20Jané Muum Strollers


They sold about 800 units, under the assumption they were safe.

Strollers are an important part of having children. We can’t carry our little babies all day everywhere, no matter how much we wish we could. They’re squirmy and heavy. They have a little more freedom while in a stroller, they can stretch or even lay back. It’s great

for a nap or to just relax, get some cool air or even bundle up if it’s chilly. We expect these strollers to be safe for our kids, there are standards and regulations they’re supposed to follow to keep them safe and secure for our babies. But sometimes there are problems. All we can do is hope these accidents don’t happen when we have our babies in the devices, but it’s really out of our hands, to be honest.

The Jané company has recalled their Muum strollers as of May 24th, 2018.

Apparently, the strollers violate a US federal standard on strollers and carriages. The opening between the armrest and bottom of the seat is too wide, it leaves too big of an opening that children can fall through. Their head or neck could be trapped by the armrest, risking them getting stuck or strangled. They suggest going in and having it repaired, though you could also return it instead since it’s defective.

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