20 Hacks Older Moms Are Using To Make Parenting Simpler Than Ever

There are benefits to having babies later in life. Women who choose to give birth past the age of 35 are more emotionally ready for the demands of parenthood, enjoy enhanced brain power, and tend to have more financial stability. However, some older moms may find keeping their energy up is a challenge. Now more than ever, older moms who want to save energy, as well as time, are relying on amazing hacks that make parenting simpler than before.

Of course, these hacks work for moms of all ages. Anyone can use them to make parenting easier. There are a number of parenting hacks that all moms need to take advantage of because they reduce housework time, make it easier to stay organized, boost home safety, save money, and make it simpler to bond with the children. Moms may try one, a few or all of these tips to streamline both homecare and childcare.

These hacks are so much fun because they're practical and offer great payoff. Plus, they're really affordable. Moms won't need to make big cash outlays to put these exciting hacks into action at home, or while they're out and about.

Without further ado, let's look at 20 parenting hacks that older moms love. These popular hacks make it so easy to be Supermom.

20 Paper Plates to Minimize Messes


What could be easier than cutting a hole in a paper plate and then sliding an ice cream cone through it? This simple hack stops dripping ice cream from getting on kids, carpets, hardwood floors and furniture. The drips end up on the plate, rather than on everything else in a home.

If you're tired of cleaning up drippy ice cream messes, put this hack into action today. It'll dramatically reduce mess and cleaning time. You'll be able to relax while your child enjoys an ice cream cone, rather than dreading cleaning up the sticky, sugary mess afterwards.

According to The Secrety Umiverse, a coffee filter will also work well. Use whatever you have on hand.

19 The cure for Removing Splinters


If your little one gets a splinter, you'll be able to help as long as you have a box of baking soda. This hack makes it so much easier to remove splinters, according to the Huffingtonpost.com.

When you make a paste out of baking soda and a bit of water and then apply it to the affected area, the baking soda will swell up the skin and bring the splinter up to the surface, making it super-simple to pull out.

Moms usually leave the baking soda on affected areas for several hours or until they see the splinters sticking out. Then, they gently pull the splinters out with pairs of tweezers.

18 Keeping the Home Phone Number on them


This clever hack will give you greater peace of mind as a mom. It's also a fun activity that you may do alone or with your child.

When you make a child-sized bracelet with beads that spell out your home phone number, and then have your child wear the bracelet, a grown-up will be able to contact you if there's ever a problem.

To find beads with numbers and other beading supplies, hit a local craft store or order what you need online. This project should be very affordable. According to the How Stuff Works, chenille wool yarn is the perfect base for a comfy bracelet.

17 Cooling Down those Hot Seat Belt Buckles


If your vehicle has metal seat belts, you've probably noticed that they get really hot on warmer days. You should know that water will cool down metal right away, even if the water isn't cold. So, you may want to keep a spray bottle of H20 in your vehicle.

If your vehicle has plastic buckles, fill a spray bottle with cold water before you head out on the road. Cool down the belt buckles with the cold water before you put your child in his or her car seat or fasten an older child's seat belt.

This hack works wonders. It helps kids to be comfortable while they travel. This parenting hack comes from Reddit.com.

16 Keeping Area Rugs Secure


It's possible to get badly hurt due to falls in the home. Everyone is vulnerable to injuries from slip-and-falls, including children, parents and the elderly. Every year, according to Arbill.com, one million USA residents are hurt due to falling. To boost safety, use Velcro tape to anchor rugs to the floor.

This simple hack will reduce the risk of slip-and-falls which may lead to a visit to a local emergency room. Just put one piece of tape on the floor and one on the rug. The two pieces of tape will adhere when they are pressed together. They'll keep a rug secure. Area rugs look chic, but they can be hazards. Velcro tape makes them safer.

15 Re-purposing Laundry Baskets


Laundry baskets are generally cheap purchases which are available in so many stores, from dollar stores to online emporiums to IKEA and beyond. You probably have a few of these plastic laundry baskets lying around your home already.

To get organized, use spare laundry baskets as handy extra storage. They are portable, it's possible to see what's stored inside of them and they are very lightweight.

