20 Labor And Delivery Nurses Finally Tell Their Side of The Story

Anyone who has gone through delivering at a hospital will realize at some point or another that nurses have an opinion on everyone that they see day in and day out. While it may be easy to assume these women and men love life because they get to be around babies all the time, that couldn't always be further from the truth.

Most people think they should be the happiest workers on the planet because they witness the miracle of life regularly and get to hang out with babies at least for a couple of days. But not everything is as rose-colored as we may think. The nurses that work in the delivery and labor wards have stories all their own and have seen things we could never even imagine. A few of them have spilled the secrets of the OB ward and some might be surprised by what they have to say, especially the ones who have ways of making the lives of their patients easier after the delivery of a baby.

We also heard stories about nurses who do things themselves that we might consider to be a little out there. There are things that you would never imagine happening the ward, but they do. Check out these 20 labor and delivery nurses finally tell their side of the story.

20 Sometimes There Is A Baby Swap

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Would it surprise you to find out that some delivery nurses have admitted, confidentially of course, that they have swapped babies before? One anonymous user said, “I’m a nurse and I work in the birthing ward. Last week a [solo] mother [didn't make it through the birth] and down the hall, a young couple lost their newborn due to complications. I switched the babies.

This is an eye-opening revelation and it sounds more like something you would see in a movie. We’re not even sure how she did it without being discovered but it’s possible that it happened many years ago.

19 You Will Get Further With Them If You Bring Cookies

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You may not think about it as you are being rushed in for delivery and then caring for your child after, but some of the nurses don’t get the opportunity to eat properly doing their shift. If you want to get on a nurse’s good side and possibly get some perks, bring in cookies.

They like snacks and they will love you eternally if you bring them some. The whole staff would love coffee, veggie platters, cookies, or basically anything you can bring in. They work hard and often either have to skip their break or go a while before getting the chance to go to the bathroom.

18 One Patient Tried To Leave The Delivery Room

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Some women just don’t know what to expect when it comes to the delivery experience. No one can really prepare you for it, especially if you decide to go natural. Getting in there and going into labor can be quite the experience.

One nurse talked on Reddit about an experience that she had with a woman who threatened to go home, "One patient was fully dilated, she started pushing, then changed her mind. 'I don't wanna do this, I'm going [to go back] home,' she said. And then tried to get off the table."

Trust us, we totally get it.

17 Labor Nurses Evaluate The Situation That You Are In

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You may think that no one really considers the situation that you are in while you are delivering a child, but you would be wrong. There are nurses that judge your situation and they may not approve of what you are doing. One user stated, “I commend [the ones who are] responsible. I am a labor nurse and [I can't stand] to see women keep having kids while they live off the [state]. Children deserve to have parents who can love and provide.”

Being criticized while giving birth isn't fun, especially when someone doesn’t know the whole story.

16 They Have No Problem With Asking Your Family To Leave


Nurses have no time for shenanigans in the delivery room as their sole focus is on the child being delivered. If they see something happening in the room, they won’t even hesitate to ask your family to leave the room. You may even be the one that wants them out of the room, and if so, all you have to do is tell your nurse. If your mother-in-law is driving you up the wall, let the nurse give her the boot. Your nurse will tell her visiting hours are over and you won’t have to worry about things getting awkward.

15 It’s Not Always A Magical Moment For Them


You probably think that delivery nurses just love going into work and seeing the magic of life happening right in front of their eyes. But we forget that they see this happen multiple times a day and the magic sort of disappears after a while. They have seen the same thing over and over again and yes, they do think it’s pretty awesome but it’s just not the same for them as it is for you.

It may be your life but for them, it’s still just a job. That doesn’t mean that they don’t value the experience but their job is also a hard one.

14 The Woman Who Wasn’t Even Pregnant

Via: New England Public Radio

We’re not really sure how it’s possible to think you are pregnant if you aren’t but it happens more often than you would think. On The Stir, one user explained her experience, “We got a call from the ambulance that they were bringing in a girl in active labor who was ready to push. I set up a room really quickly, and in comes a lady soaking wet, dressed in a full-length yellow polyester dress. I [...] put a gown on [her], put a fetal monitor on, and there's no heartbeat."

"She's pushing this whole time and I call in the midwife. We take her down for an ultrasound and find out ... she's not even pregnant. Constipated maybe, but not pregnant! When the midwife broke the news to her, she said, "Oh, Ok, thanks, goodbye!" She jumped up [...] and left!

13 Sometimes Your OB/GYN Makes Them Cry

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You may think that your doctor is the best human being on the face of the planet. You have seen him/her numerous times, as you went through your pregnancy and you couldn’t be happier. That doesn’t mean that your doctor is nice to the staff or kind to the nurses specifically. There are times that nurses have stated that the doctors that they work for have made them cry.

Sometimes, nurses want to quit mid-shift just like anybody else and as tempted as they are to do that, they put on a brave face and keep going.

12 They Often See Things They Don’t Want To See


There are things that go on in a delivery room that most nurses wish they didn’t have to see. It’s not even the kind of situations that you would expect. One user explained her experience, “I’m a nurse in the NICU and a woman was giving birth. When I walked in, I saw my cousin’s husband in there… but my cousin wasn’t the one giving birth.”

Now, that’s an awkward situation and it’s likely that she went home and told her cousin where her husband was that day. It’s definitely a situation that no one would ever want to see.

