20 Last Minute DIY Gender Neutral Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween can be somewhat of a stressful time for parents, especially if their kids are attending a few Halloween parties and need multiple costumes. Not to mention that it can get quite expensive as well. Still, many parents fork out the cash because they don't think they have the time nor talent to actually make their kids' costumes from scratch. But those parents should think again, because we created a lovely list of twenty super easy and very quick last minute Halloween costumes, and honestly, everyone is bound to find something they like on here.

From a five-minute-quick emoji costume to an adorable Sriracha bottle, there are so many unique and easy costumes to appease the taste of every kid and parent. Plus a lot of them work as group costumes and are perfect for siblings as well. But the absolutely best part of it is that they are all totally gender neutral, making sure your kid grows up knowing they can be whatever they want to be.

Here they are, 20 simple and fast gender neutral Halloween costumes for kids, that can be easily recreated by even the least crafty parents out there! Don't trust us? Scroll down and take a look!

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20 Scarecrow

A scarecrow is a slightly more challenging last minute kid costume, but chances are many parts of the costume are already owned.

The one piece that might be the most difficult to find in a kid's closet are the denim overalls, but those can be substituted with just regular jeans.

The hat can be DIYed from firm cloth if the parents are skillful, or an old or thrifted hat can be used. The rest is easy, just put a flannel shirt on the kid and attach some yellowish yarn or wool pieces to the end of the pants, sleeves and hat!

19 Sushi

Who doesn't love sushi? Who wouldn't love to be sushi for Halloween? Seriously though, this is another under-an-hour DIY costume, and all that is needed for this one is a chevron or fishnet patterned pillow in a orange or pink color to serve as the fish, some white clothing to mimic the rice, a black scarf to tie everything together with and serve as the seaweed, and some green and pink fabric to attach to a headband as some pickled ginger and wasabi. Yup, all that's left is to find a kid to put into the costume, and it's done!

18 Scuba Diver

How freakin' adorable are these tiny scuba divers? Seriously, this costume is absolute genius, and while it may take a bit longer to spray paint the bottles and let them dry, the costume is so charming that it is definitely worth it! Once the bottles are dry just add some tape on them for the stripes, put the kids in black clothing, give them each a diver's mask to put on their head and that is it! Such an easy yet original halloween costume, that can be made in just a few hours! Wouldn't it be cute if the whole family dressed like this?

17 Spaghetti And Meatballs

Okay seriously, ins't this photo the best thing ever? Why don't we dress kids like this every day? A baby as spaghetti and meatballs!

The "ingredients" for this costume are some styrofoam balls which can either be bought in brown or painted brown, and some light beige yarn or wool.

Oh, and don't forget the plastic bowl to mix all the ingredients in! Honestly, this is the perfect costume for a baby who needs to attend a Halloween get-together with their parents. Seriously, you can never start early enough to dress up fro Halloween and you're never so old you have to stop.

16 Laundry Basket

A cute little laundry basket is another quick last minute DIY costume. All that is needed is some laundry (it should actually just be clean clothing), and an old laundry basket that you can cut the bottom out of. You can attach the basket to the kid with straps over the shoulder. Add some empty laundry cleaning supplies for the kid to hold, and there it goes, a running laundry basket.

Just make sure to keep an eye on the kid if they're still very young so they don't end up losing all of the "dirty" laundry, as you will want to still it after Halloween is over.

15 Pineapple

Here's another slightly more delicate DIY costume, but it is definitely manageable as a last minute one.

For it you'll need some thick yellow cloth, a yellow hat, or beret and some stiff green fabric or paper to attach to the top and make it look like pineapple leaves.

The yellow cloth should be shaped into a poncho and a pineapple patter can then easily be drawn onto it with a black sharpie. If there is no time to find the cloth, a piece of yellow cardboard cut out into a pineapple shape will do as well. The costume is cute, fresh, and everyone is bound to love it!

14 Octopus

This one is a very cool DIY, and while it does take a bit more time then some other ones on this list, it is definitely worth the effort! Just look at all those octopus tentacles! Okay so for the costume a color scheme needs to be chosen, and then matching tights bought in it.

In total there need to be eight tentacles, which means four pairs of tights are going to be needed. The kid puts on one pair and the rest of them are filled with something light like cotton wool or styrofoam beads.

Then the tights are attached all the way around the kid, and the octopus is almost done. All that's left is to make some eyes and attach them to a hat, and it's done!

13 Bubbles

An easy last minute halloween costume for kids is a bubble bath. Just dress the kid in all white clothing (leggings and long-sleeved shirt work best), put a shower cap on them, stick a bunch of white balloons to their clothing and cap (easiest way to do this is to use glue), and voilà, there it is, an adorable walking bubble bath! To add more to it you can give the kid a bath brush, loofa or a yellow rubber bath duck to hold. This one is super easy, as most parents are bound to already have everything but the balloons at home!

12 Ice Cream Cone

This ice cream cone with a cherry on top is a slightly more difficult DIY costume to make, but once one has all the necessary parts, it is pretty easy to assemble. What is needed is some brown cardboard for the cone part, some white for the actual ice cream (styrofoam or cotton wool would work), some little colorful balls for the sprinkles, some tulle so make it prettier and last but not least a red hat with a green pipe cleaner attached to it to make the head seem like the cherry on top! Isn't that the cutest ice cream costume ever?