Some moms fill them with children's toys. Other moms fill them up with sports gear, such as soccer balls and towels, and then bring them along to their children's sports practices or games. The possibilities are endless, according to TheSpruce.com.

14 Preventing Kids From Falling Out Of Bed


Tired of worrying about your kids falling out of their beds? If so, be sure to use pool noodles as safety-enhancing bed bumpers. Pool noodles may be bought for mere dollars at a host of shops and it's easy to put them under fitted sheets.

When you add a flexible and colorful pool noodle to your child's bed, you'll find that it keeps him or her on the mattress all night long. Some parents also use these foam "noodles' as crib bumpers, according to Crafty Mommy and Me. Since pool noodles may be converted into bed and crib bumpers in a few seconds, every mom should own some.

13 Using those Outgrown Cribs


If you're somewhat handy, be sure to put this Mom hack into action. When you convert a crib to a kid's desk, your child will have a place to get creative. A desk will be a quiet sanctuary where a child may use a computer or electronic toy, or flip through a picture book, or sit and draw and color.

It's possible to convert a crib into a desk fairly easily, according to Makezine.com. Just remove one side drop panel, adjust the crib to the highest height and get rid of the mattress. Find a covering for the desk's tabletop, such as two layers of particle board. Then, find a kiddie chair or two.

12 using Cones for more than Ice Cream


According to Bettycrocker.com, it's possible to bake cupcakes in ice cream cones for exciting, gourmet-style treats that are simple for kids to eat.

With typical cupcakes, children need to peel away cupcake liners before cramming the sweet treats into their mouths. With the ice cream cone hack, kids can enjoy their cupcakes faster, and eat the yummy containers, too. Also, cupcakes baked in ice cream cones look a lot like ice cream cones but taste more like cake, which is a lot of fun.

Always use ice cream cones with flat bottoms. You won't need to do anything special to the cones before they go in the oven, so this trick is very convenient.

11 Upcycling Adult Clothes Into Children's Clothes


Sewing is often perceived as an old-fashioned hobby, but it also drives the billion-dollar fashion industry. In fact, one of the hottest trends in fashion is upcycling. This eco-friendly form of clothing design is all about turning existing garments into brand-new clothes.

Smart and savvy moms are upcycling their own clothes into new designs for their kids and enjoying the sense of fulfillment that sewing clothes brings.

While this hack is labor-intensive, women who enjoy sewing will probably find upcycling a relaxing break from the everyday chaos, according to Lifehacker.co.uk. If you don't have clothes to convert into garments for your child, find them at thrift stores and then wash them before you work on them.

10 Creating More Vertical Space In Microwaves


This hack will take you two seconds to use and it will allow you to cook more in your kitchen microwave at one time. To try it, put one dish filled with food into the microwave, which takes up about half of the microwave oven's internal space. Then, add an empty coffee mug. Stack another dish on top of the cup. You'll create a new level of vertical space.

With this clever trick, you can put together a family meal in no time flat and everything will be cooked at the same time.

According to Choice.com.au, you will need to ensure that all dishes you put in your microwave are safe for the oven.

9 putting those Power Tools to full use


Why exhaust yourself scrubbing down the shower stall? You already know how much sweat equity it takes to get every inch of a shower stall sparkling clean.

To facilitate the process, roll out the power tools. Add a scrub brush attachment to a power tool, spray the shower stall with a good cleanser created for that purpose, and then use the portable power tool to clean shower surfaces. It will get rid of dirt and grime in record time.

Make sure that the power tool attachment is safe for your shower stall surface.

According to Bestreviewexpress.com, Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner is a great choice for an immaculate shower stall.

8 Making their own Disposable Plates For The Family


If you're not interested in doing yet another load of dirty dishes and you're planning a pizza night, you should know that lots of busy mothers tear up pizza boxes and use them as plates for the kids.

By putting a pizza on one platter and then cutting or tearing up the boxes into slice-sized plates, you'll be able to feed the kids (and yourself) without the usual clean-up afterwards.

As a bonus, you'll be able to recycle the "plates".

