20 Kids Who Wish They Could Change Their Birthdays (And Why)

Here's the funny thing about birthdays, they're the day we celebrate the day we came into this world, and yet each birthday seems more depressing than the last. Well, that is for some people...

When we're kids, birthdays are ultra exciting. It's a day where it's all about us. Our parents throw us a birthday party, all of our friends are playing in the same area, and we get presents and cake all in the same day! What's not to like — it's exciting! But somewhere down the road something switches. The parties become more and more dull and the presents get more adult. While we used to be gifted toys and stuffed animals, now we're getting practical gifts like socks and blankets. And let me just speak for everyone by saying socks are not a fun gift.


However, some people have worse birthdays than others solely because of the actual date. While having a birthday on Christmas Day may seem awesome (double the gifts), they actually get completely over shadowed. The same can be said for anyone with birthdays on holidays or those who were born on significant days in history. Regardless of the day, these are 20 people who genuinely wish they could switch their birthday.

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20 The Day After Christmas

I'm going to happily write this blurb on behalf of myself since I was born the day after Christmas. According to my mom, I was supposed to be born on Christmas Day, but she didn't want my older brother to wake up on Christmas morning without his mother around. Instead, she held tight and waited until the following day.

Although my birthday is not on Christmas Day, it's a day that often is called a "sad" day. All the Christmas music ends, the presents have all been opened, and people need to start thinking about work in the upcoming days.

So my birthday definitely gets lost in the fray and is often met with sad vibes, which is tough as a kid.

19 Sharing The Day

I have friends who are twin sisters and are extremely close. However, at the end of the day, they're both individuals with different dreams and goals. Although they share the same birthday, they both would like a little acknowledgement for their own self. Similarly, one kid shared that their birthday was shared with their sibling, not their twin: "Share it with my sister, my parents are obnoxious and wake us up in the worst way (once it was so bad I was legit scared and cried like a baby) and want to celebrate with what they like to do." Instead of doing what they would like, they end up spending their day doing whatever it is their parents like — not the other way around.

18 April Fool's Day

I have a best friend whose birthday is on April Fool's Day and let me just say that her day is never met with sincere wishes; there's always a joke thrown in there somehow. Another April Fool's Day baby said "April 1st is my birthday and it's both a blessing and a curse. I alway have fun, but at school people pull pranks and jokes and one time my 6th grade teacher made a really bad joke in class that made me so embarrassed!" I'm sure there will come an age where the jokes are no longer funny or perhaps all they want is a day that's dedicated to them without the jokes.

17 May The Fourth Be With You


One person took to Reddit to ask if they could legally change their birthday from May Fourth. You don't need to be a Star Wars fan to know that this day is often a day filled with puns from the movies. "May the force be with you," sounds an awfully lot like May fourth. Regardless of how this mini Star Wars day got started, anyone born on this day is either going to have a ton of Star Wars gifts or cards with the characters on it. It's no longer all about you and your day of birth. It's about the movie and the fact that it's "also" your birthday.

16 Dog Days Of Summer

I would think having your birthday in the summer would be a home run. There's no school, most parents have childcare set in place, you can have activities outside... There's so many ways to have fun as a kid in the summer. But for some kids in particular, having your birthday on June 6th is not the best. One kid mentioned "I was born on the 12th but I'm still in school on the sixth so I celebrate it but everybody is so worried about summer I'm ignored." It's easy to think of ways to make someone feel special on their birthday, but maybe it's easier said than done.

15 Back To School


According to one kid's statement, having your birthday on a holiday isn't bad enough: having your birthday the day after a holiday can be worse.

For this kid, having their birthday on January second meant having to go back to school after a long winter break.

This means that everyone is depressed to be back in school, upset the holidays are over, and no one feels like celebrating. Not to mention going back to school means teachers piling homework on their students' desks. There's practically not enough time for a party now with all the new homework obligations from their teachers.

14 Valentine's Day


I, for one, love Valentine's Day. Even when I was single I loved that there was a day dedicated to love. I know most people associate it with a partner, but I always associated it with love for all! However, I know many people don't have the same train of thought as me. One former child explained why having a birthday on this day is so horrific. "It's horrible especially if you are single! You get over looked and all your girlfriends only want to hang out if they are single. I don't think I have actually celebrated my birthday on the actual day in 30 years."

13 Celebrating With A Sibling Who's Nine Years Older


"I share it with my older brother. We're nine years apart, exactly. It was never really intentional to be the exact same, my mom just thought it would bring us closer growing up if we could 'celebrate together.'" Although their parents did everything they could to make them feel special, they ended up doing whatever it was their older sibling wanted to do. Now that they're in the social media era, their brother would make a huge commotion on Facebook, doing things just for the attention, which doesn't really make the poster feel loved and appreciated. Considering both kids are so far apart in age, maybe the smartest thing is to break up the day, celebrating the younger sibling in the morning/afternoon and then older sibling at night?

12 An Upsetting Anniversary

Sometimes the best part about being young and having your parents set up your birthday for you is not knowing what's going to happen. You most likely gave them a list of people you'd like invited, but it's out of your hands from there. When this Redditor was in kindergarten, he was so excited for his big day; his best friend was even more excited than he was, which just added to the build up.

But when he never showed up to the party, the birthday boy became suspicious.

As it turned out, his best friend was in an accident on the way to the party and this young boy has to endure that anniversary every year on his birthday.

