20 Kids Toys And Products That Were Recently Recalled

It’s very concerning when items are recalled, we have to go through everything we have to make sure we don’t have something unsafe around our children. Most companies get the information out as soon as they can, but they just don’t know right away sometimes. We want to get mad at the company because their products aren’t safe like we thought. Maybe we have the product and were using it for so long, we worry about how it could have affected our kids.

We can do everything just right, and outside forces that we can’t control still take over and mess with our hard work. We fight to keep them safe, we use products that are said to be safe, we do all of it. But we still wait at the hands of others. We have to rely on government standards and product mandates, but in the end, it’s out of our hands. We can’t make everything ourselves. Unfortunately, we have no option but to depend on these companies. Most do a great job at keeping their products safe, but there are a few who slip through the cracks. We have to stay on top of recall lists, keep an eye out for anything that might recently have been found to be dangerous.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the recent recalls of child toys and products, the reasons they were recalled, and what you can do about the recalled item.

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20 Jané Muum Strollers


Strollers are an important part of having children. We can’t carry our little babies all day everywhere, no matter how much we wish we could. They’re squirmy and heavy. They have a little more freedom while in a stroller, they can stretch or even lay back. It’s great for a nap or to just relax, get some cool air or even bundle up if it’s chilly. We expect these strollers to be safe for our kids, there are standards and regulations they’re supposed to follow to keep them safe and secure for our babies. But sometimes there are problems. All we can do is hope these accidents don’t happen when we have our babies in the devices, but it’s really out of our hands, to be honest.

The Jané company has recalled their Muum strollers as of May 24th, 2018.

They sold about 800 units, under the assumption they were safe.

Apparently, the strollers violate a US federal standard on strollers and carriages. The opening between the armrest and bottom of the seat is too wide, it leaves too big of an opening that children can fall through. Their head or neck could be trapped by the armrest, risking them getting stuck or strangled. They suggest going in and having it repaired, though you could also return it instead since it’s defective.

19 Colorations™ Extra-Large Crayons


When we buy our kids color crayons, we don’t think they could pose any real danger. We may check to make sure the wax is non-toxic, and still keep them from putting any in their mouth, but for the most part we feel confident they’re safe. We get packs of them all year long, they get broken and lost easily and need replacing more than most other toys or items for the kids. It’s a standard part of growing up. Schools, restaurants, churches – everywhere there could be kids has crayons. Colors light up life for kids, they love to express themselves with their art. Sometimes, though, hidden dangers lie under the bright colors.

Colorations' extra-large crayons have been recalled effective May 17, 2018. The reason for the recall was some of the crayons, specifically the red ones, may contain glass. This is obviously an issue, it can cause cuts. About 2,000 of these items were sold, it’s important to make sure you have none of these crayons. They suggest tossing out the crayons and replacing them, there’s no other way to fix them since the glass is in the wax itself.

18 My First Porsche – Wooden Cars


Kids love to play with toys, especially cars. They like to drive them around on any surface, with little regard for scuffs or streaks on material. They might make car noises, little buzzes and honks, the small wheels spinning as they move the toy around. We find these cars everywhere, stepping on them sometimes and wondering why we even got the cars for the kids. We step on the toys and slip and slide around. It’s frustrating, we’re tempted to toss all of them in the trash and never deal with them again! Regardless of what we decide to do with the toys, we never expect them to be any danger to the kids.

They get left around and pose a danger to us adults, but the kids are usually immune to the attack of toys. 

As of May 22, 2018, the Porsche company has recalled their My First Porsche, a wooden toy car. The reason was because the wheels and axles can detach from the car, making small pieces that are a choking hazard for young children. They recommend returning the toy, it’s not able to be repaired.

