20 Kids Who Need Parents With Eyes On The Back Of Their Heads

Oh, kids. We're already well aware that they say the darndest things, but they sure do the darndest things as well. The mind of a youngster cannot be beaten in terms of creativity, ingenuity, and courage. Kids are willing to put their bodies through the ringer just to see what will happen. They're willing to eat weird stuff just for fun, slide down the stairs in a cardboard box just for giggles, and mess with wild animals just because. There's hardly ever any rhyme or reason.

In a way, kids are geniuses because their minds don't believe in the word "no." They have no fear. No doubt. No hesitation. It sure is funny at times, but these next 20 kids really should have had an extra pair of eyes watching them, just in case.

What started out as a seemingly innocent idea suddenly turned into a parent's "oh no" moment. Usually, by the time that realization hits, it's too late, and that kid is stuck between a rock and a hard place (literally). Life without children would be unimaginable...but so are the ideas that frequently pop into their heads. Check out these 20 kids who've gotten themselves in some pretty sticky situations.

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20 These Kids Who Threw A Flour Party

What started out as a fun way to learn the ABCs quickly turned into an uncontrollable mess. These parents had the idea of pouring out a small amount of flour onto the floor to use as a canvas for their children to write out the alphabet and numbers. Obviously, things got out of hand pretty quick. As soon as the parents turned their backs, the flour kept pouring and eventually spread across the entire kitchen and living room. Lesson learned.

19 These Kids Who Made It Rain Styrofoam

The thrill of unboxing is real. There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to unboxing presents and packages. It's one of those oddly satisfying experiences to pop bubble wrap and dig to the bottom of styrofoam to find a gift waiting at the bottom. If adults can indulge in that kind of thrill, what's stopping a group of toddlers? At this point, the actual gift doesn't even matter. It's all about the styrofoam and making it rain in the living room. The parents must have been outnumbered.

18 These Kids Who Need To Go Potty, Like, Right Now

On the bright side, this mess could have been much, much worse. Imagine if those diapers were dirty! Imagine poop-covered walls and carpets! Thankfully, these kids did the responsible thing and dug through a pile of clean diapers. Were they trying to send a message? Do they need to go potty or was it all about the excitement of making a mess for mom and dad to clean up? I guess this is what parents call the terrible twos. It's all about teamwork.

17 These Kids Who Are The Next Picasso

In the world of parenting, it's kind of an unwritten rule to hang up a kid's artwork or tape it to the fridge no matter how, um, interpretive it is. It's essential for parents to encourage and support their children in whatever they do, or whatever they aspire to be when they grow up. For these two kids, it must be to become to next Picasso. They are literally walking pieces of art from head to toe, covered in paint. The parents did the right thing and sent them straight to the shower, though!

16 These Kids Who Made A Whipped Cream Mess

What is happening here? Can anybody take a guess? We're looking at a bunch of kids wearing trash bags and filling up their mouths with whipped cream. The kid on the far left has his entire face covered in whipped cream. Apparently, this is a game called the Cheetos-Toss. The goal is to have the Cheetos stick to the whipped cream, and whoever has the most Cheetos on their head or face wins. Kids have the best ideas, don't they? Oh, and you can always use chocolate chips if there aren't any Cheetos at home.

15 This Kid Who Got Stuck In The Toilet

Uh...help? You can tell this kid is waiting for his mom, dad, or sibling to put the stinkin' camera away and actually do something. Also, what's with the soap? The toilet is a funny yet tearful place to end up. Not just for toddlers, but for your phone, house keys, and dollar bills that are no longer useful because they're wet and soggy. The toilet is quite literally a black hole that has most of us soaking our iPhone in rice for the next three days, hoping there's some truth to that solution.

14 This Kid Who Got Her Finger Stuck In A Very Painful Place

Kids are famous for doing things (stupid things) just to see if it'd work. Like dropping glass on the floor just to see if it'd shatter (and it always does). This picture tells the story of Bekah who stuffed her finger in a mini air rocket launcher just to see what would happen. It wasn't until her parents tucked her in at night that she confessed that her finger was indeed stuck in the launcher and that it wasn't funny anymore. She turned out fine with a just a little redness, thankfully.

13 This Kid Who Ate Sand And Dirt

It's bad enough that fake news is taking a toll on politics, but is it "teaching" us how to raise our children, too? According to the Strange Science News channel on YouTube, one report claimed it's healthy for kids to eat dirt and sand. This poor boy somehow got the message (maybe from an older sibling?) and tried it out the next time he went to the beach. Sand contains quartz that is harmful to our teeth and could damage them over time. So, of course, eating sand is a no-no for small babies (even adults!).

12 This Kid Who Licked A Frozen Pole


Don't worry, kid, we've all been there. Getting your tongue stuck to a frozen pole is like a right of passage or reaching a milestone in the winter months. It might be the first glimpse of magic a child ever sees. The science behind it is fascinating. According to Live Science, the moisture on your tongue loses heat when it touches the frozen pole. The moisture then freezes inside tiny pores on your tongue and causes it to stick. If you wait long enough, the heat will return to your tongue — but don't ever rip your tongue away!

