20 Lesser-Known Things About Jessica Simpson And Her Family

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are expecting their third child, and now that Simpson is pregnant again, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look into her family life.

The couple has been together for almost a decade and they still appear to be incredibly happy. They will soon become a family of five, although Simpson has previously joked that she and her husband did everything “backward” because they had their first two children before getting married.

Marriage aside, Simpson is a successful woman in her own right, but it seems the role she values the most is her role as a mother to her two children. And they have taught her many things since their arrival. She has completely changed her approach to her personal fashion (she has also been inspired to create a children’s clothing line) and reprioritized what is important, especially when it comes to being a woman and the values she wants to pass on to her little girl.

She’s a hands-on mom, who is fiercely protective, and grateful to have such an incredible husband who is so caring and kind with their children. In many ways, they are the perfect celebrity family, and below are 20 lesser known things about Jessica Simpson and her brood, that are worth knowing.

20 The Biggest Compliment For Her Is To Be Told She’s A Good Mom

It is hard to be a mom. This is a journey that is uniquely personal for every woman but the one thing most of us can agree on is that there are many ups and downs and moments when we feel like we aren’t doing a good job. This is why it’s so important to have positive reinforcement, and for Jessica Simpson, the biggest compliment anyone can give her is to say she’s a great parent.

According to Entertainment Tonight, when she was honored at the 40th Annual Outstanding Mother Awards in 2018, Simpson stated, "The fact that people think I'm doing a pretty good job [as a mother] is the best compliment.”

19 Raising A Daughter Made Her Realize She Needed To Value Herself More

Raising children can teach you a lot about yourself, and one of the greatest lessons that Jessica Simpson has learned from having a girl is that she needs to value herself as a woman. She told Parents (via Bustle) she wanted to set a strong example for her daughter.

She stated, “I want to teach her to value herself, listen to herself and tune out the world. I want her to know her value, rather than spending her energy fighting negative voices from within. I want to teach her to figure out what is truly right for her rather than worrying about what anyone else thinks."

18 She Doesn’t Want Other People To Raise Her Children

Some moms need extra help, and there is nothing wrong with hiring a nanny or asking a loved one to help out. This is a deeply personal decision and one that should not be judged. But this is not what Jessica Simpson wanted when it came to raising her own children, and she told Entertainment Tonight that she wanted to do it all herself.

In 2002, way before she actually had children of her own, she told the publication, “When I'm a mother, I want to actually be a mother. I don't want a nanny doing everything for me."

17 The Thing She Wished She Knew About Motherhood The Most, Is How To Establish A Sleep Routine

Motherhood is a journey, and women are constantly learning about themselves, their children, and how to parent. Although every child is different, in general, it seems to be easier with the second child because a mom is more aware of what she is doing and has a better understanding of what to expect.

For Jessica Simpson, if there was something that she knows now that she wished she knew when she first became a mom, it would be to get in a routine. She told Parents, "It's so hard to hear your baby cry. Getting in a routine from the start helped us out a lot. You don't have to wonder what the crying is for, because you know it's time to eat, change, or sleep."

16 She Discovered How Protective She Was After Becoming A Mommy

There are a few things women often say after becoming a mother, for example, they speak about how they never understood how it was possible to love someone so much until the moment they welcomed their children into the world. But many moms also experience an immense need to protect their little ones.

This is something that Jessica Simpson experienced first hand, and she told People, “There are little things that you kind of obsess over. I never knew how protective I was until I had my own child. I’m already thinking about intruders coming into the house and what our escape route would be.”

15 She Would Be Totally Fine With Her Children Becoming Famous

Some celebrities choose not to share photos of their children on social media, and they don't like it when their photos appear in the media. I can’t speak for Jessica Simpson on the second point, but she definitely has no issue sharing photos of her children, and she would also have no issue with them following in her footsteps and choosing a life of fame.

According to Entertainment Tonight, she said, “I would definitely embrace my children being performers. To me, they're like the stars of my life, so I would love for the world to see what I see."

14 Pregnancy Has Left Her With Some Unexpected Side Effects

We’ve established that Jessica Simpson is pregnant with her third child, and she was excited to announce on social media that baby No. 3 was going to be a girl. But she has also been vocal about her pregnancy, and the unexpected side effects that have come with it.

She told People she has been having "vivid pregnancy dreams" and continued to explain what she meant by this. She said, “Well, I fly to get from place to place in my dreams this time around. It’s pretty weird but also fun. I keep a dream book next to my bed to try to get to the psychology of these vivid pregnancy dream[s]!”

13 You’d Be Forgiven For Thinking Jessica Is Super Confident, But She’s Actually Super Shy

Via Jessica Simpson Instagram

Jessica Simpson found she had more confidence in herself after becoming a mom, but she seems like a super confident person normally. She has a public personality that makes her seem not only very approachable but also self-assured. But, something surprising to learn is that she is actually very shy.

This according to Charlie Walk, the pres. of Epic Records, who according to Marie Claire, had this to say about Simpson: "People don't realize what an incredibly shy girl Jessica is. Her public persona completely conflicts with who she really is as a person."

12 Jessica Simpson Appreciates The Small Things In Motherhood

Jessica Simpson has accomplished a lot in her life, but one of the most rewarding roles she has had is motherhood. Simpson is a mother to two children, who she shares with husband, Eric Johnson, and she appreciates even the small things about being a parent, like being able to watch her children grow up.

She spoke about this in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “The most rewarding part of being a mother is really just watching my kids grow. It's like, how much knowledge they have about life is just so meaningful to me, and how much heart they put into everything they do. There's just nothing like the innocence of a child."

