20 Images That Make Everyone Forget Jessica Biel Is A Mom (And One That Reminds Us)

Jessica Biel has been a fun little crush for millions of viewers and fans since she first appeared on screens in the hit show "7th Heaven", taking the role of eldest daughter Mary Camden. With her full lips, wide honest eyes, and gorgeous dark hair; it’s no wonder so many viewers of all ages loved watching the young woman act. Her smile could light up a room, bringing a flash of joy with a peek of her teeth. As she’s grown from a young lady and into an adult, she hasn’t lost a single bit of her youthfulness or beauty. If anything, it seems Jessica has somehow gotten even more beautiful as she’s aged.

In movies ranging from silly romantic comedies to action and even horror, Jessica maintains this unique mix of wholesome beauty and sultry sexiness many try to achieve. Always lovely to see, it isn’t really a stretch to believe she’s a mother and has still remained so glamorous. Yet, she still surprises us by redefining what the ‘mom bod’ is and doing so much in her day to day life that makes us wonder how she manages it. Whether she’s at a formal event or taking a casual, fun stroll with her dog, Jessica looks every bit as radiant and attractive as ever. You almost want to be jealous of her, but with her pleasant personality and lovely smile, it’s hard not to just enjoy that she can juggle her career, her looks, and the responsibilities of being a mom.

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21 A Walk Out With Friends Is Still Glamours With Jessica


Comfort is the name of the game for Jessica Biel in most aspects of her life, on the screen or not, at an awards show or walking down the sidewalk on a casual day. With holed boyfriend jeans and a loose, cozy sweater, she tops the look off with simple shoes and sunglasses. In probably the closest thing she’s ever worn in public to ‘mom clothes’, Jessica strolls along contently with friends, looking no less chic than ever before. Comfort is obviously very important to her, even her fancy dresses still look like she had aimed for comfort mixed with fashion. In her casual clothes here, it’s clear to see she’s every bit comfortable while still being in fashion with a nice style.

It can be difficult to pull off certain clothes, specifically loose sweaters or boyfriend jeans, but Jessica makes it look easy as can be. Despite the ‘mom vibe’ of the clothes, it would be next to impossible to guess she has a lovely little boy of her own. She’s a devoted mother but manages to keep looking like a single lady looking for fun instead of a married mom trying to relax. It’s wonderful to see her out.

20 Nights Out Are A Mix Of Fashion And Comfort, Too


A night out on the town is nothing new for Jessica, just as comfort and fashion are not new aspects or ideas to her. In loose fitting pants, a cozy tee shirt, comfortable shoes, Jessica ties this outfit together with a nice jacket that makes it more posh than anything else. Feathered earrings accentuate her neck and a long ponytail helps show it all off. Having her hair pulled up into a ponytail is also another signature look of Jessica’s. Still with her attention not on who’s taking her picture, yet she manages to completely stun in the photograph, again. It’s like she doesn’t have a bad angle on her whatsoever, every picture is a winner with her.

It doesn’t seem like she’s a mother, with her style and her energy.

Jessica looks every bit like she’s going out night after night instead of cleaning dirty bottles or changing diapers.

It certainly does not seem like she's wrangling a rowdy toddler into bed like probably every other night. It can make us feel envious of her carefree look, and how the casual wear seems to come so naturally to her that she doesn’t even need to try. She’s not wearing something for a runway show but she still looks gorgeous and breathtaking.

19 Bringing Back Bangs


You can just imagine how long, loose locks could end up tangled in sticky little fingers, and bangs could help to hinder your vision when dealing with a squirming tot. Yet, Jessica makes it look great and easy, not a worry or care in the world with her lovely hair. With high waisted slacks, Jessica added a lovely blouse that goes to her neck and has a scarf that is tucked into a thick black belt. The light color of the shirt really brings out her hair’s beautiful color and the nice tone of her skin. Looking down rather than at the cameraman, Jessica proves again and again that she has no bad angle to her, subtle makeup and a smile on her lips really make the photo pop.

While not rocking a typical mom look, Jessica keeps up with her fashion sense, inspiring millions to be influenced in how they dress, too. Even as a fashion icon, it doesn’t seem like Jessica tries too hard to impress. She puts on what she wants, especially comfortable clothes, and goes about her business as usual. She makes it look all so effortless, both in how she dresses and how she carries herself.