17 Creatology® Spin Art Kits


Art seems like a safe activity to let the kid partake in. It’s a fun outlet for their creativity, lets them express themselves and how they tick. They’re excited to create things and give them to us, their little faces light up with pride as they present us with their artwork. It might even be just scribbles, but they put a lot of work into the picture – they think it’s a masterpiece! We welcome the art with a happy smile and a thanks for giving us this precious gift. We sometimes hang them on the fridge or wall, or file them away in a box to bring them out later, show our kids where they first started with their art. It’s our job as parents to drag up all of these things to show them, maybe embarrass them, at least a little bit, with their silly childhood antics. We expect these products to be nice and safe, they’re just art supplies.

However, on May 17, 2018, the company Creatology recalled their Spin Art Kits. They sold about 110,000 of tham, and recommend returning the kits as soon as possible and not to use them. They pose a fire and burn risk, the battery area in the spin kit can overheat easily.

16 Creatology® Pottery Wheel Kits

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Again, art should be a safe hobby to get into, not one where we need to worry if the kids are safe or not. Even with more advanced art like pottery. It’s clay, it shouldn’t be a danger to our kids. We watch them use it, supervise them to make sure thing are going okay and not going in their mouth- the only real danger to them. We work to protect them and help them flourish, help encourage their creativity so they can grow. It’s easier said than done when kids alone like to try and get themselves into danger or trouble, we don’t suspect the toys or items we get for them to be a risk. But, again, it happens anyways. Thankfully, companies try to make their recalls well known and quick, it helps to have that information before our kids get hurt.

On May 17, 2018, the company Creatology again had to recall of one of their kits.

It was again their battery component. It still can cause fires and burns, like their previously mentioned product. Return the kit as soon as you can, get a full refund. Don’t try to keep the product just because it hasn’t overheated for you yet, don’t take the risk.

15 Playground SuperMax Triple Slides


Slides, while a usual aspect of a child’s life, can be terrifying. Parks have them, schools have them, we get them put in our backyards. They’re worrisome, up so high. But companies make them as safe as they can, and we try to provide a safe play area for kids to enjoy. Most people probably don’t worry so much over their kids on slides, such an average thing for kids to play on. They’re pretty safe, kids don’t risk getting hurt on a safe slide anymore than if they got hurt doing literally anything else. However, sometimes, even with standards and regulations in place, slides aren’t always made safely.

For example, Play and Park Structures has recalled their Playground SuperMax Triple Slides as of May 16, 2018. Many of the slides have a gap between the rails near the entrance to slide. It poses a risk to trap young children. You can get it repaired, though. They suggest customers should immediately stop using the playground slides and contact Play and Part structures for a free inspection and repair. The company is also contacting any known buyers to advise them of this risk and repair suggestion.

14 Babynest Crib Bumpers


When we bring our new baby home, we do everything we can to make sure we only have the safest and most comfortable things we can for them. We buy the best products, do our best to protect them. And when it comes to their crib, we read and study up on everything we can so we keep them safe while they sleep peacefully. Their crib is an important spot for them to be their safest. Every item in their crib is picked to be the safest we can find. Sometimes, though, we will get a safety item that ends up being unsafe and a risk to our kids. We did what we could to protect them, then an item ruins that attempt entirely.

The company Tobi is recalling their Babynest crib bumpers as of May 10, 2018.

Unfortunately, the strings on the bumper exceed a safe length according to US federal standards.

They pose a strangulation hazard to babies, as it could get wrapped around their throats or go into their mouths or noses. They suggest you right away stop using the recalled crib bumpers and contact Babybay for a full refund, and they're also contacting known purchasers directly to warn them of the risk.

13 Waterpede™ Children’s Bath Toys


Bath time is for fun as well as getting cleaned. Kids adore playing in the water and bubbles. It’s dangerous if we don’t watch them closely, as drowning is a real hazard around any amounts of water, but for the most part baths are just fun. We get them toys and safety equipment, something to cover the spout so they don’t bump their heads and grips for the bottom so they don’t slip around, even some toys that can tell us if the water is too warm or too cold. We’re careful to keep bubbles out of their sensitive eyes, as well as buy soap that’s non-toxic – we do the works to help it be fun and safe for them. We want to get them clean while we’re at it, but it’s great to give them some freedom to play still. So when we’re already keeping a close watch on them to keep them safe, it’s very upsetting to find out one of their supposed to be safe toys really aren’t safe at all.

