20 Hilarious Situations These Girls Had To Face… With Their Dads

Oh, Dads. Throughout their children's lives, fathers are supposed to be there as the backbone of the family. Alongside moms, their job is to provide a safe haven, protection, wit, strength, advice, and of course, some comical relief for their family. Every once in a while though, they can go a little overboard.

And whether they choose their actions carefully because they think they are being funny or just because that is their natural way of being–dads can do some pretty uncomfortable and truly embarrassing things, especially to their daughters. The discomfort doesn't stop after high school, it can extend well into adulthood for some women.

We have all seen that dad, and also the traumatic expression on his daughter's face after he does something really weird in public. To find out just how extreme some dads can be, we asked real girls to tell us about the most uncomfortable situations they have been in with their dads, and their answers will make you cry. From celebrities to the guy with the weird tan from down the street, this list shows that no daughter is exempt from the uncomfortable dad wrath. Here are 20 of the most uncomfortable situations girls have been in...with their dads.

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20 Hey! Check Out My Moves!

Via: The Tab

Now 29 years old, Lacy remembers her dad's moves for sure, in a really uncomfortable event from almost 10 years ago. "For me, easily the worst moment was at a club when I was 19. I met up with a seriously hot guy I'd been crushing on for a while for a night out at a club. Low and behold, mid-dancing and kissing session...we're interrupted by none other than my father.

He was apparently suffering from some sort of mid-life crisis and throwing back to his youth by being at a club at 1 am on a Saturday. With high-waisted, whitewashed jeans and tucked in polo shirt he proceeded to repeatedly berate the poor guy to get off his daughter. Oh, and also basically dragging me out of the club without even a chance to say goodbye. Definitely a memorable moment."

19 Look How Much You've Grown

There is nothing better than a father looking at his daughter admiringly at how much she's grown and accomplished in life. It can really make a daughter feel good to know she is seen and her father is proud.

But for teenager Jen C, her dad took acknowledging her daughter's growth to an entirely new level during a family function. "My dad loudly pointed out that my [chest] got bigger during a large family/friend dinner, I was mortified," she said.

Some dads choose to point this out while shopping, "Hey, Tess, I think you may need a BIGGER size," my dad screamed from across the store holding up a huge bra.

18 So, Girls Change

"My dad has never been shy to discuss menstruation since I'm one of four daughters he has. I guess he was just used to it when it came to me but one time he did too much. My dad once dressed up in a burgundy jumpsuit, with a bike helmet with handle bars attached to the top of it, and went to a Halloween party as "The Menstrual Cycle". He handed out tampons," said Danice O'Brian.

My first period happened on a trip to New Orleans when I was 13 while driving there. We stopped at a hotel near Memphis for the night. When I announced it to my parents my dad ordered margaritas at dinner to celebrate. I really wished that a.) I could have had one, and b.) he hadn’t announced it to our waitress," said Kathleen.

17 They're Not Knee Pads

Via: Someecards

Janice's dad took buying pads to an entirely new level of discomfort for his daughter, "I joined the volleyball team in seventh grade and my parents took me to get knee pads at a local sports store. As I was talking to an employee my dad walked up with two giant jockstraps and said, "I found your knee pads!" I felt like disappearing into the ground."

Kristen Briggs' dad thinks he's a really funny guy with this comment, "While walking through the incontinence section at the grocery store my dad would say, 'why buy depends, I'd want the for sures.'"

16 Watch Your Back

Celebrity Pro Jiu-Jitsu champion, Kit Dale made his daughter wear a T-shirt with a picture of himself with the caption: "Stay clear boys...this is my dad!" By his daughter's expression, I think it's safe to say she was unimpressed.

"We had recently moved to a beach town, and my dad complained about the way the 'surfer dudes' dressed here all the time. One of them came to pick me up for a date wearing ripped jeans. My dad told my date to wait a minute, came back with duct tape and proceeded to tape up my date's jeans," said Claire.

15 All Made Up

The first time my dad ever saw me wearing make-up was for my eighth grade school dance and as I came down the stairs I will never forget him turning around to me and gasping,  "You look like a ghost, please take that off!"