18 Yoga Clothes Never Looked So Good

Some people don’t know that Jessica Biel is big into both yoga and ballet. While not a ballerina, Jessica still does ballet as a hobby. Which might be why she’s wearing the outfit in this current photograph of her. While it’s obviously taken as a photoshoot or posed at least, the ribbon on her left ankle is a reminder of her ballet talent. She also has a stretchy pair of black yoga pants on, a similarly stretchy gray tank top, and a dark gray, thin jacket. Her hair is down, messy and tossed around in her tousled signature look. Again, we have a lot of comfort and fashion in her outfit, leaving us watching for more fashion ideas from her.

It’s not easy to imagine her as the mother of a young child. Her look and style make it hard to picture.

Even in a yoga outfit, Jessica Biel doesn’t look messy or undone, she’s still sporting a very posh look from head to toe. She keeps up her style even in the most comfortable clothes out there. It’s inspiring to know someone can look so great in yoga pants, as I’m sure many of us love to wear the cozy, stretchy clothes too. It makes getting ready so much easier and usually are pretty slimming, though Jessica doesn’t need that help.

17 Cat Walk Styles For Her Dog Walk


We've already seen Jessica walking her dog in comfortable clothes and looking great, only she can turn around and walk her dog while wearing something as fashionable as she is here. With cute heeled pumps and a long black coat, Jessica decided to go all black with her outfit except for the navy coat. Her hair is parted on one side and down, messy tousled strands framing her face and really bringing out her features. Her sunglasses are as functional as fashionable, and she's even sporting bags for when her pup does his business, like a responsible dog owner.

How she has the time or energy to keep up these appearances is a mystery, she does all of this and still has plenty of time for her son, and, apparently, her dog as well! We can see there’s, again, comfort in her clothing choice, and the chic, posh look she’s known so well to have. She’s again not focused on the cameraman, but instead on walking her dog. Still, she proves yet another time that she has no bad angle to snap a photo of her, just going about her day without being bothered by the constant lenses in her face.

16 Daring Dresses Are No Match

While not as reserved or modest as many of her other outfits, Jessica Biel opted to go with a more daring, sexy dress. With thick straps across her torso, this almost leather looking dress has a short skirt with a lace pattern across the bottom. She matched this with a cute black bracelet and her hair all tousled and down over her shoulders. The dress has small sleeves that show off her toned arms again. Plus, the dark black against her skin makes her tone pop out. She looks at the camera this time, in what appears to be a photoshoot, her full lips open in a sort of pouty look.

In any of her choices in clothing, but this dress specifically, Jessica especially doesn’t look or dress like the typical mother. It’s difficult to see her in a bold dress like this and imagine she’s a mother. She still looks comfortable as usual, not as casual as her typical outfits but beautiful and posh nonetheless. Jessica’s style sense is usually comfortable and she seems to favor black in many of them. It favors her back, looking incredible on her and her figure; a figure which is anything but a ‘mom bod’.

15 Stop And Wave

Of course, as an actress and celebrity, Jessica Biel dresses in the most fashionable ensembles all the time, too. Though, not many other celebrities can pull off fashion of this standard while also radiating comfort. In this photo, we see Jessica in a white outfit. The bottom of the outfit is mostly fitted until the legs, and the top is loose around the waist but tightens around her torso. The outfit does great to show off her curves, which she works hard on with her athletic talent and hitting the gym. The gold sleeves are cute while letting enough of her arms be seen to see how toned they are. Her hair is down but pulled mostly back, straightened instead of tousled this time. She has on high heels that match the sleeves, and still somehow seems so comfortable and at home. She greets the photographer with a wide grin and wave of her elegant hand this time, on her way inside a building.

While many of her outfits make us forget she’s a mother, this one and the black dress one featured earlier really drive home that feeling. The heels, the outfit in general, and her youthful, energetic, excited look make her look like a single celebrity having a nice time.

14 Beach Bod Even After Childbirth, How?!

While this particular photo doesn’t show her in a bikini (though there are plenty online if you’re interested in them), you can see how good of a beach body she has. Lying in sand, you can see the beautiful blue ocean and light blue sky behind her. Her arms are very prominent in this photo as well, showing off how much tone they have. She has a loose belt around her exposed waist and low rise jeans. She also has golden bracelets that really bring out her eyes. Her hair is down and in messy, tousled waves again, too.

She has a soft, easy smile, and radiates comfort.

The sand and backdrop does well with her skin tone, bringing out all the different lovely hues.

