20 Gorgeous Baby Names That Are Going Unnoticed

Giving a name to a newborn baby is no picnic. The name parents choose might not only be a special word that is used to call this child. It might also set the pace for their whole life. After all, a name is believed to shape a person's destiny, so new parents should not approach this question too lightheartedly.

But what if all the names these parents know seem to be unsuitable for their newborn baby? Like, sometimes a parent, who wanted to name their little daughter Stacy, Linda, or Kim, realize that she's not Stacy, Linda, or Kim, when she's born and they look at her little cute face. Sometimes they just know that she (or he) should have a completely different name.

If parents find themselves in such a difficult situation, they shouldn't worry even for a minute. They should just look deeper when they're searching for a name that will suit their infant. And it doesn't have to be a name everyone knows. It's going to be even better if they choose a name few people know. For example, isn't it better to choose Katell over Katherine, Lowen over Lewis, or Alissa over Alice?

Let's see how we can give an unusual twist to naming our newborns, by taking a look at gorgeous, yet little-known names for baby girls and baby boys!

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20 Felicia

Even though most people know about the existence of the name Felicia, few decide to give it to their newborn daughter. It's hard to understand why - after all, this name is really pretty!

Let's look at the history of this name. It derives from a male name Felix that means "lucky" or "successful" in translation from Latin. People have been occasionally naming their baby girls Felicia since the Middle Ages and for some time it was a popular name (especially its male equivalent), due to its favorable meaning.

The diminutives of the name Felicia also sound adorable: It's Lisha, or Lecia.

19 Abbott

The male name Abbott has an Anglo-Saxon origin. Translated, it means "priest" or "father". For this reason, it was usually given to a superior of a monastery. Since this name often signified a person's occupation, Abbott also became a popular surname in England in the old days and later spread all over the world.

Even though this name has a religious undertone, it doesn't mean that only religious parents should give it to their newborn sons. Anyone who likes it is are free to name their baby boy Abbott. I, for one, like it very much! It sounds very charming, doesn't it?

18 Primrose

Via: babygaga

Primrose is a female name of English origin that can be translated to "first rose." Since it sounds so beautiful, its lack of popularity is hard to understand. I mean, why would one name their daughter Rose, if they can name her Primrose? In this case, it's going to sound much more unusual and she'll have two diminutives: not only Rose, but also Prim (which, actually, sounds much cooler).

The name Primrose can be found in a number of books. The most current use was in Suzanne Collins' trilogy Hunger Games. You might remember that Katniss' little sister's name was Primrose "Prim" Everdeen.

17 Aristotle

Via: pixabay

I guess everyone knows the name Aristotle, but, for some reason, few people decide to name their baby after the ancient Greek philosopher. Nevertheless, this name is still quite popular in Greece.

If you think that this name has a really strong undertone, your gut tells you the truth. It can actually be translated as "superior", as well as "the best purpose". Fun fact: numerology specialists say that people with this name tend to be very creative, intuitive, inspirational, and spiritual. They also yearn to create beauty around them, both at home and in their work environment.

Isn't it time to use the name Aristotle beyond Greek families?

16 Millicent

Via: pinterest

Name of a Teutonic origin, Millicent means "strong", so if you want your baby daughter to always be strong, no matter what, think about giving her this name. And you'll be able to call her Milly. Isn't it adorable?

According to numerology specialists, the name Millicent will give a special kind of personality to the girl who is carrying it. She's likely to become an orderly person, determined to create a solid foundation in her life. A Millicent values justice and truth, as well as discipline, and she might be intolerant to those who don't follow her rules. In the meantime, if her focus on order and discipline becomes excessive, it can make her too conservative and overly cautious.

15 Atlas

Via: pinterest

Atlas is the name of a Greek god who was also called a Titan. In the myths, he was the one who, according to the will of Zeus, had to hold the sky on his shoulders until the end of time. Besides, he also was the god of astronomy and travel for the ancient Greeks. Probably we call a set of maps by this name, exactly due to these myths about Atlas.