11 They Won’t Recognize You At The Grocery Store A Week Later

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You may think that you have had this monumental experience that bonded you with your nurse forever. But that doesn’t mean that when you run into her at the grocery store a week later, that she will remember who you are.

It’s not that the nurse didn’t bond with you but don't forget she has also seen hundreds of births and unless there was something truly memorable about the experience, it might just be like a hundred other births that she has seen.

If you want to stand out, you might what to try what this new mom did after giving birth. The nurse shared, “I had a mother once who was on the gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic softball team. Her husband loved history and the baby was born June 6th. She was awesome and she sent me a thank-you note and a Starbucks gift card. And coffee is important.

10 Labor Nurses Think Things Should Be More Natural

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Just because a nurse works in the medical field doesn’t mean that she always agrees with what is going on. There are probably a lot of nurses that feel the same way. One user explained her experience as a nurse, “I’m a nurse and sometimes I disagree with what I do. We should let nature take its course a bit more often.”

There are certainly times when nature should be allowed to take its course in the hospital. At the same time, it does depend on the wishes of each mom in labor.

9 Beware Of The Nurse's State Of Mind

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Obviously, when we see a nurse on the job, we don’t think anything of it. We assume a lot of things and that includes that everything is on the up and up while they are doing their job. Who would think otherwise? But there are some nurses who should really consider taking up a different profession.

One user revealed, "I'm a nurse and [I like a glass or two] during my shift." Now that’s easily one situation no one wants to find themselves in as they're laboring and giving birth to a baby.

8 A Birth Plan Is Always A Good Idea

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Some women assume that they have everything down pat and all they have to do is go to the hospital and have a baby. But birth plans are really important because they state your wishes. The birthing experience can be stressful and there may not be time to have long discussions about drugs and your values in certain situations. It doesn’t have to be long, just one page that explains how you want things to go. Put down your views on who you want in the delivery room, pain management and whether you want the nurses to save the placenta.

7 Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

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You may have a birth plan in place and still have something go off kilter. Something that you need to know is that sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s okay.

It’s nice to have a plan in place, just don’t be attached to it. It’s totally okay to turn to your nurse and say, "I actually do need something for the pain."

But the last thing a nurse wants to see is a huge birth plan. I had a patient several years ago who came with a 10-page birth plan. She wanted to have a natural birth, with no medication, lying on a specific pile of pillows, and she wanted her husband to [take care of] the umbilical cord. It turned out that when her water broke, her husband slipped [and was unable to fulfill her wish].”

6 They Don’t Have A Choice About The Deliveries They Attend

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When nurses are helping to deliver a baby, it’s not always strangers that they run into. They may end up having to deliver a baby of someone they don’t like and it can get awkward. One user explained how seeing her ex-boyfriend in the delivery room went,

I am a nurse and I just helped deliver a baby. The woman in labor was the girl that my ex-boyfriend [left me for] That was their firstborn.”

We couldn’t imagine anything more difficult to go through. These are situations where a nurse can’t just back out of it for personal reasons.

5 Don’t Believe The Movies When It Comes To Your Water Gushing

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When we see a pregnant woman going into labor in the movies, it’s a lot more dramatic. We sometimes see a large amount of water hitting the floor and it’s almost a panicked scene. But that’s not the way it happens in real life. Sure, some do feel a huge gush but it’s not as dramatic as we see in the movies. Other women, however, will only feel a few drops, almost like a urine leak. Sometimes it will even continue to drip throughout the labor like you are continuously going #1. It’s definitely a different thing to experience.

4 Labor Takes A Really Long Time

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There certainly are those situations where a woman will say that she sneezed during delivery and the baby just came out. But those are rare occurrences. Labors can be as short as 2-5 hours long (and those ladies are very lucky!)

There are also the women who go through hard labors for 72 hours at times. On average a woman can be in labor for 12-18 hours. Even when it comes to the time to push, it doesn’t become easy. You could still be pushing a few hours later. The first baby is usually the hardest and if you have a second one, it tends to be easier.

3 Modesty Goes Out The Window

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Trust us when we say that is a situation that will make you throw all modesty out the window. You could be the most modest woman in the world and it won’t matter at all in the delivery room. Nurses will tell you that there will be a ton of people in your room, it won’t just be you and the doctor. You will be on display and there really isn’t any way around it. The nurses are only worried about your health and getting the baby out. They aren’t worried about protecting your modesty.

2 Momzillas Receive No Sympathy

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Nurses work really hard to make sure that your delivery runs smoothly so it’s really unnecessary to be mean to your nurses for no reason. A delivery is painful and stressful. It’s understandable that you may not feel the best but don’t take it out on the nurse. You might regret it. One user stated,

“If you’re a momzilla during labor, I’ll make sure the epidural [is not as effective].”

Nurses have control over more than you think and some of them take matters into their own hands. By the sounds of it, it’s best to not push them unnecessarily.

1 Sometimes They Want To Keep Your Baby

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You never know the story behind the nurses that you see in the delivery ward. For the most part, we assume that they are living lives similar to ours. But that’s not always the case. One user revealed, “I’m a labor nurse and I can’t have kids. I dream about [taking] a baby to raise as my own. The timing is never right though.

Well, that’s just a little alarming. Hopefully, this was a thought from many years ago. We would like to think something like that would be impossible to do these days.

Sources: The Stir, RavishlyCosmopolitan, Business Insider.

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