20 Gender Reveals That Totally Fell Flat

It’s truly not a surprise that an event meant to reveal one of two options has equally polarizing effects on party goers. That reaction tends to be love or something less than.  Gender reveal parties are skyrocketing to huge rates of popularity as an innocuous way to announce the first bits of information about a baby. And they’re also viewed as totally over the top and weirdly presumptuous when it comes to a tiny helpless infant.

Wherever on the spectrum of reactions a person falls, it’s a fact that the Internet is now chock-full of inspiration for the perfect gender reveal party and evidence of many parties that absolutely fell flat. Maybe they barely made sense or just imposed way too many attributes on an unborn child. Perhaps they were just out not at all what was planned, that can go as far as bordering on a safety issue. Like, a statewide safety hazard. Sometimes, looking at how poorly these reveals were planned, it really calls into question how ready these people are to become parents. Is that the true revelation in a gender reveal party? Just that it reveals how much foresight these soon to be parents possess and maybe there’s some free cake in it?

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20 When Dad's Not Having It

Not sure if this was a gift or just the final image of a dad who severely misread a recipe’s instructions but… man oh man, the palpable disappointment on his face. The gender reveal cake is the most simple, straight forward of the many, many incarnations of this trend. So to mess it up is… woof. Some of these cakes (that we’ll get into) have elaborate accessories and many tiers, but this one was trying to be simple. Of course, there are twice as many pink dashes as blue. Or maybe he should just give his partner’s doctor a call and find out the gender.

19 And Domino's Flubs Their Only Job

Honestly, a pizza party sounds like a terrific alternative to the classic gender reveal cake for those without much of a sweet tooth. A savory gender reveal sounds great! But arranging pepperonis also may be too much to expect from people being paid minimum wage. Case in point- three pizzas that were sort of meant to spell out “BOY” until the person who made them remembered they’re not paid commission and actually they’re barely paid at all. And then they stopped caring. If a pizza gender reveal is absolutely necessary, don’t put that task in the hands of Domino’s or Pizza Hut- they have nothing to lose. Go with a family run operation.

18 Whatever This Is


It’s possible that most of these cakes seemed like perfect ideas when they were first conceived and then got so confused in execution. That’s a fair benefit of the doubt to grant, but this gender flop feels very, very preventable. There was plenty of time to stop and think about what they were doing while dressing an adult as an out-of-this-world, semi-translucent baby. Then there were at least a few minutes while the balloons were being filled and the brown paper barrier was getting taped together to just scrap the plan. It’s so rare that a gender reveal party looks more like the launch of a new monster.

17 Cakes That Make No Biological Sense

“Staches or Lashes” is a deeply confusing shorthand for biological gender for a few reasons. For one thing, it’s so popular and common. Really not the frontrunner I’d predict in this arms race for the most Grammable party. Also, most babies are born with lashes, right? And no baby has ever been born with a mustache unless they have some kind of disorder that makes them too hairy. Fine, argue that I’m overthinking this but it just feels like a really random way of divvying up gender identity. And if it’s as superficial as facial hair… why are we wasting time revealing it?

16 And Then The Cake That's Too Realistic

Which party goer gets stuck with the slice of cake that has icing feet on it? Not only is that just way too much icing and ganache that it’ll make teeth ache with that icky sugar feeling but also… ew. That’s way too much. So the baby is sleeping on a cake? That can’t be the right way to take care of a baby. Where’s the front half? Sometimes I have to look at how elaborate and realistic cakes and icing technology have gotten and it’s just a lot. It’s too much power for any cake to have a human replica on it.

15 When It's Too Windy For A Reveal

The sale of colored powders (well, two colors) must be going through the roof with these gender reveal parties. In that sense, the dust that exploded into this blue cloud is a pretty tried and true way of breaking the news at one of these parties. But the popularity of the method would make it seem like people have learned by now to look up how windy it’ll be that day. It’s just common sense and there are so many flubs like this. Well, at least the mother looks beautiful in a very psychedelic way. 

14 The $8M Reveal

It’s never a good thing when a gender reveal party makes national headlines. It’s never that the party was just so adorable and original that now it’s on MSNBC. Well, one reveal led to a gigantic fire that caused eight million in repair costs. Presumably, this court case ran parallel to the child joining the world and that birth was announced in another way- his papa's part in a PSA. Plus, “He will spend five years on probation and has agreed to pay restitution totaling $8,188,069”. That eight million could have bought a lot of diapers. Like, enough for the entire state.

13 The Uncomfortable Reminder

Sure, it’s literally accurate but that doesn’t make it appetizing. There’s a huge gap between could and should and these gender reveal cakes really aren’t respecting that nuance. It’s not even a fine line to walk- this is just kind of awkward. Maybe a cake dedicated to a baby’s gender Like, scale it back to a baby shower and keep somethings private. Or the parents just commissioned this from the least imaginative baker who also is so over their job. Either way, is there any ice cream in the freezer? I'd rather have that- no offense.

12 The Rudest Gender Reveal Party

This is a story best explained by a published source- it’s that over the top. "According to the police's incident report, a manager told officers that a party of 20 people came to the restaurant around 7 p.m… Guests planned on popping… confetti cannons inside the restaurant to announce the baby's gender, but management... told the party they had to pop the confetti outside. However, after the party exploded blue confetti all over the parking lot, sidewalk and patrons' vehicles, the Applebee's staff kindly asked the group to clean up their mess… Members of the party began to leave the scene as police were called and after they left, the manager noticed a bill for $31.81 that had not been paid.

