20 Lies Kids Tell That Parents Always Believe

We all teach our kids, from the early days of their lives, that lying is bad. And lying to parents is even worse. However, it doesn't mean that the kid who has been taught to always be honest will never lie in their life. The sad truth is, all kids lie to their parents from time to time. Sometimes they do it to get what they want. Sometimes they lie to avoid negative consequences for themselves. And there are also cases when they choose to deceive their parents, just to spare their feelings.

Whatever the reason is, when a parent learns that their child was lying to them about something, it certainly hurts. Some parents even feel guilty for not teaching good values to their child. But, in fact, we shouldn't feel so heartbroken about it and remember that our children's occasional lies don't mean that something is wrong with them. It means that they're testing their own thinking skills. And, of course, it also doesn't mean that parents should stop teaching their child to tell them the truth.

In this list, we'll discuss the most common lies children, from toddlers to teens, say to their parents. After all, if we know these lies beforehand, we can avoid falling for them in the future and learn to understand our kids better.

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20 "If We Get A Dog, I'll Look After It"

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Every single kid who wants a dog, a cat, or any other pet will swear on everything possible that they will take care of this pet. They promise that they'll walk them every day, that they will play with them, feed them, treat them when they're sick, and so on. Giving their word, sometimes the kid doesn't realize that they won't do most of these things, if any.

And when they actually get a pet, their parents will be the ones to walk, feed, and treat them, while the kid will only play with them from time to time.

On some level, parents usually understand that their child is lying to them to get a dog, but they always hope that these words will be truthful. Yet it rarely happens in real life...

19 "They Started It!"

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When kids are fighting and you catch them red-handed, there is one thing that each one of them is likely to tell you. "It's not my fault -they started it!" They do it to avoid being scolded or punished for fighting with their sibling or friend. But it doesn't make these words any more truthful.

What parents should always understand is that it doesn't matter who started it. After all, it takes two to fight, which means that both of the kids should be reprimanded for their unacceptable social behavior. And the reasons of their fight should certainly be discussed with both of them, regardless of "who started it."

18 "I Didn't Do It"

You come home and see that something's wrong. For example, your favorite vase is broken, the walls in your house are painted with markers, or the cookies you baked for dessert are all eaten. Immediately, you realize that your kid did it and you ask them about it. What do they answer? "No, mommy, I didn't do it!" If they have a sibling, they'll likely blame them for it. And if they don't, they might say that their imaginary friend did it.

It's very hard for a child to take responsibility for a mistake. For this reason, they choose an easier way out and shift it to someone else.

Parents, in their turn, should understand this behavior and talk with their child about it, highlighting that not only was the act wrong, but the lies too.

17 "No, We Don't Have Any Homework"

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Who likes to do their homework? Pretty much no one, So it's totally understandable that children sometimes make up some stories to avoid doing it. The easiest one is, "We weren't given any homework to do today." The kid just says it and they're free to do anything they want - they can watch their favorite TV show, go play with their friends, or turn on a video game. There is nothing else to do, after all, right?

No, this is not right. Keep in mind that it's highly unlikely that your kid wasn't given any homework at all and try not to fall for this false statement.

16 "I Gave My Notebook To My Friend"

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This is another excuse that, in the child's mind, can save them from studying. "I gave my notebook to my friend, who was absent the other day and wanted to copy my notes." What a good Samaritan your kid is, if they actually did it! But, unfortunately, reality can be different from these words. It's possible that they never actually gave their notebook to their friend and they just don't want to show it to you.

The most likely reason being that they don't want to to do their homework. 

So better ask again and look your child in the eyes to understand if they're telling you the truth.

15 "I'm Listening"

When a child doesn't want to listen to what their parents are telling to them, sometimes they can pretend to listen, while thinking about something else.

And during this whole time, they will look like they're listening to their parent with all the attention they can muster.

But after their speech, the child won't be able to repeat a word from what the parent has just said to them, while still convincing them that they were listening. Sure, they were listening, but not to their parent's words. They were listening to some music sounding inside their head or, perhaps, they paid attention to their own thoughts.

14 "I Forgot"

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This lie can be a consequence of the "I'm listening" one. The child wasn't listening to their parent and doesn't even know what they were telling them to do. How could they forget something they didn't even know?

Besides, it's easy to actually forget something, when you're an adult juggling a lot of responsibilities. But when you're a little child, the more truthful reply would be, "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening to you, because it wasn't interesting, so I have no idea what you are talking about. What did I have to do again?"

Do you feel like you need a dictionary that would translate your kid's words to the adult language in a similar manner? I know you do...

13 "Yes, I Cleaned My Room"

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So you come into your child's room expecting to see it nice and tidy, because a few hours ago you asked your kid to clean up. They said they'd do it, but it looks like they didn't.

You call your child and ask them why they didn't clean their room, to which they reply, "I did, mom! Someone just came here and messed it all up!"

Sure, there's a bandit in your neighborhood, who comes to the rooms that have just been cleaned up and creates a mess there. This case scenario is much more probable than your kid stuffing all their toys into one wardrobe and then accidentally letting everything fall back out of it.

12 "I'm With My Friends Doing Homework"

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When you call your child and they tell you that they're "with their friends, doing homework", you must be feeling very proud of your kid. After all, they're so responsible - they deliberately choose to meet with their pals to study together!

But the thing is... It couldn't be further from truth. Keep in mind that if your child says that they're doing homework with their friends, it only means that they're spending time with their friends. It doesn't necessarily mean that they're, in fact, studying. It's more likely that they're just hanging out or heading to a party. But actually, you don't have to know it.