Jessica Biel usually looks relaxed and cozy in her clothes, and these are no different. While, again, she isn’t sporting a typical mom bod or mom clothes, she radiates on the sand. She’s quite athletic, like her character Mary Camden. On the beach, she can be found playing volleyball or football, hitting the waves, surfing, building sand castles, and doing all kinds of beach activities. She also takes time to rest and just enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

13 Giving Her Workout Clothes A Workout

Hello! magazin

One thing you can always be sure to count on with Jessica is comfort in her looks. Whether she’s on her way to the red carpet or taking it easy after a workout, Jessica Biel always looks cozy and breathtaking.

For this look, she’s in full workout clothes, a speckled gray tank to show off her arms, again, and fitted yoga pants. She's tied a long-sleeved zip-up sweatshirt around her waist and has on the most comfortable looking shoes. With her hair down, and again not looking at the photographer, she doesn’t look like she’s coming from or going to a gym at all.

Maybe it’s just a comfortable casual look for her, or maybe she can just hide the effects of hitting the gym without trying.

Either way, she looks wonderfully at ease in the spotlight, and doesn’t seem to mind eyes on her at any given point. And who could blame her? Even without trying or dressing up, Jessica is still quite beautiful. She puts on what she wants when she wants, comfortable clothes that no matter what look wonderful on her, and she does it so well.

It’s still hard to imagine her a mother, with her physique and style. With her consistently high energy, I can’t entirely comprehend how she manages to do it all.

12 The True Event Here Is Jessica


There’s no mistaking that husband Justin Timberlake is entirely smitten with Jessica. Any photo snapped of the two together show him fawning over her, like a lovesick puppy wanting her attention. This photo proves to be no different. While all heads are turned to watch the stage, Justin’s attention is entirely focused on his wife.

It’s heartwarming to see and wonderful to know how much he’s still head over heels for her.

With her cute bangs and pretty smile, she has her hair down and less tousled, her one strapped dress showing off her arm and collarbone beautifully. Most likely to draw attention to her slender neck, Jessica has paired the outfit with big, beautiful earrings. Minimal makeup always looks breathtaking on Jessica, and her black nails match her dress and clutch perfectly.

Jessica is dressed to the nines for the show, and yet she still manages to look comfortable and cozy in the dress. She doesn’t look like a mother at a fancy event, she looks every bit like a person simply at a red carpet show. Her easy smile and casual leg cross show nothing but ease and comfort. Another photo of her not facing the camera and still showing again that there are just no bad angles to her looks.

11 No Such Thing As A Bad Candid

It can sometimes be difficult to find a ‘good side’ for photos. A side that shows who you are and helps hide any flaws. This task seems to get more difficult with both age and parenthood, stress and lack of energy make all sides questionable, in all honesty. However, it seems Jessica doesn’t have a side that isn’t good. Even when photographed from all angles, she still stuns with her fashion and beauty. While talking to someone else, a photo was taken of her. Despite being in a conversation, with her mouth moving and attention fully on someone else, Jessica Biel still manages to look natural and at home in the spotlight. There’s not a hair out of place or a strange expression on her face while mid sentence.

Surprise photos are nothing new for an actress, especially one of her level. But to maintain that great look while engaging in a different activity, one that has her face moving with talking and expressions, is incredible. She doesn’t look tired or low on energy, she’s as bright and lively as ever. It’s almost an inspiration to see a mother of a young child with such a comfortable yet put together look.

10 Fashion Forward Jessica

Jessica Biel is a fashion icon to millions around the entire world. Even after joining the motherhood crowd with the birth of her son, Silas, in 2015, her fashion sense has stayed strong and grown with her maturity. With slightly tousled hair, a signature look of her’s by now, she stuns in this white top with a plunging neckline. Looking at her, one wouldn’t suspect she’s a mother.

Most days, I’m lucky to get a bra and jeans on before someone sees me in public.

Most of the time, my hair is haphazardly pulled up in a messy attempt at a bun, nothing as chic as her effortlessly style.

This top accentuates her figure well, the off color of the white brings out her skin tone wonderfully. The high waisted bottoms really go well with her shape, and her smokey eyes pull the outfit together nicely. It’s no wonder she’s a fashion icon, the look seems both posh and effortless, put together in a lovely way that’s not too overdone but isn’t too casual either. One look at her and it’s doubtful anyone would guess she’s a mom. She has an energy to her that’s hard to match to a parent.