11 Eric Proposed In The Sweetest Way, To A Led Zeppelin Song

Jessica Simpson is not shy about her love for her husband and her social media is a reflection of that. There are multiple photos of herself and Johnson, often showing affection. Simpson and Johnson met in 2010 when she was on holiday celebrating her 30th birthday in Italy, and by the end of the year, they became engaged.

A few years later, she decided to share more details about the engagement, and according to E! News, it happened on Nov. 11 at 11:11 a.m. Johnson had placed rose petals on the ground and had Led Zeppelin's song, "Since I've Been Loving You," playing in the background.

10 Their Little Family Is Expanding With Baby No. 3 On The Way

Jessica Simpson is pregnant again, with her third child. Perhaps it’s not one of the lesser known things about Jessica Simpson now, because she has been vocal about her excitement at adding another member to her brood, but it is a fact worth mentioning.

Simpson has spoken about her pregnancy, and told People magazine that everything is“going well.” Since she is already a mom, she knows what to expect, and she told the publication that she was also focusing on her older two children, “who have their own very active calendars and social lives at this point — so it’s going by extremely fast!”

The couple is expecting a baby girl.

9 They Never Planned To Have Kids So Close Together

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson were engaged when they had their daughter Maxwell Drew, and they had intended to get married after her birth, but they put those plans on hold again because she fell pregnant with their son, Ace.

Simpson’s first two children are less than a year and a half apart, and she told Parents that she and Johnson had never intended on having them so close together. She said, “We take parenthood one day at a time, but sometimes we have to reassure each other and say ‘we've got this.’ I can't lie, I'm happy to be done with pregnancy right now!"

8 Jessica And Eric Had Their First Two Children Before Marriage


Most people probably know that Jessica Simpson was married before she met Eric Johnson, and that’s because her newlywed bliss (which didn’t last long) with Nick Lachey became part of a reality TV show called, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.

When she met Johnson, she found a man who she wanted to start a family with, but they didn’t go about it the traditional way. What I mean by this is they didn’t get married and then have kids, they had their kids first. She joked about this in an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show (via E! News), saying, "We're doing it very backwards, I know…”

7 She Is Extremely Proud Of The Way Her Husband Parents

Jessica Simpson is proud of the man she chose to marry, not just as a husband, but for the way that he parents their children.

She and Eric Johnson are a team in every sense of the word, and he is a hands-on dad. According to E! News, after they welcomed their firstborn, a daughter named Maxwell Drew, Simpson spoke about how she found her husband extremely attractive, because of the way he handled their child. She continued, “We’re both learning together, but it’s fun because we both get to grow in our relationship together.”

6 Since Having Kids, Jessica Has Undergone A Style Evolution

Jessica Simpson knows a thing or two about fashion, and she has her own eponymous clothing collection (a very successful one at that). But what she has found since becoming a mother is that her style has changed, and she wants to choose outfits that make her feel more sophisticated.

She told People, “I find myself going for more sophisticated looks, but I do think that’s kind of trendy right now — just a classier-looking woman. I love to show off my curves, but being a mom, I guess I do it in a little bit more classy way, even though for Halloween I was a milkmaid – but there are moments.”

5 Her Daughter Is Following In Her Fashionable Footsteps

Jessica Simpson’s style may have changed to become more classy and sophisticated (in her own words) since becoming a mother, but she was also inspired by her own children to create a children’s clothing line. And who better to model her creations than her own daughter?

Her daughter walked the runway to show off her collection, and Simpson told Entertainment Tonight that ever since this moment, a budding model has been born. "She has it down better than her mama!" she said. "She just does it every day, to be honest, like there is no stopping her. I don't know what else to do, it is out of my control."

4 Jessica Experienced A Newfound Confidence After Giving Birth

There are many different feelings and experiences that come with motherhood, many of which are positive and even empowering. For Jessica Simpson, she felt a new confidence after becoming a mother, and during an appearance on Good Morning America (via Us Weekly), she spoke about how motherhood had made her feel.

"I don't want to give her [Maxwell] any false perception of what is real and what's important. It is important to really know yourself and love yourself." She added, “As a mom, I just have this confidence. I just feel so proud of what I've done and what I've accomplished."

3 She Found The 'Best' Man To Start A Family With

Relationships in Hollywood are complicated, but Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson still appear to be incredibly happy, eight years into their romance. They are a team, not only in their marriage, but also in the way that they raise their children, and Simpson has previously spoken to Parents about how lucky she is to have found the right man to start a family with.

While speaking about watching her children grow up and differences between her first and second child, she added, “I'm lucky to have found the best man to start my family with. We are so blessed.”

2 Her Marriage (And Her Man) Make Her Want To Stay Young

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson are very close in age (he is only a year older than her) but Simpson’s husband makes her feel young. So do her children, and this is something she spoke about in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

It’s Johnson’s energy and willingness to chase after their kids and play with them all the time that inspires Simpson. She explained, "He's always throwing around the kids, and he's just an amazing father, it makes me want to stay young. Like how can you be so active? I mean watching the kids running makes me exhausted."

1 It’s Always Important To Spend Time On Loving Yourself

Having children, especially young children, can be incredibly time-consuming. As a mother, women often put the needs of their children before their own, and forget to take care of themselves. But, if we can learn anything from Jessica Simpson, it’s that it’s important to care about yourself and do things that make you feel good.

"I always like set time aside to, you know, love on myself for a little bit. I feel like as women we all need that, every day," Simpson told Entertainment Tonight. "Like, kind of a little pep talk in front of the mirror with some contour."

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