Munchkin has recently made a recall of their Waterpede children’s bath toys. The recall was made on May 10, 2018, after about 72,000 products were sold. They warn we need to remove the items from play right away and return it for a refund or replacement of a different toy of a same value. The toy can come apart and expose small pieces, including tiny beads, that could be swallowed and cause issues internally. They also pose a choking hazard.

12 3-Piece Penguin Cardigan Sets

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We think clothes are safe. They’re to keep kids warm and protected from the elements. Plus, they look adorable as all get out. We buy clothes that are held to a safety standard, made of things that are non-toxic and safe for kids to have on their skin. We get clothes constantly, from all over the place, so many stores sale clothing. Some cost a lot more than others for the same things, some are so cheap we can’t believe the company could possibly make any profit off of it. We think about how the clothes look, how practical they are, how comfortable they are to the baby.

What we don’t think about is if the clothes are going to pose a danger to our baby.

On May 2, 2018, the company Carter called a recall on their 3-piece penguin cardigan sets. The items were recalled because the button on the clothing can detach easily, making it a choking risk for children. They ask that you stop using the clothing, take it away from children and immediately return it to a Carter's store location for a free refund or gift card. There's also the option of contacting Cater's Consumer Affairs and ask for a return label and envelope so you may return the clothing item for an electronic gift card.

11 Petit Collage Musical Jumbo Wooden Xylophones

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Music is known to help boost children’s brain function and creativity, which helps them learn and grow. Getting kid safe musical toys is great, it can really help fuel their growth and artistic creativity. They develop other skills with it too, fine motor skills and remembering things, very useful to help kids learn in all aspects of their life. Plus we get the joy of hearing their music, as off key as it might be. And seeing how happy they are when they make a noise, the joy in their little faces at producing a sound. It’s an exciting and happy time, and one we don’t usually worry about when we’re listening to our musicians hard at work. We supervise their concerts to make sure they’re using the toys appropriately so they’re safe, but sometimes the toys themselves are the real issue.

Unfortunately, the Wild & Wolf company has recalled their Petit Collage musical jumbo wooden xylophones as of April 19, 2018, of which they sold about 2,900. Apparently, the ball at the end of the xylophone stick can easily come off, providing a big choking hazard to kids. They suggest removing the toy from play right away then contacting Wild & Wolf for a free replacement stick.

10 Nickelodeon PAW PATROL Deluxe Marshall Hat With Flashlight


Our kids love to play dress-up, especially when it’s Halloween time and they can wear costumes to their heart’s content. We get them appropriate costumes, cute things like puppies or princesses, we check the labels to make sure they’re safe for our kids to wear. We get them reflective and glowing items to make sure they can be seen in the dark, since that’s when trick-or-treating happens, and we keep them close during the whole event so we know they’re safe. But what happens if the costume has a defect we don’t know about? It’s only for one night already, but if they can’t even use the costume because it turns out the product was made incorrectly and is dangerous, that’s a huge let down to us and the kids.

Thankfully, it was April 5, 2018 when the Spirit Halloween Store recalled their Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Deluxe Marshall Hat with flashlight- nowhere near Halloween.

The items were recalled because the battery in the flashlight can overheat, which poses a risk of burns or fire when the flashlight becomes too hot.

About 20,00 units were sold, and they request you return the item for refund and don't use it whatsoever. Since Spirit Halloween usually only has stores open during Halloween time, they suggest contacting their support and getting the refund that way. You will be asked to provide a photo of the tag located under the ear in the hat, then you will receive your refund.

