20 Hilarious Photos Of Stains Toddlers Left Around The House (And 5 Products To Remove Them)

It takes a special kind of person to be able to take motherhood head on, accepting all of the highs and lows that it comes with. Not only does a parent get to see this mini version of themselves grow and thrive in the world, but they also have to deal with tantrums, potty-training, and messes. Although babies and kiddos are adorable, they're messy. Not all kids have figured out that when they take things out to play with them, they should also put them back afterward. It comes with time, right? In a child's mind, they're just having fun. They're not worried about making a mess or the fact that mom doesn't want to clean up that mess. Nevertheless, someone's gotta do it, and that's usually dear old mom or dad.

Funny enough, some toddlers are messier than others; meaning some parents consider a "mess" differently from household to household. But when there's sand on the living room carpet, Cheerio tracks throughout the whole house, and marker on the wall — a mess is a mess. Thankfully, many parents share their messy toddler moments with the world so other parents know they're never alone. Here are 20 messy toddlers and the stains they made, and five great products to get the stain out!

25 Painting With Water


Kids may act surprised when you scold them for doing something bad, but most know what they can and can't get away with. Per his mother's social media account, she says that his plan goes like this: I "will paint the whole bed with my water bottle, then pretend that I was just drinking from it when mommy opens the door." What's worse is she had clean clothes folded on the bed, so it looks like they'll need to be re-dried! At least this little boy "paints" with water and not with juice!

24 Found A Way Into The Fridge


I think the one thing we can all take away from this moment is that she has a smile on her face. You can't really be upset with your child when she's this happy about a mess she made. As it turns out, this silly 2-year-old found out how to get into the fridge, which prompted her to grab this dairy-like substance. It looks like yogurt to me, but maybe it's time to get one of those fridge locks! One day it's yogurt, but tomorrow it could be orange soda!

23 Messy House, Happy Kids


I know this mom is upset by the mess her children made, but can we all appreciate how stunning this picture is? Not only does the lighting make these naughty kiddos look like angels, but they're having so much fun making their clean home a little bit dirtier. I originally thought the mess on the ground was flour (maybe while doing some baking?), but now I get the feeling that these two were playing in a sandbox and this was the aftermath.

22 Grab The Windex!


This mom is not alone in her quest for answers. Most people get some unwanted spit on their bathroom mirrors by brushing too closely. It's not like they're doing it on purpose, that's just how they brush! It doesn't happen immediately, but after a few weeks, the spit dries up on the mirror, making you more aware of it than ever. This mom, in particular, does not understand how her mirror becomes this splattered. "What on earth does my child do when he brushes his teeth? Waits until the end, and then sees how high up he can spit?! How is this even possible?!?"

21 Glitter Galore


There's one thing my mom dislikes about some of the fancier Hallmark cards out there: A few come with a small bag of confetti. People who buy these cards can pour the glitter or confetti in the cards so that when someone opens the card, the confetti flies all over them in celebration. And while that's a sweet thought, it also creates a mess; a mess my mom cannot tolerate with. Knowing how much my mom dislikes this new fad, her sisters or friends do it to her as payback. And when I look at this little boy, sitting around piles of glitter, I can only imagine my own mom's reaction to this mess as a mother.

20 Time For A Bath


What is with kids and wanting to draw on themselves and others? Do they have an obsession with tattoos early on or do they just think it's hilarious to draw on skin? It's very puzzling as an adult (although it probably makes all the sense in the world to a toddler).  This mom hilariously hashtagged that she was outnumbered by three kids. She can't always catch everything as it's happening! One toddler seemed to escape their mother's eyesight for a moment and drew on their baby siblings head and face. Since marker can be tough to get off, this is going to make one upset baby come bath time.

19 Bunk Bed Art


I don't know what it is about bunk beds, but they're every child's dream. Whether they choose top or bottom bunk, that small space is now they're own. This little girl has been "improving" her bunk bed by personalizing it with some art. While some parents may be upset their child is defiling the furniture, this mom explains, "at least walls are safe now!" Allowing your child to express themselves through art in a safe place can make for one happy toddler.

