way to keep their relationship healthy.

I thought my wife would be stressed and frustrated about losing the baby weight. But it actually gave us a reason to spend time together- and that’s rare for parents when you have a newborn.

She started coming to the gym with me and we even developed a workout routine to do together at home on days we don’t have a babysitter. Plus it’s so hot watching her workout.

9 It’s All In Her Head

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Mason* says that his wife believes that he doesn’t think her post-baby body is attractive, and it sounds like it’s taking a toll on their relationship. He admits he doesn’t know what else he can do other than tell her that’s just not the truth.

My wife is convinced I don’t find her body attractive anymore since having babies. She’ll refuse to get completely undressed in front of me or do anything with the lights on. It’s gotten worse with each pregnancy.

Now she’s even getting paranoid that I’m going to find someone else. I don’t know how to keep reassuring her that I still think she’s beautiful.

8 Stressed, Depressed, And Not Well-Dressed

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Austin* admits his wife is obsessed with losing the baby weight, but it sounds like she isn’t doing it in a healthy way. He doesn’t know what else he can do to make her feel better about her body.

I feel horrible because my wife keeps beating herself up about the baby weight.

She thinks she’s unattractive and fat, no matter how many times I tell her she’s beautiful. She’s literally more stressed about when she can go back to the gym and only eating salad instead of taking care of our son.

I don’t know what else to do other than to tell her she’s beautiful. But I think she thinks I’m lying to make her feel better.”

7 I See No Difference

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Damon* says that he barely notices a difference between how his wife looked before and after her pregnancy, even though she’s convinced otherwise.

My wife hates her cellulite. She claims she’s gotten twice the amount since delivering our son. But what’s worse is she’s convinced that I hate her cellulite, too. She keeps demanding I admit it.

The truth is, I don’t see much of a difference between her pre and post-baby body. Is that bad? She’s still the woman I married and now she’s the mother of my child. She’s never been more beautiful to me.”

6 What’s The Big Deal?

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Harrison* doesn’t understand why his wife is having such a hard time accepting her post-baby body since women have been gaining weight to have kids since the dawn of time. It sounds like he just wants his wife to be happy!

My wife has been getting more distant ever since our son was born. My friends say it’s because she’s feeling insecure about her body and doesn’t want to get close.

I don’t get what the big deal is about baby weight! Obviously, you gain weight when you get pregnant, it’s been happening like that for centuries. Women need to stop being so hard on themselves.”

5 We’ve Got Issues

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Jordan* admits he and his wife were having relationship problems before they welcomed their first child. Though he was worried having a baby would exacerbate their issues, he said it actually helped them overcome them.

We were having a lot of marriage problems before we got pregnant by surprise. I thought things would be even worse once the baby got here, but we actually forgot all about them.

Seeing her take care of our son has made me feel more in love with her than ever. I can’t imagine being with anyone else, or our son having anyone else as a mother.”

4 Time To Take It Easy

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Lance* said he’s concerned about his wife, as she isn’t following doctor’s orders about taking it easy after having a C-section.

My wife had a C-section. The doctor’s told her to be on bed rest the few weeks after she gave birth, but she was working out the same day she came back from the hospital.

I can see how she’s not making any progress to heal herself- instead, her intense work-outs seem to be making her more tired and deteriorated. I don’t care if she loses the baby weight at all or ever. I just want her to be healthy, especially for our baby’s sake.”

3 Barely Any Difference

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Kyle* admits that he doesn’t even notice a difference in what his wife looked like before and after baby. She can, though, since she’s evidently keen on shedding all the baby weight. Hopefully, he’s encouraging and supporting her!

My wife is working so hard to lose the baby weight. She keeps asking me things like if she looks better now versus 5 pounds ago.

Honestly, I didn’t even think she looked that much heavier pre-baby than when she was post-baby and I hardly see a different now that she’s losing weight. She looks totally fine to me.

2 Meat On The Bones

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Malcolm* says he prefers his wife’s post-baby body now that she’s put on some weight. He admits that she’s always appeared underweight while they’ve been together, so he’s happy she seems to be healthier and happier now.

“My wife would never forgive me if she heard this, but I actually think she looks better with some weight after giving birth. She’s always been so obsessed with her weight, and is convinced looking like a stick is the only thing that makes her look good. But she looks so much better and healthier with some meat on her bones. I hope it stays this way.”

1 Where’d That Confidence Go?

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Wesley* says he’s noticed how much his wife’s personality has changed since giving birth. He says she’s totally lost her confidence and doesn’t know how to help her get it back.

I honestly wouldn’t care if my wife gained or lost 100 pounds, so long as she’s healthy and happy. But it’s really affecting me how depressed not being able to lose the baby weight is making her.

She’s lost all of her confidence. She doesn’t want to get dressed up and go out or even be completely naked in front of me. After giving birth, I don’t know how she can be anything but proud of herself.”

*Names have been changed.

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