20 Hilarious Stories From Parents Of Multiples

Having twins or triplets sounds super adorable, doesn't it? Our homes would be filled with love and laughter and cute babies... but, okay, it can be a bit wild at times. Plus, we'd probably be really, really tired. Because two or three babies is a lot at one time. But, again, babies are sweet and cute, so that makes it worth it. I'm sure every parent of twins and triplets would agree with that statement (maybe while yawning... just keeping it real).

It's only logical that parents who have multiples would have some funny stories to share about their parenting experiences. From mixing up their twins to figuring out smart tricks to tell them apart, to triplets who are on the move — these tales are too hilarious not to share. Every parent who has twins or triplets can absolutely relate to these and definitely has some funny stories of their own. I mean, every parent has certain things in common and some shared experiences. Every baby needs diaper changes, sleep, food. and lots and lots of love. But when there is more than one baby, things get a lot busier, and a lot funnier, too,

Here are 20 hilarious stories from parents of multiples.

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20 These Twins Who Teamed Up On Their Mom

As this mom shared on Reddit, her twins "tag-teamed me..."

She explained that one day, she was folding laundry on her couch, and her twins started creating some mischief: "Suddenly, one twin takes her applesauce pouch and starts squeezing it all over the floor. I immediately rush over and grab some paper towels to clean it up before she slips in it. I was gone a total of 30 seconds, but as soon as the applesauce hit the floor... my second twin must have taken her cue to slip behind me, run into the living room, climb up on the couch... and dramatically toss the clean clothes I'd just folded in all directions on the floor."

She finished with, "I have a hard time thinking this wasn't a planned diversion!"

I bet this happens a lot (and it's always funny).

19 This Dad Figured Out How To Stop The Car Arguments

If you grew up with an older brother or sister, you two might have fought a lot... especially on car trips. Even if you were just going a few blocks or to the nearest supermarket! It just happens, even if you guys have a super awesome relationship today.

A stay-at-home father named Jack White noticed that his triplets were arguing in the car so he came up with this hilarious solution: he put a divider in between each of his kids.

This is so funny and definitely pretty smart. I bet that lots of parents of twins or triplets could relate to this and might even do it themselves.

18 This Funny Comment From A Little Girl At The Grocery Store

If having twins can lead to some really funny stories, that's even truer when other little kids get involved.

Thanks to this hilarious grocery store story that a parent of twins shared on Reddit, we have this gem to smile about: "I had my approximately 6-month-old babies in their stroller at the grocery store. An adorable 5-year-old was shopping with her father and wanted to see the babies. She looked at them for a while and said 'If you have two babies does that mean you have two husbands?'"

17 These Triplets Would Climb On Kitchen Chairs

A woman whose brothers are triplets talked about how funny it could get on Reddit. Her brothers literally climbed on kitchen chairs so much that the chairs couldn't stay standing up.

As she said, "Aaand here comes the funny stories! I think that twins/triplets really is a special case because the kids cheer each other on to do crazy things! My brothers were absolutely nuts... once they learned to walk and climb, they really would climb ANYTHING. They learned to climb chairs and would climb the kitchen chairs and walk on the kitchen table. This resulted in our kitchen chairs laying on the FLOOR for a long, long time, only to temporarily be put to a standing position during dinner."

16 This Mom Of Twins Who Shared This Great Anecdote

The Huffington Post has a story about hilarious tweets from parents of twins, and the Twitter user @mamabirddiaries posted something that is just too good: "My 4-year-old twins used to fight about who got to flush the toilet first. Now no one does. We're going in the wrong direction."

It's so easy to imagine both scenes, and they sound equally messy. While homes of twins and triplets are at times chaotic, they're also lovable and sweet at the same time. When I think about it, flushing a toilet does seem like a pretty fun concept... (But not flushing it is not so fun, so I'm not really into that.)