11 "I'll Be Very Careful With The Car!"

Lending a car to a teenage child is a really hard decision for most parents. The very thought of their child driving their car alone sends chills down their spine. So what can the child do to make their parent sure that everything will be fine? There is only one thing they can do - promise and swear on everything they have that they're going to be careful with the car.

But it doesn't mean that they will actually be careful. It only means that they want the car really, really badly.

So these were the 20 most common lies a child says to their parents. How many of them have you fallen for? Be honest and share with us in the comments!

10 "If You Let Me (blank), I’ll Never Ask You Again!"

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Whether your kid wants to have dessert before dinner, or they want you to buy them another toy or another video game, if they really want it, they're likely to push all the limits to get it. And they might tell you something like, "If you buy this toy for me, I promise I'll never ask you for any other toy!" But days go by, this precious toy becomes irrelevant to your kid and now they want another one. To get it, they might resort to the same kind of lie and if you're naive enough, you will fall for it again. And then again, until you realize that this "I'll never ask you" thing doesn't really work.

9 "I Think I'm Too Sick To Go To School"

All kids know that being sick has a lot of advantages. They get to stay at home instead of going to school, they can lie around and watch TV all day long, and they are spoiled by their parents. So sometimes they just want to get this day full of fun and pampering and pretend to be too sick to go to school.

Some kids don't want to go to school so much that they fake a cough or even press a thermometer against a night lamp for it to show that they have a high temperature.

Even though every parent might fall for these lies a couple of times, they should always watch their kids and notice when they're actually sick and when they pretend to be sick.

8 "No, I Didn't Block You On (Social Media)"

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"No, mom, I never blocked you on Twitter. It must be some technical error!" Yeah, right, it's an error and your child turns out to know less about social media than you do. In our age, when the younger you are, the better you do with computers and internet, it seems to be impossible.

Besides, there are quite a few reasons for your child to block you on social media, especially when they're a teen. They just don't want you to know details of their social life and, in fact, it's possible to understand it (however hard it can be for you as their parent).

7 "I Never Got Your Text"

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You know that your child was supposed to be home by a certain time, but they haven't come yet, so you text or call them to find out where they are. But they don't answer you.

When they finally come home and you ask them why they didn't reply, they innocently say, "But I never got your text, mom!"

It frequently happens with teens, doesn't it? It gets even weirder when you didn't text your child, but called them and didn't get a reply. When they convincingly tell you that they never got a call from you, you might even start wondering if that call actually went through...

6 "Dad Said I Could"

When a mom doesn't let her kid do something, the most common thing they are likely to say is, "But daddy allowed me to do it!" It's so easy, right? If daddy has already allowed it, why would mommy be against it? In this situation, many moms give in to their child's desire to do what they want in this case, while some believe their kid and blame their spouse for letting them do something they weren't supposed to do.

But the best thing the mother should do in this case is ask her partner if he actually said that to the child. Most likely, she'll find out that either he didn't do it at all, or he didn't realize what he was agreeing to.

5 "Johnny Is Allowed To!"

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If this "daddy allowed me to do it" thing doesn't work, another way the child can try to get what they want is saying, "But Johnny (or whatever the name of their best friend is) is allowed to do it!" Apparently, if your child says it, they think that you can be easily swayed with the knowledge that their peer can do something they can't. Whether it is playing with your phone all night long or eating candy for dinner, this allowance must be very important to your child, if they resort to lying to you to get it. But please, don't buy into it.

Even if your child's friend is actually allowed to do something, it doesn't mean that you should let your child do it, too.

4 "Just Two More Minutes, Mom!"

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What do your kids tell you, when you ask them to stop playing a video game and do their homework or go to bed? Most likely it's "Just two more minutes, mom!" Do they actually stop playing in two minutes? No, of course they don't. And it's all because time is an abstract concept that, according to a lot of physicists, including Albert Einstein, doesn't really exist. And since it's so meaningless, who cares when they stop playing this fascinating video game?

Or, perhaps, it's because your child just wants to keep on playing and wants you to think that they'll be done soon.

3 "I'm Going Straight To Bed"

When your kid says, "As soon as you close the door of my bedroom, I'll go straight to sleep", keep in mind that, possibly, it won't happen exactly like this. If your kid has an interesting book to read or a fascinating game to play under their blanket, they will probably do that instead and only once they're over it will they go to sleep. So if the next morning you see that your child looks tired, you can guess what happened.

Of course, you shouldn't encourage your child to tell any kind of lies, but this one doesn't seem to be so bad, does it?

2 "I'll Behave, I Promise"

Every kid will promise to behave, when they want to attend the event you are going to. But all parents (even those who believe these words) should know that even if the child says so, it doesn't mean that they actually have a plan to do it.

So if you take your child to a restaurant and you're sure that they'll behave, because they said they would, be prepared to see a different course of events. And afterwards don't blame your child for not behaving during your dinner. Blame yourself for believing their little lies, take good note of it, and don't be so naive in the future.

1 "I Love Our Family Vacations"

Via: telegraph

Yes, that's right, not all kids like to have family vacations with their parents. And the older they are, the more they want to spend time with their friends and peers instead of their parents, especially on vacations.

They want to do the things they like, including those they can't do when they are with their parents.

They want to have conversations that will be more interesting for them than some of the talks they're likely to have in the family circle. And they just want to have fun in a way their parents wouldn't allow them. But, at the same time, they don't want to hurt their folks and tell all. So they choose to tell a white lie instead.

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