20 Hilariously Unreasonable Things Kids Have Demanded From Their Parents

Children are known for asking for things many find adorable, awesome, and unreasonable all at the same time. But some children ask for things that are positively hilarious. In a way, it's cute that some kids think their parents can change the color of the sky, fly like Superman, or turn them into a mythical creature.

Most of the amusing demands below are from young children who cutely requested things because they don't yet understand physics, gravity, or other basic concepts. Not to worry, teenagers aren't immune to asking for things that make their parents and relatives laugh. Some of these requests are funny because children are still learning about safety. They may get sad because they want to play with something that isn't a toy (see below for examples), or because they want to eat something that just might be a carcinogen.

Whatever the occasion, such requests are also good teaching moments. They make for the stuff of great tweets and embarrassing anecdotes for the toddler that will someday be a teenager. Behold the hilarious requests below. Perhaps you can relate to the parents that had to find a way to navigate these with their child.

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20 A Cat — Despite Dad's Allergies

Via: PetbookToday

It's normal for children to want pets. They're fun, they teach children responsibility, and they can become indispensable members of the family.

Parents sometimes have reasons for saying no to their child's request for a pet. Maybe they want to make sure their kid really wants the pet before committing. Perhaps there's no space in their tiny apartment or they aren't sure if the child is ready yet.

James Breakwell had a different reason. He's allergic to cats, so when his 4-year-old asked for a cat, he tried to explain what this might mean.

His child's response? Daddy could simply sleep outside.

19 To Fix A Cracker

Via: Conscious Eatery

This request naturally came from a toddler. Toddlers are at an age where they don't understand that things don't always stay whole. They also don't know there's more than one of something, and they may just be able to get one more. One child wanted their parents to glue a cracker back together because it was snapped in two.

Part of a toddler's growth process is to throw a tantrum as their parent helplessly tries to explain that things can be fixed. Of course, this parent shared their child's tantrum with the Daily Mail, to the delight of other parents who felt they were alone.

18 To (Basically) Stop Gravity From Doing Its Thing

Via: Nesting Story

Gravity has a way of teaching kids they can't always get their way. This might mean realizing they can't fly, that balls won't stay up in the air, or that ingredients in sandwiches may fall out from time to time.

Children don't always know how to properly hold items. This means they get an unpleasant surprise when holding a pail, a glass of water, or their lunch.

One parent mentioned that their child threw a tantrum for an hour because the sausage kept falling off their sandwich. In other words, the child wanted their mom to prevent gravity from making things fall.

17 To Make The Cat Say Hello


Children may watch films featuring talking animals, and they may wonder why their pets don't talk to them. If Baloo can talk to Mowgli, then why won't their pet say give them a simple "hello"?

Kids with pets may get a less-than-pleasant awakening when they try to speak to their pets. After all, they may understand some commands or gestures, but they're not able to talk back to their humans.

One mom said that her son became upset when the cat wouldn't say hi to him. His feeble attempts at making the cat speak where then accompanied by a 10-minute tantrum.

16 To Put The Banana Back In The Peel

Via: The Kavanaugh Report

Adults and even older children have already mastered a few basic concepts that can help them avoid wasting food. That doesn't mean they always put these principles into practice, but they understand how food works.

This creates issues in children who don't understand that you can't just peel a banana and expect to put it back in. Young children are so innocent that parents often forget there was once a time when they may have wanted similar things.

Just to remind us all of these more innocent times, one mom shared how her son cried when he couldn't put the banana back in the peel.

15 A Ficus Tree


A Thrifty Mom shared a list of hilarious presents some children want for Christmas. Though many of these are quite funny, some of these at least make sense and show that some children are unique.

One kid asked for a ficus tree for Christmas. A grandmother explained that her 3-year-old granddaughter has seen her mother's ficus tree and became fixated with it. Though it's a bit of an unusual request, at least this means this child's parents can enjoy giving her a tree. It'll be a lot cheaper than buying future presents that older children and teenagers often demand, right?

14 To Make The Slide More Slippery

Via: Global Volunteers

Kids love playgrounds, but even they can be disappointing from time to time. Maybe the equipment isn't state-of-the-art, something doesn't work the way it should, or they don't like something. Young children are often exasperated when something should work but can't be repaired right away.

Every child has weathered the disappointment of a slide that isn't slippery enough. Trying to slide at a snail's pace is a big problem for a young kid! According to one source, a mom was asked to make the slide more slippery.

We're not sure how she got out of this one, we just know that it must have made for an interesting teachable moment.

13 To Use A Hammer As A Toy

Via: Shutterstock

Young children are curious and may not yet understand when something might be unsafe. That's why they sometimes run downstairs or act cool as a cucumber while you're worried over something they try to do.

This creates conundrums when children want to play with certain items around the house. They may want to play with something expensive, antique, or heavy. So what's a parent to do in these situations?

Mothers on Mumsnet shared strange demands their children have made of them. One mother said her child wanted to use a hammer as a toy. Naturally, she was firm about her decision to say no. Someday, her child will understand why.

12 Permission To Take Things

Children don't understand the concept of money, buying, and selling. That means they don't understand why they can't have that toy right now. They have a lot to learn about why they can't just open a bar of chocolate before going to the cashier.

One parent shared that their child saw a display wagon full of socks at a store. He wanted to take it home and mom had to explain why he can't just take this something with him.

Of course, the child didn't understand the concept of having to pay for these items. He naturally threw a tantrum.

11 A Pound Of Bacon

Via: Jess Pryles

Teenagers aren't immune to making hilarious requests of their parents. At least, some of the things they ask for make more sense compared to babies and toddlers. They may even inspire their parents to post up said requests online. Such demands may make us laugh, while also realizing that there's something to their wishes.