Casey's dad seems to never want his daughter drawing any sort of attention, "That's TOO much make-up we're just going for a walk!!!" he exclaimed.

Meghan's dad had a little less tact when he saw her with makeup for the first time. Surely she was not happy to hear this response, "What have you done to your face? Why do you do this to yourself?!"

14 Hey Becky, Look At That Pimple

Puberty is a hard time for everyone, but particularly for girls. With hormones starting to rage and hair starting to grow in some unsightly places, it can be really overwhelming to balance it all.

For 14-year-old Rebecca, her father's joke is sure to make her feel uncomfortable. "I had been in my room all day staring at this huge zit on my face, finally I decided to leave my room since my parents called me downstairs for dinner and my dad yells, 'Hey Becky looks like that thing is coming in for a landing, should we make it a seat at the dinner table?' I just turned around and went back upstairs."

13 Love You, Scout

Via BCK Online

Venchise Glenn has a bit of experience with her dad making everyone a bit uncomfortable, "Once before swimming practice, my team was stretching before getting into the pool and my dad started walking around doing push-ups and pull-ups, all while grunting LOUDLY. A few of my teammates started asking who he was, and I was so embarrassed that I pretended I didn't know him."

David Beckham is known for embarrassing his kids, publicly, he did an imitation of his son's video and wrote 'I love you' all over his daughter's social media page, luckily for his son, his dad's comments made the video go viral, that's not such a bad outcome as far as dad embarrassment goes.

12 Parties and Short Shorts

Jennifer told us about her father's crazy clothing antics, "He regularly and unapologetically wears Teva sandals with socks, cargo pants that zip off at the knee, and sunglasses that clip on to your glasses."

If you think that's bad, Joyce's dad committed the most epic of all fashion fails when he picked her up from a sleepover: "My dad came to get me from the first slumber party of the year at the most popular girl in schools house wearing SHORT SHORTS. I wanted to die."

I'm sure that made for some fun talk back at school that following Monday.

11 Call Everyone, The Boyfriend's Here

Via: YouTube

25-year-old Zoe vividly remembers her dad's reaction to her first date, "My dad is a cop and he answered the door in a towel, then loaded his [favorite possession] on the table with the barrel facing the guy who came to take me out on my first date."

Sam's dad did not hold anything back, nor did he try to cover up his curiosity when her date met her father for the first time, "My dad held [one] in the air and said to my date, 'Are you going to marry her or [...] ?' I couldn't believe he said that."

10 He Always Has Something To Say

Via: Imgur

I don't think they make enough eye rolls for what Allegra's dad did on his solo trip, "My dad refers to selfies as 'Brelfies' or Brad(his name)-Selfies. He went to Paris and posted photos of him on vacation, with the caption, "Got my brelfies in Paris and they going gorillas."

In response to her Facebook post, "I didn't choose thug life, thug life chose me,"13-year-old Taylor Jaco's father commented, "You can't be a thug when you're afraid of the dark. Or afraid of taking a shower when no one is home."

Hey, no one ever said dad was also the keeper of secrets.

9 "I Read That On Your Wall"

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If dads are known for anything, it is protecting their little girl. So it's not too surprising that many girls talk about their experiences with their dads snooping on their social media accounts. But when they do a bad job at snooping, it can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

"My dad created a fake account and friend requested me since I blocked him, his name is George Bennett and the name on the fake account was Georgia Brennet, there was only one photo and it was of a girl we both saw on our family vacation whose bathing suit I said I liked. I took the photo," said Marie.

8 He's Got Jokes

Via Adweek

Sometimes dads can do things that make you glad not all traits are hereditary. Tilly's explained that her dad has quite the sense of humor, I'm just hoping her new boyfriend got the joke,

"The day when I was about to introduce my man-friend to my papa I rang him up beforehand to ask if he was decent and whethter we could come up. He responded that he was and we could. So we came up, rang the bell- there was a noise behind the door. The door opens and there we see my papa in his silk boxers rolling out on the skateboard. Well, his house- his rules I reckon!"

