20 Honest Moms Share Why They're So Tired (And Their Responses Are All Too Real)

All moms are tired to some extent. There is no question that they can do all the stuff they do in one day and not be completely exhausted. We also know that women can endure some very harsh conditions and still come out on top. This is why they can do their kids homework, chauffeur their family around to all those extracurricular activities, cook dinner, prepare something for the bake sale, go to work, and a whole host of other things that we would never be able to mention in one article!

But, we tend to forget that while women can multitask like no one's business, they too need to sleep to rest their body and mind.

Unfortunately, there are a whole host of reasons why most moms are just not sleeping. Some are hilarious and others are more serious conditions. Regardless, it’s important for moms to know that they aren’t the only ones experiencing extreme exhaustion. More and more moms are using blogging, vlogging, open letters, and 140 characters to share their troubles with mommyhood; and plenty of women are relating to one another in the most delightful way.

Their honesty is one of the most refreshing things online currently. Not to mention, some of them are so funny that we can’ help but laugh out loud. It’s surprising to see how many women have lost sleep or are extremely tired because they decided to become mommies. 

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20 Because Their Kid Just Won’t Sleep

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Some kids just won’t sleep. No matter what tricks you try or what tips you see on the Internet or get from your girlfriends, they just aren’t working. You see them at mommy-and-me classes and they look so refreshed and well rested; whereas you, well, you look like you haven’t slept in days (which is true). Now it’s to the point where you are starting to show signs of that extreme lethargy. When the baby won’t stop crying, the toddler won’t stay in their bed, and the tween is trying to stay up all night on chatrooms and social media... you suffer.

19 Every Time They Turn Around, They're Cleaning

There is just too much crap to clean these days! You can wash a full sink of dishes at least three times a day; one for every meal. A lot of the time, moms are up late because they have no time during the day to get anything done that is not kid related. As the kids get older, they have so many extracurriculars that it becomes even harder to get anything around the house finished in between carpooling and athletics. So cleaning comes last and usually later at night when all anyone wants to do is have a good night's rest.

18 They Are A New Parent

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New parents have a hard time doing anything — especially sleeping. They are adjusting to having such a drastic change in the home, the new mom’s body is slowly getting back to normal, and they are so excited to have their baby that they want to stay up and stare at it.

Who can sleep when any of these things are happening?

This might be self-inflicted, but it still affects their lives. It’s so relatable to be super tired after bringing a new child home. Too many changes at one time can have a horrible effect on your psyche causing you to lose sleep.

17 They Had A Coffee Pick-Me-Up Too Late In The Day

Coffee has a habit of picking you up and giving you that energy you need when you feel like crashing. This was a big mistake that ends up keeping you up half the night and making you extremely tired the next day, though, is having your cup too late in the day.

Unfortunately, it's so easy to grab a coffee to drink while you watch your kid's game or run some early evening errands. Some people drink so much coffee that they forget it’s a caffeinated beverage. You end up kicking yourself for not thinking before you bought that evening coffee and now you have all night to figure out why you did it.

16 They’re Worrying

Worrying gets to the best of us. Most people worry at night because it's the only time that their mind has calm down enough to actually process anything. Instead of being able to turn it off, they have to sit up and wait 'till the worry finally exhausts their mind and they eventually fall asleep. However, that could be at like, 4am... and then you have to get early and do it all over again.

It’s hard to stop worrying but there are definitely options to help with that like meditation, therapy, and sometimes, medication.

15 Organizing For The Next Day

Like I said, moms normally get things done during the night. This includes organizing themselves for the following day.

Running a family is extremely hard, so keeping a calendar of events is usually the best way to combat that. The only problem is we get into this habit of staying up late to plan for the next day, which leaves moms tired, annoyed, and unable to keep their head above water the next day.

Being tired from staying up to plan is a huge problem in the mommy club, especially if you have more than one child. But there is no going back you can’t very well ditch all your responsibilities because you're tired from staying up to plan those responsibilities.

14 Too Wound Up To Sleep

After a day full of activity, one would assume that it would be so easy to fall asleep. How can you not be tired, right? The only problem is sometimes it can take a lot for people’s bodies to wind down — especially after a full day of running errands, working, after-school activities, and all that good stuff. Normally when everyone else is winding down, you are still preparing lunches, serving dinner, and mandating showers. So when everyone else is fast asleep, you’re still thinking of what you’ve missed from the day.

13 On Social Media

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Social media is something that has a hold on most of the population. When is the time that most people really focus on their social media catching up? When they slide into bed and get under those covers. This, however, should be the one thing you don’t do. The bright light of the screen has been proven to be bad for tired eyes. Also, you get so caught up scrolling through your feed that you don’t even realize that it’s way past your bedtime. You put the phone down but now, your brain is so wired it’s going to take at least another hour for you to fall asleep.

12 Finally ‘Bonding’ With Their Partner

It has been proven that after having kids, many spouses have a hard time bonding or at least finding the time to bond. This is because of a combination of being exhausted and simply not being in the mood. However, there are that small fraction of people who eventually get their ‘bonding time’ back on track. And sometimes they become exhausted from getting that ‘bonding time’ in!

Regardless of why new moms are tired, it's important to take care of your relationship to and to find time for them.