9 Dog Walk, Fashion Walk

Us Weekly

Many people look pretty put out when walking their dogs, but not Jessica. Even in the sun and wearing her yoga clothes, she looks as elegant as she normally does. Though she’s not smiling in the photo, she doesn’t look like it takes her any effort to walk her big dog. In fact, she looks completely at ease and in control of the walk. Her toned arms are shown off nicely with the tank top, a look not many mother’s sport.

It makes you wonder where she finds the time and energy to get in some workouts while acting and raising her baby.

It’s incredible to see her out and about while looking as great as she does, and knowing how much she has on her plate.

Fit and healthy, Jessica keeps up her figure by walking her dog often. Just like her character from 7th Heaven, she is sporty and a little on the tomboy side of life. She still maintains a feminine look while sporting strong arms and a thin but strong frame. While wearing a hat, her hair is still her lovely tousled look in the back, keeping her face safe from UV rays and still looking put together and beautiful.

8 Certainly Not Mom Shoes!


Jessica should always wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts. They look great on her with her toned arms and really bring out her frame and figure. In this photo, Jessica is wearing comfortable clothes; a black tank top that is just loose enough to be cozy without being baggy, and loose, ripped jeans that look absolutely fantastic on her and very comfortable. She’s in a kind of sporty look until you get to her cute shoes. While her outfit may be casual, her shoes are more dressy and chic. The straps look great on her feet, and the little bow added to the toes draws in the outfit entirely. She matched the outfit with a lovely watch and necklace, and her long hair is worn down. The loose locks frame her long, beautiful face perfectly, and really brings out her big smile. Even while posing for a photo, Jessica looks as natural and relaxed as possible.

It’s again hard to imagine she’s a mother in those heels.

Plus, her youthful face yet again tricks us into forgetting her motherhood. Her long hair could prove to be a challenge while raising her son, but here they do nothing but accentuate her looks and goes great with her outfit.

7 With What Some Would Call Her ‘Signature’ Leather Jacket

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A wide, beautiful smile and a loose ponytail or messy bun are signature looks of Jessica Biel. However, another look of that she likes to rock, and does so very well, is her leather jacket. While it’s probably not an actual, authentic leather -- Jessica is a former vegetarian and still avoids meat or animal products when she can -- the faux leather jacket looks wonderful on her. In this look specifically, she has her faux leather jacket and ponytail as usual. She’s paired the outfit with a cute, chunky necklace and matching thin bracelets, as well as a pair of lovely blue armed sunglasses. She looks chic as she normally does, and it doesn’t seem to take much effort to have a sophisticated yet comfortable look for her.

While not a mom look at all, she pulls off the look with grace and poise. She still keeps it comfortable while looking like a million bucks. How she does it is unfathomable, but she does it so often that it seems like it should be easy and simple to do. Jessica does this a lot, dressing how she wants instead of a more typical mom look while still rocking being a mom. It’s some kind of magic really, and I personally can’t get enough.

6 With A Slouch Beanie, She’s All Smiles


With this nice layered look, Jessica Biel is going out on the town with some friends again. She has nice, fitted dark pants, cute black boots, a baggy grey shirt underneath a button up blue shirt, and a dark matching jacket. It looks incredibly comfortable again, especially with her red slouchy beanie.

While it doesn't seem to match entirely with what she’s wearing, it somehow flawlessly goes well with the outfit.

She has some strands of hair peeking out to frame her face, and another big, grinning smile on her lips. A thin, small necklace is nearly hidden against her neck, and a pair of sunglasses hang loosely off of the front of her shirt. She looks happy as possible and doesn’t give the camera even a passing glance as she goes about her night with friends.

While not a ‘mom look’, it is a little easier to picture her with a tot running along her side. Comfort is again a big factor to this look, still keeping with the posh look nonetheless. She keeps her makeup so simple and light, that it’s hard to tell if she’s wearing any at all. Still fashionable, Jessica makes it all look so simple to pull off.

5 Tousled Hair Is Perfect With Her Face

We can only see the top half of Jessica in this photo, but she looks incredible nonetheless. Her messy, tousled hair always frames her face so well, looking so natural on her. Her deep v neck shirt shows off her collarbone and the short ruffled sleeves show off her arms well, too. The soft heather gray of the shirt really makes her skin tone look great. The cinched design looks great with her figure as well, drawing the eyes to her shoulders and back to her collarbone again. It’s another shirt that wouldn’t be classified as a mom style, and she rocks it without effort. She has a sly, almost sneaky look on her face. As though, she has the secret to her looks, but she isn’t going to give it out freely.