In the USA, three million pizzas per year are ordered, according to Thepizzajoint.com. That's a lot of homemade plates for American families.

7 Using Pizza Boxes As Canvases


Why buy cardboard for kid's art projects when you can use pizza boxes as convenient and free canvases? They're just the right shape and size for children's art projects. Kids can use fingerpaints or paint brushes and non-toxic paints to create to their heart's content. If you're like most busy families, you are ordering pizzas regularly, so you'll rarely run out of "canvases".

Getting new canvases will be easy and delicious.

It's best to clean the pizza boxes thoroughly before using them for art projects or recycling them, according to Crd.bc.ca. Clean off grease, throw out the liners and then let your little ones unleash his or her inner Picassos.

6 Removing Crayon Marks From Surfaces


Kids get into stuff and make a mess. This is just one reason why they need adult supervision. When kids get their hands on crayons and then take a look at nice, clean walls, the walls look like blank canvases. Kids don't always have the wherewithal to control their impulses, so crayon drawings often appear on walls.

This type of home graffiti may be charming, and even artistic but it's not something that most Moms want to look at every day.

To get rid of it, use WD-40. This easy-to-find and affordable product really works wonders. According to Amazon, it's possible to grab a bottle of this multi-purpose product for under four bucks.

5 Using The Family Vehicle as storage


Finding kid's shoes before the morning school run, and getting kids into their shoes, can be torture for busy moms. If you're tired of trying to get this task done in the house, carry kids out to the family vehicle, where their shoes are waiting for them! Put them on the kids after you strap them into car seats or seat belts or have them put them on themselves if they're old enough.

The average American drives 25 miles per day, according to Fatherly.com. Moms may log in even more miles. Use time in a family vehicle to get things done. It's your house on wheels.

4 Reusing Kid’s Clothes That Aren’t Dirty Yet


Putting fresh, clean outfits on the kids is satisfying but may lead to laundry overload, which is rough on power bills, as well as the environment.

Busy Moms cut down on laundry and energy consumption by allowing kids to wear still-clean clothes twice. If you're in the habit of washing every single children's garment after it's been worn, you're not alone, but you may want to scale back.

Let kids wear second layers, such as hoodies, more than once. Jeans may usually be worn a few times, as long as kids aren't crawling around in the dirt while wearing them, according to Stressedmom.com.

3 Using A “Three-goal” To-do List To Stay On Track


To feel more productive (and actually be more productive,) use the three-goal daily system. Make a list daily which includes a personal goal, a household goal and a parenting goal. When you get three tasks done each day, you'll find that you're getting a lot more tasks done in general. Your list might include a workout for you, a couple of loads of laundry and a game of Scrabble with your child.

When you utilize this system, you'll get into the habit of getting at least three things accomplished on even the most lethargic days. According to Digitaltrends.com, Google Tasks is a great (and free) app for making lists - give it a try!

2 Always planning for Leftovers


Cooking is fun when moms have the energy for it. Unfortunately, most moms lack this elusive energy that so many Pinterest and Instagram moms seems to have plenty of.

If you find that the pressures of preparing a lot of healthy meals for your family are eating into your time and making you feel drained, the solution is to cook double or triple portions. Freeze the leftovers and then heat them up when you need them.

By cooking larger quantities at one time, you'll make it very easy to throw together nutritious meals on busy or tired (or both) days. According to Fsis.usda.gov, leftovers may be frozen for three or four months. Upping the amount that you cook is an easy hack that will make a big difference.

1 Freezing Smoothies To Create A Nutritious snack


Healthy smoothies are loaded with nutrients. They're creamy, delicious and just as good frozen. If you're looking for a hack that helps you deliver the ultimate in nutrition to your kids, consider turning healthy smoothies into tasty and frosty popsicles.

Kids will get the same kind of taste and texture that they enjoy when they eat frozen yogurt, and you'll know that your kids are accessing the benefits of fresh fruit, veggies, and superfoods. According to Greenblender.com, these popsicles are perfect choices for warmer days. However, your kids may enjoy them year-round.

You might end up eating a few yourself.

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