20 Little-Known Things About How Gwen Stefani Parents

Gwen Stefani is one entertainer, celebrity and mom who will always be an A-list name in the entertainment industry. After all, we’ve been talking about her for several decades now. One of the reasons why Gwen has managed to stay on top throughout the years is because she’s always evolving, always changing, and always surprising her fans (despite the fact that she still looks the same – talk about great genes!).

And while it’s without a doubt that fans will always love Gwen Stefani for her music, they also love seeing her as a mom to her three young boys, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. After all, Gwen has made it no secret that one of her biggest dreams in her life was to be a happy mother and a happy wife with a family. She’s even written about it in her lyrics.

For Gwen, she knows that reaching one's goals and living the dream life isn’t easy. Still, she does whatever she can to make it happen. With that being said, here are 20 different ways that Gwen Stefani is raising her children both in and out of the spotlight. Check out our list and let us know what you think!

20 Her Family

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Gwen Stefani always puts her family before everything, regardless of what she’s doing or where she is for that matter. Being a mom is very important to her. That’s why when she’s not in the studio or not touring, she’s spending as much time as possible with her sons, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo. Either she is busy taking them to their extra-curricular activities, or she’s taking them to church on Sunday.

Even though she’s one of the biggest stars in the entertainment world, Gwen wants her kids to have a normal life, even with the photographers and paparazzi nearby.

19 Life At Home Versus Life On The Road

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Gwen used to be on the road all the time but now that she’s not touring as much, she stays close to Blake Shelton and her kids. Gwen told Good Morning America, "I don’t miss it at all. I'm so good to do my kids and do mom and hang out with my cute Blakey and all that but then when I get up there I realize it's in there still and I'm like, 'OK, I need this attention still. I like it,'" she said with a laugh. "So, it's always been there. It's whatever the gift that God gave me and I feel so grateful and I feel so humbled and honored to be in Vegas. To do a show like this, it's just another level and it's challenging in another way."

18 Her New Life

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As the people who have been following Gwen’s life know, she split from her husband of a decade, Gavin Rossdale. She’s now started a new chapter of her life with her beau, Blake Shelton. And according to the platinum blonde beauty, she’s never been happier. They “complete” each other, so to speak. She’s in love, and she’s not afraid to tell the world about it.

"He's my homeboy. He's my homey. He's just really an amazing all-around human so I feel so grateful for that," she said in an interview with ET Online. "I celebrate him in the show! He's inspired me so much. He's changed my life."

17 Personal And Professional Matters

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Gwen Stefani says that even though she’s a huge, iconic pop star, she really doesn’t talk about her work or her music with her kids. As a matter of fact, they really don’t pay much attention to the fact that their mom is a rock star. But they do know that it’s all part of her job. "Kids don't want to know about that!" she insisted. "They want you to be their mom, so that's what I do. I did get a text from Kingston before I went on stage. I was [astonished]! And it was like, 'Mommy break a leg, I love you.'"

16 Painful Past

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Gwen has made it no secret that her split from Gavin was definitely a painful one. She never thought in a million years that her marriage would break down, and in front of the world, no less. But at the same time, she’s managed to grow a lot and feels stronger now than ever before. Gwen knows that she can’t break down for the sake of her three boys. Their mom needs them to be strong at all times. "I'm really grateful for every moment that passes," she said to Good Morning America.

"All I know is that I have a lot to look forward to."

15 Spiritual Mama

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Gwen Stefani once said that after her split from Gavin Rossdale, she prayed a lot because that’s how she was raised. The singer has always said that her spirituality is very important to her, and that might be one of the reasons why she is often seen taking her three sons to church on Sunday. She takes what she learns and applies it to both her personal and even her professional life. “I’ve really been trying to exercise my spiritual side in the last year,” she told Time in 2016. “I scraped myself off the floor and went into the studio and tried to somehow be alive again.”

14 Boundaries

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Everyone can agree that while Gwen makes headlines for her love life, she’s not one of those celebrities who gets in trouble or spends her free time hitting one club after the next. She’s definitely a homebody who would rather stay at home on a Saturday night with her loved ones. Plus, she’s never really been a partier. She has always had and maintained boundaries in her life. “I don’t feel like I have anything to be [embarrassed] of,” she says.

“I’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t feel like I have anything to protect about myself. But when you’re a mother, you have to have some boundaries.”

13 Family Traditions

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For Gwen, she’s always been very close to her parents and her extended family. She tries to make sure her boys spend as many holidays as they can with everyone. “I can remember my grandma, my mom’s mom, she was a redhead, Irish. I would call her crazy lady, she would probably like that, I think. She used to do gingerbread villages. Like she would start and there would be the church and each one of us got our own gingerbread house and at Christmas, we would take it home and eat it. It was over the top,” she recalled, adding that she tried to recreate the tradition two years ago -- but it work out the way she hoped.

12 Truthful Mama

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Sure, the tabloid media try to say all kinds of things about Gwen and her love life, but only she knows what the truth is. And according to Gwen, she will always try to be as honest as possible with her boys. For her, love will always be the foundation of all she does. She told InStyle Magazine, “And love to me is truth. Love to me is God. Love to me is just all of those things. So I think to be a part of a world message right now, it’s just an amazing platform to just say it. I feel like it’s a really amazing thing. I’ll look back and be like, ‘I’m proud.’”

