20 Honest Things Older Siblings Said The First Time They Saw The Baby

No matter how old a child is, welcoming a sibling to the family will have an enormous impact on the firstborn. Many parents take extra care in spilling the news of their pregnancy and the inevitable coming of the second child to their first child. While the older kids might be able to have a better emotional and mental understanding of the coming changes, the younger ones might not have a clue until D-day arrives.

To ensure that the firstborn does not feel left out and unloved, many parents take tremendous steps and a lot of time in including their kids with the preparations for the second baby. Some go as far as letting the firstborn help decorate the sibling's nursery and even helping in choosing the baby's name! Being included in the process of welcoming a sibling makes the firstborn feel loved, respected and indirectly helps them to get excited about the arrival of the new baby.

On that special life-changing day, the firstborn will nervously step up to see baby and mommy in the hospital bed. Some might feel a sense of awe, love, and excitement while a number of others might actually feel a pang of jealousy. And because kids will be kids, what comes out of their mouths does not usually get filtered by their brains first so what they blurt out is usually what they really feel about the baby. Here we share with you 20 honest things some siblings say the first time they meet the baby.

20 "Will I Have To Share My Toys?"


Grace was fine with having a little brother. She didn't mind having someone else who wasn't an adult in the house to play with. In fact, she welcomed the idea of running around the house and wreaking havoc with her brother (once he could walk of course). But on the day she finally saw her little brother for the first time, reality began to sink in. Suddenly the visions of them having fun vanished and were replaced with an alien feeling. It was jealousy. Something she had never felt before. And innocently she asked her dad, "Will I have to share my toys with Daniel from now on?" Luckily for her, Daniel grew up preferring not to play with dolls and teacups instead.

19 "Can You Give The Baby Away?"


Mark did not quite like the idea of having another baby in the house. Wasn't he good enough for his parents? And on the day his mom delivered baby Matthew, he had to be cajoled to even take a peek at his wailing little brother. Mark wrinkled his nose at the sight of the scrawny baby and poked out his tongue. He then ran to daddy's lap and whispered something into his ear. Daddy's eyes had never grown so big. He laughed out loud and kissed Mark on the forehead. When mom asked what it was that Mark said, dad told her, "He asked if we could give his little brother away".

18 "We're Gonna Be Best Friends!"


Little Gordon was 3 and a half when he finally became a big brother. For months his parents dreaded and feared that he would not react well to having a sibling but surprisingly to them, he took it quite well. In fact, he couldn't wait for his little brother to grow bigger so they could play battleships and Legos together. And even now that both have moved out of their parents' nest, his mother still fondly recalls what he said when he first saw baby Desmond. He had gently stroked the baby's hands and said," We're going to be best friends".

17 "Are You Sure This Is The Right Baby?"


Siti was sure her baby brother would be a splitting image of herself (only more boyish, she would say) but lo and behold, to her surprise, little Sulaiman looked nothing like her at all. He was much fairer, and his nose was not as sharp. Siti did not know that babies would change as they grew and thus became extremely suspicious of her baby brother. She wouldn't go near him for the first few days after seeing his face. At first, her parents thought that she was keeping to herself due to jealousy but finally, she went to her grandmother and asked the funniest question of all, " Are you sure you guys brought back the right baby?"

16 "Baby Has No Hair"


5-year-old Linda half expected her baby brother to be carried to their house by a big white bird. Apparently, mommy and daddy had not explained to her how babies came about. And it seemed that she was rather naive for a 5-year-old. When she first saw her baby brother, she gasped wonder and exclaimed, "He has no hair! Did the nurses shave his hair off???" It took her little brother one whole year before his hair started to grow, and by then Linda had already learned about the birds and the bees and was ready to impart her 'knowledge' to every one of her friends in kindergarten.

15 "Why Does Baby Keep Crying?"


Little Granger wailed so loudly he could have woken up the whole ward in the hospital. Try as she might, big sister Dion could not stop him from crying so much so she became frustrated. Her baby brother was no fun. He only seemed to stop crying when he was fed or sleeping. Dion didn't like this and wanted more peace and quiet. She frowned and asked her dad in the most grown-up way possible, "Do you think he'll ever stop crying?". Daddy was also at a loss but gave her an assuring smile promising Dion (with his fingers crossed) that yes, her little brother would stop crying.

14 "They Won't Get My Room"


Aliyah was determined to protect her fortress. No one was going to monopolize her room. It was hers and hers alone. The Barbie dolls and kitchen sets were too precious for anyone else to even touch. So when mommy and daddy proudly brought baby Benedict back, she crept over to his crib and gently whispered into his ear, "You won't get my room". Benedict did not stir from his slumber much to Aliyah's irritation.

13 "Will You Still Love Me?"


Johnny was sad. In fact, he was heartbroken. Mommy and daddy seemed to be so busy looking after the well-being of baby Matt that they forgot to kiss him good morning and good night. And whenever baby Matt cried in the middle of the night, mommy and daddy would immediately carry him and soothe him. Johnny felt invisible. Didn't they want him anymore? And it seemed like mommy and daddy would scold him more often after bringing Matt home. One day, with tears in his eyes, he asked his mother," Don't you love me anymore?"

12 "I Wish They Weren't Born"


Amy didn't like her sister. One look at the sleeping baby and Amy ran up to her dad and said, "I wish she wasn't born". Those words broke her parents' hearts. They had hoped that Amy would come to accept baby Elizabeth. Still, while the siblings grew up fighting and arguing, they eventually bonded after both reached adulthood and become mothers themselves. These days, both sisters now live just blocks away from one another and enjoy having mini get-togethers sipping tea and having cakes while they look at their children play and fight with one another.

11 "They Look Like Me!"


