20 Kids Toys That Will Help Raise Smart, Strong, Independent Girls

We are currently (and finally) in the age of the female. Everywhere we look women are finally being recognized for the hard work and dedication they've been dishing out for years. From stay-at-home moms to women in the workforce, to women who do both — they're being acknowledged.

Now, I'm not saying that society is perfect — we still have a long way to go but at least we're a few steps closer to where we want to be compared to former years.

But what about our children? As women, most of us feel like it's our job to pave the way for our children, but that can be hard to do when books and toys can be so off-base and tone-deaf. Thankfully, there are a bunch of toys hitting the shelves that are aiming to empower girls — helping them shoot for the stars. After all, it can be tough to think you're a superhero when every toy and cape is geared towards men. But these 20 toys? These may be just the ticket to enrich that little gal's mind and make her realize that her possibilities are endless. After all, if we don't tell our kids they can be whoever they want to be when they grow up, who will?

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20 Rosie The Riveter Action Figure

Rosie the Riveter came into the scene in World War II, when her face was plastered on posters as an initiative for women to take charge after their men went off to war. If Rosie had that kind of influence in the ‘40s, imagine what kind of influence she’ll have on this generation.

Plus, not only is Rosie adorable to play with, she’s educational and is a constant reminder that women can do anything men can do. With a little imagination, I’m sure every gal will want to be their own Rosie.

19 Lammily Dolls

Hitting the scene in 2014, Lammily dolls are not your average doll… Well, scratch that, they are your average doll, we’ve just never seen a doll like this until recently.

Considering not every child is stick-thin with golden blonde hair, Nickolay Lamm created the Lammily Dolls, based around the average 19-year-old American woman. Barbies are great and all that jazz, but they’re not necessarily realistic.

Now that Lammily dolls are such a hit, she has created some friends with interesting careers (a photographer and an animal rescuer) and accessories to match children everywhere.

18 A Personalized Instrument

Music is an important outlet for people of all ages. It gets those creative juices flowing and taps into a part of the brain that often gets ignored. While the chances of becoming a world-famous musician are hard to come by, learning an instrument or having a passion for singing can be a real stress-reliever. It’s a chance to let loose and unwind after a tough day at school or even having too much homework on a Monday.

Having an instrument that’s personalized also may be the special touch that kids didn’t know they wanted.

17 The Amelia Earhart Dolls

I remember having to do school projects on pilot Amelia Earhart back in school. She was such a rockstar in her time and didn’t really get the recognition she deserved until her disappearance in the ‘30s. But regardless of her whereabouts, she was still the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by herself! (Now if that if that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.)

Every child playing with this doll will be reminded of Amelia’s commitment to women’s rights and how women can do anything that men can do. I mean, just look at Amelia. She was her own hero.

16 Frida Kahlo

Just like the Rosie the Riveter and Amelia Earhart doll, we now have a plush version of Frida Kahlo. This lovely woman was a Mexican artist who truly paved the way for other female artists. With her traditional Mexican garments, the classic flower crown, and a little monkey on her shoulder, this plush version of Frida will be the reminder that all kids need to be themselves. Especially since Kahlo combined her love of art with other interests like politics and culture.

15 Dare To Be Hermione

While other female historical figures may take some time to remember or recognize, characters like Hermione Granger will be more familiar due to pop culture. Nowadays, reading or watching Harry Potter is something that many kids grew up doing. The storylines, the characters, the magic — it’s all so enchanting!

Luckily for kids, Hermione wasn’t depicted as a dumb woman who followed her two best friends and did whatever they told her. She really was the brains behind the operation and knew the most. So why not dress like her?

14 Roylco Straws

These straws' flexible design will allow them to be bent into the shape needed by your little one, without breaking or snapping. These are perfect for forts on those rainy days, making a boat to stay safe from fishies, or even building a house! The possibilities are endless!

13 Sprout A Green Thumb

Gardening may be something kids only see their parents or grandparents doing but enough is enough. Having a green thumb is therapeutic, good for the environment, and a great outdoor activity! Depending on where you live, however, gardening may not always be possible. But with this handy-dandy DuneCraft Dome Terrarium, your little one can now bring her green thumb indoors.

This one, in particular, is quite fun because it’s home to carnivorous plants, like the Venus Fly Trap! Growing green “monsters” has never been more fun or educational at the same time.

12 Lottie Dolls

If any parents are looking for dolls their kids can relate to — check out Lottie Dolls. These dolls were all inspired and created by kids themselves, which just goes to show how much generic toys are lacking these days.

The doll above is Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll, and if I’m being honest, I would have been ALL over this when I was a kid due to my love of Jurassic Park.

This doll comes with everything a fossil hunter might need; sturdy boots, tools to dig and examine fossils, actual fossils to find, and—what’s even better—a sheet on notable women in paleontology!

