20 Fascinating Details About Model Mom Behati Prinsloo's Life

VS Angel, Behati Prinsloo, settled down with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and started a family. She and Adam have two daughters. Behati just made the news by defending the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It's not surprising that she's a fan of the show since she walked the catwalk for VS this year. It was her big comeback after taking time off to have babies.

Sales have been sliding at Victoria's Secret since its Chief Marketing Officer, Victor Razek, made some unsavory comments. In this instance, Behati's loyalty to the brand that she works for may turn on her, but she is entitled to her opinion.

Anyone who's interested in the life and times of Behati Prinsloo will enjoy this list. She's the daughter of a minister, she grew up speaking another language, and she's the woman who changed Adam Levine's mind about matrimony. These days, Prinsloo is living an upscale life. Her husband's wealth, combined with her own, means she leads an enviable lifestyle. Prinsloo enjoys caring for her daughters, Dusty Rose, and Gio Grace. Born in May of 1988, Behati is now 30 years old.

Reading every entry on the list will be the best way to get the inside scoop on this model. 20 Fascinating Facts About Model Mom Behati Prinsloo is a list that's jam-packed with all of the facts.

20 She's Making A Modeling Comeback

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After two years away from the spotlight, Behati re-emerged on the Victoria's Secret runway, according to Harpersbazaar.com. Looking very confident at the fashion show, she was there to honor retiring VS angel, Adriana Lima, as she made her final journey down the Victoria's Secret catwalk.

Behati is clearly not ready to retire yet, like Adriana. In fact, she's just getting back into the swing of modeling.

So, why did Behati stay away from modeling? Well, she had two babies in rapid succession. She needed a time-out for pregnancy. Then, she needed a time-out for baby care. Now that her babies are a little older, she's able to focus on modeling again.

19 She's Married To Adam Levine

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This couple enjoyed a destination wedding. Brides.com reports that Behati and Adam married in Los Cabos, Mexico. Before wedding bells started ringing, Adam proposed and had a bad case of nerves while he was down on bended knee.

Dating on-and-off allowed Adam to realize she was the one and after they got back together, he didn't hesitate to offer her a vintage engagement ring from the 1930s.

Somebody famous officiated their wedding ceremony - it was Jonah Hill! During the reception, guests relaxed at tables grouped around fragrant mango trees. As many as 275 people attended their nuptials, including A-list models and some of Hollywood's elite.

18 She's From Namibia, Africa


Behati was born in Namibia, Africa, according to Moguldom.com. Her Dad was a minister and her mom managed a bed-and-breakfast. Behati grew up speaking Afrikaans and was taught English.

While vacationing in South Africa with her family, teenage Behati caught the eye of a model scout. It was the same model scout that discovered legendary model, Kate Moss. Prinsloo was signed to a model agency as soon as she walked through the door. Her first modeling gig was for Vogue (Italy), but only her feet made it into the magazine. Soon, a lot more of her was showing up in elite fashion publications.

17 She Has Two Daughters

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Behati has two daughters named Dusty Rose and Gio Grace. Dusty Rose is now two years old and Gio Grace is nine months old, based on facts from Wikipedia. (Did you know Behati's name is pronounced, "Bee-AH-Tee". I was curious about the correct pronunciation and looked it up).

Dusty Rose and Gio Grace have interesting and beautiful names, just like their Mom does.

Behati and Adam are often photographed by the paparazzi as they spend time with their kids. Adam has said he wants to have a big family. Will baby number three make an appearance soon? Adam says it's up to his wife.

16 She Made Adam Levine Believe In Marriage


Adam Levine seems very old-fashioned in his approach to marriage, but it wasn't always that way. Now, he raves about his wife and how happy he is with her, but there was a time when he wasn't that interested in marriage.

When he met Behati, he emailed with her all of the time and formed a really strong connection. While their life before marriage had its ups and downs and included some time apart, where Adam saw other women, he couldn't forget about Behati. When they reunited, he decided to propose to her, according to Latimes.com. She changed his mind about matrimony.

That's kind of sweet, isn't it?

15 She Was The First Victoria's Secret PINK Contract Model


Behati has enjoyed major success since a model scout found her while she was on holiday. She's got what modeling agencies want. Her height, features, and hair made her a natural fit for the Victoria's Secret brand.

