20 Hilarious Things Only Toddlers Can Get Away With

Toddlers are always discovering things, especially from the moment they know they can move around the house freely. Sometimes when you do not hear any movement around the house or noises, you start thinking whether they could be up to some mischief or they're just out and about discovering things while exploring their environment. As they move about, toddlers tend to pick up certain habits that no one may have taught them and for some strange reason, they seem to get away with it. They can mess up the entire house in one sitting, or lock themselves in cupboards while playing, or end up playing dress up with the stuff in your wardrobe - mostly makeup and jewelry - only heaven knows why they go for those in particular. Although that may seem like things they can do in private, there are other things they can do in public and no one asks because it's just what babies do. Maybe they get away with it because toddlers have the same universal behavior that can be traced from one community to another, which makes everyone understand that it is just a stage in their life. They begin to understand how things work and feel like they are in control of every situation since most of it they learn from their parents. Here are 20 things babies and toddlers do and get away with, and for which they aren't held accountable.

20 Saying Whatever Pops Into Their Mind

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Toddlers are quite innocent when it comes to being blunt when speaking to people. They do not mince their words or try to cover up the facts. If the color is blue, there's no need to define it as purple and get away with it. In fact, toddlers speak their mind over every and anything wherever the conversation leads them. You find yourself going along with what they are saying and realize that you also need to apply the same honesty or end up guiding them in the right way to speak. The worst thing is covering up the facts because all it does is increase the toddler's volume as they try to convince others to join their team.

19 Wardrobe Malfunctions (Which Happen A Lot)

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When toddlers are dressed by their parents, with matching outfits or colors and designs, they know they look good. Their attitude and walking style tells of how confident they are with their appearance. However, given the chance to dress themselves, kids really surprise everyone with their choice of clothes. They tend to either pick what is at first sight or choose all their favorite clothes and dawn them all together with pride. At that time, there is a slim chance of convincing the toddler that they have some wardrobe malfunction. The only noble thing you can do is to accessorize their outfits to try and give it a good blend.

18 Hogging the Remote (Even When They Don't Know How To Use It)

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It is enjoyable watching television with your toddler, especially when they are watching their programs. However, as soon as you change the channel, everything suddenly comes to a standstill. Even when they were not watching, or were concentrating on other things, that channel was to remain the same way they left it when they went to attend to something else. As long as they are tuned to their favorite channel, they will make sure no one changes the channel not even when they are dashing to the bathroom, or are playing outside. The minute they remember that they were watching something on television, no matter how much you try to sugarcoat your words, they will hog the remote until they get bored or sleep, or something new distracts them from the television. If the toddler is preoccupied with other things, the remote control will be the least of their worries.

17 Eating/Spilling Other People's Snacks

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Whether in public or private, if your food or snack looks good, they are not embarrassed to eat other people's snacks. Toddlers are innocent and still developing. They try to understand what is wrong or right and work according to their own understanding of things. If they like a certain snack, and the next neighbor has it, there's no problem tasting it. They usually get away with it, especially where there are grown-ups. They can walk up to the party table, sit on top of it, and taste every food that is placed on the table, and it will just look funny or cute. With time, the behavior wears off as they become more aware of themselves.

16 Throwing Major Tantrums In Public

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When a toddler pulls a tantrum in public, all eyes turn to the parent, and they wonder why nothing can be done about it. Only parents in similar situations may understand the stress that comes with tantrums from kids. They can drop down and give you twenty rivers, or try to mess the entire house and in public, they can wail and scream all they want just to get your attention and see whether you may fall for their demands. The more you refuse, the more they wail. Somehow, they become more creative as days go by. However, they seem to get away with it most of the time, just to get them quiet or have peace around you.

