20 Interesting Facts About Young Mom Jinger Duggar

The Duggar family is one of the most well-known TV families in the United States. Whether or not they are in the public eye because of a new baby or something disgraceful, they continue to stick together as a family should. The Duggars get a lot of hate, but they are also inspiring because even with all the unwanted opinions and judgment, all 21 family members —including Mom and Dad—still love and support each other in everything they do.

Jinger Duggar is number six in the pack of kids and seemingly one of the most photogenic in the bunch; this is ironic, since she has grown to love photography so much. Jinger shows up on shows such as 19 Kids and Counting with the rest of her family, and on Counting On, which follows the Duggar kids as they start to get married and have kids.

She wed her husband Jeremy in November of 2016 and gave birth to their first child in July of 2018. Since getting married and having a baby, Jinger has changed considerably from the shy girl first seen on her family's TV show. Since then, she has been much more open with what she likes to do, as well as her personality and expressing herself, which she couldn’t do while living at home with her parents.

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20 She Flips Cars


The Duggar family is well-known for their parenting views and rules for their children. The girls have to abide by stringent regulations, such as not being able to wear pants or date boys without Mom and Dad's approval. With that being said, it's unusual for Jinger to be as into flipping cars as she is. According to Romper, she learned how to flip cars on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting, and since then, it has been one of her great passions. She realized it is a way to support her family, but she also has fun while doing it.

19 Gifts On Her Wedding Day


Most little girls dream of their big day and expect it to be perfect. Not many girls take the time to give people—other than their husband-to-be that is—a gift. Jinger Duggar is not like everyone else, though; she is very close with her family and is very kind-hearted. For this reason, she thought of her Daddy on her big day, taking the time to give him a special present. As reported by Romper, Jinger presented her dad with a very special handkerchief on her wedding day; it even had an emotional message on the inside of it coming straight from Jinger’s heart.

18 Engagement Photos?!


Jinger Duggar is well-recognized for her passions in life and photography happens to be one of her most significant adorations. She has been seen shooting photos of her family frequently on 19 Kids and Counting. Each of her siblings knows how much Jinger loves to take pictures, and because of this, they often ask her to document their important life events. She was even asked to take engagement photos for her older sister Jill and her now-husband Derek, according to Romper. It takes a lot of skill to take beautiful and clear pictures, and Jinger has that talent and doesn’t let it go to waste.

17 First Home Birth For Mama Michelle?

The Inquisitr

Home birthing is typical in the Duggar family. Almost every daughter who has given birth thus far has done so at home rather than in a hospital. When the Duggar parents first started having children, it was unheard of to have home births anymore. But by the time Michelle Duggar was ready to give birth to baby Jinger, home birthing was becoming more popular again, and little Jinger happened to be her very first. It is much easier to give birth at home when it comes to being comfortable and recovery afterward, as reported by Romper. Who knows? Home birth may become more common than hospital birth again.

16 She’s Worth Some Loot


Jinger Duggar is surprisingly worth quite a lot of money. For the most part, the Duggar family is mostly known for their time on 19 Kids and Counting; not many of the kids were known for more than their role on the hit family series. There are a few girls in the Duggar family that are known for their projects outside of the fam, though. Jinger, for example, partnered with a few of her sisters and wrote a book detailing life as a Duggar. So, combine those profits with those of the TV shows she appears on, and we can reason that the girl takes home a good chunk of change, according to Romper.

15 First Kiss On Her Wedding Day


The Duggars live by strict rules, and one of those is that their kids may not kiss another person until they are married. Some of their kids follow that rule of thumb, while some don’t. Each courtship is different in that they choose what they will do at each step of their relationship. Jinger and her now-husband decided to wait until their big day to share their first kiss. Jinger admitted to People Magazine that she wanted the world to see them enjoy their first kiss up on stage and they did just that, standing out from the rest of the Duggar girls.

14 She Wears Pants!

OK! Magazine

The girls in the Duggar family have a dress code that is set in stone by their parents. The women of the family are not supposed to show much skin, and because of this, they are forced to wear blouses that cover their entire chest as well as long skirts or dresses. Pants or shorts are never allowed. But Jinger—being the rebel that she is—has let the world know that she does indeed wear pants and shorts. The proof is in the pudding; there are a lot of pictures on the web of her wearing anything other than skirts, according to The Hollywood Gossip! Most of the sisters still abide by their parents’ rules, but not Jinger!

13 Who Was At Her Birth?

Cafe Mom

It is normal for a new mother to want more experienced mothers by their side when they are getting close to giving birth. Jinger Duggar was no exception; she admitted on many occasions that she was very nervous to give birth and wanted familiar faces by her side. Many of the Duggar girls were interested in helping laboring mothers as midwives, and so it just made sense that they were there to aid their sister once she went into labor. Jinger made sure to have her mother and sister Jessa with her during childbirth. They made a long trip, according to Cafe Mom, to be sure Jinger had the help she needed.

12 She Didn’t Think She’d Be Tired

OK! Magazine

Although Jinger watched her mother and sisters give birth to quite a lot of babies, she was still surprised by some aspects of motherhood. Duggar revealed to Us Magazine that she expected many things, but how tired she was after giving birth to her child was not one of them. She was concerned with the amount of exhaustion she was feeling, so much so that her mother and sisters had to reassure her that it was normal. Jinger has concluded that she has to take naps—and the exhaustion isn’t so severe anymore—but no matter what, sleep is always needed.