11 Could Be A Case Of Postnatal Insomnia

Postnatal insomnia is described as “when an exhausted mom, one who desperately needs rest, is unable to sleep even though her baby’s sleeping soundly.”

It has been linked to postpartum depression which makes sense when lack of sleep is involved. Usually, moms dealing with postnatal insomnia say that they feel on edge and unable to relax. Can you imagine wanting to sleep so bad but being held back somehow? It could certainly drive someone crazy; anxiously lying awake fearing that you won’t hear your baby because you fell asleep is a recipe for disaster. Not only does it make you less efficient if needed, but you are also so mentally drained and physically exhausted you could pass out.

10 You Woke Up To Feed The Baby And Now…

Sometimes babies cry out at night and they need to be nursed or cuddled back to sleep. Every mom gets up with every intention of going back to sleep, of course. They try not to open their eyes too wide or turn on any lights... they do everything possible to keep the tiredness in their eyes — even resisting the temptation to rub their eyes. But it never truly works. They end up struggling so much to go back to sleep that they give up and just contend with being tired the next day.

Look at it this way, at least they have a good reason to be tired.

9 Every Move You Make

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No, I'm not referencing that lovable Sting song. I'm saying that literally every move you or your spouse makes messes with your already fragile sleep pattern. Some women have their spouses sleep on the couch or in another room, or they sleep on the couch or in another room to combat this. However, the damage is already done and they end up lying awake staring at the ceiling. Or for some women, not being able to sleep forces them to get up and pace because laying around drives them crazy. To be honest, it’s basically a lose-lose situation.

8 They’re Watching Netflix

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All day your only TV options are cartoons, people in annoying bright mascot suits, listening to silly songs about eating ridiculous things, or watching grown AF people sing and dance in a costume. If you’re lucky enough to get your kids in bed by eight or nine at night, the latest you may be able to get in is at least one show on TV. If not, you flip on Netflix and end up binging a show for most of the night. You now have the task of explaining why you look so rough the next morning at work... if you even make it in that day.

7 Waiting For Their Partner To Get Home

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Most people don’t want to go to bed until their partner is home and safe with them. However, sometimes the work day gets drawn out, especially for people who have a job that requires a lot of man-hours (doctor, lawyer, even some trades like plumbing and being a carpenter calls for some awkward hours). It’s hard to make a plan and be able to follow through most of the time. This can leave one half of the couple constantly waiting up for the other. Kids or not — this scenario is annoying.

6 The Baby Is Crying

All moms are tired from listening to a crying baby who at that moment just cannot be soothed. They end up spending so much time soothing their baby that by the time it’s time to go to bed, they aren’t even tired anymore or are too tired to sleep. A crying baby isn’t only a damper on the mom but it can affect everyone in the household. Being exhausted to the point where you don’t even know your days of the week can cause a lot of problems to both the physical self and the mental self. Don’t worry, mama; you're not the only one.

5 Finishing That Science Project

You know the one... The science project that you didn’t know your kid had until 5pm that evening and, of course, it is due the following morning. Every parent has or will go through this: having to miss out on sleep because your kid(s) forgot an important project.

It’s now way past their bedtime and they are yawning in the most adorable way that you let them go to bed. But… you are now stuck with making something or writing a paper on something you know absolutely nothing about. It’s like college for you all over again, pulling an all-nighter. Except, the next day you actually have real responsibilities like maybe a job.

4 They Didn’t Want To Go Home

Yes, this is exactly what it says, even moms need a night or two off. When they get together with their girlfriends, it’s a whole new ball game. They are enjoying themselves and truthfully don’t want it to end; especially if they are going home to a messy house with a kid or two. Some moms take it to the extreme and stay out late hence being extremely tired the following day. Being a mom and having to explain your tired because you and your girlfriends had one too many drinks and stayed out way too late is kind of embarrassing.

Get ready to be looked down upon.

3 Stress

Stress is one of the main reasons why many people lose sleep. When you are a mom, there is even more to stress about. Having to find accommodations if your child is off sick that day, trying to be the best mom possible but putting way too much pressure on yourself... Everything can be a trigger thus making you lose sleep. Being tired because you are busy stressing is something that you will have to find a solution for. Stress just doesn’t go away on its own and you very well can’t give up sleeping forever.

One yoga class a week is a great mental exercise.

2 They Choose To Stay Up Late

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A lot of moms choose to stay up late after their kids have gone to sleep because frankly, it’s the only time they have for themselves. They would rather grin and bear through the extreme exhaustion the next day just to have a few hours to themselves without their kids yelling in their faces.

Staying up late is the only way they actually get to read that magazine they bought three months earlier or finish that book that has been sitting on her nightstand for a year.

1 All That Darn Laundry

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When you have children (especially a newborn), a lot of your free time is spent doing laundry. It’s like these kids never actually learn what the word "clean" means until they are full-blown adults. A lot of the time, moms end up staying up late to finish laundry that they had absolutely no time to get to during the day. This is unfortunate because laundry is one of the most boring chores that can be done. It’s essentially a waiting game, and in between that waiting period isn’t even enough time to get a refreshing nap. But what other time do you have to do it? Did we mention all that laundry is from that day alone?

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