Ching Ching was overjoyed when the nurses finally let her see her baby brother. He had been in the incubator for almost a week, having been born prematurely and Ching Ching could barely contain her curiosity as to how he looked like. When the nurses finally wheeled baby Lin Dan into the room, she squealed and had to be restrained from hugging her tiny little brother. "He looks like me!" she squealed. Both mom and dad laughed knowing very well that baby brother looked more like mommy while Ching Ching looked more like daddy.

10 "They're Weird"


Little Samantha was barely 4 when her parents brought baby Alan home from the hospital. She had half expected him to be the same size as she was and was anticipating to play peekaboo with him but all he did was cry, drink and sleep! "Mommy," Samantha tugged at her mother's sleeve one day and whispered into her mother's ear, "Baby Alan is so weird. He can't even talk or walk. Is he normal?". Suffice it to say Samantha had a lot to learn about babies and it took her almost a year to finally accept the fact that her baby brother would need some time to grow before he could finally play with her.

9 "Who's Better Looking?"


6-year-old Eric was growing into a good looking little boy. In fact, little girls in his class would slip chocolates and candies into his school bag. So when the news came that he would have another baby brother, he wasn't exactly very pleased. What if little bro ended up getting all the chocolates and sugar sticks? Then he would have no snacks to munch on! For days he agonized over not getting any more candies from his girl friends and when mommy came home with his little brother, the first thing Eric asked was," Who's better looking?" much to his mother's amusement and annoyance.

8 "Can I Carry Them?"


Twins Hailey and Hannah could not wait to see their baby brother. They were bored with just having each other's company and had made a bet as to who baby William would prefer more. As soon as their parents bright baby William home, both girls jumped up and down in eager anticipation. Each held out their little hands and exclaimed," Let me carry him! Can I carry him? I promise I'll be gentle!". And after much fuss, both finally settled down and had their parents place a sleeping William on their laps. It was a sight to behold; twin girls looking tenderly at their infant brother, not daring to make a sound lest they wake him.

7 "The Nurses Better Take Good Care Of Them"


7-year-old Kylie was growing into a rather bossy little girl. She had a bit heart though and always tried to look after the well being of others. So when she found out that she would have a baby sister, Kylie was determined to be the 'bestest sister in the whole wide world!'. She hovered over her mother before the nurses pushed her into to the delivery ward, making sure that all was well and the next day when daddy brought her to the hospital to see her baby sister for the first time, Kylie was so excited, her hands were shaking. She took a deep breath and looked at her little sister sucking milk. "Well little one, the nurses had better take good care of you before we go back".

6 "Baby Sure Is Hungry"


Baby Tom sure was hungry. All he ever seemed to do was feed from mommy. It seemed as if his mouth just couldn't stop sucking. Pry him away and he would start wailing. Robin was not impressed. He had half expected his little brother to sleep more than he ate. That was what usually happened with babies as far as he knew. He just couldn't comprehend why his little brother couldn't stop feeding. Sure he looked cute drinking milk but didn't he get bored? When the wet nurse came in to help mommy, Robin blurted out, "Baby sure is hungry".

5 "They Look So Small"


Simon was nearly 10 years old when he found out that he would no longer be an only child. At first, he had not known what to make of this revelation. Should he be happy? Should he be sad? But curiosity got the better of him and he found himself looking forward to the day his mom would deliver his baby sister. And when both mom and dad brought little Sally home, Simon almost laughed out loud. "She's so tiny! She's practically like a doll!" And from that moment on, he became his sister's refuge and protector to any other baby or toddler who even had the audacity to snatch any toy whatsoever from his baby sister.

4 "They're So Beautiful"


Three-year-old Ryan had been waiting eagerly for the arrival of his baby sister for the past few months. Mommy had shown him black and white photographs of his little sister in the womb and although he thought she looked weird and distorted in the photos, he vowed to love her like no other. That beautiful morning when the nurses finally wheeled mommy and baby into the room, Ryan gingerly climbed atop the bed mommy was in and took a peek at his baby sister, sleeping soundly in mommy's arms. There was silence in the room as everyone waited with bated breath and finally, after what seemed like an eternity, little Ryan proudly declared, "She's beautiful, just like you mommy."

3 "I Love You, Baby"


Sarah had been lonely growing up. In kindergarten, she would see siblings go to school together hand in hand and as she grew older, she would wistfully listen to her friends complain about their siblings. It seemed as if fate would have her be an only child for the rest of her life. But one day, on her 13th birthday, her parents gave her the most wonderful birthday gift. They had filed for adoption and had gotten the approval to bring home a baby girl all the way from Beijing, China. The family wasted no time and flew to the adoption center to meet the newest family member. Upon seeing little Red Plum, Sarah felt only joy and declared her love for her new baby sister.

2 "I'll Protect Them"


Claire was what many called 'a sensitive' child. She was extremely mature for her age and at just 3, she could empathize with the pain her mom felt when her parents argued over dad's infidelity. It was made worse because mom was already 7 months pregnant at that time. Both parents finally filed for separation with mom being granted full custody of both kids and daddy forking out a hundred percent of the alimony. So when mommy finally delivered baby Amber, Claire took her mother's hand in her tiny little ones and said to mommy, "Don't worry Mommy, I'll protect Amber from now on".

1 "Don't You Want Me Anymore?"


Dylan did not find himself looking forward to having another child in the family. At 5, he was used to the idea of being numero uno to mom, dad, nanna, and grandpa. The thought of having to share the love and attention with someone else just did not sit well with him. Try as they might, his parents just couldn't convince him that they would still love him even if he was no longer an only child. So it was only expected that the day his little brother finally made his grand entrance into the world, little Dylan sat in the corner of the hospital room sulking. And with a teary face, he tugged at nanna's sleeve and sobbed, "Don't you want me anymore?"

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