15 Chit-Chat With Strangers

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A toddler can chat with anyone they so wish to. In fact, as long as they are not shy, they can sit with someone, whom they feel secure with and chat all day long or even have a phone conversation with a complete stranger. When they meet a stranger and they immediately click, they will pour out all their knowledge. You end up discovering that they may know more than they look. The conversation may move from one topic to another, and they end up entertaining the strangers. During their playgroups, all they see is people their age and immediately click with other toddlers whom they may have no clue of their background. As long as they share common interests, toddlers may not have a problem having a tête-à-tête with strangers.

14 Playing on the table

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Toddlers love climbing on things. In fact, the higher they get, the more they want to climb. There's a thrill of achievement once they get to the top. One of the areas you may not miss a toddler is on top of the table. That is where all the meals are served, but it is the least of their cares.  No matter how much you teach them table etiquette, they still find their way on top.  The best thing is to remove items like the chairs that allow them to access the climbing points or baby proofing the access points so that they cannot have any access to climb. Also, they can be engaged in safe activities that may keep them occupied and they do not have to think of climbing for some time.

13 Wiping their face or nose with your clothes

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This is an old practice that seems to be passed down from one toddler to the next and is seen in most generations. When a toddler gets a stuffy nose or sneezes or even after being cranky and are receiving some comfort, they always run to the parent for assistance.  When they realize that cleaning their noses is taking a long time, they end up using the nearest thing to wipe themselves, which could probably be your outfit, no matter how clean or expensive it may be.  Once they are done, they resume their activities as though nothing happened, living you to clean up the rest.

12 Colouring Everything and Everywhere

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A toddler, a color pencil, and empty spaces are close friends. They always happen to find each other and enjoy each other's company until someone stops the fun. The toddler will color the walls, furniture, table clothes, everything and anything that looks like it required some color experience. If it's not a color pencil, it will be paint, or pens or ink and they will stain the entire house without living an inch. By the time someone realizes what they are doing, you end up doing the cleanup, at first in an upset mood, and later you laugh it out because the toddler was just having some fun. However, coloring or scribbling helps the child to strengthen their hand muscles and can easily begin to write. Just hand them a large white paper and allow them to color away.

11 Playing With Food

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When toddlers discover the experience of feeding themselves, it is a pleasant experience to watch. They would carefully pick their food, one bite after another until they are satisfied and then begin to play with their food. However, if they are not interested with the food, no matter how many labor hours you put into preparing it, they will mash the food, doodle over it, and begin smearing all over the high chair, their bibs and clothes and even their face and hair. Oblivious of what they are doing, the toddler is just having the time of their life until it is abruptly interrupted and all they receive is a change of clothes, clean look a little talking to and a hug.

10 Leaving All Their Toys Everywhere

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There are hardly moments when a child will stay away from the spot they played last, because they have good memories about the place that they'd like to revisit. This is why kids will wake up and want to pick up from where they left off before they went to bed, which in some cases, could be playing with a new set of toys so they go back to their toy box and remove all the toys. The toddler then scatters them all over the room and sometimes lives a trail all over the house. No matter how many times you tidy up the place, they will keep at their usual routine until they somehow outgrow it. They just need some guidance on how to tidy up after every play time.

9 Changing in public

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Toddlers are very innocent and unashamed when it comes to doing or saying things in public. They rarely think twice about it, and will only be aware if they are forewarned. They would do the oddest things that not many would dare to do. They can pee in public and even begin to change their clothes without fearing who is looking at them or not. There are many reasons why toddlers would choose to take off their clothes in public, but mostly they could be wet, or feeling hot, or they are uncomfortable and don't like the clothes. Whether there are guests or not, as long as they are comfortable afterward, they would not mind the public embarrassment.

8 No Shower On Cold Days

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The beauty about being a toddler is that it's very rare for them to easily smell of sweat unless they have not bathed for a very long time - which starts showing on their faces and the smell of their hair - so not good. They can easily get away with it, though we don't advocate for it - as long as their bottom is clean, and they have a regular change of clothes. Sometimes, during cold seasons, toddlers may skip a day or more of bathing to protect them from getting sick, but still, have warm french baths to keep them clean.