11 Feeling Less Than Victorious

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Gwen has candidly talked about her feelings about her marriage and how she often feels like a letdown because of how it fell apart. Gwen told Glamour Magazine, “I don’t think you’ll talk to one person who didn’t make it in a marriage who’s not gonna feel that way. The intention of being married is the vow, right? You want to put everything into it to make it a success. And all I had to look at was the huge success of my parents: They just had their fiftieth anniversary.

I had to work really hard at marriage, all the time, like everybody, but ours was extra hard, when you add that we’re from different countries, both of us being in music, and celebrity.”

10 The Hard Times

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Gwen’s life might look like it’s pretty easy from the outside, but she insists that it’s nothing like that from within. In fact, she sometimes finds herself smiling through the pain, for the sake of her kids. Speaking about her most difficult year on record, Gwen told Glamour, “I don’t understand my journey. It’s so crazy. But one thing I learned is, that’s what life is. We all have to go through hard times. [...]Those are given to us to see what we’re going to do with them. How can we give back? How can we improve when we have these challenges?”

9 Being A 40-Something Mom

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Gwen has also gone on the record to talk about how in disbelief she was to find out that she was pregnant at the age of 43. It was an unexpected pregnancy, to say the least. Speaking about her last pregnancy, Gwen told Harper’s Bazaar, “Yep, it was a surprise but it was also the beginning of a waking up, like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s beyond this world.’ He was kind of another beginning. And literally as soon as he was born, they called me about The Voice.” Apollo, now barely two, was “only 11 months old when everything happened… Everybody knows what happened next.”

8 Play Dates

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Gwen Stefani has become one of the most photographed celebrity moms in the entertainment industry. That’s because she doesn’t hide at home with her kids. Instead, she always makes an effort to take them to school, to the parks, play dates and birthday parties. Sure, she might be a household name but at home, she’s just another regular mom. She wants her kids to have a good life, even if it doesn’t seem like a simple life at times. With that being said, she definitely tries her best to make sure that her kids are always healthy and happy no matter what they do.

7 Famous Friends

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Gwen Stefani has a lot of famous friends in the celebrity world. As a matter of fact, the No Doubt singer was spotted having a playdate with Angelina Jolie and her kids at Angie’s London apartment back in 2011. Back at home in Los Angeles, she’s often spotted going to celebrity soirees with other famous parents and their kids. Gwen has a great support system, both at home and in her network. There’s always someone that she can count on, or at least schedule a fun playdate with! It’s no wonder Gwen and her kids are spotted out and about during almost every weekend she’s not away for work.

6 More Los Angeles Than London

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Back when Gwen Stefani was still married to her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, they would often split their time between Los Angeles and London.

These days though both Gwen and Gavin have made California their home base, and that’s where they are raising their kids.

All three boys – Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo – go to school outside of Los Angeles and are also involved in many other extracurricular activities. Gwen is raising them to be California kids, just like she once was. As they say, home is where the heart is and for Gwen, that’s always been Southern California. She’s a Cali girl and Cali mama!

5 The Boys Are Close To Blake

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Even though Gwen Stefani’s boys still spend a lot of time with their father, Gavin Rossdale, they’ve also grown very close to her boyfriend, Blake Shelton. In fact, it seems that some of his country living and lifestyle has even rubbed off on them!

Gwen’s older boys, Kingston and Zuma, sometimes sport country gear and boots just so they can look like their new idol, Blake.

For a lot of people, it’s endearing. For others, they can’t help but wonder what their dad Gavin has to say about it.

4 Co-Parenting With Gavin

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Gwen Stefani has made a huge effort to make co-parenting work with her ex, even though she still carries a lot of heartache from their separation. With that being said though, it’s very rare to see both Gwen and Gavin together with the kids. In fact, they haven’t been photographed together in years, which means that the boys have scheduled times with their mother and scheduled times with their father.

At the end of the day, everyone is doing what’s best for their children, even if it means setting certain rules and restrictions. For Gwen, she simply doesn’t want to have any more drama.

3 She Wants To Keep Improving

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Of course, no one knows what’s in store for Gwen Stefani and her future. Will she marry Blake Shelton? Will she find her happily ever after? Or will she simply focus on being one of the pop world’s best singers and of course, the best mother that she can be?

Whatever happens, we know one thing is for certain: Gwen Stefani isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Regardless of what happens in her personal life, she will always be in the spotlight.

She’s already achieved icon status. Watch this space. We have a feeling that there is so much more to come!

2 She Protects Her Boys

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but Gwen feels that it’s her job to always protect her children, especially from the public spotlight. As a mom, it’s her number one duty, even though it’s definitely easier said than done. Gwen told Harper’s Bazaar, “It’s like, what’s there to hide? It’s because I have children. As a famous person, you start to think, ‘I can’t say all that because I’ll embarrass them or hurt them in some way.’ And especially now because they can see everything and hear everything…"

1 Questioning Her Feelings

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We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: Gwen Stefani gets mom guilt, just like so many other moms out there. Sometimes she certainly feels as though she should do more, or at least be more present with her kids, even though that’s not always possible. Still, she can’t help but feel the guilt. It’s a normal feeling that a lot of moms deal with. Gwen told Vanity Fair, “There’s always been days when it doesn’t really work out. Sometimes I’d get physically ill from the guilt of wanting to please everyone—that’s my nature — I [wouldn't like for] anyone to be unhappy.”

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