20 Kids’ Beds That Won These Moms And Dads ‘Best Parent Of The Year’ Awards

These beds give a whole new meaning to the saying 'sweet dreams.' While most of us curl up at night on a white mattress with a wooden or metal headboard (or maybe no headboard at all), these kids are resting their precious heads on works of art. Mom and dad really outdid themselves on the following 20 fantasy beds. Some come from movies like Toy Story and Despicable Me, while others are based off worldly locations like London and Paris. If mom and dad can dream it, they can build it

(Fair warning that all readers will experience bed envy while going through this list. Even as adults, some of us with kids of our own, will want to trade bedrooms for a night.)

These beds weren't solely made for sleeping--they were also made for playing. One of these beds even comes with a working squirt gun. For those of us who dreamt of being firefighters and astronauts when we were younger, these beds could spark that flame again.

What we're looking at isn't bedrooms, but far away lands where anything is possible. We're looking at outer space, the Philadelphia Phillies baseball stadium, and the beach — but be careful, because there's a shark in the water. The moms and dads who made these dream beds a reality deserve an A+ in parenting. Check it out!

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20 Fairytale Castle

Isn't it every princess' dream to have her own castle? This one is reminiscent of the Disney theme park castle, which people say is the happiest place on earth. You can't compete with that, mom and dad. Just think about the time and effort it took for this bed to come to life. The planning, measuring, and finding a room big enough to fit it. Then painting it pink and white, adding a staircase, a bookshelf, and a balcony with curtains... Wait, do those curtains lead to her dressing room?! Too cool!

19 Bowser's Castle

Why waste money on video games when a child can live in their own video game? This here is Bowser's castle, a recurring location in the Mario franchise. Rumor has it that this is one of the hardest fortresses to get into in Mario's world, so good luck rescuing Princess Peach! It looks like this bed has two levels to it: one on the bottom for sleeping (you can see a peek at the mattress) and one on the top for playing.

18 Jaws

We're gonna need a bigger boat, mom, and dad. It looks like Jaws is about to eat that baby for breakfast! This shark bed may be smaller compared to the other beds on this list, but come on, major points for creativity!

Babies don't need that much room anyway. Granted, it's not the safest place for a baby to sleep having no protection bars or padding. It looks like they could roll out at any minute. But isn't living on the edge what Jaws is all about? Steven Spielberg would be proud.

17 Floating Bunk Bed

We've seen a lot of bunk beds in our time but never one quite like this. If there's anything the movie Step Brothers has taught us, it's that you should never borrow your parent's tools late at night to turn regular beds into bunk beds. It requires a lot of hammering and nailing, which is why this floating bunk bed is beyond impressive. Although, if you were the kid sleeping on the bottom, wouldn't you be a little nervous about that thing falling? Sweet dreams...

16 Double-Decker Bus

"You sound like you're from London!" Forgetting Sarah Marshall, anyone?

It looks like this family has strong ties to England with a Big Ben bookshelf in the corner and a double-decker bus in the center of the room. The only thing this bed is missing to make it really pop is a coat of red paint — but it sure does look comfy in there. Look at all those pillows and blankets! This young girl (I'm assuming 'cause it's all pink) must be living the dream. Look at her stuffed animal loving life on the top deck!

15 An Entire Fortress

If there's even the slightest bit of sibling rivalry going on, this bed should sort it out! The brother and sister in this picture can each set up their own battle center with shields and armor on opposite sides of this castle bed. Whoever takes higher ground clearly has the advantage. Mom and dad were smart in building this as it's all the exercise their kids may need. This castle bed literally runs from wall-to-wall and must have its own staircase to reach the top.

14 Astronaut In Space

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Neil Armstrong was obviously talking about this astronaut bed, right? Well done, mom and dad, for making this kid's space dreams come true. The astronaut picture on the duvet looks so lifelike, and did you notice the helmet on his pillow? If this kid has hopes and dreams of becoming an astronaut one day, this bed (and the galaxy lamp in the corner) should be all the motivation he needs.

13 Parisian Bed

Why book a $1,000 plane ticket to Paris when it's waiting for us in the bedroom? This girl has a view of the Eiffel Tower right outside her window (okay, it's a drawing on the wall but it's better than nothing). It looks like she also has some shops and boutiques to go to — even a cafe. Mmmm, I'm drooling at the thought of eating French food. Freshly baked baguettes, croissants, macaroons, maybe even some escargots. When this girl grows up, she should really check out a foreign exchange program to France.

12 Princess Carriage

Would it be wrong to guess that this girl has a curfew of midnight? Any later than that and her carriage will turn into a pumpkin and her horses will turn into mice. She may just be living the Cinderella dream, minus the evil stepmother and stepsisters. This carriage bed is a literal piece of art that must have taken a whole lot of craftsmanship from mom and dad. The only thing that would make this carriage better is if the wheels could actually roll throughout the neighborhood.