15 This Mom's Twins Are A Huge Help

The Huffington Post has several hilarious tweets from parents who have twins, and they are fun to read even if you don't have multiples. If you do have multiples, however, then they are that perfect mixture of funny and easy to relate to. It's comforting to know that you're not alone.

The same Twitter user as above also tweeted this: "My 4-year-old twins just cut each other's hair. So that's one thing off my To Do list for this weekend."

14 These Parents Of Toddler Triplets Found A Coping Mechanism

Parents who posted on Reddit found a book with some pretty hilarious advice for parents of toddlers, and they found that it perfectly applied to their life with their toddlers who also happened to be triplets. The heading says "Stay Positive" and there are a series of "affirmations" that parents should repeat to themselves at midnight and at three in the morning (aka as a joke that the toddlers aren't really sleeping).

One affirmation is: "I will take revenge when this child is older." The last few affirmations are "Some parents have triplets," "It could have been triplets," "Triplets."

Priceless, right?!

13 This Twin Loves Being Slightly Older

When one twin is older than the older—even by just a few minutes—it's definitely a big deal as far as teasing's concerned. It seems to be something that those who are older really love to taunt. At least, that's what we can gather based on the story that this parent posted about on Reddit.

They said, "(They have a little sister) Twin 1: 'I'm a big sister TOO!! Twin 2: 'I'm the biggest sister. I am thirty hundred [sic] minutes older THAN YOU!!!' (she's actually 13 mins older and takes that responsibility VERY seriously)."

That is the classic conversation of every young twin or sibling, is it not?

12 This Funny Story About Finding The Wrong Twin

If it can be tricky to tell twins apart during the day with the gift of sunlight and indoor lighting, I can only imagine how tough it would be when you're putting them to bed or when you're changing diapers. After all, you're tired and you do change a lot of diapers, so you probably go on autopilot after a while.

This parent posted on Reddit that they really did find the wrong twin at least a few times: "In the first few months during the night feeds it happened all the time. I'd go to change a diaper and find the wrong set of genitals. I am eternally grateful for boy/girl twins."

11 This Dad's Face When He Realized He Had A LOT Of Kids

When someone posted this photo on Reddit, they added the hilarious caption, "Mother who already gave birth to twins gives birth to quadruplets ... the dad's face.."

He. Looks. Stunned.

I'm sure that for every parent who found out that they were having twins or triplets, their faces looked exactly like this. Maybe this was still the case, even after they started raising their babies and their babies turned into toddlers and got older. Having one kid can be overwhelming and stressful by themselves, so it's easy to imagine that would be even truer with multiples.

10 This Mom Who Accidentally Switched Her Twins One Night

This dad told such a funny story on Reddit: one night he mixed up his twins.

He said, "Actually..... that reminds me of a funny story..... one night I got up for a feeding and gave A her bottle. As she was just finishing up, the other started crying." He continued, "Eventually, it was enough to wake my wife up and she came in to help. She asked what's wrong, I said, 'B won't eat and A won't go back to sleep.' She picked her up to try her hand at feeding when she said, 'But this is A?' I had swapped them and was trying to force feed an already full A and left a starving B to cry in A's crib."

It seems like every parent of twins can relate to this funny story and maybe has done that before.

9 These Twins Wore Color Coded Outfits

It's funny to think about dressing your twins in separate colors so you can easily tell them apart. It's also logical and practical, though. It seems like a lot of parents of twins must do this.

A parent of twins shared on Reddit that blue and red were their color codes: "We generally dressed our boys with one in blue, and the other in red. This was done mainly so there was a differentiator at a glance, and so photos would be somewhat easier to tell apart, 10 years in the future. Now I'm trying to figure out if any of their individual personality quirks are related to that early decision. (Easy going vs stressed out, etc.) (Probably not, but I'm discovering parents worry about the stupidest stuff.)"

8 This Super Relatable Point About Candy

Thanks to the Huffington Post, we have seen some hilarious things that parents of twins have tweeted, and they sound really relatable as well.