The name Atlas often overlooked, perhaps because it's considered to be way too powerful (after all, it was a name of a Titan). But when you think about it, it seems to be unfair to avoid giving a powerful name to a child. In fact, a strong name can be extremely meaningful for a baby boy, and even set the pace of his whole life!

14 Ophelia

Via: pinterest

Most of us only know Ophelia, the daughter of Polonius, from Shakespeare's Hamlet, but have anyone of us ever met an Ophelia in real life? I don't think so. Doesn't it seem to be unfair that such a pretty name is overlooked?

But even though we associate the name Ophelia with Hamlet, it didn't originate from this classic masterpiece. According to Baby Name Wizard, it was coined almost a century before Hamlet was written and staged. In 1504, Jacopo Sannazaro, an Italian poet used this name in his pastoral Arcadia. It is believed that he took it from the Greek ōphelia that means "help".

13 Caspian

Caspian is a geographical name that takes after the Caspian Sea, a large water body located between Europe and Asia. Probably, it was the name of this sea that inspired C.S. Lewis to give a name Prince Caspian to one of the main characters of his Chronicles of Narnia series.

Even though the name Caspian still remains out of sight for most parents, it starts gaining popularity among the mommies and daddies, who like romantic but cutting-edge names for their newborn kids. And, obviously, for those, who either like traveling themselves or want their baby boy to grow up and become a good traveler.

12 Ellis

Ellis is another name with a religious connotation that can be considered by all parents of newborns due to its beauty and uniqueness. It derived from the Hebrew name Elias or Elijah and in the Western culture, it turned into Ellis. It's interesting that it could also derive from the Amharic last name Ellos that was common to the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. And it's even more fascinating that in both languages these words translate as "for life". What a beautiful meaning...

So do you agree that Ellis is a nice, more uncommon alternative to the more popular names Ella and Ellison?

11 Constantine

Via: 4moms

The name Constantine is generally avoided, probably because it's considered too grand for everyday use. However, new parents shouldn't overlook it for such a silly reason. In fact, it's a wonderful name with a very deep meaning. It originates from the Greek language and it means "steady", "stable", and "consistent".

Numerology says that a boy named Constantine is likely to express the desire to create something new. He might want to become an actor, singer, or writer. He's also likely to become a good businessman and gather a good wealth, due to his inborn talents. What parents don't want these things for their child?

10 Katell

If you like the nicknames Kate and Katie, but don't want to give a more widespread name Katherine to your baby daughter, think about naming her Katell. It sounds much more unusual, so it will give an original twist to a well-known classic name.

And it's not only a pretty name, but it also has a beautiful meaning. It has a Breton origin and can be translated to "pure". Despite having this wonderful connotation, Katell isn't very popular as a baby name today.

So if you'd like to go for originality mixed with classic, it's a good idea to name your little daughter Katell!

9 Veryan

Via: flickr

Today Veryan is rarely given to children and it's mostly known as a name of a pretty village located on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. But it doesn't make it any less special.

In fact, the name of the village derives from the name of a Saint Veryan, its patron saint, who lived a very long time ago. Today, it's hard to find a person with this name. But if you do find people who bear it, you might be surprised that sometimes it's not only given to boys, but also to girls.

Another interesting fact: This name can be translated from Cornish as "homestead" or "settlement".

8 Alissa

Via: twitter

Alissa is a nice alternative to more common names Alice and Alicia that can give an unusual twist to the classic. According to Name Berry, it has a German origin and can be translated as "noble".

Even though the popularity of the name Alissa has faded in favor of its more popular forms, it still maintains its appeal and shouldn't be overlooked by the parents, who are choosing a name for their baby daughter. And since this name sounds a little bit mysteriously and even fabulously, it's especially good for the adventurous families, who like magic and fairy tales. Who are we to argue with a classic, but "Alissa in Wonderland" would sound even better than "Alice in Wonderland", right?