9 Dr. Brown’s Lovey Pacifier And Teether Holders

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Binky, pacifier, dummy, teether, whatever you want to call it, most parents use one to help soothe a fussy baby. They’re small and usually rubber, maybe with some plastic on it, and probably one of the most unbelievably easy baby items to lose. You had it in your hand one second, the next it’s just gone – lost in the void never to be seen again. Your tot is in a small room, nothing for it to roll under, nowhere for anything to hide even if it’s small. And yet, they give it a halfhearted toss and it’s lost for all eternity. So we buy items to help us keep track of them, short bands that clip to their clothes or even small stuffed animals that clip to the pacifier, bigger items to help it be more easy to see and find. They have regulations, rules to keep these items safe. But sometimes, products are defective and get recalled anyways.

The company Handi-Craft recalled their Dr. Brown's Lovey Pacifier & Teether Holders after about 590,00 items were sold. The snap on the ribbon can detach, which is a choking hazard for our young children. They ask you immediately take away the recalled holders and contact Handi-Craft for further instructions on how to receive a replacement product of equal or lesser value.

8 Playtime Pals Pop-Up Hideaway Hut Children’s Tents


Kids love to play in tents or forts. They’ll beg us to create a ton of them all the time, gathering up blankets and pillows to make them if need be. We get them tents that are made for kids, safe places they can go nest and play in. We keep an eye on them still, just in case, since accidents happen. Sometimes, those accidents are defects in products that are supposed to be safe for the kids. This can be frustrating and upsetting to us and the kids, but it happens, unfortunately.

One example of this is the Playtime Pals Pop-Up Hideaway Hut children’s tents, made by the company Cameron. They sold about 84,000 units.

The tens have fiberglass rods that support it, which are insufficiently strong and can break, splinter, or become sharp.

This can cause a risk of getting cut, as well as the material of the tent falling onto kids and posing a risk of suffocation. The company suggests removing the tent from use right away and returning it for a full refund or store credit.

7 Children’s eWagons


If a kid can ride in it, they will. It’s so sweet that they want to sit in a wagon and get pulled around, enjoying fun rides with laughter and joy. It can be exhausting dragging them around, but it’s entirely worth it to see how happy they are. We get the nicest wagon we can, with safety features to keep them secure while they’re having fun. We don’t go too fast or down anything too steep or bumpy, just in to be sure they don’t topple out and get hurt. We do everything within our power to provide a safe toy for them. Sometimes, though, those toys aren’t as safe as we would like, or as required to be by law.

The company Radio Flyer recalled their Children’s eWagons on March 14, 2018, after selling about 5,000 wagons. They ask that anyone who bought this item to immediately stop using the recalled wagons and contact Radio Flyer for a full refund. Apparently, the wagon's motor can unintentionally turn on due to improper wiring, posing a risk of injury to the person pulling the wagon or kids riding inside.

6 Graco Table2Table 6-in-1 Highchairs


A high chair is a needed piece of furniture when you have young kids. They’re old enough to eat food and be fed, but they’re still too little to sit at a regular seat or feed themselves. It’s an exciting milestone to see them reach, being able to start eating real food instead of milk. We’re thrilled to start feeding them, seeing their chubby little cheeks puff up as they decide whether or not they like a type of food. It’s messy but it’s so much fun. We make sure the foods they get fed are good for them to eat.

We worry about what they eat, we assume the high chairs are safe, like they’re regulated to be.

However, the Graco Table2Table 6-in-1 Highchairs have a defect in them where the rear legs can pivot out of position, making the chair unstable and risking the child falling from the chair. The recall was issued on March 1, 2018, after about 36,000 chairs were sold. The Graco company suggests you stop using the highchairs immediately and contact Graco for a free repair kit. You can also see about returning it from the store you bought the chair for a refund.

5 Lemur Group Children's Nightgowns


Clothes, especially night time clothes, are important items we have to buy for our children. We get fire resistant ones, clothes that don’t have pieces that could cause danger or discomfort to the kids, we work to get the best things we can for them. We want them cozy, warm, safe and secure in their little beds so they can sleep peacefully, rest up from a day of learning and play so they can do it again the next day. We assume their clothes are made to standard, to keep them safe and not just look adorable. Sometimes, companies have items, even clothes, that are defective.