According to many sources, Behati eats organically to keep the VS Angel look and keeps her daily cal intake relatively low. She was the first Victoria's Secret model to represent PINK, according to Wikipedia.

As a PINK contract model, she really raised her profile. This modeling job brought her plenty of fame and acclaim. At this point in time, she's walked the VS runway twenty times.

14 She Just Returned To The VS Runway


Behati's return to Victoria's Secret's 2018 fashion show received plenty of press. While a lot of media attention was focused on Adriana Lima, who was retiring after a long time representing VS, Behati still ruled the runway. She posed in a wild outfit featuring bold tartan and sparkly black wings.

According to Eonline.com, Behati and Adam enjoyed a date night watching the Los Angeles Lakers, before heading home to watch the VS fashion show on TV. Behati and Adam are often photographed at basketball games. Of course, they are usually in the front row. After the VS show, Adam called his wife the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) on social media.

13 She Had Chic Maternity Style


Behati Prinsloo definitely has amazing style when she's pregnant. She wears high-fashion outfits that are right on the cutting edge of fashion. She's donned green Gucci frocks, dazzled in leopard print dresses and worn so many other stylish ensembles.

Adam Levine loves his wife's sense of style. He thinks she's inventive when it comes to how she presents herself.

I can't help but agree. She does dress down sometimes, pregnant or not, and her casual outfits are cute, too.

If you're expecting, Behati's maternity style may inspire you to take some chances with your own maternity wardrobe. Even one special outfit for the evening may be enough to boost your confidence significantly.

12 She Didn't Spill Maroon 5's Super Bowl Secret


Behati didn't spill the beans when it came to questions about Maroon 5's Super Bowl performance, according to Billboard.com. Prinsloo went on Watch What Happens Live, which is hosted by Andy Cohen, and said that she didn't know anything about a possible Maroon 5 Super Bowl show.

Since then, a range of sources has confirmed that Adam Levine's band, Maroon 5, are going to be performing at the Super Bowl in 2019. Behati probably knew plenty about what was happening when she chatted with Andy Cohen, but she kept it to herself. If Maroon 5 do perform, she'll be right there, cheering on the band from the sidelines.

11 She's A Lakers Fan


Yes, Behati loves B-ball and Adam Levine does, too. These two go to plenty of games and they have the best seats in the house. They enjoy an elite sports experience that's a bit different from being stuck up in the cheap seats.

Adam and Behati have a ton of money and they like to spend some of it on season tickets to Lakers games. It's nice that they both enjoy sports.

Sometimes, in a relationship, one partner likes sports more than the other. Behati and Adam are always smiling at Lakers games. They enjoy cuddly date nights while watching basketball, as reported by Daily Mail.

10 She's Thirty Years Old


Although some sources list Behati's birth year as 1989, Wikipedia lists it as 1988, which means that she's now 30. According to Adam Levine himself (via his IG), Behati did turn 30 in May of 2018, so Wikipedia had the correct birthdate.

Adam posted yet another super-complimentary message about his wife on her special day. He described her as a legend. Adam seems so thrilled to have found his soulmate. It's nice that he's so emotionally open about his feelings for Behati. He doesn't hold back and it's clear that his marriage gives him a lot of strength and joy.

9 Her Oldest Daughter Is Named Dusty Rose


Do you like the name, "Dusty Rose"? I think it's kind of cool. It's got some retro appeal and feels very 70s. It's also memorable because it's a color. Dusty rose is pink with a little brown mixed in. It's a subtle shade that's pleasing to the eye.

Since Behati was the PINK contract model for VS, it's fun that she called her daughter Dusty Rose.

Dusty Rose Levine is now two, according to Wikipedia, and she was there when her famous dad got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Of course, Behati was there, too, and she looked absolutely gorgeous, in a black dress topped with a fluffy pink wrap.

8 Her Second Daughter's Name is Gio Grace


Gio Grace is the name of Behati and Adam's second child. At nine months old, she's still just a baby.

Behati and Adam chose the name Gio as a variation of "Geo", which means, "earth."

