20 Hilarious But Honest Thoughts These Moms Had When Leaving The Hospital

Life is full of many special moments and a lot of these occur when bringing new life into the world. Having children and starting a family is something many of us dream of and build up how it will go in our heads. Each moment comes with an expectation, such as when it comes to bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital. But when the time finally comes, moms find themselves having thoughts they never anticipated.

Throughout pregnancy, a woman often daydreams about what it will be like to walk out those doors with their little one and begin the journey of motherhood. However, what is often imagined when pregnant isn't always what happens especially when it comes to emotions and thoughts. This can be quite contrasting to the pregnant daydream.

From desperately needing a shower to the thought of fast food overcoming the mind, so many things go through a new mom's head when she is on the journey home with their new baby. Want an insight into these thoughts? Well, thankfully these 20 moms shared with us their some genuine thoughts they had on the day they left the hospital with their baby and some of them are sure to make you laugh.

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20 I Must Shower

Via: Ashley's Green Life

Childbirth is not exactly a cleansing process, it is the opposite. Drop your dignity off at the door and pick it up on your way out is what they say. It is a very messy process with bodily fluids you didn't even know you had and although the hospital shower is fine, there is nothing like going home and cleaning yourself in your own environment.

"All I could think about was having a shower, in my own shower with my own products. When leaving the hospital, I didn't even stop to get a picture before we got in the car. I just wanted to shower. now!" This was the response I got from several mothers.

19 Where Can I Get Real Food

Everyone knows that hospital food is, well, less than satisfactory let’s say that and if you are in there for a long period of time like many pregnant women are, you get fed up of the food quite quickly. So, when you finally get the news from the doctor or nurse that you and your little one can leave the premises and return home, food is automatically on your mind.

"I didn't care what I ate or where it was from, anything was better than the food from the hospital. Honestly, it was disgusting," shared with me a mother with strong feelings about the food that had been served to her during her stay at the hospital.

18 What Have I Forgotten?

The Giddy Life

Before you have a baby, you think you own a lot of stuff but you really have no idea what that means. For such a small person, the number of things that they must have to fulfill their needs is unreal so of course, when leaving the hospital you want to make sure you have everything because leaving something behind would be a disaster!

"I sent my poor Husband back to that hospital twice to check if we forgot anything. Seriously I had about 10 blankets but if I lost one I felt like my child would suffer? Obviously, that is not true," a woman reminisced about her time as a new mom leaving the hospital.

17 I Have More Questions

Via: VideoBlocks

One of the perks of giving birth in a hospital is that while you are there you have constant access to doctors, nurses, and midwives who will try to answer any questions you may have. So, when it comes time for the both of you to go home you can feel that you are not ready and have more questions that need to be answered.

One mom revealed to me, "I felt like I knew nothing. On the way, out of the hospital I was dragging the nurse with me asking questions up to the point that I got in the car. Later, I still had more questions but I figured it out as all moms do."

16 I Need More Pain Relief

The pain of labor and delivery is unreal and unfortunately, the pain doesn’t stop after birth. The way in which the baby is delivered will determine how much and what pain you are in. When in the hospital you’re given pain relief round the clock and although they give you tablets to take home they are not always as effective.

A mom I spoke to felt she couldn't leave the hospital with her baby without more pain relief, "I was still in so much pain after my c-section and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to function on just the tablets alone. But in the end, they did the job."

15 Why Won't My Band Come Off?

When you are admitted to hospital they put a band around your wrist with details on it such as name, date of birth etc. The same thing happens to your baby when they are born, they get a band. These bands aren't something you really notice when you are in the hospital but on the way home, they can really annoy you.

"I, of course, wanted to keep our bands as keepsakes but the problem was I couldn't get them off. You would think they would make them simple to just take off. In the end, we had to cut both mine and my daughters off our wrists," a new mom told me.

14 How Does This Car Seat Work Again?

No matter how many you practice putting the car seat in the car or practice by putting a teddy in the car seat (I did make my husband do this), when it comes to taking the new baby home from the hospital not everything goes to plan and you are likely to forget everything you practiced.

Many mothers I spoke to share this common thought: "I could not remember how to work the car seat. I had practiced so many times and when it came to putting the baby in the car seat and then fitting the car seat in the car my mind went blank! Luckily my Dad saved the day."

13 Slow Down Driver

As a mother, you want to protect your baby from everything! When in the hospital you feel safe, knowing that there is help at your fingertips and there is no immediate threat to you or your baby...and then you get in a car. Of course, being in a car is completely safe but that doesn’t make the first car journey with your baby any less nerve-wracking, which is why you want the driver to drive EXTRA slow.

"I kept telling my boyfriend to slow down on the drive home. At one point, he said if he went any slower he would just stop, that still makes me laugh to this day," laughed a fellow mother.

12 I Escaped

As appreciative we are to all the doctors, nurses, surgeons, and midwives that help us through labor, who aid us in bringing our children into the world safely, sometimes you can feel a bit trapped in the maternity hospital especially if you have been admitted for a long period even during pregnancy.

One mother I spoke to was admitted at 28 weeks pregnant and didn't leave until baby was born at 35 weeks: "I am thankful to all the hospital staff but oh my goodness when it was finally time to go home with my baby I had this sense of escaping and freedom. I was ecstatic."