11  An Interesting Metaphor

via: Instagram

Yikes, so realistically, who’s going to be the first guest to eat these M&Ms? Everybody loved those little parcels of chocolate but the signs on the jars make almost any food less appetizing. Sure, this is easily the most casual and budget-friendly reveal party but... something feels off. Maybe it’s how literal the joke is but it really makes an adult consider how they’re gathered at a party to find out this private, arbitrary thing about an unborn child. That’s just such a weird reason for a party and while stress eating candy sounds like a good way to deal with the existential crisis, these two jars can wait.

10 Too Many Balloons, Not Enough Options

This blunder really is the ultimate victory for critics of gender reveal parties that argue gender identity is a spectrum, not one of two options. Honestly, this hilarious mistake was just that (a mistake) but it’s also a much more honest predictor of who the child will grow up to be, and that can’t be told from that first ultrasound. And in its own way, that’s so much more beautiful! Fine, that’s the more introspective conclusion that some might see as being a party pooper. Anyway it’s spun, this is a very funny image that really requires little to no context.

9 The Gender Reveal That Surprised Guests


If this picture screams out, “an explosive was set off on top of a drying rack and that obviously went very, very wrong”… well, great powers of deduction. These soon to be parents celebrated their little bundle of joy by setting off fireworks. Just by virtue of very bad planning, things went a little haywire. The full video is totally banana. People are screaming, running for their lives and also exclaiming, “it’s a girl!”. It’s hard to quantify which kinds of risky situations are the weirdest but this one takes the pink cream cheese frosting-filled cake.

8 Getting Really Specific Here

It might be the specificity of the cake that is just so confusing. For one thing, curlers are really a thing of the past. Maybe if gender reveal parties were a trend in the 1950s, this would make some sense but the fact is that almost no women go to sleep in curlers. And that babies don’t have nearly enough hair for that, if anyone cares. Also that most boys and men don’t have full-on crew cuts… it’s just so weird and random to predict your baby’s hairstyle and I truly don’t think that’s reading too much into this.

7 Now We're Choosing Professions?

Besides how weird it is for a cake to subtly insult all female police officers (honestly- that as a sentence is just as confusing to have written as it is to read) there’s the issue that bows… aren’t a profession. Sure, it’s very basic alliteration and maybe that’s just what the bakery offered. It’s pretty thoughtless but maybe these parents thought it was cute. It’s a stretch but taste is subjective. But still, badges allude to a job (although are the parents predicting they have a State Trooper or like, a Mall Cop?) and bows are, at best, an accessory dogs wear.

6 The Over-Eager Papa

What inspired this man to eat a cupcake sushi-style in one giant bite? Let’s assume it’s a healthy appetite and a lot of enthusiasm. Either way, the entire point of a gender reveal pastry of any sort is that you can’t tell whether or not the baby is a boy or a girl until you see the filling. Which means that the pastry needs to stay intact and an enormous bite should be avoided. This guy seems like a happy camper who just approaches food in an odd way but still, not the big reveal his partner was probably hoping for when they had these cupcakes delivered.

5 He's Godfather Now As Consolation

The more physical and active the method of gender reveal, the more room for error there is. Also, it really seems like these people aren’t looking at their forecast for how windy the day will be. Anyway, instead of the soon to be dad getting to clock the powder-stuffed baseball, his friend went from catcher to target. Thanks to a mouthful of gender-indicating confetti, one pretty-good friend just got promoted to Godfather whether he’s ready for it or not. 

4 It's Way Too Early For This

Gender reveal pranks are a truly odd Youtube hole to fall down but apparently, they exist. This one involved all the free cake any soon to be dad could want and then some. Maybe this is a sick way to deliver breakfast in bed or more likely this expecting mother really didn’t care about icing getting on the sheets. Either way, the whole video proceeds more or less like it seems to. This still really tells the entire story- girl meets boy, girl and boy start a family, girl pushes cake into boys face to celebrate child. A tale as old as time.

3 A Baby's Great, But No Reason To Lose Your Truck

If parallel parking tests the limits of your automobile prowess, figuring out how to trick out a truck to spew blue steam is probably well beyond anything remotely possible. That said, if someone could control the color of steam exhausted from their truck (presumably, this guy), it’s pretty fair to assume they also know how to put the parking brake up. Or maybe that’s too much to expect, judging by how this video ends. Having a kid is expensive enough- no reason to endanger a piece of heavy equipment that most likely cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Now this guy has two hefty bills on the way.

2 We Thought This Was A Human Baby?

The most often mocked cakes are the ones that totally run away with the idea of gender and what it means to be a girl or a boy. Or, in some cases, the cakes really gets ahead of itself and hypothesize what kind of man or woman the baby will be. Just slow down there. Hold your horses. And in this case, they need to hold their deer. This cake is more than confusing for literally minded people but it’s still a humdinger even if with a healthy imagination. Babies are never referred to by the terms for adult deer, right?

1 When Even The Cake Is Over It

A self-effacing cake or birthday card is always a breath of fresh air but this cake kind of rides the border between funny and just rude. There’s a strong subtext that this cake wasn’t commissioned by one of the excited parents so much as by a friend or family member who's getting very bored of the constant baby talk. Well, even if this cake gets misread as rude and hasty, at least those little ducks look like a delicious ganache and icing masterpiece. This cake is definitely cute- just a wee bit passive aggressive for a party dedicated to answering that one big question.

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