11 Dodge The Tide Pods

Via: cbs.com

No. No. No. The Internet has always been full of dumb challenges, like the Tape Face Challenge or the 100 Layers Of Makeup Challenge. But lately, it seems they've only been getting worse and more dangerous. Eating challenges started out with cinnamon or drinking a gallon of milk in under a minute — but at least these are substances that belong in the human body. But a Tide Pod? Not so much. These little guys are packed with toxins and chemicals that can make us severely sick. Kids and teens need to stay far from those bad boys.

10 These Kids Who Took Coloring To The Next Level

In her personal blog, mother Natisha was able to explain exactly what happened here. "I thought things were quiet when my 4-year-old and 10-month-old were playing in my 4-year-old’s room. So I went in there and discovered black marker on my 10-month-old’s face. Then my toddler turned around, and to my amazement, her face was entirely covered. At least I got a good giggle. She also drew all over her white dresser, her white toy box, and her white bookshelf and various toys." Aspiring artists, for sure!

9 This Kid Who Handcuffed Himself

This kid is set up for success. At the beginning of this video we have to wonder why this young boy would handcuff himself in the middle of a playground. Wouldn't he rather be on the swings or riding down the slide? It becomes apparent that he's trying to perform a magic trick for his audience. He begins with his arms handcuffed behind his back but then squats down and steps over them to bring his arms in front. While this is kinda cool, let's hope he only practices this when adults are home.

8 Loves His Swing Set A Little TOO Much

Mama Elizabeth calls this the DIY Toddler Swing. While she didn't explain how her son's shorts ended up intertwined with the wood, she fully admitted that this became a big-hit Pinterest fail. "When I posted about it, it got picked up by everybody from Pinterestfail.com to Babycenter.com and the story of its creation became my all-time most viewed post and led to a major increase in traffic for this blog. My failure became a success, on several levels."

Way to make lemonade out of lemons!

7 That's An Aggressive Dog Bath

Via: reddit.com

I hope this wasn't as painful as it looks! There's no story behind this picture (posted inside a Reddit chain), so we can only assume this kid was trying to help around the house and take on some chores. One of the chores being to give the dog a bath. We can't help but laugh at this picture for two reasons: the dog's face and "oh no" body language, and the kids' mischievous grin. It's almost like he's enjoying this moment.

6 That's Quite A Makeover

Apparently, drawing eyebrows on kids is a regular thing. We've seen pictures of thick eyebrows, evil eyebrows, even fake eyelashes glued on used as eyebrows. In the most surprising of cases, it's actually the parents who are doing the creative drawing. It looks like parents also have childish tendencies from time to time! The only difference is there's no one watching the adults... They're the boss of the house. Our only hope is that permanent marker wasn't used. Otherwise, this kid is in for a rude awakening. Maybe there should be an older adult watching the adults??

5 This Receding Hairline Came Far Too Early

Via: reddit.com

All good, fixed it! About four months ago, Reddit user @moosesmo uploaded this picture of this son showing off his new haircut. The comment section quickly filled up with sympathetic replies such as, "Oh no, did people make fun of this hairline or something?" and, "Poor little dude!" But only @moosesmo knows the truth about what really happened. So, he replied. "He just thought it would look better. Now he says [he] fix it." It's hard to believe that a haircut like this wasn't an accident, but here we are.

4 Sheepback Riding

It's not uncommon for kids to ride their dog around the house like it's a horse. But this brave girl wanted to try something new, something daring when her parents took her to see farm animals. The boy in this video manages to sit on a goat for like, not even three seconds before it runs away. The girl, however, was slightly more successful in sitting on a sheep. Obviously, this isn't the safest or most humane activity in the world, both for the kids and the animals.

3 Who Better To Give Driving Lessons Than A Cop?

Wouldn't this be every little boy's dream? To sit on a hero's lap in the front seat of a cop car? "Alright, now push this little button right here," says the cop before the loud siren starts going off. The look on the kid's face is priceless! After a few more tricks and trades, the cop has to leave. "I gotta go, I'm supposed to be looking for another car over here. Want to shake my hand?" Then he jokes, "Are you married yet?" I'm betting that this little cutie is gonna do this to every hero of his when his parents aren't looking!

2 Is Planking Still A Thing?

Via: guff.com

Come on, grandma, you're looking right at the person taking this photo who is possibly judging your parenting style... Planking had its time in the sun but let's get this grocery shopping done as quickly and seamlessly as possible, okay? Crowded grocery stores can be a real nightmare. Carts keep crashing into each other, the aisles are impossible to walk through, and the checkout line is a mile long. We're going to be here all day. Better find a way to entertain yourself, kid.

1 A Not So Merry Christmas

Via: today.com

Act natural — nothing to see here, mom and dad! Some parents know far too well that asking their kids to behave for one single family photo is a stretch; just ask mom Halle Ingram from Mississippi. She bought pretty dresses for her daughters to wear in the Christmas card but young Cici was having none of it. "She was more than unwilling to take pictures this year," Halle told Today. "She stuffed her mouth with a candy cane and refused to move from that pose."

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