11 Too Many Germs

Via: Pinterest

Newborn babies are so fragile and are not used to the nasty bugs that are out in the big world thanks to your body protecting them for 9 months. In the hospital, everything is obviously very clean so germs aren't something you are really thinking about until it is time to go home, this can trigger a lot of stress for new moms.

"I had a massive sign on my car seat telling people not to touch my baby. Sounds crazy but I don't know where people's hands had been and I did not want my baby boy getting ill just as he enters the world," admitted a new mom.

10 Leave Me Alone

Of course, friends and family are eager to meet your little bundle of joy and shower them with cards and gifts. But between these beaming visitors and the constant checks by doctors and nurses, by the time you leave the hospital you are often craving some alone time with your baby.

"I appreciated everyone who wanted to help me out but when we were leaving the hospital I was wishing I could just drive myself home because I was ready to be alone. I was too emotional and tired to entertain company and just wanted to try and get my head around this massive life change," revealed another new mom to me.

9 Don't Forget To Take A Picture

Pictures hold so many memories. Time passes to quickly so to have photographs of the best times in your life that you can look back on is very special. This is why so many moms are determined to get the perfect snap of all their babies first moments, including exiting the hospital and going home.

Several mothers shared this thought as they prepared to take their little one home from the hospital: "I probably snapped about 100 photos before we even left the hospital room! On the way to the car all I could think about was, did I document this enough? Should I take another quick picture? Turns out I got more than enough shots."

8 Where Is The Baby's 'Going Home' Outfit?!

Linking to the previous entry on the list, many new moms are very particular about what their new baby will be wearing on the journey home from the hospital. Whether it be a matching Mummy and me outfit, a personalized garment or just a comfy all-in-one, the going home outfit is usually picked out way ahead of time.

"My Husband started to put on the wrong outfit and in my hormonal state I started to cry... he soon fixed the problem and our baby was wearing what I had picked out," admitted one new mother.

7 I'm Staying In My Pajamas

Via: Notonthehighstreet.com

You might be the most glam woman ever, not leaving the house until you have your hair and makeup is done and your outfit perfect, but this attitude will likely change after you give birth.

Many mothers told me the same thing with regards to outfits and makeup: "During my pregnancy, I planned the cutest outfit to go home from the hospital in and even practiced my makeup. When it came to the day, however, I was too exhausted and was perfectly happy staying in my pajamas. There was not one part of me that wanted to get dressed when all I was doing was heading straight home."

6 Must Read All The Leaflets

On leaving the hospital a nurse is usually instructed to give you out several helpful leaflets. These leaflets include topics such as postpartum depression, breastfeeding, contraception, and more. These can be very useful and if you are a person that likes to be informed about everything you will be diving into those leaflets as soon as you get them, which is what many mothers do.

A fellow mother told me: "We were just leaving the hospital when the nurse came over with the leaflets. Apart from making sure my baby was in the car seat safely, I didn’t focus on anything else the whole way home. I needed to know everything in those leaflets!"

5 I'm Starving

Via: The Wrap

Cravings during pregnancy are very common but so are cravings after pregnancy! It may be the hospital food making you dream of your favorite comfort foods or the fact that you may not have eaten that much due to the going through labor and delivery, whatever the reason when a new mom is on the way home with her baby she often gets some major food cravings!

One mother I spoke to went through this, "All I wanted was a pizza. Nothing else would do it, I needed a pizza! I even cried over it that is how much I felt I needed one. I put it down to the hormones and sleep deprivation."

4 Can We Register The Birth Now?

Via: Amazon

Depending on where you live, how much time you have to register the birth of your baby changes. In some countries, you have a few days and in others, you have multiple weeks, but nowhere makes you register the birth of your child right away. However, that doesn't mean as a mother you won't want to do it straight away.

"I felt like as soon as we left the hospital our little girl needed to be registered. However, it was the evening and not plausible so I managed to wait until the next day. I just wanted her birth to be official!" stated a mother about her thoughts when she left the hospital.

3 Must Go To The Supermarket

Here's another one relating to food, particularly supermarket food. Being in the hospital for days or even weeks can mean that a lack of food in your home. Especially if you live alone usually or that your significant other is not usually the one to do the groceries. So, no wonder many new moms feel that on their way home from the hospital they need to stop to grab a few essentials.

"My partner told me as he was picking us up that there was no food in the house. I was not pleased at all so I made him stop on the way home to get what we needed. Next time I will make sure to make him a shopping list," stated a mom during my survey.

2 Who Am I?

Via Faithwire

Speaking from personal experience now, after giving birth I felt like a whole different person. This was not a bad thing, becoming a mother and holding my beautiful daughter for the first time was magical but it does throw you off a bit. On the way home I remember thinking wow, my whole life has changed, I am a different person now! Who am I?

Lots of new mothers feel this way after giving birth as it is a life-changing event so at least we all know we are not alone and you do find your sense of self again, you've just got to get through that first emotional hurdle.

1 OMG I'm A Mom!

Via: Huffington Post

"OMG I AM A MOM!" -- Everyone has this moment. There are no words that can prepare a woman for the moment she becomes a mother, you change as a person for the better and although that can be scary it is also empowering. Life becomes about the little angel you brought into the world and no longer about you and you can be overwhelmed with emotion.

Being a mother is a blessing and no matter what type of woman you are I can bet on the way home from the hospital with your newborn, at some point you will be staring at them and thinking how lucky you are to be there mom.

Reference: Facebook survey

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