Case in point: one person shared that their nephew asked for a pound of bacon for Christmas. She added that she kind of understands his logic.

Some children want an iPad, others want a trip around the world or a car. Asking for a pound of bacon sounds delicious and budget-friendly. We approve.

10 Not To Sit On Their Imaginary Friend

According to Today's Parent, it's common for children to have imaginary friends. This is especially so if we're talking about an only child or the oldest child in the family. In fact, having an imaginary friend is usually not a cause for concern.

It often teaches children how to separate pretend situations from real life situations.

The imaginary friend might be an object the child talks to, such as their favorite toy or teddy bear. But if the imaginary friend is just out of thin air, then you might just end up sitting on Tommy and watching your kid throw a tantrum in response.

9 Permission To Play With A Raw Egg

via:Red Tricycle

Adults know about things, such why we should always wash our hands after touching raw eggs or meat. Children have never heard of these things, and they may insist on playing with items that have certain bacteria in them.

Kids are still getting used to things around them. They may decide that slimy things are cool. They may ask for permission to play with a raw egg, especially because they probably can't understand that it might be full of germs (and also stink up the house).

One mom shared that her daughter asked to play with a raw egg. Naturally, she became upset after mom said no. We all saw that coming.

8 To Stop The Wind From Blowing

Via: Pexels

When children are young, they think their parents have superpowers. That's adorable, and it's something many parents miss once their children realize that mom or dad can't make the world stop or something.

This means young children are often in for a surprise when they ask for something larger than life, only to realize their parents can't deliver. One mom shared a story about how her daughter became upset thanks to the wind. Of course, mom was unable to make the wind stop blowing.

The child was in for a surprise when mom explained that she can't just make the wind stop. Naturally, noise followed.

7 A Permanent Work of Art

Via: Stuff.co.nz

There's a reason why tattoo parlors require a parent's permission when a minor gets a tattoo or piercing in many parts of the world. Of course, there's a difference between a teenager who wants a tattoo and a toddler.

One mom shared a story of how her young son wanted a tattoo. He's clearly less than 4 years old. He has no idea that tattoos are painful, require lots of care, and last a lifetime.

When mom said no, he cried. But not to worry, someday mom will be able to get revenge by telling him this story over and over again.

6 To Turn Her Into A Unicorn

via:DIY Halloween & Christmas Decoration

Children want to be all types of things before they grow up. Some want to be doctors, teachers, astronauts, or Iron Man. Other kids want to be unicorns.

There's also the matter that unicorns and unicorn-patterned items are currently very popular in popular culture right now. We can find unicorn-inspired bagels, sushi, and even Starbucks drinks. These popular cultural tendencies will inevitably influence malleable young minds.

They don't realize that these adorable creatures aren't real. One mom explained that her daughter became upset when she realized that she's not, in fact, a unicorn. Hopefully, mom found a way to make her a costume?

5 The Chucky Film Doll

No doubt about it, the Chucky doll is indeed "The World's Most Notorious Doll." Parents who were children in the 80s and 90s probably still get goosebumps at the mere mention of Chucky.

Young children may not understand that dolls are on the spookier side. Their minds haven't been tainted with ideas of what a doll can or can't do. Still, one child threw a tantrum because their parent wouldn't allow them to buy a Chucky doll.

To be fair, the film isn't made for children. Even adults who dislike these types of films may refuse to watch it. The parent was trying to shield their child from watching something they don't yet understand.

4 The Right To Eat Styrofoam

Via: Instagram

Styrofoam is ubiquitous in our culture. It keeps our take-out warm or cold. It's convenient to have around at parties or other special occasions. It's also kind of unhealthy to eat out of and shouldn't be microwaved.

Of course, toddlers are still learning what a proper meal is. That's why they sometimes insist on eating strange items such as ketchup, sugar packets, and yes, styrofoam.

Mothers all over the world have had to quell these requests to hilarious results. One mom had to find a way to pacify her child after she forbade him from eating this stuff. Eventually, he calmed down.

3 The Right To Eat Mud

According to ParentMap, research shows that playing in mud has many benefits for children as they get acquainted with germs in a healthy, controlled environment. Playing with mud makes children less likely to develop allergies as they become adults.

Plus, it's easy to find and it'll keep children outside instead of inside with the TV or iPad. It's also affordable and available worldwide. Besides the cost of detergent, it's a cost-effective 'toy' for parents on a budget.

No one ever said eating mud is okay. One mom had to say "no" to her child's request to eat mud. You have to draw a line somewhere!

2 To Wear A Helmet To Bed

Via: Mocka

Helmets are great. They keep children safe during bike rides and give parents peace of mind. They're often required by law when riding bikes in the street.

They may not be comfortable when it's time to sleep. A helmet is a large, bulky item made to be worn during times of action and movement. That's why according to Stay At Home Mum, one mom told her son he can't wear a helmet to bed.

The request is relatively harmless compared to other things children might want. But you have to admit, it's cute that a child wanted to do this in the first place.

1 To Drive The Family Car (At 3 Years of Age!)

Via: VideoBlocks

When you're a child, driving seems easy. It also seems harmless because mom and dad (hopefully) drive around on a daily basis with no incidents.

Films and TV also make it seem like it's the easiest thing in the world. After all, if your favorite cartoons get to drive a car, why can't you? One mom shared how her 3-year-old asked to drive the family's car through town.

Even though this isn't exactly allowed by the law, it still shows how adorable young kids are. It's kind of hard for them to drive anywhere at all when they can't reach the pedal!

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