11 The Roominate Dollhouse

It can be tough to get your kids into the sciences – especially girls. This is mainly because most “talked about” scientists are men and it can be hard for women to relate to. (Or feel welcomed into, I should say.) But now with Roominate, kids can become their own engineers, builders, and architects while having fun doing it!

These dollhouses come as a kit, where kids have to literally build them together; connecting wires and installing small lights so that they work in their doll’s home.

If it seems to intricate, have no fear. Each kit is made in a way that is easy to follow and is fun doing so to see the final project.

10 A Kid-Friendly Tool Kit


When it comes to female tools, however, most of the sets come in pink. While there is nothing wrong with this color whatsoever (I love pink), girls don’t NEED to like tools just because they’re pink. That being said, whatever the color of the toolset — grab it for that little gal in your life! Teach them how to use tools correctly and all the things she can make with them!

9 GoldieBlox

With a spinoff from Goldie Locks, GoldieBlox is a company that is fighting for more women in STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math). Every game, activity, book, etc., is done through problem solving and tools used to empower our gals.

GoldieBlox even has apps and dolls to stay engaged with!

The game above is GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine; a game where kids must build a spinning machine for so that Goldie’s dog (Nacho) can chase his tail. It comes with all the tools to create this contraption of Nacho along with an interactive book for help.

8 SmartGurlz Dolls

SmartGurlz has one mission: girl power!

SmartGurlz develops robot dolls that are controlled through an app in a way to get women more familiar with coding. These robot dolls ride on a scooter while your child controls them via Smartphone or tablet. They can make the dolls scooter and dance all with the swipe of a finger. Gals will become better with coding the more missions they complete with their small robots. Kids can even draw the path they want their doll to complete, and it can be done!

7 Hearts For Hearts Dolls

I personally don’t have children of my own yet, however, I can’t wait for the day to explain to them about all of the countries around the globe and what makes each culture special. While learning about people around the globe is necessary, dolls don’t always showcase that. However, with Hearts for Hearts Girls, kids can now see other cultures and countries through their dolls. From Ethiopia to Mexico, to India, these dolls all dress and carry accessories similar to their background.

6 Go! Go! Sports Girls Dolls

Um, where were these dolls when I was a kid!? Growing up in athletics, there weren’t many options for girls who liked both dolls and sports. But with the Go! Go! Sports Girls dolls, kids can learn to be active, go on adventures, and be athletic with the help of their dolls, books, and apps! Dolls come in a variety of tones and do various sports to relate to just about any youngin’. There’s a ton of active Barbies out there, but there’s something special about being active WITH your doll.

5 Osmo

Osmo is changing the game between apps and real life. There are a lot of parents out there who don’t want their kids stuck behind a screen for hours a day, and while that’s respected, Osmo is a little different.

When an iPad is placed in the Osmo holder, a red reflector goes over the camera, which allows the machine to see what the child is doing versus the game, problem, puzzle on screen. Plus there is a ton of accessories and interactive games that can push that little rugrat’s mind to the best of their ability.

4 Women In NASA Lego Set


Can you name two women in NASA at the top of your head? I don’t know about you, but that was pretty tough for me. Thankfully, Lego is changing how kids play and learn about space.

Lego came out with a ‘Women of NASA’ game set in 2017 and it took the ground running. It quickly became one of the best selling toys on Amazon. The set includes four women in space: Nancy Grace Roman, Mae Jemison, Margaret Hamilton, and Sally Ride.

The 231-piece set comes with three sets kids can build to accompany their women in space.

3 AlegriaUS

If there is anyone who hasn’t shopped around or even browsed Etsy, they need to hop on it. It’s a magical place to shop online for one-of-a-kind goods that are created by the average person.

One of those shops on Etsy, AlegriaUS, is now creating dolls for kids that come from their own artwork!

In short, imagine your child drawing a giraffe and making that giraffe come to life in the form of a doll. It doesn’t matter the color, the outfit, or the hair — AlegriaUS does their best to make your little one’s piece of art a real life doll.

2 HeroMe

Now, I don’t know much about action figures, but I feel like the only action figures you can find these days are those from Marvel or DC universes. However, thanks to HeroMe, kids can now create their very own superhero action figure!

Designing their own action figures gives kids a chance to not only be creative, but a chance to figure out what a hero is to them.

All they have to do is scroll through HeroMe’s database and decide what they want their figure to look like; boy, girl, buff, bionic — their hero is in their own hands.

1 Our Girls Don't ALWAYS Have To Dress As Princesses

There are plenty of things our kids can dress up as for Halloween or even just at playtime. Animals, TV characters, storybook characters, historical icons… and yet many gals still dress as princesses, respectfully. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying ballgowns or the hope for a happily ever after, however, if we made other costumes as readily available for our kids like princess dresses are, then maybe that would change.

This little astronaut costume is the perfect ensemble for a game of launching off to space or landing on the moon! And who knows, after playing in their space outfit all day, a career in STEM might not be far behind. (And just look at her little brother as a rocket!)


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