Jessica Biel continues to stun, looking at the camera during this photoshoot and wearing this comfortable, soft looking top. It’s still next to impossible to believe she’s a mother, even with the little we can see of her in this photo. She keeps up her game with her hair down, pouty lips, and stunning features. How she can keep looking so great throughout all her years and working hard is a question that stumps many. Still, her fashion catches many eyes, and this photo is no different.

4 Ultra Comfort And She Still Has Time To Keep Up Her Reading


Comfort and a leather jacket, those are top elements of this photo. With her light colored baggy pants and loose white blouse, she pairs them with a leather jacket and golden flats again. She has a large bag with her, and her hair is down in hard to see messy locks again. As if the look itself isn’t enough, she’s also casually reading a book without giving mind to the photographer. And, as is usual for Jessica now, she shows no sign of a bad angle or side to speak of. She continues doing her own thing, no attention given to the cameraman.

This look does touch closer to home with the mom look, the loose pants are comfortable looking and the blouse is too.

The choice of her leather jacket and shoes wrap this outfit up into something more, though. It’s definitely a comfort outfit, and she appears to be in an airport. As she reads, it again becomes difficult to tell she’s a mother. With her casual wear being the closest to a standard mother outfit, she still soars above and beyond that expectation, opening the doors for more people to do the same. Fashionista, she sets the standard high for many women.

3 Cute Big Sunglasses Are Coming Back Into Fashion


Jessica Biel is single handedly bringing back big, cute sunglasses. They even have cute peaks on the sides almost like a cat eye style. That might be a big claim, but given how many incredibly cute photos there are of her with the big glasses, I stand by it. Big red glasses are the focal point of this photo, they stand out but don’t overshadow her beauty. Jessica has her bangs clipped back on top her head and her messy tousled locks strew about her shoulders and chest. She has a blue jacket on and a white shirt underneath. Her expression is more of one in thought than anything, and she looks comfortable and content. While it’s hard to see most of her outfit in the photo, it’s easy to guess she’s not dressed in anything ‘mom’ related.

We also get back to her being photogenic from any angle, ignoring the cameraman in favor of continuing to do her own thing. She looks beautiful, walking along to go do what she wants without worry. It’s still hard to tell she’s a mother, as chic and posh as she looks, even if she was holding a child it would be difficult to picture.

2 She Lights Up A Room Without Even Trying

In the film ‘Next’, Jessica Biel has a scene where she’s just in a towel, as pictured above. The sun comes in through the window behind her, lighting up her skin and face and showing off her toned arms. Even though her hair is wet and clinging to her shoulders, you can still see the waves and curls that are in the usual tousled locks. The hair still helps frame her lovely face, and even the towel is fitted enough to show off her figure. She can wear a big, fancy dress or something as plain as a bath towel, and she’s still breathtaking. How she manages to pull it off, I’ll never know or understand.

Now, we’ve all gotten out of the shower in a towel and probably looked like a hot mess of sopping wet hair trying to get to our clothes. But Jessica does it not only with style, but in a way that, again, makes us forget she’s a mom. She’s youthful and energetic, even in the still shot where it appears as if she’s listening to someone speak, face neutral and quiet. Despite the neutral look, she’s still stunning. Full lips are pulled in an almost pursed look, eyes focused and intent on listening.

1 But To Silas, She Will Always Be A Mom

Despite all the pictures before this, Jessica Biel is definitely a mother. This photo alone captures the life of a mother easily. Jessica is shown trying to hold her son, Silas, without dropping the acrobatic boy. He definitely takes after his mother with his athleticism, thankfully she has her own talent as well to keep up with him! She grins ear to ear as she holds her son, smiling with happy amusement at his antics. She has on a lacy white tank and appears to have on dark pants, her hair wrapped in a towel.

It's a familiar look to many, comfortable clothes and hair still wet and in a towel as she holds her playful child.

You can really see her toned arms in the photo as well, probably used to help care for a rowdy, adorable young baby boy.

Jessica Biel has shown us she can look glam, chic, and posh while still being a mother. Even in this photo, she has great fashion and looks wonderful. She still has her youthful, energetic vibe too! How she can manage to look so fabulous in all her photos, even when being used as a human jungle gym, is way beyond me.

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