11 Firefighter

This is what dreams are made out of. There's something about firemen that's so intriguing, whether it's the hero aspect, their pet dalmatian, or the fact that they run into burning buildings while most of us run out. We naturally look up to these men and women in uniform. We can only hope that this boy grows up to join the league of heroes as he's getting tons of practice right now. Hello, he lives right above the fire department! There's even a firetruck shelf on his wall.

10 Save The Animals In Noah's Ark

This is so much more than a bed. It's a safety device. In the event of an unlikely flood, mom, dad, and their child can use this thing to sail away to safety. Just like Noah did with his Ark and the thousands of paired-up animals on board. Don't forget about the family pet when the flood hits! Right now, it looks like the cat is getting the most out of this bed even though it clearly belongs to Thomas.

I wonder if this boat rocks back and forth at all...

9 Buzz Lightyear

This kid is going to infinity and beyond! His or her room is entirely dedicated to the Toy Story franchise from the cloudy wallpaper to the posters in the corner and the Buzz Lightyear mattress. That's not a blanket or duvet, that's a literal Toy Story mattress. See the creases on it? And here we thought that all mattresses looked relatively the same. I'm actually insanely jealous of this room since all three of the Toy Story movies were awesome! Any chance this kid is named Andy?

8 Despicable Me

Talk about Minion overload! On the blankets, on the pillows, on the wall, by the curtains — they're everywhere! But you can never have too many minions, can you? They're so lovable. Minions are a part of the Despicable Me franchise by Universal Pictures. Although they don't speak a word of English, their clumsy and mischievous personalities are so contagious that they even have their own theme ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood, Florida, and Japan. They also have three of their very own video games!

7 Baseball Lover

We're going to take a wild guess and say that this kid loves the Philadelphia Phillies. They haven't won a World Series championship since 2008 but hey, there's always this year! After some Googling, I realized that the letters "Jam" on the wall could be in reference to the frisbee game KanJam, which involves a person deflecting their frisbee into a can. And what a coincidence — the Phillies have their very own branded frisbee that's meant for this game. If that's not hardcore fanship, look at all those baseball bats.

6 Treehouse

This bed setup is giving me serious Boys Scouts vibes. From the barbeque in the middle of the room to the forest wallpaper, this room is entirely dedicated to the great outdoors. Even the homework desk and chair are made out of wood! I can only imagine how fun it must be to run across that bridge and then jump into bed. It's like an indoor jungle gym! It looks like this boy doesn't have to worry about catching cooties, either. Read the sign — no girls allowed!

5 The Victorian Era

Via: bwncy.com

Bonus points for mom and dad for making sure their baby is safe and protected. This crib is like the polar opposite of that Jaws bed we saw earlier. It's decorated from top to bottom with plush pink pillows on all sides to prevent accidentally head bumps. Babies are curious and adventurous creatures who love to roll and slide around. Also, can we quickly appreciate the overall vibe of this room? That chair looks like the perfect place to rock a baby to sleep and feed it before bed.

4 High In The Sky

Question: how does one gain access to this bed? No, seriously, there are no stairs and no ladder — just a green slide off to the side. Should one walk up the slide to get into bed? Seems like slides were only meant for going down, but hey, these parents are clearly inventive. This is the ultimate treehouse bed, and, it's practical for saving room down below. Think of all the extra floor space this kid has for playing with their bed off the ground. So much room for activities!

3 Sailboat

Okay, this bed looks straight out of an ad for Ralph Lauren or the summer catalog of Abercrombie & Fitch. Clearly, this must be a very posh and upscale child who has his very own pair of boating shoes and that specific kind of khaki shorts. The detail in this room is absolutely exquisite. We've got a wooden deck, a palm tree, a mast on the wall, a sailboat in the right corner, and a whale toy-holder on the floor. These parents really went all out to make it life-like!

2 Pirate Ship

Hold up, is that Captain Jack Sparrow? Is he sailing the Black Pearl? Living the pirate life with Johnny Depp and the crew looks like so much fun! Not only does this bed have working lights, but this water gun is also the real deal. Parents could fill it up with water and have a water fight with the family. Sounds like a blast, but also seems pretty messy. Is it that most practical idea to have a water fight in the bedroom? No one likes sleeping on a wet mattress, but it's still pretty awesome!

1 Race Car Bed

Sure, it looks cool. But this race car bed is so much more than a place a kid can rest their head. In this video, this young boy discovers that his new Hot Wheels-inspired bed comes with working lights (headlights, turn signals — you name it!), a built-in race track for toy cars to ride down, and a storage space to park all of his toy cars. Needless to say, dad deserves an A+ for bringing this bed-turned-playhouse into his kid's life.

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