18 What Lies Beneath Car Seats


My car seats are already a mess, and they're not even filled with toddlers, babies, or dogs — it's just me! I drop food, pennies, and my hair strands are all over the place... I can't imagine what my poor car will look like once I have kids hanging out back there. There also always seems to be on lone French fry somewhere under a seat, which always upsets me because that means I could have been one more fry fuller.

17 Pancakes, Anyone?


When it comes to pantries, I enjoy a clean and organized space. Every crevice has a use; the products should be standing in a way where we can clearly see everything and grab something with ease. However, I know that's easier said than done with a house filled with kids. Although we can only see the bottom half of this pantry, I've seen enough. There's so much food in this cupboard that it's no wonder a little on moved some things around, forcing the syrup to spill. I feel for this mom though; there's nothing worse than cleaning up spilled syrup.

16 Petite Picasso


As a parent, would you rather have your child draw a few lines on the wall, or would you prefer them to go all out and draw a family? (Please see image below.) While it's not always appreciated, this young child clearly thought they had what it took to make their home's walls flawless. I'm not sure their parents loved their choice of art though, considering their poor mom captioned this photo with: "Literally just finished painting this room yesterday! A pretty pink for my coloring princess! Guess she didn’t like the color! SERIOUSLY! COME ON!"

15 Hello, Hungry


When I was in elementary school, I remember finding it weird my friend always had to ask her mom if she could have a snack. In my house, whenever my brothers and I were hungry, we'd just go in the kitchen ourselves and grab it. However, not all parents are as trusting. As we can see here, this toddler decided to do what they could to get his box of cereal. The caption for the image doesn't give away much, but it appears he grabbed that rod to assist him in reaching his cereal. But as we all know, cereal boxes don't always stay closed, so this mess was just waiting to happen.

14 Sandbox Fun


While most parents have sandboxes outside, there are a few who dabble in the indoor sandbox for sensory purposes. And while the thought of an indoor sandbox sounds brilliant, it's not what all parents thought it would be. Kids get excited around sand and may want to continue playing with it away from the box... Or, if you're like this child, you kept the sand in the box — they just got carried away. This mom hilariously wrote, "I've told them approximately 36 times to keep. the. sand. in. the. pool." Maybe the 37th try is the charm? Get the vacuum!

13 Diaper Rash Decor


Kids enjoy expressing themselves through art. It's a way to focus on something and pass the time. Most parents allow their children to express themselves through crayons, colored pencils, or markers, but this little cutie took it upon herself to find her own tools: her hands. After grabbing the Sudocreme, she wiped it all over herself, and her poor doll's face, and made handprints on the wall. For anyone who doesn't know, Sudocreme is a lotion used for diaper rash... It's safe to say that's some thick creme to wipe off those walls.

12 Family Of Four


With a sweet girl in a tutu like that, how can you be upset with her? The fact that she also drew her family on her bedroom wall is even more heartwarming. She clearly loves her family so much that she decided to draw them herself. Like with many parents, this mom mentioned in the photo that it had been quiet for a little too long... Most parents don't realize this until it's too late. By the time they find their child, they're typically making a mess somewhere.

11 Crying Over Spilled Milk


What is it about milk that makes parents so angry!? I remember I constantly dropped the jug of milk because it was always a touch too heavy for me. Sometimes, I'd even spill the milk while pouring my cereal because I just didn't know when to stop. Regardless of my milk issues, the fact that I used up so much milk always infuriated my mom. With three kids in the house, we went through a lot of milk, so she was not pleased. Kind of like this parent above...

10 Legos And Crackers


If this photo doesn't hurt your feet just by looking at it, you've obviously never been around Legos. Legos are these simple building blocks that kids can connect, build, and play with. And while they're so fun for a child, there always seems to be one that gets left behind. And who steps on the lone Lego? Typically mom or dad. It hurts! Seeing all these Legos and crushed crackers everywhere is enough to make any mom standby with a vacuum.