7 Malaki

Via: wiki

The boy's name Malaki is an Americanized version of an ancient Hebrew name Malachi, which can be translated as "my angel" or "my messenger". It's hard to understand how such an unusual name with such a deep meaning can still remain overlooked!

There is an interesting fact about this name. It originates from the Old Testament, where Malachi was one of the prophets, who lived in the 5th century B.C. He was arguably the one, who delivered the message about the coming of a Messiah.

Another variation of the spelling of this name is Malakai, but it seems to be less preferred than Malaki.

6 Emblyn

Via: pinterest

The name Emblyn has a Celtic origin. It, as well as Emmeline, which is its medieval form, was used in Cornwall for centuries. It's interesting that this name derives from an Old German word 'amal' that means "labor".

According to numerology, if you give your baby daughter this name, she's likely to become an adventurous traveler, who won't want to blindly follow traditions but will have her own pace in life. And she will also probably become successful in creating her own business and gathering wealth. Sounds interesting, right? If the numerology specialists are correct, you should help your Emblyn pay attention to her personal life, because she might forget about it due to her quest for adventure and material wealth.

5 Lowen

According to Baby Name Wizard, the name Lowen has an uncertain origin. It's believed that it can be either a Welsh variation of Oen (translated as "lamb") or of the Gaelic word Loghunn (meaning "youth"). There is also a suggestion that this name could originate from the Welsh form of the Latin name Eugenius (this one is translated "well-born" or "noble").

Whatever theory is correct, this name is very beautiful. It has its own charm that's impossible not to like. So if you were intending to name your future son Lewis or Owen, think about taking a more uncommon approach and name him Lowen!

4 Endellion

Via: yandex

When I hear the name Endellion, I immediately imagine an elf or another fairy-tale creature. It has a very special sounding that makes it so unique and I think that it deserves to be much more popular than it is!

Endellion is a female name of Cornish origin. There is a beautiful legend behind it. People say that Endellion was the name of an early saint who was a daughter of King Brychan and goddaughter of King Arthur. This female saint's life is commemorated by naming one of the Cornish villages after her.

Nowadays, the name Endellion was popularized by British prime minister David Cameron, who gave it as a middle name to one of his kids.

3 Talek

Via: pinterest

According to Behind the Name, the male name Talek was derived from the Cornish word tal, which means "brow" or "forehead". Another suggestion about its origin is the old Cornish word talawg that can be translated as "high forehead" or "big brow".

It's hard to understand the meaning of this name (I mean, why would you name your son by the word "forehead"?), but if you don't think about it, Talek actually sounds really nice and sweet. It seems to be a good name for a baby boy and it deserves much more popularity than it has these days. Would you give it to your son?

2 Aislinn

Via: goodfon

Another gorgeous, but overlooked name for a baby girl is Aislinn. It has an Irish origin and it can be translated as "dream" or "vision".

It's fascinating that the first time this name became popular was in 1974, when Kathleen E. Woodiwiss published her best-selling romance novel The Wolf and the Dove. The main character of this book was a beautiful woman named Aislinn. Not only this name, but also other names of the Irish origin gained popularity due to this novel, so we should thank Woodiwiss for bringing our attention to them.

But now, after the time has passed, the popularity of Aislinn faded again. What should we do about it?

1 Stellan


Stellan is a popular name in Sweden, but in other countries, it's unfairly overlooked. Probably, the only person with this name you know is a popular actor Stellan Skarsgård (who was actually born in Sweden). You could see him in a number of movies, including Thor, Good Will Hunting, Mamma Mia!, and many others.

According to Name Berry, this strong and attractive Scandinavian name means "calm" or "peaceful one". Doesn't it make you want to name your newborn boy Stellan and hope that he's going to be a calm and peaceful baby, who will let you get some sleep? We can't be 100% sure that it'll work, but it's worth a try!

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