7 The Talk

 There is rarely anything more awkward than your dad having the talk. It does not matter if it's about the deed itself, what's already been done, or what's been happening, any conversation with that three letter word is enough to make most girls run for the hills.

To 15-year-old Cameron, we feel your pain, "In seventh grade, my dad, who is a doctor, taught my school-wide [educational] class. To make matters worse, he brought in an STD picture book. That was the first time I learned what smegma was. Thanks, Dad!"

6 Happy Mischief Night!

Via: YouTube

Halloween is a great time to let kids be kids. You get to dress up, eat candy, and stay up late getting tricked or treated. But for April and her two sisters, Halloween was always a bit more for their dad than it was for them. "Every Halloween, amidst our joy in carving pumpkins, my dad would collect the pumpkin seeds, roast them with salt, and tell all of us how eating them is very beneficial for your prostate. He had 3 daughters."

"My dad would wait until mischief night to decorate the house with Halloween decorations so the neighbors wouldn't 'copy him.' He'd use the same decorations every single year."

5 My Van Is The Coolest Van

For some reason, dads love the opportunity to carpool, even more so than moms it seems. For these girls, their dads made everyone uncomfortable on the ride home.

Ashley says, "The most embarrassing thing my dad ever did wasn't just one thing. It was a phase. An era, even. For basically the entirety of middle school, he liked to add "izzle" to the end of every word and then top it off with "homie." My friend: Thanks for the ride, Mr. Mike! Dad: For shizzle my homie!"

And poor Bethany, I bet you will never have your dad pick you up again: "After my first date, my dad came to pick me and my date up to drive us home. On the ride home, he decided to tell my date about the time a priest at the church we all went to got caught with a [bunch] of [inappropriate videos]."

4 No Badgering The Witness

Mary Catherine was getting ready for what was to be one of her most special and memorable nights, prom. She had no idea her dad would take such a great moment and make it so unforgettably uncomfortable. "For prom, my date rang the bell, my dad answered the door in his boxers, yelled 'we don't want any Jehovah's Witnesses!', and slammed the door in my date's face."

Tory's dad isn't much better, "He once declared that our St. Bernard had better hair than my prom date... in front of my prom date."

And Jessica's dad gave humor a good try, not sure if the joke landed, though, "My boyfriend played sax in a ska band when my dad met him he told him to practice 'safe sax'."

3 Not On My Watch

Twenty-something Cara fondly remembers her family vacation, where her dad was "in charge." She confided:

"My family were on holiday in Cyprus and we were at a pool resort. My dad, showing off, wanted to show my sister and I how he could get on the water float much quicker than us. He jumped up and landed on the float but my dad preceded to slip down and at the same time, so did his swimming trunks! The whole resort got an eyeful of my dad's bum and it was both hilarious and mortifying at the same time. (I couldn't be too embarrassed as the same thing had happened to me a couple of years before at our local swimming pool. Like father, like daughter, eh?"

2 Lunch With Love

Parents always want their kids to eat a nutritious lunch at school so they can focus and get really smart. Vicky's dad would have done anything to make sure she got what she needed for school one day,

"A few years ago, I had just left the house for school and was walking down the road when I hear this voice behind me screaming 'Victoria!!!' in the unnecessarily aggressive way my dad shouts. I turn round and there he is, in his pyjamas and dressing gown, running down the hill with my lunch box. When he reached me all I said was 'I would have been fine without my lunch'."

1 Career Day

Via Verily Mag

If you think it may be cool to have Mark Wahlberg as your dad, Ella Rae the actor's actual daughter might think otherwise. One uncomfortable dad moment came in an interview on “The Dan Patrick Show” when Ella was given the mic to talk.

That prompted Wahlberg to freestyle a rap about his parenting skills. “I’m your 45-year-old father and I got to rap / And if you keep misbehaving I’m a give your behind a slap,” Wahlberg rapped, while his daughter watched in horror. “It’s called a spanking / Later on in life you’re gonna thank me / ‘Cause all the advice that I’m giving you is good for you / And if not, your butt and behind is gonna be black and blue.” Seriously Mark?

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