On February 28, 2018 the company PL Sleep Children's Sleepwear recalled their Lemur Group Children's nightgowns. Apparently, the outfits fail to meet flammability standards for sleepwear, which risk a burn injury to children. They sold about 1,100 outfits and ask that you take the nightgowns away from the children. They suggest returning the items to the retailer you bought them, or contact the Lemur group for help on returning the item for a full refund.

4 Lights & Lullabies Travel Mobiles

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When it comes to bedtime and our children’s sleep spots, we worry about making it as safe as possible but as cozy as can be too. We want them to be safe from anything that could hurt them, but we also want to help them sleep and stay asleep too. A sleep deprived child is a cranky child, which is more than a few handfuls. We get things to make music and help them sleep, we get bedding that’s safe for them to have, we peek in on them often to make sure they’re okay. We can do all the recommended and right things, and something can still happen that puts them at risk.

The Lights & Lullabies travel mobiles by VTech have been recalled as of January 25, 2018.

They have a clamp that attaches the mobile to the crib rail which can break, causing it to fall.

That risks an injury to the baby inside if it falls on them, of course. The sold about 37,000 mobiles and ask that you remove them from the child's crib and contact VTech for either a full refund or a replacement product of the same value.

3 Shake & Sing Elephant Rattles


We’ll spend a small fortune on rattles and other noisy toys for our babies. The louder the toy, the happier the kids. It’s a little annoying for us to hear all the sounds and rattles, but it’s better than a bored and screaming baby. In the past, rattles were simple. Little balls on sticks that made noise, keeping the baby’s attention so we can have a few moments of relatively quiet time. Now, rattles are loud and colorful, they make electronic noises and music, but the end result is still the same. The kiddos are content and we get to see their smiling faces as they play. We get safe toys, or so we assume they’re safe, until another recall is issued.

One such recall was issued on January 25, 2018 for the VTech Shake & Sing Elephant Rattles. VTech sold about 280,000 of the rattles before the recall. The elephant rattle's ears can break off, which pose a choking hazard to babies. They ask that you stop using the items immediately and contact VTech for a full refund or credit for a replacement product.

2 Children’s Toilet Step Stools


Potty training kids is a lot of work. But once they get it, we’re ecstatic to see this new stage of their life arrive. We’re also really happy to spend less money on diapers and wipes, and having to deal with the nasty diapers part. It’s hard to tell what we’re happier about, the new step in their life, or not having to deal with diapers. As we help them grow, we buy products to help them do their business and assist them as safely as we can.

We make sure they don’t play in the toilet and they don’t clog it with too much toilet paper – we work our best to keep them safe even in the bathroom.

But, sometimes, the products we buy aren’t up to government standards.

Squatty Potty has recalled their Children's toilet step stools as of December 19, 2017 after selling about 2,400 units. The top removable step that looks like a hat can detach while a child is standing on it, risking injury and falls. The company asks you to stop using the step stools with their hats, the stools can be used without their hats. They want you to contact Squatty Potty for instructions on returning the hat portion for a refund.

1 Multipro Baby Cradle N Swings


We get a lot of items to help our children sleep. We get cribs and beds and bassinets, everything for their specific age and development. We worry about them while they’re asleep, we check on them often, keep an eye on them while carefully trying not to wake them up. While they sleep, they grow and it helps them retain all they’ve learned through a hard day’s playing. We get them bedding that’s safe, no toys, no extra blankets or pillows and put them to sleep on their backs like the experts recommend. We do all we can, but as we now know very well, things out of our control can put our babies at risk.

Multipro made a recall on January 18, 2018 of their Baby Cradle N Swings. The bassinets fail to meet mandatory federal safety standard for bassinets and cradles, posing a fall risk or a risk of entrapment hazard to babies. They sold about 1,000 units and ask that you stop using them right away. The request you disassemble it and throw it away, and contact Multipro for a refund. Customers who bought the product on Amazon have been contacted directly already and given a refund of the product.

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