7 Freebies and being grateful

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Sometimes when toddlers are out of sight, they tend to return with things that you did not give them. They could get from their playgroup or collect them from different surroundings. There are times when your toddler accompanies you to the grocery store or shop, they somehow develop a rapport with the vendors or may end up warming their hearts. At that time, the vendors may end up giving them a fruit, a lollipop, or a freebie that interests the toddler. Chances are that the toddler will end up keeping the freebie without saying thank you and they quickly hide their gift in their arms just in case it is reversed. You try to tell them to practice what you taught them about being grateful, and all you can do is smile back at the giver of the gift while saying the magic word, thank you, on behalf of the toddler.

6 Being Carefree

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Every parent's woes are seeing the child in dangerous situations that may lead to injuries or worse situations. However, for toddlers, they're all about the fun and being happy, unaware of the dangers they've put themselves into. They make new friends, leave the old ones, and go back to them, they rarely keep any grudge, they are full of love and share unconditionally. They spend their time in creativity and always have big ideas, while all the worries and cares are left to the parent as the toddler ventures into their exploration world. They are unaware of the challenges in life and take every moment as a vacation, free of the cares of this world.

5 Go With You to the Bathroom

Most moms have had this moment when their toddlers, who have a great attachment to mommy, will walk around the house, and follow them everywhere and at every movement. However, one common thing with most toddlers is they tend to follow parents to the washroom. Parents train their kids to go potty, so why not find out why they keep closing the doors while they use the washroom. They would peak through the keyhole, open the door and later enter the washroom with lots of questions or just stare at you. It may be an uncomfortable situation, but it leaves you laughing all the time, because of their innocence. Just a little training and with time, the toddler won't have to keep peeping through the keyhole or open the door while you use it.

4 Ignoring Others

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It is challenging sometimes for strangers to get the attention of children, even more, when it comes to entertaining them. However, how to handle a toddler who snubs you is another uphill task. The best you can do is laugh it off and understand that you are not part of their circle of friends. Toddlers just have a way of embarrassing parents when an adult stretches their arm to greet them, or another toddler wants to play with them, and that's the least of their interest at the time. But the encouraging part is, it's not intentional, at least not most of the time. They do not know the person they greeting and are trying to find a safe position to get to know and understand them better. Once they feel free and safe, they begin to warm up to the person without any coercion.

3 Their vocabulary versus yours

Toddlers have a way of communicating. From saying 'gugu-gaga' to forming actual sentences, they are always trying to say something that we may or may not understand. It's fun when they begin to speak, and only the person that spends the most time with them can understand their mumbling. No matter how much your stress pronunciations, toddlers will still pronounce the words as they hear them. Like if you say 'little', they may hear the word as 'wittu', and it may go on like that for quite some time until they finally get it right. However, while they have their vocabulary, the important things is that they have the concept, and understand what it means, and you can have a smart conversation together.

2 Chew something and place on your hand

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This is one of the tricky stuff that toddlers do and you end up going along with the habit whether you like it or not. When they are weaning, they may get tired of chewing and do not know what to do with it. or if they don't like the taste of whatever they are chewing on, they have to find a way to get rid of it. Eventually, they end up spitting the food from their mouths and placing it on the table or your hands. Somehow, the hand is always the first target, especially when there is no table around. They believe that you will know what to do with it afterward and the rest is none of their business. This could mean that either they are teething, or have challenges with feeding, which can be addressed.

1 Choosing their cutlery or crockery

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It would be challenging to have a guest select the type of cutlery or crockery they want to use from the selection in your cupboard. However, a toddler is not a guest and has known their way around the kitchen including what to use during feeding time. Without any dispute, they will choose the type of cups or spoons or plates they want to eat with and with what meal and at what time. Any dispute may lead to protests until you finally give in. I mean, who cares if they eat from the yellow plate, it's just a plate anyway, but that is not the case. They will eat on whatever type of item they want and it will have to work, or they may lead a hunger strike within the short span of time. However, it helps them in making decisions on their own, and develop their problem-solving skills.

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