11 She Cried Watching Her Husband And Daughter

Mothers are emotional when they become pregnant, but also when they bring their little ones into the world. Jinger told Us Magazine that she is not a normally a crier, but while in the delivery room, she sure was. When her husband Jeremy held their daughter for the very first time, Jinger couldn’t hold back the tears during such a sweet moment. Duggar talked a lot about how great of a father she knows her husband will be and seeing that relationship start between them pushed her over the deep end, causing the tears to flow. Jinger and Jeremy couldn’t be happier about the life they share with their new daughter.

10 Working Mother?

In Touch Weekly

Many of Jinger’s fans have shown concern about whether or not she has a job and if any such career choice will support her little family. As reported by Romper, between her husband's salary and the money she gets from appearing so often on TV, they are okay on the money front. Several of the mothers in the Duggar family stay at home and look after the house and their growing families. However, Jinger is planning on doing things differently. She very much wants to be able to get out of the house and work to help Jeremy support their growing crew. She is quite adamant about helping support her flock instead of having her husband do all the work on the financial income front.

9 Belief Or Burden?

The Inquisitr

The Duggars follow a specific religion, and all of the kids are expected to follow along, too—even if they are out of the house. Jinger is the first daughter to rebel from these rules entirely, but that isn’t a bad thing. Each person has a right to choose what they want to believe in and how they want to live their lives. Jinger Duggar decided soon after her wedding that it was okay for her and husband Jeremy to start practicing their religion and their way of living life. According to Cafe Mom, this is when Jinger began to do things differently from the rest of the Duggar family.

8 Does She Want A Big Family?

Us Weekly

Every Duggar child is asked the big question at least once in their lives: “Are you going to have 19 children?” Most of the Duggar kids will tell us that they are planning to leave the number of children they have to chance. Jinger Duggar was the first of her sisters to have some time with her husband before getting pregnant—more than a year after getting married. Although she has not mentioned how many children either she or Jeremy want, they have made hints here and there that they too will be leaving the number of children they will have to fate, as reported by Romper.

7 Pregnancy Faux Pas?


Being in the public eye means getting judged on every single thing one does. This means changing one’s look, who they hang out with, what they’re eating; no matter what it is, those individuals are being watched and judged. The Duggar children experience this first-hand, especially because they are involved in controversy from time to time.

It is well-known that many expectant mothers do not dye their hair because those fumes and chemicals may be harmful to the baby. Before Jinger gave birth, she posted a picture on Instagram which highlighted her visibly changed ‘do, and because of this, she was very much bombarded by rude and worried comments, as reported by Inquisitr. It's important to remember for Jinger’s sake that not all hair dyes are toxic while pregnant. Ventilation matters, folks!

6 Big City Life


According to Romper, it has been Jinger’s dream to live in a big city. The problem with her wanting to live in town is that her parents want their kids to be close to home at all times. When girls find the man of their dreams, they often decide to move away to start a family. Whether this is to become more independent and break away from the family they’ve always been with or to explore, every girl has a right to live out her dreams. Jinger Duggar was one of the girls who broke away and is living her life the way she wants.

5 Why Long Hair?

Children Dance Shoes

In the Duggar household, it is important that each girl sport extremely long hair. There is no shock there because every Duggar girl—including their mother, Michelle—has a very lengthy mane. According to The Clever, they follow that hair is a woman's glory and it shall forever be long. There is an episode of 19 Kids and Counting in which the Duggar girls talk a lot about why they keep their hair long and how they take care of it on a day-to-day basis. For many, hair is known as a security blanket—something that makes us comfortable—and the Duggars are no exception.

4 That Old Time Rock 'N Roll


Just like everything else in the Duggar world, there are certain types of music that they are allowed to listen to and likewise, there are forms that are frowned upon by their parents. Secular music is known as a non-religious type of music that is a mix of Western and Middle Age music. According to Blasting News, Jinger started posting lyrics to non-religious songs. If it were any other Duggar child, it might be surprising, but Jinger Duggar hasn’t followed any of the rules put in place for her by her parents since leaving home. This Duggar girl is as sweet as can be, but she is her own person.

3 First Baby Girl

Duggar Family Blog

For most of the Duggar girls, they were pregnant very soon after getting married to their husbands. Jinger didn’t follow her sisters in that respect, being married for a full year before falling pregnant. Everybody was super excited when the couple finally announced that they were expecting, and they were not the only ones, either! Jinger got to enjoy her first pregnancy with her younger sister, Joy, who was also pregnant. As reported by TLC, the couple announced back in April that their first child was indeed going to be a baby girl at a gender reveal party which their family and friends attended.

2 Family Is Forever

OK! Magazine

It is no secret how big the Duggar family is. Between brothers, sisters, and extended family, there are a lot of people around and each of them needs to be considered at all times. For this reason, Jinger has always been known as the family girl. She is frequently seen on 19 Kids and Counting and is the one that each sibling comes to when they need something, whether that be a photographer, a babysitter or just someone to talk to. This Duggar daughter has made it very clear that she loves her family and despite everything, she will always be a family girl, as per Romper.

1 Prepared For Motherhood?


Every mother has their specific ways in which they prepare for the birth of their children. Jinger admitted to People Magazine that the first step to getting ready for their baby girl was to baby-proof their house. Jinger felt as though she didn’t have to make herself ready for a new baby because she had been around so many of them between all of her brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews.

Her husband Jeremy knew that she would be the perfect mother and he admitted that he prayed all the time that their baby would grow up to be just like her mother, regarding looks and personality.

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