According to Elitedaily.com, the new baby means the world to the famous couple and that's why they chose the name. In one pregnancy photoshoot, Behati decorated her baby bump with stars. It looked fantastic. Do you like the name, Gio? It's nice because it's simple. It's also easy to spell, say and remember.

Since Adam wants a ton of kids, Behati and Adam may need to come up with more original baby names in the future.

7 She Says Adam Levine Is A Great Dad


Behati is very impressed with her husband's parenting skills. She believes he's an awesome dad and wants the world to know how devoted he is to his two daughters.

Adam has said that he does well when he's surrounded by chaos, so he's up for having an even bigger family.

He tries to do as much parenting as he can, whenever he can, according to Eonline.com. Obviously, he has tons of work responsibilities, on The Voice and elsewhere, but he believes that parenting is about being there as much as you can be, which is admirable. It's a good sign that he wants a lot of kids. He's into parenthood one hundred percent.

6 She Has Model BFFs

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Behati Prinsloo and VS angel, Candice Swanepoel, are both from South Africa. They have a bond that goes beyond being high-fashion co-workers. Being a model is harder than it looks.

It requires a lot of discipline to maintain the model look, so it's no surprise that models are often creating lasting friendship bonds.

Behati and Candice love doing BFF stuff when they can, such as going shopping, according to Dailymail.co.uk. They've been photographed out on the street, shopping bags in hand. Of course, they looked wonderful. Behati is friends with lots of other models, some of whom went to her destination wedding. She's a woman that people gravitate towards. Her husband thinks she's amazing and so do her BFFs.

5 Her New Home Is Worth 35.8 Million Dollars


According to Architecturaldigest.com, Behati and Adam's home is worth more than 35 million bucks. Imagine how fancy it must be! That's a huge amount of money, even in terms of luxury homes. Some pics of their house are out there and it's a light, airy space with polished floors, glittering chandeliers, and lush plants.

It's basically paradise.

No wonder Adam and Behati smile so much. They've been blessed, although they've also worked hard for what they have. It's safe to say that Dusty Rose and Gio Grace have tons of room to play in this mega-mansion. This is a house where you could actually get lost, due to its size and scale.

4 She And Adam Are Happy


When a relationship is authentic and happy, it shows. The affection and warmth between Behati and her husband are real. They are so committed to each other and have the most positive things to say about each other.

They have each other's backs. While some Hollywood marriages don't work out, this one may go the distance.

This couple seems as happy now as they did when they were newlyweds. It's nice to see a celebrity relationship that is functional. In April of this year, Adam and Behati got cozy at Coachella, according to Dailymail.co.uk. They're always out and about, enjoying each other's company while doing activities together.

3 Motherhood Made Her A Morning Person


Motherhood will change you. It's a time to celebrate the joy of nurturing a child, and it's also challenging. Motherhood has actually made Behati a morning person. She gets up early to care for her daughters and enjoys full days. She does go out at night sometimes but puts most of her focus on caring for her children. Being a night owl isn't compatible with caring for small children. Kids have a lot of energy and tend to start their days early. Behati's youngest is still a baby, so Prinsloo is juggling a lot. She says her older daughter, Dusty Rose, is a sassy child, as per Eonline.com.

2 She Sometimes Lets Fitness Slide

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Behati Prinsloo probably doesn't let fitness slide when she's preparing for a big modeling job, such as an appearance at a VS fashion show, but she does let fitness slide occasionally. According to the Independent.ie,

She avoids bread and chooses Pilates and Yoga when she does feel like working out.

Victoria's Secret models have to be strict with themselves. If they don't feel like exercising, they instead carefully control what they eat. Even models with genetic blessings need to follow certain rules in order to keep the model look. Behati makes looking good look easy, but it may not be as effortless.

1 She Prefers A Clean Way Of Eating

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Behati likes to eat the organic way. She's rich, so paying for pricey organic fare is not a problem.

When you live in a home worth more than 35 million bucks, you can definitely pick and choose from the best that local farmer's markets and Whole Foods locations have to offer.

It's a lot harder for the average person who isn't rich to eat the organic way, but people manage. According to Galoremag.com, a regular woman (a non-model, in other words) tried a VS model meal plan and found it to be particularly challenging. The woman said she didn't look like a VS angel even though she ate like one.

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