This one from Twitter user @FatherWithTwins is too funny for words: "With twins, the only thing worse than having no candy is having only one piece of candy."

So true, right? I would even say that for us, as adults who aren't twins, we would dislike having only one piece of candy and would definitely rather have two. It's also so funny to picture twins fighting over candy.

We get it. Candy is the best treat.

7 This Birth Story Is Too Good

Someone whose mom and sister are twins shared a funny family story on Reddit: they were actually both expecting babies at the same time.

As they shared, "Plenty of fun was had with having two pregnant twins, but the real fun came when my aunt went into labor... I'm told the nurse did a double take and almost fainted when she saw my mom as the elevator doors opened." They finished with, "TLDR: My mom scared the crap out of a nurse because she was pregnant with me at the same time her twin sister was in labor."

6 This Funny Story From A Twin About Playing The Name Game

As this twin shared on Reddit, "My parents could never tell my twin sister and I apart. They would just call out our names and whoever answered would be the one. Even now, they have to take a second look."

This is so hilarious. I bet that lots of parents of twins have done this at least once (and probably more than that). If you have identical twins or even twins who look very similar, it's definitely tough to tell them apart all of the time — especially when they're babies. It's just not possible to be able to do that, and sometimes, literally saying someone's name and waiting to see who responds is the best thing to do.

5 These Parents Raised Their Twins As Sisters Instead

What if you were a twin and you literally had no idea? What if your mom and dad told you that you had a sister when they were actually your twin? It might sound like something out of a movie, but this really happened.

This parent shared their story on Brainjet.com. They wrote, "just last year, our identical twins told us that one of the things we did as parents actually worked. We tried not to raise them as twins. We said they were sisters who had the same birthday. We didn't let other family members call them 'the twins'... So, last year they told us that they did not realize they were twins until sometime around third grade... I'll call that a parenting success."

4 This Awesome Babysitting Tale About A Twin

Thanks to Reddit, we know about this adorable babysitting story that involves twins.

Someone posted that their friend was babysitting for a kid who had no idea that she had an identical twin: "I have a cute twin story. My friend has an identical twin sister who lives in a different city than her. One day this boy who she had been babysitting regularly went to the other city with his family and they decided to visit her sister. They called my friend to say hi. The boy takes the phone into the other room and starts whispering to my friend, 'Susan! There's another Susan here!'"

3 This Nail Polish Trick Is Smart

For parents of twins and triplets, how they tell their babies (and, later, toddlers and children) apart is a big concern. It honestly can be tough to tell your kids apart.

This twin shared their story on Reddit that their grandma had a clever nail polish trick. She said, "Not a parent, but one of a set of twins. When we were newborns it was easy because I was larger than my sister, but when she caught up in size our grandmother used to mark one of us with nail polish on the bottom of our feet (in the center of the sole which most babies can't put in their mouths). She got the idea from a pet store — they mark the shells of the turtles to tell them apart."

2 This Dad Looked At His Babies Heads

If any soon-to-be parents of twins are wondering how they're going to tell their babies apart, this trick might work: looking at your babies heads. It sounds funny (and it is) but it's also pretty practical.

This dad and husband posted on Reddit that one baby had a round head and that was useful. He said, "I have identical twin sons. When they were first born, one of them had a slightly rounder head. That's it. My wife and I could tell them apart just by looking at their heads. Now, when they would wear little hats...there was no telling them apart. I'm their father, but regardless about what you may have heard about how their mom can always tell them apart... No one could tell them apart when their heads were covered."

1 This Nighttime Story

For this identical twin who shared their story on Reddit, they had an experience where their mom mixed them up and couldn't tell them apart one night when they were asleep in their shared crib.

This twin wrote, "So she panicked and woke up my grandma (who was staying with us) and asked her if she knew who was who. My grandma automatically knew and told my mom. The issue was resolved and they went to bed. The next morning, my mom asked my grandma how she knew... I could have been switched. But after that, they started painting our toes."

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