9 Here's Something Nice


Most can assume that this adorable baby has a hundred different toys to play with. But out of everything in the house, nothing is as exciting as playing with soil... This little cutie seems to love finding her way to the base of the plant and putting her hands all over it. There even seems to be a few traces of the stuff on her lips! Buying plant covers as a form of baby-proofing probably aren't high on many people's lists, but thanks to this little plant lover, maybe it should be.

8 M&Ms Down


I think it's safe to say that this drain is now clogged. And the pic's hilariously captioned by the parent: They said lost "M&M. It’s a good thing she only likes @ReesesCups." I guess dumping all your M&Ms down the drain is one way to tell your parents you'd rather eat another candy. Let's hope they learn how to use the trash though, or else this house is going to have some serious drainage problems.

Side note: I'd happily take this cutie's M&Ms if she doesn't like them!

7 Chocolate Explosion


It seems like this little guy loves chocolate more than anyone else! I can't read what the chocolate powder is for, but I don't think the mom intended for it to be on the ground. What's worse is he appears to have some water on the ground as well, smearing the combination all over the floor (and all over his clothes). Not only does this mom need to grocery shopping again, but she has to clean up the kitchen floor before or after she bathes her child!

6 Stairway To Cereal


Stairways are tough for parents. How many steps are too many steps? Do we get a stair runner or not? Do we get them carpeted or leave them in their wooden form? And then there are the gates that are meant to keep kids from reaching the stairs, in general. You see what I mean? Stairs can be kind of wild. Apparently, though, there's another far-from-awesome site when it comes to stairs: seeing food caked over every step down, leading all the way into another room. Someone grab the carpet cleaner; this is going to take a while.

And here are 5 products to help moms get those stains out...

5 Detergent: Molly's Suds


We can finally talk about cleaning products that get the job done for a messy life as a mom. Molly's Suds is an amazing company that makes eco-friendly products for the home and the environment. Their laundry detergent is especially handy, made with plant-based ingredients and smelling just like peppermint. Dedicated to making our world a healthier and cleaner place, they also thought about the packaging that their detergent goes into.

"These bags prevent the natural ingredients inside from reacting with the moisture in the environment and each other. Our bags travel flat before getting filled and sealed. That means more bag fit in a truckload vs. plastic bottles. And that’s fewer carbon emissions into the air we breathe."

4 Mirror Cleaner: Attitude


I think the mom who woke up to her bathroom mirror being caked in toothpaste needs this mirror and window cleaner! Attitude is a great brand making everything you need for home care products. Their natural window and mirror cleaner is one of their best products, made without any of those harsh chemicals. With a small list of ingredients, parents can feel good using this product. Not to mention it's super affordable and smells amazing (800ml for under $5!).

3 Carpet Cleaner: BioKleen Carpet & Rug Shampoo


Having carpet cleaner on hand as a parent is a must. Most people love having a light-colored carpet because it makes the room seem bigger and airier. The problem with light-colored carpets is that you can see every stain possible. If you have kids running around or a dog that's in and out of the house, buying BioKleen carpet cleaner is a must. Made without artificial fragrance or colors, this cleaner is enhanced with grapefruit seed and orange essence. I can almost smell it now!

2 All-Purpose Cleaner: GreenShield Organic


Greenshield Organic creates eco-friendly cleaners and detergents for all. They were even named the first "line of USDA certified organic cleaners and detergents in the USA." And since every surface in a home is about to get dirty in one way or another, grabbing their all-purpose cleaner is the way to go. From sprays to wipes, a mom can choose her favorite scent and clean down those countertops feeling good about the ingredients inside. It's not every day you find out your cleaner is non-GMO, hypoallergenic, and infused with essential oils!

1 Wall Cleaner: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


Again, something that every mom needs on hand is a magic eraser. Those things are seriously magical. I have no idea what's in them or what makes them do the witchcraft that they do, but a mom would be lost without one. Mr. Clean has an amazing magic eraser, but these days there are a few brands that created their own unique version. Once your little one draws on any surface or splatters something on a wall, the magic eraser will most likely get up anything you throw at it.

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