11 Sriracha

Hands down one of the most adorable costumes on this list, a walking kid Sriracha bottle! All you need is red fabric to make the bottle and a green hat for the bottle cap.

The Sriracha logo can be printed out and glued onto the fabric, and there you have it, the easiest, cutest Sriracha bottle to ever exist!

Of course, if there is no time to get red fabric, a red T-shirt and red leggings or pants would work as well. Honestly, whoever came up with this one deserves a medal, because imagine a bunch of tiny Sriracha bottles running around for Halloween.

10 Snail

A snail costume is another easily made at home kind of costume, and all that is needed for it is a bit of brown paper to make the snail shell from, and a headband to attach some antennae to.

Again, as with a lot of these costume ideas, the rest of the outfit isn't too important, as long as it's kept in the brown-beige color family.

The best thing about these easy DIY Halloween costumes is that the kid can actually even make a lot of it by themselves, depending on how old they are, and even if they are very young, they can still assist.

9 Barista

via: Popsugar

A Starbucks barista is pretty much a 5 minute costume, once you get all the things needed for it. And by all things needed for it we mean a green apron and a print-out of a Starbucks logo (or any other coffee chain you like). Seriously, the rest is easy peasy, you make a name tag on black cardboard and stick it onto the apron and the the actual outfit underneath doesn't really matter, it's pretty much just everyday clothing.

That's it, and now you have a mini barista running around demanding candy! Or a trenta, no foam, five-shot half-caf, no foam pumpkin spice latte, who knows.

8 Emoji

This is a great costume for a group of kids, as they can all pick their favorite emoji and be it! They can even make the faces on the cardboard themselves, if they are old enough! This is a great costume because it is easy and quick to make, it's super fun, and it is very cheap, which honestly is important as Halloween costumes can get super pricey and not everyone can afford buying their kids a new one each year. So grab your kids' art supplies and help them go this year as their fave emoji. Extra points if they make the same facial expression too!

7 Cloud With Rain

Here's another very easy, yet adorably original kiddo halloween costume: a cloud with rain! All that is needed is a hat that you glue A LOT of cotton wool on (some of it can be made slightly gray by using eyeshadow), and some strings with cardboard rain cut outs.

Seriously, this costume can be made in under an hour, and the kid can even help make it!

The rest of the outfit doesn't really matter, but if the child has rain boots, those would make the costume absolutely perfect. And there it is, a perfect cloud of rain, ready for trick or treating!

6 Bandit

If the kid is somewhat of a troublemaker, they will absolutely love this costume! Besides there's always something fun about dressing up as a villainy character. To make this bank robber, all that is needed is a pair of black pants or leggings, a black and white striped shirt, a black hat and an easily DIYed face mask. If in a rush, the hat can also be used to cover half of the face, with some cut outs for the eyes. All that is left is to make a dollar sign bag the kid can put all their acquired candy in!

5 Paint Brush

A fun DIY costume for the artsy kid is this paint brush and palette costume. The kid can definitely help with making this one, especially making the palette.

All that is needed is a big piece of white cardboard cut into the right palette shape and painted to make it look like paint.

The hardest part of the costume is making the head piece, which isn't really hard at all. All one needs is a bigger piece of silver paper to turn into something like a crown and some straw pieces (or anything similar looking) to turn the child into a brush.

4 Spider Kid

If your little one actually wants more of a spooky and scary Halloween costume, how about turning them into a spider kid. Literally all you need are some fake spiders, which are sold everywhere during October, maybe you even already have them at home as decoration, and some cotton wool to wrap around them and make it look like a spider web. The actual clothing they wear should doesn't necessarily have to all black, but it helps add to the illusion. As a finishing touch a spider can be drawn on the kid's smiling little face with a eyeliner, and the spooky spider kid costume is complete!

3 Hipster

How about this hipster kid costume? Isn't it pretty funny? And chances are your little one already has some kind of hipster clothing in their closet, let's be real, who doesn't at this point?

So just throw that on them, and then all that's left to do is give them a pair of fake hipster glasses, which shouldn't be too difficult or expensive to buy, and put a few cool temporary tattoos on their arms and neck.

Seriously, just the glasses and the tattoos make this costume so obvious, that you don't even have to worry about the clothing too much.

2 Remote Control

Look at this hilarious halloween costume! And the best part of it is that all that is needed to make it is just some cardboard and paint. Now preferably it would be awesome to have a big piece of black cardboard, but if not it can just be painted black. As for the buttons those can either be painted on or cut out and glued on.

And if one isn't too crafty, the buttons can be also found online, enlarged and printed out!

The rest of the outfit is just black to match the remote control, and there it is: a fun halloween costume!

1 Crayons

Last but not least is this cute group costume, which is perfect for siblings or friends. Just dress each kid in the color they want to be, and make the head piece from thick paper of the same color by creating a cone to mimic the tip of the crayon, and attaching some string to it so it doesn't fall of the children's heads. If you want to add more detail you can also cut out the black stripes crayons have at the bottom from paper or cloth and attach them to their ankles. There it is, a box of colorful crayons!

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