11 It's Never About Them


The sad part about this next entry is that this kid's birthday will forever and always be about their mother. No matter what day their birthday is on, their mom will automatically make it about them. They wrote,

"She used to get [upset] when another relative wanted to make me the cake that I designed in my head. She still calls at the time of my birth on my birthday and the conversation always involves a guilt trip about one thing or another."

And as you can expect, the conversation never goes in a positive route.

Instead of celebrating her actual birthday the way she wants it, she ends up celebrating the day before or after with her husband and kids, that way she can do what she likes without the negative words of her mother.

10 Leap Year

Imagine having your birthday on a leap year! A leap year occurs every four years, meaning you might not be able to celebrate your actual birthday until every four years! "My birth year fell on a leap year but my birthday is in December and I’d rather have that than this horrible day! Literally having your birthday every four years would suck, imagine how many parties and gifts every four years."

What I'd like to know is what day these people choose to celebrate their birthdays when their day isn't on the the calendar that year!

Do they have a fake day and a real day?

9 New Year's Eve

One would think having your birthday on New Year's Eve would be awesome since everyone is in party mode anyway, but that's not usually how it turns out when you're a kid. When you're under the legal drinking age, parties are only going to happen on New Year's Eve when parents don't mind driving and don't have any plans for that evening. One kid mentioned

"This is the worst birthday because everyone is counting down to the end of the day,"

which can make anyone of any age feel undrewehlemd. The best a kid can do is to have their birthday in the new year, which, you know.... defeats the whole purpose of a birthday.

8 Whoops!

It's one thing when your friends forget your birthday, things happen and people lose track of the days. But when your parents forget your big day... well, that can make anyone want to change their birthday to a more popular, familiar date. One person vented that when they were kids,

"[My] parents forgot about it pretty frequently, so by my teens I just started not caring, treating it like any other day of the year."

The thing about birthdays are they are just another day of the year, but it's up to you or those close to you to make it special. While many people dislike having their birthdays on holidays, this might be one person who wishes for the opposite.

7 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in the US is a pretty big deal. Everyone has a full day of eating, driving around to family's houses, and watching the NFL. It's a long, filling day.

Having your birthday on Thanksgiving is kind of perfect because your family is all in one place, but if you're not fond of your family... well, that's tough.

But as a kid, it makes family members' lives easier.

"My family always forgets that my birthday is around Thanksgiving. I once got a recycled birthday card in which they cut out the word Grandma and put my name on a piece of paper taped to the inside of the card and left the signatures the same.. I signed this card like 6 months earlier."

6 Easter

via:Simply Radiant

"My birthday is on Easter this year and it sucks. All everyone cares about is finding the plastic eggs," one teen ranted. While Easter is a great day filled with religion, chocolate, and Easter baskets, a person's birthday can be forgotten. Or what's even worse is when your birthday becomes Easter. You'll be given an Easter themed cake, Easter themed card, and probably have to go to church even if you don't want to.

Plus, if you wanted to have a birthday party on Easter, there's no way anyone would be able to make it, what with all the family gatherings everyone has.

5 Halloween


Having a Halloween birthday would most likely mean you'd have to have a costume party year after year.

It's one of those opportunities that allows you to wear your costume more than once — which all kids beg to do anyways. But that's easier said than done. One Halloween baby said "My birthday is pretty close to October 31st and I have always hated it. Especially in school. It's way too late for the end of 1st quarter, where everyone is trying to raise their grades or getting all their homework in." What's worse is that in the second quarter of school, everyone is sad and in the zone, so their birthday is kind of the last thing on anyone's mind.

4 Happy Fourth!


As a citizen, I would adore to share the spotlight with the country's birthday, but it is a lot to live up to. One person noted

"It's the worst because your birthday barely matters [in comparison]. There is always that person who wishes you a Happy Fourth instead."

I'm sure people can try throwing themselves birthday parties around Fourth of July weekend since most people will have time off from work and school, but I think we all know what the theme will be. And although everyone has time off from work to celebrate, there may be a few people who would rather celebrate the Fourth of July than someone's birthday...

3 New Year's Day

New Year's Day is exciting because it's a day filled with opportunities. It's the first day of the year and anything can happen!

Then again, most kids' parents are hungover from the night before, so the last thing they want to do is drive their kid to a birthday party.

"I was born on January 1st and I sometimes get combined Christmas and birthday presents all the time from late relatives. I guess it's kind of fun but my aunt says I need to have a half-birthday so I get presents in the summer." The sad thing is, kids shouldn't have to wish for a different birthday, but that's the way mother nature spins some things from time-to-time.

2 Christmas Day


Just like my birthday being the day after Christmas is rough, imagine having your birthday actually on the day... "This is the WORST day ever to have your birthday," one child notes. "You just get cheated out of everything. Christmas present? Yeah we'll count that as your birthday too. Oh look a birthday cake! Yep, we're using that as the whole family's Christmas pudding. Not to mention that you need to wait a whole year for your birthday and Christmas. Most people have two special dates a year, we have one!" Typically, people have two days a year where they can ask for gifts, but when your birthday is on an actual holiday... it's a one stop shop for a kid.

1 Christmas Eve

I think it's safe to say that throwing kids' birthday parties around the holidays stinks.

The weather can be tough to drive through, extended family members are in town, and the holiday is mixed with your birthday.

At the end of the day, either no one's at your birthday party or parties are ignored altogether. "One present for 'birthday AND Christmas' makes me want to cry," one child said. As a fellow Christmas baby, I can understand the frustration. I know most cards have Christmas trees on them and such, but there will always be non-holiday related gifts. A birthday and a holiday are separate celebrations, y'all!

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